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Hey someone mentioned a fic where Lance was captured by the galra and couldn't feel pain and it's like super angsty but there was no name. I was wondering what's the name for that fic? Thank you!

this is the one! it hurt my lil heart to read


made of stone by tyrellis (5/? | 59,536 | Mature)

Keep your head down. Don’t talk to the others. Stay in your cell, don’t yell, don’t tell anyone how angry you are. Comply in their training exercises, excel in the arena. Don’t scream when they plunge needles into you, don’t cry, don’t beg for your mamá. You take everything they give you and you make yourself stronger.

After five months’ imprisonment, Lance is finally rescued from the galra’s grip - but something about him has changed. In fact, almost everything has changed, and the paladins do not know how to reverse it, and truly get their friend back. Is it possible? And does Lance even care enough to cooperate?

//torture //PTSD //violence //psychological trauma //non-con drug use //non-con body modification

Reasons To Listen To Enter Shikari

Thanks everyone for getting this blog to 100 followers! Here’s my reasons why you should listen to Enter Shikari if you haven’t already. Hope you enjoy: 

1) #ShikariFamily = The sense of family is important to these guys. Everyone in this fandom considers each other as family and not as fans. It gives a sense that you’ve known people for ages.  

2) Second biggest independent band = The fact that the band have grown while staying independent mind boggles me. They release their music through Ambush Reality which is their own record label they created and are still under to this day. 

3) Music Releases = Also the fact that they release music so regularly throughout the year. Their last release was in November last year which was a live album (which was magnificent may I add) and now they are working on their fifth album. 

4) Future projects = The band are doing so much right now. From writing album five to working on the Take To The Skies 10 year celebration tour to a new book this band are definitely hard workers. 

5 ) Step Up clothing = Rou Reynolds, frontman, has created his own sustainable clothing line. With his clothing line he promotes topics that are important to him; veganism, LGBTQ and the environment among others. 

6) Interactive on social media = Many bands are not as interactive as the guys are on their social medias, mainly Twitter. Their main Facebook page replies to comments as well as the individual band members replies to tweets sent their way. This supports the first point and makes the #ShikariFamily connection even stronger and makes the fans feel as if they have some sort of a connection with the guys. 

7) Growing up with the band = Even though this may not be true to newer fans but some older fans who have been with the band longer will have felt that they have grown up with the band. When Take To The Skies was released the band were around 20 years old and when I got into the band I was 14. Even though there was an age gap it still felt like I’ve grown up with them. 

8) Seeing how they’ve developed as people = This links into the seventh point that because the fans have felt that we’ve grown up with them we’ve also seen how they’ve developed as a band and individually through their personal lives. Such as them getting married and having children. It can be quite emotional for the fans when they make big decisions in their lives; or it has been to me anyway. 

9) Their signings are free = Rou has expressed his views against VIPs and hates the fact that people have to pay to see other bands and has decided to allow fans to meet them for free. he doesn’t believe that the #ShikariFamily should pay to meet the band. 

10) Trying to meet everyone = This links in with the ninth point that when the band do signings they try and meet everyone and spend a lot of time talking with them. Even if they are told that they have a certain time limit they will go over it to make sure they get to see people that have queued to meet them. 

11) The cats = Let’s be real, Freya and Crumpet are the stars of Enter Shikari really.  

12) Rory C’s growing family = It’s so cute being able to see Rory’s family grow not that he has two kids; a boy and a girl. It will be exciting seeing these two grow and develop. 

13) Pre-Enter Shikari era = It’s always interesting hearing what your favourite band did before they formed their current band. This is what Hybryd was. This was pre-Enter Shikari and it’s just interesting to go and listen to their EP on youtube to see how much Rou, Chris and Rob (Rory joined when Enter Shikari were created) have developed as musicians. 

14) Pre-Take To The Skies = Even though I personally wasn’t a part of this era it’s interesting to listen to their EP that was released before the Take To The Skies album was released and such as the thirteenth point it’s interesting to listen to how they’ve developed as a band. 

