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Dead Girl Walking (Connor Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2066

Warnings: Steamy content (well, the title gives that away)

Summary: Connor and Y/N get cast as JD and Veronica in their college production of Heathers. This doesn’t help the crush Y/N has been harbouring on Connor since freshman year of high school.

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A/N: Here it is!! This was partially inspired by some requests I got for this, and partially inspired by my Heathers!AU with @memeing-through-a-window

“Hello everyone! To those of you who do not take drama as a class, I am Mr Reyes. I will be directing this production.” Mr Reyes said, and there was a spattering of applause across the auditorium.

“Now, I’m sure you’re all dying to find out your roles in our upcoming production of Heathers. Here we go.” Mr Reyes said, and everyone inhaled sharply.

I crossed my fingers and looked over at my best friend Zoe, her eyes shut tightly in anticipation.

“In the role of Martha Dunnstock, Alana Beck.” Mr Reyes said and we all clapped politely, looking at Alana who was smiling brightly.

“The role of Kurt Kelly goes to Jake Dillinger, and Ram Sweeney goes to Richard Goranski.” A celebratory whoop came from a few rows back, and I chuckled at the boys’ reaction.

“The roles of Mr Kelly and Mr Sweeney will go to Michael Mell and Jeremy Heere.” I smirked slightly, knowing that Mr Reyes was slightly sneaky with his casting of those roles.

“Mr and Mrs Sawyer will be played by Chloe Valentine and Brooke Lohst.” I clapped softly, glancing over at the pair.

“And now, onto the Heathers themselves. Due to the lack of women interested in this production, we have had to give some of our Heathers to the men.” Mr Reyes said, and I snorted, drawing some attention.

“Heather McNamara will be played by Evan Hansen, and Heather Duke will be played by Jared Kleinman. Heather Chandler, our only female Heather, will be played by Zoe Murphy.” Mr Reyes said, and I squeezed Zoe’s hand.

She was smiling widely, and I knew she was going to crush it as Heather Chandler.

“The lovely Christine Canigula will be playing Ms Fleming.” Christine beamed at Mr Reyes, and I felt very happy for her.

“This leaves our two leading roles. Jason Dean will be played by Connor Murphy, and Veronica Sawyer goes to Y/N Y/L/N! Congratulations to you all.” Mr Reyes said, and I looked over at Connor, my eyes wide.

I’d been crushing on Connor since freshman year of high school, and here we are, freshman year of college, and those feelings haven’t gone away.

“Now, rehearsals will start next Wednesday, so be ready. The original cast recording is somewhere online, so listen to it. That’s all.” Mr Reyes said, ushering us out of the auditorium.

As soon as we were out the double doors, I was bombarded with various congratulations.

“You’re so lucky, oh my god.” Zoe said, wrapping me in a side hug. I felt my cheeks go pink, and I smiled gratefully at her.

“Thanks. I do, however, have to have fake sex with your brother onstage. You know how I feel about him, Zo.” I said and Zoe cackled, throwing her head back.

“Well, let’s just say things might end up working out for you two.” She said, winking at me. My cheeks went a brighter pink, and I went to say something, but was interrupted by someone coughing.

I whirled around to see Connor standing there, his hair partially covering his face.

“Hey Y/N. Can I talk to you for a sec?” Connor asked and I nodded, glancing back briefly at Zoe.

Connor shot me a half smile, and walked away. I trailed behind him, jogging slightly.

“So, what’s up?” I asked, catching my breath a little. Connor rocked back and forth on his heels, and I frowned slightly.

“Well, I was just wondering, seeing as we’re going to be spending a lot of time together onstage and in rehearsals, if maybe you wanted to go grab some lunch with me?” Connor asked, wringing his hands together.

My cheeks went a bright shade of pink, and I nodded eagerly. “Absolutely. I mean, yeah, of course.” I said, realising I was probably coming on too strong.

“Awesome. I’ll, uh, meet you here at 12. Today.” Connor said and I smiled brightly at him.
“Bye Y/N.” He said, and I waved him off.

“Bye Connor.”

“You guys are coming along incredibly. Everyone except Y/N and Connor can go.” Mr Reyes said, and I glanced over at Connor awkwardly.

Everyone else trailed out of the auditorium, until it was just Connor, Mr Reyes and I left.

