Y’know, Yuri on Ice has been exceeding so many of my expectations so far that I don’t even know what I’d like to see from the show at this point?

Like, I feel like a kiss would even be realistic in terms of what the anime has shown us so far??? Maybe not on the lips necessarily, but it feels absolutely possible??? Isn’t that crazy and great at the same time?

One thing I’d personally like to see is hurt/comfort featuring a crying Yuuri (or better a crying Victor?) because the show could totally pull it off and make it beautifully heartbreaking. But then episode 3 comes to mind and they already nailed that.

So yeah. I’m extremely impressed with this anime. Keep it up, YOI. You’re the light of hope in this dark world of heteronormativity.

Unflattering work rant to follow...

Tomorrow, I have to go to a work event and mingle and chat up a bunch of investors. I’m being a total grumpy jerk about it because it means (1) more schmoozing and I’ve already exceeded my quota this month, (2) dressing up, and (3) working until late and missing my regular Thursday gym class AND family dinner. 😑

But, frankly, the biggest reason I’m irritated is because I ONLY have to go because my boss–the one who gets paid “the big bucks” to do this kind of BS…well, we’ll just say that it’s not her strongest skill. So, the board insisted that she take me. Look, this will sound narcissistic, but I’m good at that kind of crap because I know people and as a total introvert, I learned long ago to treat those kinds of things as a game. I can even enjoy playing the game…occasionally and on my terms. But, after hours on a Thursday would never be my terms. I have zero career ambition beyond my current job. I don’t want my boss’ job–not even for ten times the “big bucks” she makes because my time and happiness are more valuable to me. I’m good at MY job. I put a lot of effort into MY job. But, I do resent having to do this for a superior. Development is too important an aspect of the executive director position in a small or mid-size non-profit for it to be that person’s weak point.

Alright. Rant over. Now you know I’m not always a nice person; I can also be a somewhat narcissistic asshat.



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Monday, Taylor Swift celebrated her 10 year career. Back on an extraordinary journey.

In ten years of career, Taylor Swift has become the queen of the charts, the new diva of pop music. With his latest album “1989”, the young singer has even broken records. Six million records in the United States, ten worldwide. On the canvas, each video clip is the event! “Bad Blood” has been viewed over 20 million times in 24 hours, “Blank Space” and “Shake it off” have already exceeded one billion views. So it is with emotion that she celebrated Monday, October 24 his 10 year career and 5 albums crowned with success. On Instagram , thanking its 92 million followers, Taylor posted a picture of her in the beginning, guitar in hand and hood on his head. In legend these few words: “It was ten years ago, my first album came out. I could not be more grateful now, thinking about all we have shared and how much you push me to change and grow. This is an incredible adventure. Thank you for all this. ”

A native of Pennsylvania, Taylor made his first steps in Reading before heading towards Wyomissing. There, she is passionate about riding and participates in numerous horse shows. Before moving to the music hall. It’s on Broadway, as she takes courses of song and dance, she is passionate about the country! At 14, Taylor, determined to succeed his career, forcing his parents to move to Nashville, Tennessee. Its mission is clear: to sign with RCA Records. What it will do before retracting and join Big Machine. Taylor Swift was born.

2006. The first album of the singer comes out in stores and immediately found its audience. Follow “Fearless,” “Speak Now” and “Red”. In 2012, at age 23, Taylor has already sold 30 million records worldwide and won seven Grammy Awards and dozens of other awards. But this is only the beginning. In October 2014, with “1989” Taylor goes higher cap in his career. Records at the end. It becomes in a few months, the pop star the highest paid in the music industry with $ 4 million per concert and nearly $ 200 million per year. Figures that make your head spin. After 10 years of career, Taylor became the new golden girl of the United States.

@unfavorableinstigation no no i know that. i’m not, like, banking on playoffs or anything. they’re just a team that i’ve come to love via stockholm syndrome from friends or something lol, and although i trust esemeli more than chiarelli (ok that might be a bit harsh), i am also less disenchanted with them bc the Bs have been trying the “fake it til you make it” strategy for a year and a half without following through on step 2, whereas at least rn the Oilers are exceeding expectations?