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Okay, um...you said it was open, so I'm hoping I didn't misread it...ah! I'm not sure if my ask is okay! Um, you know how if you leave Hawke in the Fade, Varric writes to everyone about it? I was hoping for the DA2 companions reactions to the letter, but...if that exceeds your character limit, then tell me! Because you say you have a limit, but you do all of the Inquisition companions + advisers sometimes...but it's your call! You decide if it's too much!

Yep! I don’t mind writing for the primary characters, although they’ll probably be shorter the more characters.

Fenris is torn to pieces. Hawke was the one who taught him to read…to re-direct his anger, and learn to live with himself, despite his past. Fenris would fall to despair

Aveline would be angry. Angry that she didn’t stop Hawke, angry that she just sat there and did nothing! She’d blame herself, even after Donnic’s many attempts at reassuring her that she had nothing to do with Hawke’s death. It would fall upon deaf ears. Aveline would fall to rage.

Isabela wouldn’t believe it. She’d refuse to believe her friend, after many years of nothing but misfortune and lies, has died, leaving her with nobody. She’d drink more, sleep more, do anything to forget the pain. Isabela would fall to gluttony.

Anders would take the opportunity to capitalize on the mags plight, spreading the word that Hawke died to those who oppressed his people! He’d carry it with a heavy heart, but he’d let it be heard from nations near and far, that there must be freedom for him, for Hawke, for mages! Anders would fall to pride.

Merrill would disappear, seclude herself even more than she had already. She’d turn to the demons. Whatever magic she could perform, blood or otherwise, she’d loose herself in it, determined to find a way to bring her friend back, nothing but despair ringing loud in her ear.
Merrill would fall to Lust.

In the coming years of Varric’s rein over Kirkwall… he would not do much. Everywhere he went, was just a reminder that rang loud in his ears of Hawke. He would barely muster up the will within him to get up in the mornings. Varric would fall to Sloth.

Finally… Carver can get recognized without being in his siblings shadow… finally, he can stand as his own man! He would capitalize, reading the letter, and knowing that this will be his only chance to steal the show… Carver would fall to greed.

Bethany had just lost her last bit of family…father killed, mother turned into a monster, twin brother, uncaring and heartless… and now her eldest sibling… trapped in a place they could never return from… Bethany too, would fall to despair.

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i havent been keeping up with canadian politics for the past year so im completely uneducated in this regard, but can i ask what's wrong with Trudeau? I want to be more knowledgeable of what's been going on

A lot.

Here’s a short list I made a little while ago:

-Trudeau is considering selling our ports & airports.

-Trudeau is pushing an infrastructure bank, which is going to privatize public infrastructure.

-Trudeau selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

-Trudeau approving 2 huge oil pipelines and happy about Donald Trump’s approval of Keystone XL.

-Despite making it pretty clear before the election that communities and First Nations would need to give consent for projects, Trudeau has backtracked and now says that this is no longer true.

-Justin Trudeau bailing out Bombardier with millions, doesn’t care that their CEO’s are getting huge bonuses as they’re laying off thousands of workers.

-Their Marijuana legislation is filled with harsh penalties, and it is not true legalization. There will be limits on the amount you can grow and carry (and if you exceed these limits you can be arrested or charged), and new harsh penalties related to youth & driving under the influence.

-Justin Trudeau’s government is refusing to pay First Nations children equally, despite the Human Rights Commission sending him notices saying he has to (they have now sent 4 compliance orders for him to comply with the law).

-Justin Trudeau’s government is still underfunding First Nations education.

-Justin Trudeau supports Donald Trump’s bombing of Syria.

-Justin Trudeau is in favour of Regime Change in Syria, which many feel could escalate violence in that region.

-Justin Trudeau has not ruled out sending the military into Syria.

-Justin Trudeau is refusing to change the ‘Safe Third Country’ agreement to help refugees fleeing the USA.

-Justin Trudeau is refusing to fund a basic income pilot project on PEI.

-Justin Trudeau abandoned electoral reform (a big election promise) and has stuck with the First Past the Post system (a system the Conservative Party of Canada also supports).

-Justin Trudeau refuses to decriminalize marijuana in the meantime. Cops will arrest thousands more people for marijuana possession before 2018.

-Justin Trudeau is refusing to pardon anyone for marijuana possession despite knowing full well how harmful this can be for people job searching or crossing the border.

