Birth - rewatch

Table flipping is so not on, Arthur. David is so betrayed. (Guinevere deserves better!)

Good saving the boyfriend, Emma. Okay, that trauma I enjoyed. Oh Emma. You’re so pissed about not being loved. 

“I’m doing it for you” makes sense when you know Hook is the Dark One take two. 

Yes, a diner is totally defensible. I like the frozen effect on Henry and Granny. 

Merlin and Emma are still fun. 

so, Emma needs to give Arthur Excalibur? 

Killian yelling at Arthur is great. David’s fun too. 

No Emma, don’t use the darkness, don’t do it! 

So, she’s motivated by wanting to move in with Killian? Is that it? 

Zelena…you are delightfully out of place in your costume. I could totally get behind you and Emma in a witch fight. 

Okay, Zelena, you thinking the baby is kicking is even more ridiculous considering you’re two months pregnant. You should KNOW BETTER. 

And it’s the roof jump. It’s not nice to manipulate your girlfriend. It’s such a Twilight move. 

The truth is tricky. Perhaps this is just how the plot works. How are they affording this house? Why is it empty? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Oh, I forgot the rape jokes. Wow. Whale. I do like you, but you’re not so bad, but the writers? Joking about the joys of sex with a rape victim. So classy. 

I do enjoy a magic fight. Also how Regina loses it watching Snow on the edge of death.

Hook hitting Arthur in the face was worth it. Why did Arthur and Zelena not be a thing? Let Guinevere go. 

So…this Excalibur cut is the evil one. It’s so small. Seems like a cheap way out, writers. 

I love how this scene starts. So letting go of the darkness means moving in with Killian? That sounds nice, but why be so afraid of it? 

I love Regina’s little scruchy-faced, ‘of course that is wrong’. 

This kind of reminds me of therapy. It hurts and you have to break through walls. I don’t see this as abusive the way some people do. 

I love this little Snow Queen scene. They’re adorable. Poor Regina. This is such a hard thing and she does so well. I like that robin holds her first. It’s a good thing. 

Zelena…no, stop taunting. I do love that Emma took her, although onion rings must have spend up that delivery a lot too. 

Yes, Emma, I can’t argue that Zelena should live either, but that’s probably why she has to. 

Oh Emma. She’s not sorry. Emma wants to stay the dark one so she doesn’t have to move in with her boyfriend. This…is the silliest reason, writers. Especially when you’re going to make them true love later. So much doubt. 

Don’t sulk, Killian. She does want a future with you. You lit a fire. 

No one hurts my sister but me, is great. 

Oh Regina, your precious little evil face. Also Snow’s face. Darn, Zelena. how did your hand get stuck on. 

Good point, Hook. she’s not to be trusted, at all. Luckily it’s the fastest recovery from having a baby ever. 

The Miss Swan, Emma, banter is always good. 

Wow, stabbing Killian is not how to make Emma pay. Stop hurting the innocent for revenge. How the heck did Zelena figure this out? 

I find Hook really heroic here. He’s willing to let go. He has a fairly healthy attitude, but Emma. You turned him into the thing he hates. That he asked you not to do. 

So we can have a Dark Hook and Zelena turn on Emma moment? I guess? Poor Emma. She seems small and sad here. 

I am still very confused and I tried my best to watch this as sensibly as I could. Colin’s good at being evil. This…is the highlight. 

So that pendant does say “Bloodline” on it, which I know is the name of the designer company that made Hook’s pendants, although part of me (translate to all of me) is hoping that it has nothing to do with the business that designed it but has to do with where Killian’s storyline might be headed instead, just like with mini-Excalibur in 4x15 (my bad, wrong episode) 4x14 and season 5 (all the way up to the finale), especially since they are exploring his past, maybe bringing in his mother. 

Hope springs eternal.

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OUAT Rewatch S5E01: The Dark Swan

Baby Emma ❤️. In hindsight I think Merlin could’ve made that warning less cryptic.

Arthur’s face when he sees the missing tip is one of my favorite things. I loved the reveal of the dagger as part of Excalibur.


Blue Fairy ❤️❤️❤️. I can hear the Antis already: “I headcanon that she murdered the Apprentice.” Well that’s fanon. NOT CANON. For all we know, she cared for him and did her best to prevent him from showing up in the UW during 5B.

“You’re resourceful.” I’m a sucker for any magical character who appreciates Belle and fosters in her a sense of adventure. And she gives Belle a rose! My Blue Beauty shipper heart… 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 I’m getting palpitations. Was a bell jar practical? No, but it was still a prettier Disney reference than anything you Philistines could’ve come up with.

Clippy!Rumple led Emma straight to Merida. Which leads me to believe Rumple wants to be the sole Scot on the show. The One True Scotsman and all pretenders must be eliminated. Dark.

“Something that belonged to Emma; something… meaningful to her.” And of course the camera is on Hook for this sentence. ❤️

I liked Merida and Emma working together. “What month is it?” should be a finals week reaction gif. Merida’s face at hearing Emma speak to Clippy is also a favorite of mine.

The Captain Cobra didn’t go well but I enjoyed Colin’s inability to wink, the twirl, Henry’s spilled drink plan, and Nurse Ratched’s overdramatic reaction.

Zelena, your hand looks very different lying on the floor. Exactly like 2x04 Killian’s disembodied one, though.

Look at Snow White being a mother to two people older than her. 💛 there are no white hearts wtf

“You continue to get everything!” That’s funny, I know some people who would claim that Regina is the most long-suffering, victimized character on the show. But I love Zelena’s crazy scenery chewing

The twister at Granny’s is cool. Regina needs to do the whole Granny’s-realm-crossing-by-twister more often.

Dark One reflexes. I want them.

I thought this was my favorite reunion when I saw it. But after Season 5, that’s definitely changed.

Emma: This is too dangerous, you shouldn’t have come.
Snowing: haha oh my baby just wait until you see who we brought along :)

Hook: Well, you don’t look like a crocodile.
Emma: Guess I lucked out.

I live for the way Granny clasps her hands and smiles at Emma. ❤️❤️❤️ And for Dark Swan taking her lingering resentment issues out on Sneezy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Camelot look suits these people. That’s one thing I really missed in 5B.

And the Dark Swan reveal was… promising. I’ll say that much.

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