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(help i started this in january) 

i made an adhd tag urself thing!! i’m all of them except cryptid :D

anyone can reblog if they relate!! if you find a lot of them are relatable and you’ve not thought about adhd before then it might be worth checking out :) it was a tumblr post i that made me research and stuff and, contrary to the daily mail, it’s super underdiagnosed. check out @actuallyadhd‘s self diagnosis page for more info!

the be more chill families

these are all headcanons i sorta have,,, they’re all about family life of each be more chill character. if you don’t like headcanons, you don;t have to read on but!! i think they’re pretty cool. (also if you draw them i love you)

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Yesterday after my rant on appreciating black history and beauty I told my cousin that we would be going to the library to read about it.

It was not a joke, nor a threat.

Before he picked his book I sat down and had a one-on-one talk with him about the importance of learning our history. At first he was resistant (he hates reading).

But after a while all he could do was smile and he told me that he loved me for making him learn what no one else will.

My heart jumped for joy.

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Head canons for huey dewey and louie?

Ahem *cracks knuckles* let’s begin:

Della, the boys’ mother, inherited the infamous McDuck Wanderlust. Like her uncle, she travels all over the world and is a pilot (foil to Donald being a sailor).

She left her triplets as eggs with her brother (who on the other hand inherited the Duck family’s tendency to stay close to home). He was only 18/19 then. He postponed his dream of joining the Navy to look after the eggs.

Who helped him raise the three screaming ducklings? His cousin Fethry. A lot of stranger-than-fiction things happened, but Donald would never deny how much it meant to him that his cousin always took time out of his own life to help him. Sometimes they even had breakdowns together.

The triplet’s father is alive, but not around due to the nature of his job, which in turn turned him into quite the aloof individual whose priority isn’t really to be present for his children..whether you consider him a ‘good’ person or not depends on your own ideas on the matter.

The triplets wouldn’t recognize their father if he stopped to talk to them. Donald will on rare occasions catch a glimpse of him around the city (the former doesn’t stop to talk), and Donald has stopped trying too hard to convince him to be a father.

Donald gets frustrated with the boys’ playful, prankster natures, but he doesn’t let it get to him too much. He was a prankster as a kid himself, after all.

The boys were at first terrified no one would ever be able to tell them apart when they left for Uncle Scrooge’s house. Being mistaken for one another is something they’ve had to deal with all throughout their childhood, and only in Donald’s house they truly felt and were treated like individuals.

Huey is the kid who’d punch someone at school for bullying their friend, and then would wear detention like war scars.

Dewey does the best at school not because he enjoys studying, but because of his own perfectionist streak. It frustrates both his brothers.

Louie is the most attached to Donald.

The boys’ feelings towards their mother are complicated. In some ways, they saw some of her emotional distance in their great-uncle Scrooge, but even that is not an accurate way of describing it. She’s the kind of person who’s playful and loving, but very restless and doesn’t fit the mom mold. They’ve grown to accept her the way she is as they grew older. It gives them comfort that her relationship with her brother and cousins is excellent, as they keep reminiscing about their childhood together fondly. So that must mean she’s a good person despite not being around. Right? 

They own Grandma Duck’s heart in their little fists.

Louie enjoys spending vacations on Grandma’s farm, but Huey and Dewey are city folk through and through.

Dewey swore that he will change his birth name the second he turns adult.

Dewey’s an absolute sweet junkie. Even his own brothers have to hide sweets from him on certain days.

Donald doesn’t dwell on it too much, but Huey’s stubborn personality and tendency to not explain what he’s thinking is slowly turning out to be the most like the triplets’ father, and he doesn’t know how to feel about that.

When they were tiny, the boys used to wonder if Gladstone was their dad, because of his inexplicable fondness of their mother. When Huey one day summoned up the courage to ask Donald, Louie had to call 911 because he thought his uncle was having a stroke.

