• Agatha:What's wrong with the way I dress?
  • Tedros:You know, some people might say that all the black leather kind of makes you looks like an evil villain. Not me, I think you look like a sexy motorcycle.
  • Chaddick:Tedros, pull it together.

anonymous asked:

Geez, why are so many assholes drawn to your tumblr?

It’s like pulling Excalibur out of a stone, they like seeing if one of them can actually make me crack :)


Some touken danshi western sword version parody~

I know there are different versions of these sword legends, so, I just chose one of each which I liked the most ahaha

(Might add more non-katana touken danshi in the future~)


EXTRA featuring King Arthur’s spear, Ron.

How to tell which is Caliburn and Excalibur if they wore the same clothes…


Good Job, Fat Chocobo.