-Justin Trudeau is not in favour of a $15/hour minimum wage.

-Despite his feminist rhetoric, Status of Women Canada received no new funding in the 2017 budget.

-Justin Trudeau broke a campaign promise to close a tax loophole that largely benefits millionaire CEO’s.

-Justin Trudeau is breaking indigenous rights to consent with permits given on the Site C Dam and Kinder Morgan Oil Pipeline.

-Justin Trudeau’s tax cut for the middle cut, benefits the top 10% of income earners the most. Those making under $40,000 per year get nothing.

-Justin Trudeau still hasn’t changed or repealed the draconian anti-terrorism bill, Bill C-51.

-Despite a push from the NDP, Trudeau is refusing to expand our healthcare system to cover things like Pharmacare.

-Justin Trudeau is maintaining Stephen Harper’s cuts to healthcare transfers.

-Justin Trudeau is maintaining Stephen Harper’s weak climate change targets

.-Justin Trudeau wants to delay a promise to cut methane (a potent greenhouse gas) emissions for 3 years or more.

There’s plenty more than that. Yes, arguably Justin Trudeau is better than Stephen Harper, but that is a very low bar to pass.

If you need sources on any of these points I can provide them.

Humans are Weird: Seasons

I was thinking about how Earth is probably one of the rare planets with seasonal climates, due to its wonky tilted axis. So Earth has a crazy variety of climates and weather patterns, and humans have just learned how to deal, much to the confusion of everybody else. 

This was turning into a headcanon about how humans are bizarrely prepared for anything, and then I had a thought- Space Cruises

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“You seem very put together and secure in one self so I’m going to ask you this, and I would prefer it wasn’t publicly posted. Even if you don’t respond, that’s okay, but at this point I feel like I would appreciate a wiser person’s perspective. My boyfriend and I broke up, which may sound petty, but the shitty way I feel is not. It was because he was too overwhelmed to put effort into it. What would you suggest is the best way to move on from said breakup? HOW DO YOU PURGE YOURSELF OF EMOTION”

I asked this reader for permission to pull her question out of my askbox and answer it publicly because it seemed like it might be useful to more than one person considering becoming an emotional robot.

Dear Unnamed Reader,

First: you’re not going to like my advice.

Second: you don’t have to take it. I’m really only adequately equipped to give advice on how to be more like me, and trust me, sources are widely divided on whether this is a good thing. 

Third: I don’t think your turmoil is petty. One thousand ships have been launched in the name of a bad break-up.

Fourth: You ask me how to purge yourself of emotion. I reckon this must mean I don’t look like a hot mess on the internet, which is good to know. But I assure you that when something pings my emotional radar, I feel all feelings at level 11. Example? This morning, I gave Lover a ride to an errand. We took my old Camaro. On the interstate ramp, I put the car through its paces and experienced the burst of joy that comes in third gear at 4400 rpm. Once the car had settled, I realized Lover was staring at me. “God,” he said, “can you be any more happy?” No. No, in fact, I couldn’t. Emotions are binary in Maggie Stiefvater. You should have seen me when I first heard Two Door Cinema Club’s “Sun.” I almost died from happiness. 

But that also means my negative emotions are dialed to 11. I don’t often get upset — I’ve just become so unreasonably plucky that I assume all woes are transient, so whatevs. Because of my outsized belief in my ability to problem-solve, I really only get upset when I feel powerless. 2015 turned out to be the year of powerlessness: terrible things happening to friends, to my family, in the world. I finally broke last weekend over a comparatively tiny thing —a news article printed stuff about me that was so hilariously not true that I thought no one would believe it, particularly as the truth was still perfectly findable. But they did. And I couldn’t do a thing about it without stirring things up more and getting yet more messages telling me how glad they were to see me shot down from my Raven Cycle induced high blah blah etc. A minuscule thing — but yet more powerlessness after a year of epic powerlessness. I proceeded to launch 1,000 emotional ships. Work ground to a halt. I listened to Kygo’s remix of Matt Corby’s “Brother” 62 times in a row without pause. I sat under my office desk, only emerging to give in to to my OCD, which demanded, among other things, 17 clothing changes in 8 hours because SEAMS GOD THE SEAMS WHY. I blew a deadline. I flew to Colorado. I exceeded the speed limit in a rental Nissan that was not meant to exceed the speed limit. I blew another deadline. I paced until I couldn’t feel my knees. I thought about how I’d ruled out self-harm as an option a decade ago. I returned home. I sat on the shower floor for a very long time. I failed to sleep. I could have pretended that I wasn’t hurting, but — 

Fifth: you cannot cut out the sad emotions without cutting out the happy ones. 