“Now, I thought you two would appreciate not having everyone else in the room for this next song.” Mr Reyes said and I gulped, looking at Connor with wide eyes.

“I think you two both know which song I’m talking about. We won’t go through the full choreography just yet, but we still need to start rehearsing it.” Mr Reyes said, patting the both of us on the shoulder.

I took in a deep breath and walked up onto the stage, fidgeting with my blazer. I wasn’t in my proper costume, but I was wearing an outfit that resembled my costume.

“From the top, you two.” Mr Reyes said, pressing play on the music. It started playing and I bit my lip.

“The demon queen of high school has decreed it. She says Monday eight am, I’ll be deleted.” I sang, glancing over at Connor briefly.

“They’ll hunt me down in study hall. Stuff and mount me on the wall. Thirty hours to live, how shall I spend them?” I sang, walking forward a little.

“I don’t have to stay and die like cattle. I could change my name and ride up to Seattle. But I don’t own a motorbike.” I looked up at Connor, who was now lying down on the raised platform.

“Wait. Here’s an option that I like. Spend these thirty hours getting freaky! I need it hard, I’m a dead girl walking. I’m in your yard, I’m a dead girl walking.” I sang, walking up the platform stairs.

“Before they punch my clock, I’m snapping off your window lock. Got no time to knock, I’m a dead girl walking.” I sang, standing in front of Connor, who was now on his feet.

“Veronica. What are you doing in my room?” Connor asked, and I shushed him, waving my hand about wildly. Mr Reyes chuckled, and I took in a deep breath.

“Sorry, but I really had to wake you. See, I’ve decided I must ride you till I break you.” Connor’s eyes widened at this line, and Mr Reyes’ laughter increased.

“Heather says I gots to go, you’re my last meal on death row. Shut your mouth, and lose them tightie whities. C'mon!” I sang, undoing my blazer.

“Tonight I’m yours, I’m your dead girl walking. Get on all fours, kiss this dead girl walking.” I said, shoving Connor down by his shoulders.

“Let’s go, you know the drill. I’m hot, and pissed, and on the pill. Bow down to the will of a dead girl walking.” I sang, trying to keep my voice even as Connor’s hands crept up near the hem of my skirt.

I crouched down, looking Connor in the eye. I noticed that one of his eyes was coloured differently, and I felt my heart lurch.

“And you know, you know, you know. It’s cause you’re beautiful. You say you’re numb inside, but I can’t agree.” I sang, putting my hands on Connor’s chest.

His chest was surprisingly firm, and his face was rapidly reddening. “So the world’s unfair. Keep it locked out there. In here it’s beautiful. Let’s make this beautiful.”

“That works for me.” I pressed my lips to Connor’s, and kissed him with fervour. He kissed back eagerly, and I pulled off my blazer, still keeping our lips together.

I pulled off his shirt, and I let out a gasp at the sight of his bare chest. I pulled away from the kiss, and noticed Connor’s eyes cloud with something dark.

I pushed him down so he was on his back, and I was straddling him, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

I started kissing his neck and moved my lips further down his chest, kissing furiously.

“Yeah! Full steam ahead, take this dead girl walking.” I sang, reluctantly pulling away from Connor.

“How’d you find my address?” Connor sang, sitting up slightly.

“Let’s break the bed, rock this dead girl walking!” I sang, throwing my arms up in the air.

“I think we tore my mattress.” Connor sang, glancing towards the ground.

“No sleep tonight for you. Better chug that Mountain Dew.” I sang, getting a good look at Connor. His eyes wide, his cheeks flushed and his hair mused.

“Okay, okay.” He sang quietly, earning a chuckle from Mr Reyes.

“Get your ass in gear. Make this whole town disappear.”

“Okay, okay.” Connor sang, his voice stronger this time.

“Slap me.” Connor stage slapped me at this line, and my cheek tingled at the contact.

“Pull my hair.” Connor tugged my head back by my hair, and tangled his fingers in my hair.

“Touch me there, and there, and there.” My breath hitched as Connor’s hands roamed over my ass and breasts.

“No more talking. Love this dead girl walking.” I sang, hitting the high note with ease. Connor sang his part with ease, and I drank in the sight of him beneath me.

“Love this dead girl! Yeah, yeah, yeah!” We both sang together, our bodies harmonising perfectly.

