excalibur costume

There is a growing demand on CBR to have the costumes in X-men Gold redone because Ardian Syaf designed them, and due to the controversy, many feel it is inappropriate for the X-men to wear costumes designed by Ardian when the X-men are all about inclusion. Opinions’s aside, If you feel that the costumes need to be redone, please post your designs in the comments section.

Here is my submission:

For Kitty Pryde: I wanted to give her an homage to her old blue Excalibur costume, so I combined some of the blue color with a streamlined traditional uniform. The blue adds to her position as leader akin to a time when Cyclops wore blue as the recognizable figure. Also her hair is longer in a recognizable Kitty Pryde ponytail; Kitty has always been the girl next door type. She looks like a grown up Evolution Kitty.

With Rachel: I wanted to keep the Prestige color scheme, but I don’t think that she need to deny her roots just because she wants to forge a new path, so I simplified the Legacy costume but kept the red and black color scheme. I also kept the hound marks.

For Storm: While I love her original Cockrum costume more than anything, I really am sick and tired of female superheroes flying around in swimsuit costumes. I loved Anka’s bodysuit because it still exposes elements of her skin but it incorporates the X symbol on her chest. I got rid of the mohawk and added the long hair and tiara in addition to her mother’s ruby. I think she looks like she can be taken seriously without looking like a sex pot.

I know it is a lot of black, but each costume has a splash of color. For the men, I would do go a similar route and return Colossus to his modern fade hair pompadour haircut with that awesome beard he was sporting and put him in his future Colossus costume when he had Illyana’s sword (minus the sword). Nightcrawler’s costume is iconic, but I would shorten the red V on his chest so that it doesn’t go all the way to his crotchm maybe just his abdomen. As for OML, I don’t like the long coat but if he’s going to wear civilian clothes I would put him in the now iconic brown Wolverine jacket with the stripes on the sleeve that was made popular in the movies.