Sixth: I am a disgustingly happy person. I fucking love life. The number of things in life that please me daily continues to astonish me, considering how terrible the world is. But I’m a happy person because I’m also sometimes a wretchedly sad person or terribly angry person. If you want to live life turned up all the way, you have to be open to the possibility of both joy or despair. 

Seventh: which brings me to the advice you’re not going to like: being miserable right now is not a bad thing. What you’re feeling is a valid response to a situation that you feel powerless in. It’s horrible. But you feeling genuine pain now means that you can — and will — feel genuine happiness at some point. Agony and joy come from the same place: being emotionally invested in your own life. 

Eighth: The way back to happiness is getting out of the cycle of powerlessness — basically, finding a place you can have agency again. Your misery is going to want you to find a way to be powerful in your current miserable situation. If you’re anything like me, you’ve rehearsed a few thousand options in your head. Calling him and winning him back. Making him feel as sad as you. Sending ugly greeting cards to his mother. Anything that would make you feel like you’re not completely helpless. But you need to find something else that you can be the boss of. Remind yourself of the things that make you feel like a badass. It doesn’t matter how silly or stupid they are. It can be as difficult as a project that you think will change the world, or as easy as playing a song that always gets you high. Do that.

Ninth: Do not listen to Kygo’s remix of “Brother.” It will not cheer you up.

Tenth: There is no tenth, but I really wanted one. So eat more leafy green vegetables.





In the early months of 2014, I struggled immensely with my weight. I weighed 197 lbs and was unhappy with my lifestyle. After my college classes, I’d stop on my way to the corner store and buy an iced tea and Doritos chips to binge watch the entire series of Prison Break on Netflix. Every other day! It was about March of 2014 when I stepped on a scale and realized I was 197 pounds, almost pushing 200. I never let myself go that bad. I had to change my life around and that began with my food intake. Cutting off all fast food and eating clean. I even signed up for the gym which I probably haven’t been to since my high school gym class. With both eating clean and going to the gym 3 times a week for an hour, that helped me get down to 160 pounds by February 2015. I still had a lot more to go as my goal weight was 145 pounds. I pushed myself to exceed my limits and got there by mid 2016. It’s not all about cardio folks! Weight train too - to tone out your skin evenly.

And here I am today Alhamdulilah, a month after my wedding that was held in March. At a weight of 135 lbs. I worked so hard Alhamdulilah with a content mindset I’d get there for my wedding. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it, I did that mistake in 2014 till I got a rude awakening stepping on my scale. Please if anyone is struggling with their weight, don’t hear the outside buzz. Tune it out. Only you know your happy weight. We all have our preferences in our shapes, we are all different. Choose your happy weight, and lastly patience is the 🗝

Autism Vs Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Is This ASD or PTSD ?

@askaboutautism and @undiagnosedautismfeels have gotten quite a few questions regarding autism and PTSD, specifically ones asking about the differences and how to tell if you’re autistic if you’ve also got PTSD. I had troubling finding resources that clearly laid out how the two could look like each other, and also what the differences were when I was first researching autism. It make figuring things out rather difficult. I also got a positive response when asking if anyone would be interested in a post like this, so as an autistic with PTSD, I’ve written up this post.

This post is written with PTSD caused by chronic or long-term trauma (often called Complex or C-PTSD, but is not officially recognized as a dx in the DSM 5) in mind, and obviously influenced by my PTSD. My official dx is PTSD (chronic per the DSM IV and still included on my records as of 2017 for some reason) with dissociative symptoms.

So, here’s the Diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder pulled off the CDC website. With examples of both how PTSD could resemble the ASD criteria, and how being autistic would fulfill the criteria. These are by no means exhaustive or iron-clad, they are simply a starting point.

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i was driving behind a car with a sign taped on the back that said “this vehicle will not exceed the posted speed limit” and it made me irrationally mad… fuck you law abiding citizen

Emergency medicine in space: Normal rules don't apply

Experts at this year’s Euroanaesthesia Congress in Geneva (3-5 June) will discuss the unusual and challenging problem of how to perform emergency medical procedures during space missions.