“Ow!” Connor said, grimacing slightly.

“Yeah!” We both sang, and I was surprised at how well Connor could sing. The music concluded, and we were both panting.

Mr Reyes applauded, and I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. “Very well done, you two! You have excellent chemistry, I must say.” Mr Reyes said, as I awkwardly clambered off Connor.

We picked up our clothes and pulled them back on, smiling as we walked off the stage.

“I’ll see you at Friday’s rehearsal. I can’t stress how good that performance was, especially for a rehearsal.” Mr Reyes said as we left the auditorium.

The doors slammed shut behind us, and the air became thick with awkwardness. “I, uh.” I stammered, my cheeks burning.

“I’ll, um, see you on Friday.” Connor muttered, walking away quickly staring at the ground as he did.

“Opening night, people! I just wanted to congratulate you all on your work over the past couple of months, so, congratulations!” Mr Reyes said, applauding us.

I fidgeted anxiously with my costume, the indigo scarf I was wearing seeming to weigh a ton.

“Hey, Y/N, you ok?” Connor asked, and I turned on my heel to face him. The dark costume of JD suited him perfectly, and I felt seriously attracted to him.

“I’m really nervous. What if I screw up? What if I can’t hit one of the high notes? Ugh.” I said, running a hand through my hair.

“Hey, hey, look at me.” Connor said, placing his hands gently on my shoulders. I looked up at him, noticing the stage makeup that accented his already beautiful features.

“You are going to knock this out of the park. Your voice is absolutely stunning, and I have the utmost faith in you and your abilities.” Connor said, moving his hands from my shoulders to my cheeks.

I felt my cheeks flush, and I noticed Connor’s cheeks were a similar colour. “Thanks.” I muttered, looking right into Connor’s eyes.

He rubbed circles on my cheek with his thumb, and I took in a deep breath. I leaned forward and connected my lips with Connor’s.

His eyes widened briefly, but he closed them quickly, kissing back eagerly. I tangled my hands in Connor’s hair, tugging on it gently.

He let out a groan, and he moved his hands to my waist, pulling me closer to him. Suddenly we heard a cough and pulled apart, turning to see where the cough had come from.

We saw Zoe standing there in full costume, a smirk wide on her face. “God, Veronica, drool much?” She said and I snorted, glancing up at Connor.

“It’s not like I’m throwing my panties at him, Heather.” I said, and I noticed Connor freeze momentarily.

“Oh, but you will be soon enough.” Zoe said, winking at the two of us. She walked off with a perfected strut, and I let out a sigh.

“She’s the worst.” Connor muttered and I chuckled, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.

“She’s not that bad, Con.” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“My god, I love you so much.”

i know i talk about stranger things… all the time, but like i really really have to say how amazing it is to see such great chemistry between like all of the actors??? like they made a point to make the kids bond and like it completely pays off, but it’s not just them.  the monster hunting trio have excellent chemistry with each other, and the adults do as well, it’s just… it’s so nice to watch

cynicalkittycat  asked:

Hi!! I was reading through your smart lance posts (not calling them headcanons cause i know my boi is smart for rEALS) and i started getting a real "pretty face doesnt mean empty head" vibe! Do you have any "headcanons" along those lines?

I should stop calling them ‘Headcannons’ too because you are so right 

and yes I think I have a few? idk if its what you would like or if it counts tho

- Lance excels in Chemistry and Biology. Its a gift, he picks it up effortlessly. He uses his skills and now Lance knows how to create almost any make up or self care product from scratch. Every chemical formula, every process has been drilled to his brain.  

- He can also alter or clone already created make up but whats the fun in that?

- The make up that he makes is 100% better than those bought in stores. Bad acne? Sensitive skin? Eczema? Past Trichotillomania? Lance will infuse whatever product he made with herbs that will heal your motherfuckin skin/scalp like magic amen. 

- He tries to use it for good, to keep people safe. The nail polish can detect date rape drugs from a mile away and will turn pastel to neon. Some nail polish is made with essence to calm a person’s anxiety. He is currently experimenting for nail polish to be able to detect STDs. 

- Eye shadow that keeps a person feeling refreshed in class. He had tons of orders for this during finals it was nuts.

