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100 Art Objects, Historical Artifacts, and Miscellaneous Loot
  1. A marble bust of a large-nosed woman
  2. A richly woven carpet with nautical patterns
  3. Soft, clean bedsheets sewn with golden thread
  4. A portrait of a bashful looking tiefling
  5. Eight matching silver cups
  6. A ceremonial helm with a daisy motif
  7. A coil of silken cable, intricately braided and tasseled
  8. An ancient fertility sculpture
  9. A nautilus shell
  10. A stack of fine vellum
  11. Richly embroidered blue sleeping robes
  12. A huge tortoise shell
  13. A polished silver looking-glass
  14. A set of gem-encrusted cutlery
  15. Silk handkerchiefs
  16. A necklace thickly adorned with bright feathers
  17. A small dragon skull
  18. A collection of beautiful glass bottles of all colours
  19. A snake skin of tremendous length and quality
  20. Well preserved tapestries depicting an important historical event
  21. A set of fine jewelcrafting tools
  22. A chess set of excellent quality
  23. A set of non-magical but intricately etched daggers
  24. An ermine coat
  25. Soft doeskin boots beautifully crafted for small feet
  26. A collection of flags and banners once flown by nations now extinct
  27. White silk gloves
  28. A satchel made of glossy crimson leather
  29. A rattle made from a cloven hoof
  30. Paper pouches full of dried herbs and spices
  31. A red and silver scepter
  32. A porcelain doll garbed in a beautiful ballgown
  33. A large bismuth crystal
  34. A box containing several elaborately decorated animal masks
  35. A glass orb containing a tablespoon of quicksilver
  36. A vase containing numerous exotic feathers
  37. A golden ceremonial shield featuring an unfamiliar charge
  38. Ten large glass marbles of various colours
  39. A richly illuminated, leather-bound manuscript of local history
  40. A rare coin collection
  41. A massive scarlet crustacean claw
  42. Pots of powdered henna, turmeric, and indigo
  43. A long spiral antelope horn, polished and banded in silver
  44. Two oblong pearls of modest size
  45. An exquisitely preserved fish fossil
  46. A set of lavish quills and two pots of deep blue ink
  47. Three canopic jars, and the broken lid of a fourth
  48. A hand-carved, gold leaf frame, sans painting
  49. A masterful portrait of a stern couple, sans frame
  50. Beautiful horse tack
  51. A glass jar filled with layers of sand of various colours
  52. A snow leopard skin in fine condition
  53. A huge vanilla scented candle
  54. A wooden case containing two dozen bars of sealing wax
  55. A hand-carved mash paddle made from black wood
  56. A silver locket containing a lock of silver hair
  57. A crystal bottle of perfume
  58. A carving made from jet featuring the head of a gorgon
  59. Twelve fine drinking glasses wrapped in cotton
  60. A brass cast of a skull
  61. An ancient ceremonial sword of a powerful queen, its blade half rotted away
  62. A silver flask
  63. A wooden frame containing a complex gear mechanism of unknown purpose
  64. Pouches of very rare seeds that grow into valuable plants
  65. A geode
  66. A tome of forgotten ballads written by a legendary bard
  67. A terribly gaudy cuckoo clock elaborately inlaid with silver and gold
  68. A half-finished bolt of patterned cloth, still attached to the loom
  69. A large tangle of coral
  70. A church bell featuring a religious tale in bas relief
  71. Gold candleabras
  72. A brass statuette of a religious figure
  73. Two oak barrels of alcoholic spirits
  74. A sack of bathing salts
  75. A box of lace
  76. A folder stuffed with dwarven beer recipes
  77. Spools of excellent leather cord
  78. Medicated creams and ointments
  79. A box of colourful makeup
  80. A pouch full of glimmering pearlescent fish scales
  81. A silver dog whistle shaped like a howling wolf
  82. Ivory spice shakers
  83. A jar of herbal honey
  84. A large incisor on a leather thong
  85. Powdered animal parts
  86. Gold false teeth
  87. A bulk lot of mundane smithed items, including locks, hinges, etc.
  88. An empty silver lockbox with key
  89. Elegant red skates
  90. Blue suede shoes
  91. A dried caul
  92. A taxedermied platypus
  93. A censer
  94. Three wax likenesses, one slightly melted
  95. A telescope
  96. A set of tinkling hand bells
  97. Coffee beans
  98. Tortoiseshell combs
  99. Copper bottom cook pots
  100. A flanged steel plug of some kind
I want to be the best version of my self.  My life isn’t a competition where I’m constantly measuring how I stand against other people.

