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CS ff: “Why Can’t Love Just Be Enough” (au) (Epilogue to “I Will Learn to Let You Go”)

Summary: Some stories don’t get a Happily Ever After, but that doesn’t mean the story ends.

As the title implies, this is the Epilogue to “I Will Learn to Let You Go”

Rating: T for language


A/N: This was written as soon as the fic was finished, but I had troubles with the ending and then the editing, and then school to finish. If you prefer to leave things miserable and sad, you’re welcome to skip this. Special thanks to @sambethe for the beta and proofreading, and for encouraging me to do better. And to @i-know-how-you-kiss for the title/song that will punch you in the feels if you listen to it while any part of this fic is in your head. Give it a listen if you get a chance: “Roses & Violets” by Alexander Jean)

If Killian expected his life to go back to normal once he left Storybrooke behind, he was completely mistaken. The world he goes back to in Boston feels hollow and lonely – now more than it ever was before. Maybe it’s because he was somehow lucky to find love once with his soulmate, and then again with someone who wasn’t his. And now he has neither. Maybe it’s because he also truly felt a bond with Henry, or because Storybrooke felt like home.

His business, small but with the most impressive track record ever seen in his line of work, expands after his time in Storybrooke. Apparently, with an even higher success rate, he’s a sought-out name in the soulmate searching ring.

Now he has more detectives working for him, and it means he can step back a little. The less personal involvement, the better. Sure, he still works. He has the keenest sense of direction out of all of his employees, except for a man named Smee, who is exceptionally talented at finding people in places he would’ve never considered. Most days, he stays in his (new and bigger) office and spends some time working on the cases he has been personally requested for. The rest of his day is spent looking at the evidence of his success.

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