excalibur is terrible

I’ve covered most of Kylun’s shortcomings in a previous post (nice hair, dick (Not Kylun, me. Well… also Kylun I guess))., but never let it be said that I’m not willing to beat a dead horse if there’s even a micron of (supposed) comedy to squeeze out of it. 

So here’s the Jim Lee baddassified version of Kylun and I’ll admit he looks a little tougher than the last one, but Kylun gonna Kylun so I’m not sure how seriously I can take the Michael Winslow from Police Academy of Excalibur no matter HOW many swords and grimaces he has. 

And between the fur and the metal pants (and how do THOSE even work? Even if they DO have some sort of space technology that makes them lightweight and flexible or whatever you just KNOW Kylun has gotten lil Kylun pinched in there somewhere and that’s GOT to hurt… no wonder he looks so mad.) KyKy has got to smell like a wet dog blanket that’s been in the trunk for a month. 

Additional Notes: Way too keep the background simple and uncluttered here, Ed. Doorway, three different bits of trim/molding converging, tiny bit of action figure over my shoulder, smoke detector… bang up job paying attention to the details. Idiot.