15) Intimate shows = The fact that they still do intimate shows when they are getting as big as they are is testament to how much they care about their fans. They love to feel the connection between them and the fans when they are playing and playing small venues allows this and creates a positive atmosphere.  

16) Amazing Arena Tour = Even though the band still does intimate shows they just embarked on their arena tour last February and played sold out venues. They wowed audiences around the country and showed that they have what it makes to create excellent live arena shows. 

17) Creating an experience at their shows = With their new arena tour they used a Quadraphonic sound system that meant that they had speakers around the venue, and not just at the front, which meant the audience gets a slightly disorientating but interesting experience at the gig. 

18) Shikari Sound System = This is there DJ set since a lot of the band members love Drum N’ Bass. Even though I’ve never really been a fan of this music I went to their DJ set last year and they did open me up to some new music that I didn’t think I would like. It’s always great to get into new music by your favourite band. 

19) Collaborations = The band always seem to be collaborating with other artists either on new songs or by remixing other bands tracks. 

20) Featuring other artists in remixes = They feature many artists who remix their songs on their albums such as the remixed album of The Mindsweep. It’s always interesting to see other people’s interpretations of Enter Shikari’s songs in remix form. 

21) Inside Jokes = If you don’t understand the jokes of the #ShikariFamily then you just haven’t been in the fandom long enough. That’s just how it goes. 

22) Punk influence = the band are influenced by punk music and term their band as punk. It’s great to see punk bands still thriving with the current affairs happening right now. 

23) Calling out people = The band aren’t afraid to raise their voices about situations or certain individuals that are pissing them off. They do this in either their songs or their shows or on their social medias. 

24) Encouraging people to improve themselves = I know I definitely have improved myself through being an Enter Shikari fan. It can be vast reasons for Shikari improving people’s lives but they helped me to realise that I could get over my travel anxiety when I went to see them at the Manchester show last year. I’m not perfect with it but Shikari did help with encouraging me to realise I could improve on it a lot more than I thought. 

25) Enter Shikari being awesome in general = these guys are just so laid back that it’s impossible not to like their personalities. It’s great to see their personalities show on social media and their videos.  

Thanks again for the 100 followers and here’s to another 100! 

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Okay! So, I know it's been two days since you replied to my ask BUT I started reading this new fic and I'm not sure you'll like it. It's called made of stone by tyrellis and I LOVE it. I haven't seen many fics like it in the fandom but it's REALLY good. It only has three chapters out atm, but I'd follow it until the end, tbh. Thanks for having such an awesome blog!! <<<<<33333

I finally found the time to read it and I agree with you Anon : this fic is really awesome !

Here’s the link for everyone !

made of stone by tyrellis
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~40K - WIP
Summary : “Keep your head down. Don’t talk to the others. Stay in your cell, don’t yell, don’t tell anyone how angry you are. Comply in their training exercises, excel in the arena. Don’t scream when they plunge needles into you, don’t cry, don’t beg for your mamá. You take everything they give you and you make yourself stronger.
After five months’ imprisonment, Lance is finally rescued from the galra’s grip - but something about him as changed. In fact, almost everything has changed, and the paladins do not know how to reverse it, and truly get their friend back. Is it even possible? And does Lance even care enough to cooperate?”

I like the fact it’s not the classic “paladin captured, tortured and saved” plot. It’s more “dealing with the aftermath of being captured and tortured”. So it’s kind of refreshing to read !

