excalibur books and comics

Starting some explorations of X-23 as wolverine. I used to own this comic book called EXCALIBUR, any of you remember that? it was “Mojo Mayhem” drawn by the amazing Arthur Adams and it had all X-men as kids, babysitter by Kitty Pride, how cool is that. 

Well Wolverine has been a badass as a kid too so why not give Laura the chance to be the wolverine as a kid as well.

I want to keep her hair all wild and tangled cause It would contrast well with the sleek uniform and it’s also fun to draw.



[update: quick colored versions]
thinking about what is happening to the All-New X-Men gang (i.e. the original 5), I thought that it would maybe make more sense to turn this team into a time-travelling dimension-hopping team, trying desperately to find a way back to their own time and timeline.

This would be the classic team of ANGEL, CYCLOPS, ICEMAN, BEAST, MARVEL GIRL, with the help of TEMPUS and X-23, they would visit countless other alternate dimensions.

think SLIDERS meets EXCALIBUR cross time caper.