Captain Swan AU Prompt Series No. 8 (A)

No.1: Alphabet City

No.2: Of Singing and Streaking

No.3: Lie to Me (I’ll lie to you, too)

No.4: Like Toy Soldiers

No. 5 (A): We’re Going Down Swinging Part 1

No. 5 (B): We’re Going Down Swinging Part 2

No. 6: Bend, and Don’t Break

No. 7 (A): Speak Now Part 1

No. 7 (B): Speak Now Part 2

No. 5 © We’re Going Down Swinging Part 3

No. 4: Like Toy Soldiers Part 2

It’s Always Been You (And You Should Know That)

Notes: For CS AU Week Day 5- Role Reversal
(In role reversal world, let’s pretend Lieutenant Duckling is…Captain Prince? Hehe.)

Summary: Prince Killian of Misthaven was never meant to rule-as the second son, he was content to let the limelight and responsibility fall upon his older brother, the Crown Prince Liam, while he lived a carefree life of adventure, tempting danger at every turn-much to the consternation of his body guard and best friend, Captain Emma Swan.

After Liam’s untimely death, the entire Kingdom is thrown into a tailspin, and none worse than Killian and Emma. Killian must now step up to the role he was never meant to play, and Emma must deal with the consequences of falling in love with her charge, the Prince who would be King.

Killian is 29, Emma is 28

The life of a royal body guard was not for the faint hearted. In times of peace, those sworn to protect the Crown could never relax, could never let down their guard. It was even worse in times of war, every shadow was potential threat, every smile and bow could hide a dagger or worse. The pressure got more intense the higher up in the line of succession your charge was, and so, Emma’s life, as the bodyguard of the future King of Misthaven, was very stressful indeed.

Moments of peace and relaxation were so few now that she jealously guarded those she could eke out, most notably her morning swordplay session, a simple one hour affair in a secluded field only a select few knew of, where she could be alone with her thoughts, or no thoughts, where she could simply concentrate on the whistle and swing of her blade. Given the weight of the decisions she’d just made, she’d needed this escape from reality more than ever. So when an unexpected blade met the fluid parry of her form, she leapt backward and immediately fell into a protective position with fury in her eyes.

Who would dare interrupt her here?

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@jeffersonandliberty​ cont. from here [X]

Thomas nodded sympathetically for a moment, his eyes softening until he remembered the cold cup against his hand and offered it to Benjamin, “I brought you a rum. I suppose it was a little silly of me to do so, in hindsight…”

He paused to look off into the distance for a second, then turned his eyes back to him, “I thought I might thank you for paying attention to the letters I sent to His Excellency. My cousin tells me that you defended my– Oh, goodness; I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. Thomas Jefferson, governor of the First Colony - no, the great State of Virginia.”

“Oh thank you.”

He accepted the glass without pause. Rum wasn’t one of his favorites, but he preferred it to the wine which was likely the only alternative. Ben gave a slight knowing smile as Mr. Jefferson introduced himself. Of course he knew who he was, but he offered a slight bow all the same. 

“Of course Governor, I’m honored to meet you. Major Benjamin Tallmadge Head of Intelligence,” he said offering his free hand.

Fanfic - Back on the Market - 1/1

Title: Back on the Market

Prompt: Sugar and the rest of the New Directions decide Blaine needs to get over his break up and sets him up on a blind date. A date that goes so horrible Blaine calls Sebastian to bail him out.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3495

A/N: For Seblaine Sunday :3

“Blaine Anderson, I have a date for you.”

Blaine carefully placed his heavy history text in his locker, bracing himself before turning to Sugar. Her sugary pink lips were stretched out in a pleased with herself smile that made Blaine nervous.

“Um, pardon me?”

“I got a date for you,” Sugar said enunciating each word.

“I’m going have to decline,” Blaine shouldered his bag. “I’m not ready to date right now-”

“Stop! Don’t say another word!” Sugar held up her finger to silence him. “We all know you’re still getting over being dumped after Mr. Schue’s wedding.”

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