Affirmation of the day.

Be good with who you are and when you are going. It’s ok to give other people love when they are doing well. Just because someone else is doing well in your field doesn’t mean that you can’t excel. Don’t set any limits for yourself and achieve more than you ever thought you could.


Safe and Sound (Josh Dun)

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Pairing: Josh Dun/Fem!Reader
Words: 2000+
Warning(s): sexual harassment, some swears
A/N: So here is the fic thats base on a dream. it was a lucid one, almost died having it lol (i couldnt breath) also sorry if this seems duummbb but it is based off the dream i had and dreams can be a bit wonky. Its fan fiction so yeeahh. this probably sucks since i’ve been working on it at 3 am every morning.

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i’m for my girls into cat sweaters and flower crowns and i’m for my girls who do drugs and want stick and poke tattoos and i’m for my girls who excel in academic settings and i’m for my girls who want to quit school and travel and i’m for my girls who want to date and i’m for my girls who want to have wild sex lives and i’m for my girls who want to wait till marriage or not have sex at all and i’m here for every single girl in between and every single girl who is none of these things or all of these things. i’m just here for my girls bruh


im not downloading this whole thing just to clip it but skip to 1:06:45………listen to my boys……i love them………

Apollo: Ah, sorry… huh? P-Prosecutor Gavin!?
Klavier: Yo, it’s been a while… Herr Forehead.
Athena: And it’s Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth!!
Phoenix: Edgeworth! What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re here to cheer me on?
Edgeworth: Of course not. I just happened to be attending a trial regarding an expropriation case.
Klavier: And I’m heading a different case. Sorry to say, I’m not here to cheer Herr Forehead on. Were you expecting it?
Apollo: O-of course not! Are you kidding?
Edgeworth: Hmph, not that I would see any reason to need to cheer you on.
Phoenix: But of course. I already have an excellent set of proteges of my own. It’s not a problem anyhow.
Apollo: What? E-excellent?
Athena: You mean us? *sparkle*
Klavier: Aw. Congrats, you’ve been complemented. You’re so moved that you’re even getting a little teary-eyed, huh… Herr Forehead.
Apollo: Quit calling me that.
Phoenix: Well, it’s about time for court to reconvene. Next time we meet, we can chat a little longer.
Edgeworth:Yeah… until then.
Klavier: And Herr Forehead should also try his very best without dragging things out!
Apollo: I don’t need you to tell me that!
Klavier: Well, aren’t you promising.
Edgeworth: Wright.
Phoenix: Hm?
Edgeworth: …No, it’s nothing. See you later… wherever.

Fanfic Rec Day: Les Mis Space AU Recs!

Hurray, it’s fanfic rec day!
I don’t think it’s any secret that I adore Space AUs. It’s such an excellent alternate setting for Les Mis–the immensity and potential of space fits the Romanticism so well, and the political possibilities of space exploration allow for all kinds of dramatic potential without needing to follow the exact political course of history.  And  of course it’s a great setting for hijinks, as every major Space SF franchise of the last half-century has discovered. All good things!  And these are all good fics! 

Ascendance, by @estelraca
A reincarnation AU; Bahorel and Prouvaire visit the last resting place of one of their previous lives, preparing to take everyone they’ve ever been into the stars. Slightly melancholy and very hopeful. One shot. 

