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Starting some explorations of X-23 as wolverine. I used to own this comic book called EXCALIBUR, any of you remember that? it was “Mojo Mayhem” drawn by the amazing Arthur Adams and it had all X-men as kids, babysitter by Kitty Pride, how cool is that. 

Well Wolverine has been a badass as a kid too so why not give Laura the chance to be the wolverine as a kid as well.

I want to keep her hair all wild and tangled cause It would contrast well with the sleek uniform and it’s also fun to draw.



[update: quick colored versions]
thinking about what is happening to the All-New X-Men gang (i.e. the original 5), I thought that it would maybe make more sense to turn this team into a time-travelling dimension-hopping team, trying desperately to find a way back to their own time and timeline.

This would be the classic team of ANGEL, CYCLOPS, ICEMAN, BEAST, MARVEL GIRL, with the help of TEMPUS and X-23, they would visit countless other alternate dimensions.

think SLIDERS meets EXCALIBUR cross time caper.


Just some of the art and amazing people that stopped by, I’m so sad I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of Munden’s Bar and Jacob! Good guys! Thank you again to Ray, Rachael and Joey for celebrating the day with us, love you guys!

*whew* busy day but I’m happy these are finally up. 

Thank you again everyone here and everyone that supports and goes out for FCBD it means the world to us! 

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Excalibur Books & Comics was the first shop that checked out when we visited Portland, Oregon 10 years ago. It was on our anniversary and it was when they still had the video rental section which made me so happy because yay I could rent anime again! Through the years living here we have made friends w/the shops around here and for the holidays we’ve given them holiday cards. I know we were talking to Debbie about Wonder Woman and Mike and I drew two pieces for her. 

Now 10 years almost to the date I could never imagine that Mike and I would be a part of their Women of Wonder Day (i.e. Wonder Woman Day,) to have our work up on their walls and asked to sign and be guests at their FCBD. We are honored, humbled and happily in disbelief because they are all great people, it’s a great shop and those opportunities mean so much to us.

Here’s to another fantastic and incredible 10 years, Thank you Excalibur!


Super Cool Prize: Excalibur “The Sword is Dawn”

(See my post/review of this book here!)

I thought it was about time I do a giveaway to spread the love, and maybe also give peeps a chance to read some of the books I’m recommending. The rules are simple:

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