chubums asked:

I recently bred an excavalier for my team, and was wondering what you would suggest for a moveset/held item.

Hey Chubums! 

Escavalier is a sick-a** Pokemon when used correctly. When piloted poorly… well you might as well kick a fish in the legs.

I see you’re asking for a moveset + held item for the knighted bug. Let’s see here…

I hope you’re planning on having some form of Trick Room on your team, or perhaps you’re looking to use him to counter opponent’s Trick Room? If not a) or b) above let me know and I’ll fix what I’m about to give you, but I have not even once seen an Excavalier without the intended use in either of the above (nothing wrong with being the first though!).

What’s b-e-a-utifl about Excavalier is that he actually UNDERSPEEDS Amoonguss. Everyone and their mother use the mushroom to sleep entire teams under Trick Room, and this is one of the few Pokemon that can beat it without getting put to sleep. 

Move 1: Megahorn (or if that’s a little too daring for you, X-Scissor, but you’re really going to miss the power, trust me). 

Megahorn is a massively strong attack as it stands, but put into the hands of a monstrous physical attacker like Excavalier and it becomes straight up scary. Plan to OHKO tons of things, including various versions of Amoonguss.

Move 2: Substitute 

I want to add this in right now because it kind of ties in with the above point. Super defensive Amoonguss will be able to survive your Megahorn, so if you put up a Sub before they even get a chance to attack, they can do absolutely nothing to you. You can then feel free to Swords Dance in peace, or just play mind games in general with your opponent. An Excavalier behind a Sub is a scary, scary thing since bug is such an offensive type in the VGC. 

What also needs to be said is that many opponents will try to stall out Trick Room by double protecting with their Pokemon. Make a good read and set up a free Sub on them and they’ll be kicking themselves as you Megahorn their whole team.

Move 3: Iron Head

Gotta get that STAB steel type attack for, well, the occasions you don’t want to take a chance on Megahorn missing XD

Move 4: Protect / Swords Dance

This comes down to the type of player you are. Since Excavalier is so powerful, many trainers will try to take him out ASAP by doubling up on him. Good Protects win games (I would even go as far as to say Protect is the single most important move in all VGC). 

However, if you’re going to be in Trick Room and think your opponent is going to play the stall-switching-double protecting game, then setting up a Swords Dance ESPECIALLY once behind a sub will let you OHKO pretty much anything that doesn’t resist you. The defenses and resistances allow him to stay on the field for a long time if your opponent isn’t prepared, so why not cripple their team while they try to figure out what to do with your bug.


Your best options here are
- Bug Gem (Nets numerous OHKOs with Megahorn right off the bat. There’s nothing like turning a game around by un-expectingly KOing something your opponent thinks is safe!)

Leftovers (in case you’re into the “my Excavalier is going to wall your whole team with his resistances, Subs, and Protects”, then Lefties will keep him on the field for way longer than your opponent would like)

Occa Berry (It s*cks to lose your Excavailer to an unexpected fire move from you opponent. Take measures against that happening with this item and feel safer while attacking!)

Hope this helped!

- Pokeman Academy