excellent judges of character

My ramblings about a Blind Adrien/Darekitten AU got so many notes, I’ve grown convinced that means people want the story. Soooo, I’ve gone and written a prologue and/or opening for said story. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to call the story Sight Unseen. 

Any thoughts? Should I continue this?

“Wait,” the boy interrupted. “Back up a moment. You can give me powers? As in, superhero powers?”

“That is what I said, yes,” drawled the creature. A kwami, he called himself.

“Why me?” Adrien asked, bewilderment only growing. “Who put you in my room?”

“The Great Guardian observed you and determined that you and I would be a good match,” replied the kwami. “He happens to be an excellent judge of character.”

“But…” The boy had to swallow back the lump that had formed in his throat, his heart pounding in his chest. There had to be some mistake, right? Him, a superhero? That was too… it was too important, too… “I’m blind.”

“I noticed,” came the dry response. The creature sighed. “Look, kid, the decision is ultimately yours. The Guardian thinks you’re capable, I’m inclined to trust him. If you don’t believe you are, then fine. Close up the ring and I’m gone, and you can go back to… whatever you do in this large room all by yourself. But, if by chance, you want to learn what you’re capable of, to be more than you ever imagined, then put on the ring. Prove that the Guardian was right to choose you.”

Adrien felt a thrill shoot through his very being. The kwami made it sound so simple and straightforward. Could he really do this? Could he really be a hero? He wanted what was being offered to him so much, but he was not yet ready to shake his uncertainty. First, he needed the answer to one last question.

“Plagg, was it?” the boy inquired, waiting for the creature to make an affirmative noise. “What… what makes you so sure I can do this?”

The answer was immediate. “You aren’t the first kitten to overcome disability to become a cat.”

The boy blinked, once, then twice, before a slow grin spread across his face. Reaching out to the coffee table, he fumbled around until his relocated the box he’d dropped earlier. With care, he removed the ring from the velvety cushion and slid it to rest securely upon one of his fingers.

Rising back to his feet, Adrien turned his head in the last known location of the kwami. “I’m in,” the boy declared.

Plagg’s response was both smug and proud. “Of course you are.”

  • Merlin: I'm an excellent judge of character.
  • Merlin: Issac will make a great author!
  • Merlin: Arthur will be the best king ever, I'm sure!
  • Merlin: Nimue is just the best GF! She'd never betray me!
  • Merlin: Emma won't go dark! She's just an adorable cupcake who steals Apollo bars.
  • Merlin: Yep. I'm so wise. I know people. Everyone's good at heart.

it’s important to note that the less we’ve interacted the less accurate my mental depiction of you will be, but i’d like to think i’m an excellent judge of character regardless 

Favorite SnK Moments: Marlowe Freudenberg

The image above is my favorite image of Marlowe, but it’s not my favorite moment :)

My favorite moment is when Annie recognizes that he’s special because of his willingness to go against the flow and stand up to difficulty. 

At first I was puzzled by Annie’s quick assessment. But then I remembered that she’d been lurking in the shadows for three years, watching people rather than interacting with them. Annie would be an excellent judge of character. Her approval of Marlowe speaks volumes.

My friend, julystorms, wrote about what it means to be special in her massive Hitch and Marlowe meta. I’m going to quote directly from her, because I could never say it as beautifully:

For change to happen, someone has to step up.

Annie says that people like that are rare. Marlowe is one of those people. Erwin is another. Someone has to be in charge. Someone has to take the reins. And when they do, other people follow them. Other people become loyal to them. Other people believe in them.

The believers are, more often than not, comprised mostly of people who go with the flow. They’re the people that take advantage of the systems in place, sometimes. They’re the people who want change but don’t have the personal drive to make it happen. They’re the people who will benefit from change but don’t have the leadership capabilities to inspire other people to follow them.

And the amazing thing about Marlowe is that—and this is largely unrecognized by fandom—he is one of those people. He is a leader who can inspire.”  -  julystorms, marlo and hitch meta, part 2

Favorite SnK Moment/38 of 55

A Bald Eagle Attacked Donald Trump During A Photo Shoot
This really happened.
By Stephanie McNeal


I’ve studied animals and their interactions with human beings (on my own time, I’m no professor or anything). I don’t know much about bird’s body language, but I CAN tell you something VERY important -

ANIMALS (especially birds, horses, cats, and dogs) ARE REALLY GOOD AT JUDGING CHARACTER.

It seems cliche, but this is a very real thing, animals are an excellent judge of character. The bird was obviously all good with his handler and the other people in the room, but not with Trump.

Just an observation.

Just sayin’.

*whispers* thebirdknows

Kingdom Hearts: King Mickey Mouse (ENFJ)

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Mickey is very open with his emotions - he has very definitive facial expressions that reflect his feelings and he often times has such strong positive emotions that he can infect a room with good feelings. He also has been show to adapt emotionally to other people in the room - if someone else isn’t happy; he’s not happy. He’s also very quick to make emotional decisions without thinking them through - i.e. stealing Yen Sid’s star shard.

Introverted Intuiton (Ni): Mickey has shown that he has very distinct dreams for what he wants - he visualizes becoming a Keyblade master and pursues his goals. He’s also an excellent judge of character - he’s able to see the light inside of Riku and be his moral compass along on his journey. He sees people for who they are, and he choses to see people for the good over the bad - even the likes of Maleficent and Pete.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Mickey is the most agile and battle-competent of the Keyblade wielders - he knows how to move efficiently through space and use it to his advantage. He’s also very good at picking up subtle changes in his physical surroundings.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Mickey ends up keeping a lot of his thoughts and ideas to himself. He takes in all information he comes across more for the sake of knowing than to use it practically. However, because of it being an inferior function, he does have a tendency to be a bit forgetful.