- There was this one class with a teacher was rude af, and had scolded one of the boys for wearing pink eyeliner because “That’s not manly” and Lance was pissed as hell. The next day he slapped on the brightest lipstick to school, and handed out the sparkliest eye shadows for everyone to wear. The whole class rioted looking like Gods and Goddesses as the teacher resigned on the spot. 

- He tutors part time in the Garrison. Some subjects that he teaches are language (Spanish, English, French, etc), Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Lance is an amazing teacher, ofcourse. He makes sure they get the theories down to the best of their abilities. He also makes sure they dont wear themselves out, and practices self care with them so they dont feel like DEath Incarnate during the exam.

- Lance can complete any calculus question correctly in a blink of an eye while waltzing around you french braiding Pidge’s hair.

Well I think thats all I can think of now? I hope you like it :)

things CritRole gave me today:

  • TWO diff character plot twists in tHE SAME CHARACTER
  • percy pseudo-adopting a sad rich nerd son with similar daddy issues
  • laura and travis bringing their excellent marriage chemistry and amazing improv talents tO THE FOREFRONT OHMYGOD THAT SHIT WAS BRILL
  • basically i got canon perc’ahlia treasury sex and the tally-ho’ing of percy/vex/tary whICH YOU ARE STILL INVITED TO PRY FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS BTW

bubblegum & ethanol - florence-centric log

all of Huxley’s workers were ‘failures’ at one point - flo is no exception. whereas bennett was in skin treatment/drug testing department, she was in the bio-prosthetics department (& baldwin and goodwin are from organ donor dept). at that point in time, she was a part of an research project gone awry.

florence excels in chemistry and physics and tends to recolor her hair a lot (mostly into pastel or neon colors). currently both of her hands are fully functional.
she gets along well with charlotte and felix, and tends to bully bennett a bit, like an older sister would.
her theme would be a vaporwave tune.

I see a lot of people being doubtful over Furudate’s choice to have Karasuno face off against Inarizaki, a top contender and favorite to win the Nationals this year.

Sure it can be argued that it would be more ‘realistic’ to have powerhouse schools stamp out Karasuno and other nobody teams from the competition. But we can flip that again and say that’s not very realistic either. They’re high school boys. I think people forget that part. They’re not invincible. Teams are never the same. The lineup changes every year, just as fast as reputations change. See: pre-current Karasuno team, the “fallen powerhouse”. Schools like Niiyama & Shiratorizawa as long reigning champions (in Miyagi) are special cases. But things change

The lineup of a team last year has no precursor to the synergy and dynamic of the current lineup. It might contribute, yes, but it’s not the be all end all. Some years might have excellent harmony and explosive chemistry, other years won’t at all. I’m not saying it’s all dependent on chance and luck with the kind of players you get in a single team in a certain year, because it also greatly depends on the individuals, and how they affect each other… Take Kitaichi for example. You had very talented and skilful members… but they just never managed to sync in. 

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is… it’s okay to feel daunted by Karasuno facing off such a powerful team. But they’re high school boys, don’t forget that? This isn’t a flashy sports manga like Kuroko no Basuke where every team the main protagonists face seem to progressively increase in strength and power lol. Furudate has always been good at humanising the opponent teams. I think all the powerhouse schools (Itachiyama, Fukurodani, Inarizaki, Kiryuu’s school etc.) have a fair chance of beating each other, like there isn’t necessarily a strict hierarchy of strength/power—each team is strong in their own right—it’s really just about who is able to hold out longer on the day of the match. Again, this isn’t like Kuroko where there are massive gaps in power/strength between the main protagonists and their opponent teams. It’s all fair game imo… 

At first glance you might think that this couple could learn a lot from one another, and you’d probably be right. However, neither Aries nor Aquarius feels they have much to learn on a personal level, and their individual arrogance might be what holds them back. Aries can be selfish and arrogant in a direct, personal way. Aquarius is not arrogant on the surface, but does exhibit a kind of intellectual arrogance which will turn Aries right off. Aries and Aquarius compatibility can work well as a friendship or a professional relationship, but its quirks make it a tricky combination for love and romance. Aries and Aquarius are two of the most suitable signs that have a pretty decent degree of compatibility because they both share similar attributes of independence, thrill, and a deep level of love for freedom. When these two are together then can easily solve any type of problems through their use of mutual discussion.