“Space exploration missions to the Moon and Mars are planned in the coming years. During these long duration flights, the estimated risk of severe medical and surgical events, as well as the risk of loss of crew life are significant.” according to Dr. Matthieu Komorowski, Consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia, Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK. “The exposure to the space environment itself disturbs most physiological systems and can precipitate the onset of space-specific illnesses, such as cardiovascular deconditioning, acute radiation syndrome, hypobaric decompression sickness, and osteoporotic fractures.”

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Dear Spiders: it appears we need to go over the conditions of the lease again.

Understand that I have nothing against you and your many many familial variations on the whole. That being said, it appears that you need to be reminded of the terms of our arrangement.

Item I.
The tenant shall be permitted to spin whatever webs it requires to support itself, so long as the nightly incursions of gnats and flies are halted in the process. The tenant is entitled to any and all insect intruders caught in its web, and the landlord shall not require any of them as rent. The webs shall not exceed the limits of the windows provided.

Item II.
The tenant shall not, under any circumstances, enter the room on the left. The secondary landlord reserves their right to refuse entry and any breach of this will be viewed as trespassing, for which appropriate measures will be taken.

Item III.
The tenant is not permitted to invite multiple friends and relations to inhabit the same window they have chosen to rent. Each window is meant as a single-spider dwelling. Relatives choosing to move into the surrounding area may choose an adjacent window or a bush. More than two spiders in one window shall be viewed as a breach of contract.

Now. To business.
 Regarding Item I, there have been a great many insects finding their way through the edges of the (closed) windows. We do not hold you accountable for the blind mosquitoes, understand, because we are aware that they are thrice your size on a good day. The ladybug and the gnats and the houseflies, however, should never have made it as far as the windowsill. This clearly violates your contract, and we will consider it a failure to pay rent.

Regarding Item II, and the most blatant of your breaches of contract. Despite the clarity of the lease agreement and its conditions, it was discovered the night before that not one, not two, but four of you had entered the premises via the room to the left. This violates the conditions, and each of the trespassers has been dealt with accordingly, and their webs removed. Quite frankly, you should know better at this point than to invade the room of the resident arachnaphobe, and yet you persist. What is it about the secondary landlord’s window that you all find so delightful? They never even open the blinds!

Regarding Item III, this morning several multi-web projects were discovered in single windows, despite the contract strictly forbidding this. As the insects are still getting through, the economical side of this venture has clearly failed. All secondary tenants are hereby ordered to cease and desist. As a caveat, the landlords, of course, understand that offspring arrive when and where they will and one can’t exactly stop that. However, placing one’s egg sac so that the myriad infant spiders will be positioned to enter the room on the left as soon as they realize there’s a world outside the egg sac is an extreme violation of contract! 

As all three items laid out in the contract have been ignored, subverted, or otherwise violated, I am afraid I have no choice but to terminate our arrangement. Webs will be removed while resident spiders are out, and any remaining trespassers will be dealt with severely. Those wishing to stay must abide by the lease and its conditions, or stronger measures will be taken.

The Landlord

OSO: oi! shikoski!
OSO: do something about this! Ichimatsu might die for all we know-
CHORO: you just want to let me take the responsibility in doing shit you don’t want to do.
OSO: ya.- NO-
TODO: shut the fuck up nii-sans, wait.

TODO: ichi-nii-san… is there something wrong?
OSO: why are you holding ESP kitty? Why are you acting all disgusting-
TODO: shut up, he usually gets grumpy and grabs him from me if I hold on to him.
CHORO: are you implying that he can’t see us?
TODO: well I mean his eyes look dead-

ICHI: what the fuck are you guys murmuring about? 

JYUSHI: There’s a cat in front of you right now Ichimatsu-nii-san, are you sure you’re alright? Can you see well? Are you blind?
ICHI: ah-

5/5: blind.

You Should Know Better Pt.6

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen)

Summary: Umm…After a night out with Landon, Natalie is on the way home when Officer Merriweather pulls them over. Things begin to get heated in all sorts of ways.
POV: If you think I fucked with that POV last chapter…Just wait. Natalie, Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Landon
Word Count: 3800ish - these chapters keep getting longer
Author’s Note: *Throws the beginning transition paragraphs at you.* BE HAPPY. Okay, the first few paragraphs are a flashback and the single words that break up the interaction are Landon speaking, so, yeah. 
Quote: “I told you the drill before, you move, you fall.” 



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