A Wild Space AU Appears! Courtesy @kingedmundsroyalmurder  (ongoing one-shots)
There’s some real thought going into the small details of this space-civilization, on a level Hugo would approve of, and the Amis are very endearingly their politically involved selves.  Amis-centric for now.

The Wind Between the Stars, by @estelraca
Cosette gets herself involved in a bit of an intergalactic rebellion. Ensemble fic, with a lot of fun dialogue.  One-shot. 

Starships by @spacestationtrustfund  
A more Cosette-focused Space AU, but with lots of info on what exactly the Tholomyeses and Gillenormands of this ‘verse are doing, and why it might seem a good idea to a serious fellow like Marius to stop them.Ongoing.

Earth May Not Be Your Home, by Prouvairing
A series of one-shots in a very light SF/Space Opera sort of 'verse. Fun, music, dancing, shapeshifting, and friendly drama. 

Lunar Base ABC by @artificialities
A collection of short stories about life on the moon, in a future where humanity’s  still shooting for the stars. Despite the name, not solely focused on the Amis.  I really like the way the universe-building is revealed through the characters’ building relationships.  Ongoing. 

Young In New Paris by Fraternite
Bossuet and Grantaire meet in a crowded satellite, and do their best to deal with sincerity through sarcasm. New Paris is a wonderfully realized setting; I can practically hear it when I’m reading this fic. And Bossuet and Grantaire are both face-palmingly frustrating while being so easy to root for. 

加州清光 Kashuu Kiyomitsu

“I’m Kashuu Kiyomitsu.The child from the downstream of a river, a child of the river bank I guess. I may be difficult to handle but my ability is excellent. I set no limits for welcoming anyone who would handle me lovingly and adorn me afterwards.“

Kashuu Kiyomitsu is forged in the Edo period, 17th century, and has the same name as his swordsmith (referred as Kiyomitsu here). Kiyomitsu was a master of his craft but was stricken with poverty during his lifetime, barely able to feed himself. He lived in the slums of the hijin(非人) by the river bank, who were part of the untouchable burakumin, an outcast group at the bottom of the Edo social order due to their "unclean” professions such as butchers, tanners and entertainers. These people suffer from severe discrimination and were hurdled into specific poor communities away from the rest of the society. The hijin were not allowed to work on rice fields so they lived by the river bank that was unsuitable for agriculture, thus they were also called people of the river bank(河原者). This is what Kashuu means when he calls himself a child of the river bank. He was born in the poorest and most oppressed part of Edo society, therefore he takes such great care in adorning himself and presents himself as a refined beauty so that his master would shower him with love and he would never have to be reminded of the poverty where he came from.

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what if… Phantom of the Opera the Disney Movie

but not in the jokey way, in the Hunchback of Notre Dame way where they genuinely try to preserve a bit of the darker atmosphere. it’s obviously an excellent setting for a musical. Christine already has the perfect Disney heroine tragic parent situation. Raoul could totally be a prince-type. It’s got the built-in moral of “don’t judge a book by its cover” and all that.

Cesar the horse plays a bigger role because y’know, animal sidekicks. maybe the Phantom talks to the statues on the roof. i’m not sure who the villain would be- Carlotta? the managers? The Phantom would be mysterious as shit and probably a bit spooky but ultimately sympathetic and they would probably omit the times when he kills people. Probably also best not to include the part where he threatens to blow up the opera house and everyone in it. The Daroga should be there! He’d be such a good wise/occasionally sassy sidekick for the Phantom. This would be one of the adaptations where you find out that the Phantom’s name is Erik because it helps humanize him which I think should be one of the big goals. the opera house would be beautifully animated.

this would be cool, Disney should get on it. they could even make a direct-to-DVD sequel where the Phantom finds love and it would still be better than Love Never Dies.

Fanfiction Recommendation List: Miraculous Ladybug

Part 3 of my 4 fandom list, each detailing which fanfiction stories, multi-chaptered, I will read and read again. This post: Miraculous Ladybug. See also: Percy Jackson, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda. These lists are subject to change and may be added to as I read more.

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An excellent set of drills to work on your aiming in Overwatch!