An Aquarius is always supporting and helping to an Aries. They will always support the Aries. Aries, on the other hand, will want to support the new and unconventional approach of the Aquarius.  In a normal relationship between these two signs, tension is nonexistent. Aquarius will like and worship Aries’ way of life, their adventurous mind, and unconventional way of life. Balancing the relationship out, Aquarius will love the “magical” aspects of the relationship while the Aries will love the practical side of it. Aries, the Hero, wants to be loved and worshiped for his or her actions and bravery, which the ram likes to think are born of lofty ideals but which can actually be quite self serving. Aquarius, the Visionary, abhors selfishness, and wants to respected for his or her ideas – but isn’t honestly that bothered about being loved for them, and often struggles to put those ideas into practice in any case. The Visionary will tell the truth, even when it hurts, and will remain calm and distant while doing so. Aries the Hero, known for bluntness, will tell the truth too, but with added temper and fire. As two very energetic signs, this is an energetic relationship that is always in motion. Aries will love the out of the box ideas that Aquarius brings to the table. Aquarius loves how Aries goes after things, and the creative and passionate approach that Aries brings to the table. This is a match with excellent sexual chemistry as well, and these two will keep each other going in love for as long as the stars allow.

My Thoughts

I don’t see how not voting for Danny and Ryan for best partnership because of the current mess of a storyline is going to somehow prevent future storylines from being bad, or prevent them from bringing Robron back together.

It’s not the current storyline that has lead to this nomination. It’s all of the really good ones they’ve had together. The abuse s/l, ssw, the wedding, the special prison episode.

It’s the fact that Danny and Ryan have excellent chemistry together. The fact that they both make even the bad storylines compelling through their individual talents, combined with their ability to brilliantly play off of each other’s emotions, in each scene.

This isn’t just about loving or not loving Robron. This is about appreciating Danny and Ryan and what they put out together for Emmerdale.

@feelingsinwinter answered your question “Hmm. I think I want to write a drabble or two, but I’m not quite sure…”

Bucky walks on Tony covered in frost, trying to bake for Bucky because Steve told him Bucky loved home backed goods? So far everything looks ugly but damn they’re fucking good.

@miniblackraven answered your question “Hmm. I think I want to write a drabble or two, but I’m not quite sure…”

Non-powered pining with a healthy dash of fluff at the end.

It looked like a tornado full of flour and sugar had rampaged through the kitchen. At the center of the disaster site stood Tony, hair and face powered with ingredients and clothes speckled with frosting and dried batter. Tony rubbed his face and groaned. His back was turned to Bucky, and he seemed to have not yet noticed Bucky’s presence.  

Bucky whistled appreciatively at the damage done to their shared kitchen and to alert Tony to his presence. “Damn, Dorothy, you just got back from Oz? It looks like a tornado hit this place.”

Tony startled and looked over his shoulder. “Shit.”

“Love you too, doll.” Bucky sashayed into the kitchen to get a better look at whatever it was Tony had been trying to make. He used the opportunity brush against Tony, giving Tony a brief hug around the waist that could have been excused as James just being a tactile person.

No one would guess by the simple touch that Bucky was harboring a crush for his one of his roommates.

Then end result of Tony’s baking project lay on a platter left on the counter.

Bucky wrinkled his nose at the “balls” of… something that looked like it might have been a cupcake at one point, but Bucky wasn’t too sure. “Ball” was a generous label. The malformed cupcakes were like the moon–round but full of craters. Deep craters. Like someone had already taken a bite out of the cupcake craters.

It was obvious that Tony had tried to hide the divots and holes in his cupcakes by slathering frosting over them. Unfortunately, the frosting slipped out of the holes and got absorbed into the cupcake, revealing the crater Tony had tried so hard to cover up.

Bucky poked one of the cupcakes.

“Don’t say anything.” Frustration laced Tony’s voice.

The corner of Bucky’s mouth twitched into a smile. “Aw, c’mon, Tones. You’re so perfect; it’s nice to see that you at least have one weakness.”

Tony huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. He pouted–not that Tony would ever admit to it. “It shouldn’t be. Baking is chemistry, and I excel at chemistry.” Tony glared at the cupcakes. “I don’t know why they always turn out this way.”

“You’ve made them before?” James could have sworn Tony said he’d grown up with a butler when he was a kid, and that his dad had spent years grooming Tony to be an engineer and businessman. James wouldn’t have thought Tony had had any opportunity to practice baking.