Thank you Anon for the rec ! <3

made of stone - tyrellis - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 11/?
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Keith/Lance (Voltron)
Characters: Lance (Voltron), Keith (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron), Allura (Voltron), Hunk (Voltron), Pidge | Katie Holt, Coran (Voltron), Kaltenecker (Voltron), Nyma (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Lance-centric, Torture, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Canon-Typical Violence, Kidnapping, Dark!Lance, Psychological Trauma, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Non-Consensual Body Modification, Electrocution, Memory Loss, broganes, Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms, Post-Season/Series 03, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Implied Sexual Content, Panic Attacks, Self-Hatred, Suicidal Ideation

Keep your head down. Don’t talk to the others. Stay in your cell, don’t yell, don’t tell anyone how angry you are. Comply in their training exercises, excel in the arena. Don’t scream when they plunge needles into you, don’t cry, don’t beg for your mamá. You take everything they give you and you make yourself stronger.
After five months’ imprisonment, Lance is finally rescued from the galra’s grip - but something about him has changed. In fact, almost everything has changed, and the paladins do not know how to reverse it, and truly get their friend back. Is it possible? And does Lance even care enough to cooperate?

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You know what confuses me the most about this Kuron thing? What made the galra use Shiro in the first place? They interrogated Matt, Sam and him but if they used Shiro for this operation Kuron, they must have found out sth incredibly important about Shiro, right? This made me realize that we also know nothing about Shiro's past. Maybe there is more to him than meets the eye... also did you realize that the escape of subject YOXT39 (Shiro) is stage 3 of Kuron? What is going on??

compared to matt and sam, shiro is obviously more fit and skilled in what they were looking for. he became “the champion” in the arena, after all. i’m pretty sure when we see matt and shiro in the arena, shiro didn’t have the galra arm yet… so they probably saw how much he excelled in the arena and decided to use him. matt is a fucking….. noodle boy and sam is much older, more frail. also, stage 3 is most likely using the clone shiro, kuron, to infiltrate voltron.

Alexa Chung photographed by Mark Abrahams as the guess editor of Harper by Harper’s Bazaar US March 2015

“In real life, I rarely think about clothes. But because I’m interviewed frequently, it becomes a constant frame for other things. The other day I was doing an interview. There were a lot of people from different territories, some people from Korea, some people from South America, people from everywhere. And they were asking me these questions and I realized I was frustrated because they were all about how to team a bag with an outfit, or how to get my style.

They were all quite shallow, and that’s the nature of the business. I thought, ‘How can I get these women to have a more interesting conversation with me?’ And it occurred to me later that night as I was falling asleep that I can’t expect people to ask me interesting questions if I can’t provide them with anything interesting to talk about.”


On the difference between her brand of fame and Cara Delevingne's…

“I think it’s going to take a number of years to have enough distance to reflect upon it. From how fast the Internet has gone, I can already understand that I’m a different beast than younger girls like Cara Delevingne or Kendall Jenner—the Instagram generation. The way it happened for me was through blogs and Tumblr. But because of that – because people weren’t necessarily watching my TV shows, because they weren’t living in the UK or the US, that’s when the illusion of "It” girl came about.“

On having projects to help relay the fact that "clearly she’s a thinking person even though she’s got really nice overalls on.”

“I wasn’t concerned until recently because I always had an outlet. I always had a voice. It didn’t matter to me if magazines got something wrong. I was like, "Well you don’t know that I get to work at 8AM every morning and read the script.” Since I gave my job up, I had no desire to engage in a television production for a year or so. I didn’t realize how much I valued that. It was something that kept me happy. So now I want to do TV again.“

On fashion editing…

"I love curating things in general. I love writing. It might actually be the solution to my problem, my dilemma that I don’t know what to do. It’s because I like to do everything. I like to appease that nature of wanting to dabble in things.”

On developing an eye from a young age:

“I grew up in a very visual household. My dad is a designer, my sister is a designer, my brother is an amazing architect who does music. But I think in the Chung household, how things looked was an important part of who you are.”

“I remember being in art class as a kid and them teaching us about Futurists and being like 'yeah yeah yeah, are we going to talk about [Gino] Severini, or what?’ But it was because I had the Cubism books. They were the books I would have on my shelf—my mum was really into literature and my dad was really into art.”

