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So just a heads up.

I changed Madeline’s middle name spelling.

The reason being is that the word “Chirinide” came from a character of my favorite comic “Drow Tales”. Back on it’s 3rd Birthday, I adopted the name as a middle name for my character many years ago. Now that I’m older, I still love the name but I want to give it more meaning for Madeline’s backstory so I changed the spelling from “Chirinide” to “Shiren’Yde”

Her full name is Madeline Shiren’Yde Zeplin

More on her backstory soon… <3

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Lol I'm guessing all the anti csers are hoping it doesn't happen during their faves episode LOL (I've already come across some comments) but I'm long past caring about their feelings regarding something we didn't write after all the past BS so \_•_•_/ I'm leaning towards either before 6x15 or it's going to be the episode they reunite (6x17?).

People who hate CS will hate them getting engaged no matter when or where it takes place.

I have found lots of haters in the spoilers tag today and been making liberal use of the block button because I’m just so not interested in seeing people rain on my parade when I’m just trying to find the latest spoilers.

I don’t care when it happens, I just am excited that it is happening.

My plan is to try and not let the anticipation of this moment ruin my viewing of the 6B episodes. I kind of wish I never knew about the CS Excalibur spoiler because it really changed the way I viewed much of 5A. I’m glad I know this information but I am gonna try and file it away and enjoy the ride.


Some touken danshi western sword version parody~

I know there are different versions of these sword legends, so, I just chose one of each which I liked the most ahaha

(Might add more non-katana touken danshi in the future~)


EXTRA featuring King Arthur’s spear, Ron.

How to tell which is Caliburn and Excalibur if they wore the same clothes…