“Jarvis, taught me, but my stuff always comes out looking like crap. It usually tastes good though.”

“Really?” Bucky eyed one of the cupcakes that was bathed in frosting. He snatched it up.

Tony let out of squawk of surprise.

A sweet mix of vanilla and blueberries filled Bucky’s mouth and he moaned in ecstasy. “Oh god. This is fantastic.”

“You keep moaning like that, I’m going to get a boner. Stop it.”

Bucky grinned and took another bite. He let out another wanton moan.

Tony groaned and turned himself slightly away from Bucky. “I should put you in porn. Stop it.”

Bucky slung his arm around Tony’s shoulders and tugged him into a hug. “Tony, these are amazing.” Bucky took another bite and licked the frosting that got on his finger off. “If you want me in porn, I’ll do it, as long as you keep making these cupcakes.”

“Wow. Steve was not joking about you loving baked goods, was he?”

“You talked to Steve about me?” It wasn’t too surprising. Steve was their third roommate after all. Bucky was more curious about why Steve had revealed his love of baked goods to Tony.

“It’s not that unusual.”

“Really?” Bucky smirked. “You two also talk about how sexy I am?”

Tony met Bucky’s gaze in challenge. “I don’t know. Do you two talk about how sexy I am?”

“Of course.”

Tony snorted in amusement.

And right then, Bucky wanted nothing more than to kiss Tony stupid, and really show Tony how sexy he thought Tony was.

“You’re the sexiest fella I have ever met, and if I was dating you right now, I’d prove it.”

Tony’s eyes darted over Bucky’s face, searching for insincerity. After a moment, a grin broke across his face and leaned more into Bucky’s embrace. “So why don’t you date me then?”

Bucky inhaled sharply. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Tony kissed Bucky.

The kiss was a thousand times sweeter and better than the cupcake.

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I'm pro-Zutara but I low-key feel like they wouldn't work because their personalities are too similar and I feel like they would clash a lot. Your thoughts?

Opposites attract is bullshit. You aren’t going to be able to be life partners with someone with a different moral code, temperament, sense of humor, etc. Zuko and Katara have a similar sense of morality, humor, and temperament. They’re honestly like perfect for each other and have like excellent communication and onscreen chemistry. 

I think the canon ships are the ones with problems. M@iko is supposed to be opposites attract and it’s a shit storm. Idek wtf K@taang is, but those two have entirely different moral codes. They’re too different. Katara acts like his mom. It’s a mess. 

You need to be with someone more similar to you than different, honestly. Otherwise it’s gonna crash and burn and just be like a fling. 

I guess I just disagree on the perspective about similar personalities in relationships. Katara and Zuko never fought as friends. I’m sure they’d have normal, couple fights, but I really can’t see them being explosive. That’s canonically m@iko. So…

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“Carmen Jones was the first all-Negro film that became a great box-office success. It established the fact that pictures with Negro artists, pictures dealing with the folklore of Negro life, were commercially feasible. This was a sign of growth that had occurred in the United States and throughout the world.” - Harry Belafonte

Virgo (f) + Scorpio (m)

This pairing is quite a unique one. First attraction would be immediate, but it would take both signs alot of courage to actually open up about their feelings to each other for, they’re known to be reserved in nature. But once they get over their insecurities, it would not take long for their relationship to blossom.
They have excellent chemistry too, which makes it alot easier for both to communicate with each other. For this couple, there is no need to worry about loyalty for each other, as both the Scorpio male and Virgo female are known to be extremely devoted and protective of their loved ones.
However, as perfect as this couple may seem, there will still be drawbacks. The Scorpio male does not tolerate nagging, which is something a Virgo female will definitely do. She, being a perfectionist would feel the need to correct him and in turn, he would be fairly irritated by the idea of her constant reminder to change his ways. But, being a fixed sign, he will not change for anyone - even if She happens to be the love of his life. The Virgo female, on the other hand would be deeply annoyed and upset by the fact that he does not listen to her. His indifferent attitude would hurt her for she does all that for his own good.
All in all, this relationship is a pretty strong and stable one, forged with mutual understanding and loyalty. It isn’t difficult for both signs to sustain their relationship - all they need to do is learn to compromise, and most importantly, speak up about their troubles and not bottle them up.