On intellectuality in the fashion realm…

“It depends on whom you surround yourself with. I find that the most intelligent humans are in this industry. Like Derek Blasberg’s brain is like he’s firing on all cylinders and the extra backup one, all at the same time. I feel like there are plenty of entertaining, clever people here.”

On focusing her efforts:

“Someone said to me the other day, 'Name someone who excelled in more than arena.’ And they said, 'Alexa, you need to focus on one thing because you can’t succeed if you do it simultaneously.’ I was like… I won’t allow people’s shit limit what I do.”

On keeping a journal:

“I found a little story that I wrote about how one day I might be in England and I might have a kid or something and I might say, "I lived in New York once.” And I won’t have any of the breadth of things that happened there. And it’s so cheesy. I’m always in that space where I’m trying to decide where to live and I think you need those [notes] to exist.“

On traveling solo versus with others:

"No experience exists unless it’s a shared one. I can’t remember the hotel room in Chicago or Brazil or LA if I was on my own. But if I was drinking rose and smoking out a window with a cute boy, I remember the specifics. Great time you had there!”

The last thing she bought:

“Louis Vuitton boots. They’re black with tan straps. For my birthday. I do feel bad about spending that much money on things.”

On dating in New York versus London:

“It doesn’t happen in London. You just don’t really date in London. You just go out and meet someone you like. If you happen to hook up more than three times in a row, you don’t have the conversation. You just wait until someone gets jealous enough to have some pub brawl over you and then you go, 'Well I guess that’s my man.’”

“Then there’s the New Yorker’s dilemma of choice. It’s always compare and contrast. I don’t know because I’m obviously not massively successful at dating. I’m just more old-school in the idea that things happen when they’re supposed to. You can’t force it. Everyone I’ve ever fallen in love with, I just fell in love with! I didn’t date them to try.”

Current girl crush:

“Caroline de Maigret. We met in Paris and through my agent. She just came to dinner because he was taking me out. And she was so cool, she had a record label and that hair. And she was like, "What are you up to tomorrow? Want to go underwear shopping?” And I was like, that’s kind of weird, but yeah. Cool! I was saying, there was a boy coming to Paris to see me and she was like, “Well you need perfect underwear.” I’m not really that kind of girl, like sexy-matching, she was like “Please. You have to.” She was really French about it. “I’ll take you underwear shopping.”

Habit to drop:

“I just broke it. Smoking. I just quit. I was forced to quit. Command+Quit. Force Quit.”

The first thing people notice about her?

“People comment on my voice. They always ask me if I’m ill. Taxi drivers, doorman.”

What would she like people to know about?

“Nothing. I’m done over-sharing. They always want a secret. Like, "What’s your secret talent that you haven’t told anyone?” Well it wouldn’t be secret if I told you.“

"My image has swallowed me up! I’ve given so much out to this projected version of myself, but now I have to live up to this character that I don’t even associate half the time.”

Childhood career ambition?

“To be blonde. It was just my ambition in life. Just to be blonde.”

On her AG collaboration:

“I was there a lot and it wasn’t just the designing. It was like art direction. That collection came down to everything like how the label was going to fit in and which billboard to put it on… and what soundtrack goes with it—I think kind of like psych-synth, '60’s. It was more work than I anticipated, really. And much more like being a proper designer than I had anticipated.”

On designing her own collection in the future:

“I’d need a great business partner. I’m glad we’re talking about it because it’s been a great frustration in my life. I can’t seem to find the right person to help me do that. The matter is, I’d love to do that but I need financial backing and I need a great business partner.”

a thing i think about a lot is like…how did shiro lose his arm? did he lose it in an arena fight? or did haggar and the gang just straight up cut it off to replace it with the galra prosthetic? why did they do it? to make arena fights more interesting? a “prize” for his excellent performance in the arena? did they plan to make him into a soldier? s2 give me the answers


My edit from MCM London Comic - Con! Using a super-slo-mo camera we managed to capture all your amazing Cosplays!