Thanks to @manticoremonster for helping me expand Nurse Offstill/Nurse Awesome even further. 

  • In George and Harold’s comics, Nurse Awesome’s origin story is this: she is a genetically modified clone made from the DNA of a famous (but dead) WWII nurse. She was designed and created to fight the world’s most evil diseases, and that’s exactly what her life is dedicated to. 
  • Nurse Awesome’s arch nemeses is The Black Plague, a supervillain who dresses like a plague doctor. His minions’ names are Bubonic (called Bub for short), Pneumonic (called Pneu for short), and Septicemic (called Sep for short). Her other enemies include Mad Cow, Flu Season, and the Pox Brothers (Chicken and Small). 
  • Nurse Offstill helps George and Harold with the Nurse Awesome comics, by contributing her medical knowledge and her wit and also by modelling for Harold. 
  • George and Harold decide to split their much-anticipated Captain Underpants/Nurse Awesome crossover into two parts. The first part is a roaring success. The illustrations are spot on, the dialogue is sharp and funny, it’s action-packed, it’s medically accurate, and CU and Nurse Awesome have excellent chemistry as a team as they join forces to defeat their mutual enemies. However, it ends on a cliffhanger (because George and Harold are little assholes like that), which leaves many readers frustrated and ravenous for more. The reader left most frustrated and ravenous is Mr. Krupp, who secretly read the comic after confiscating it, like he does with all of them. 
  • The second part takes a long time to be made, as George, Harold, and Nurse Offstill are putting a lot of thought and care into it. Mr. Krupp’s impatience begins driving him insane, and he goes around the school confiscating every comic he finds hoping it’s the second part, to no avail. When his impatience reaches a breaking point, he confronts Nurse Offstill in the hallway and demands to know what happens next. 
    Offstill: Are you actually being serious right now? 
    Krupp: I’m never not serious! Just tell me! 
    Offstill: Nope. Sorry. Can’t. No spoilers. 
    Krupp: WHAT?!
    Offstill: You might ruin it for the other fans. 
    Krupp: *turning bright red* I’m not a fan! 
    Offstill: Then what happens to Captain Underpants and Nurse Awesome shouldn’t bother you so much. *walks away and leaves him shaking with rage* 
  • He then tries to get George and Harold to hand over the draft for the second part, only to be told by them that Nurse Offstill has it (she’s doing some editing). Knowing that there’s no way Offstill will give the draft up willingly, Mr. Krupp resolves that he has to try and steal it. His plan is to take some personal item of hers from her office while she’s elsewhere and then go to her apartment later on to return it (he’ll blame the theft on some student). He’ll get her to invite him inside and then he’ll snoop around for the draft while her back is turned. 
  • The plan fails miserably. When Mr. Krupp gets to her apartment, it’s full of kids. She’s babysitting half of her loud and rambunctious nieces and nephews. Comic or no comic, there’s no way he’s going in there. She’s won again. It gets worse when his toupee falls off and the kids starting screaming about him being Captain Underpants. They don’t go to Jerome Horwitz, but they get all the comics from their aunt. 
    One of Offstill’s nieces: *jumping up and down excitedly* And Aunt Denny is Nurse Awesome! 
    Mr. Krupp: *through gritted teeth* I know. 
    Offstill: *smiling smugly* 
  • Since he’s behaving like such a child over the second part of the crossover, Nurse Offstill decides to make him pay for it. She shows up in his office with the thing he wants most: the only advance copy of the second part, put together just for him. However, he can have it only on three conditions…
    1) If he gets to keep this comic and the others, the rest of the students’ get to keep theirs. No more confiscating. 
    2) No more detention or marks docked for students who doodle in their notebooks or on their homework and tests. He has to let all the teachers know this. 
    3) He has to put up art boards around the school where students can hang their creative drawings without fear of punishment. He agrees to all three demands, or she’s taking the advance copy away and George and Harold won’t release the second part at all. 
    Offstill: You get all the art the kids make or you get none of it. Your choice. 
    Krupp: *appalled and furious* You can’t do this to me! 
    Offstill: Yes, I can. I’m Nurse Awesome. 
  • He says no at first to spite her. She shrugs and leaves, with his desired comic book. Devastated, he follows her, and discovers that she’s headed for the school cafeteria where she intends to burn the comic over the stove. As she’s turning the stove on, she gives him once last chance to accept her offer. He hesitates until the last second, right before the envelope the book is in is about to touch the flame. He’s sweating and biting his nails at this point, and he bursts out, “ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I’LL DO IT!” 
    Offstill: *smiling victoriously* I knew we’d come to an agreement. We’re a pair of superheros, after all. 
  • He doesn’t get the comic until he’s fulfilled all three demands and made them permanent in writing. Once he finally has it, he shuts himself up in his office (telling the secretary not to bother him for any reason) and devours it in one go. He’s completely blown away. It’s George and Harold finest work yet; they’ve outdone themselves. The only thing that bothers him is the ending: Captain Underpants and Nurse Awesome part ways because Nurse Awesome is travelling back in time to meet her original self during WWII. He wonders if this is Nurse Offstill’s way of hinting that she’s planning to leave Jerome Horwitz and go back to the children’s hospital…

poursuislesetolies  asked:

you are so amazing at writing the bickering omg!! loved the swamp fic and i have to ask for FS academy era ft. bickering and whatever else you want!!! whatever comes to mind! i just love your writing sm i could read anything you wrote ever not joking :)!

Here’s day six of my week-long blog anniversary celebration (which…um I finally thought to double-check the date and…the anniversary is actually today so oops - but I’m still going to post the last prompt tomorrow, don’t worry, sorry I’m such a mess)!

@poursuislesetolies So first, thank you for the prompt of course, but also ahhh thank you so much for saying that!! It means so much for me to hear, truly, so thank you again! :)

Here’s some Academy Era bickering, feels, and…baking? Enjoy!


“Alright, what is it?”

Jemma glanced up from the neurobiology textbook she’d been leafing through, meeting Fitz’s knowing gaze. “What’s what?” she asked innocently.

Fitz rolled his eyes, not believing her terrible attempt at playing dumb for an instant. “C’mon Simmons, you’ve been on the same page for the last fifteen minutes – you could’ve had the whole bloody thing read in that time. Not to mention you’re fidgeting.”

“I am not fidgeting,” Jemma argued defensively, but the protest was a bit much because she actually had been tapping her feet and drumming her fingers off and on for the past few minutes.


Heaving a sigh, Jemma closed the textbook, placing it on the coffee table in front of the couch in Fitz’s living room. “Oh alright, I’ve just been thinking…”

“About?” Fitz set aside the magazine he’d bought earlier that day specifically for the article it contained on Tony Stark’s latest invention, giving her his full attention.

Jemma released a quiet breath, nervously wringing her hands in her lap as she tried to find the right words. However, what came out was a blurted, “I want you to teach me how to bake.”

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Women's Euro 2017

What a great final, my favorites went out in the semifinals, but for the love of life this is fucking football.

What a excellent game, great passing, chemistry, etc. No annoying fucking long balls, bullshit football.

Netherlands deserves it, but good job Harder #10 and Nadim, you are amazing

Sometimes we see advertising trying to push some player, but this tournaments show who the real MVP are.

dr. benzedrine

a pharmacist slash chemist, part time librarian, dr benzedrine played a huge role in the continuous development of bl/inds drugs. dedicated, hardworking, and studious, it was easy for him to come up with formulas and solutions just like that, leading to a Better Day.
however, things started to get to his head. determined to ensure that his drugs were safe before setting them out to the public, it was not uncommon for him to lock himself in his lab for days on end, testing results on himself.

there were constant underdoses and overdoses, leaving him unstable. he would mix up prescriptions for clients by mistake. this, after a few repeats, lead to him getting in trouble with better living industries. before they could rehabilitate him, though, he’d faked suicide and made a run for the desert. through his madness in testing on himself, the mindfog began to clear and he made sense of what was going on - nothing but poison.

he had grown up in a decent family. it was nuclear, middle class, an average every day family that bl/ind liked seeing. his siblings were intelligent individuals and his parents were admirable, so naturally, he strove to be just like them. growing up through life he worked hard and focused on studying and school, as opposed to making friends or athleticism.

at the end of high school he was valedictorian and submitted to top level classes in one of three of bl/ind’s
colleges. he pursued the medical career, excelling in chemistry, and soon became one of bl/i’s best pharmaceutical scientists. he would also administer and distribute out these drugs with pride.

that would be the beginning, which lead to his end.