excalibur 2555 ad

Classic games you should play: Excalibur 2555 A.D (Playstation One)

Starting back up some classic reviews, it’s rather like if you made a porno in the 80’s and you get it out and play it, sure it might be a bit dusty and on cassette but it’s still hot.

Excalibur 2555 AD was one of the first games I ever had on psone, which means the nostalgia is likely making me biased, but never the less you should play this game, even if  you hate it.

I’ve saw so many bad reviews, gamestop called it ’ a Tomb Raider wannabe that falls short of that lofty goal in every respect’. This comment is just harsh, the only similar thing to Tomb Raider is some of the environments and the fact you’re a female, apart from that it’s not the same at all, you can’t even jump or grab on to ledges.

The main story is B-movie material, which for me is always good. You are the daughter of Merlin, who is sent forward in time to retrieve the sword Excalibur from futuristic.. people? who sort of look like something from the tv series Reboot (it must be a nineties thing). So therefore you’re sent forward to 2555 AD and have to fight and slove puzzles blah de blah.

The game play is awful; fixed camera angle and takes half an hour to swing your sword, as are the graphics awful and the voice acting. The puzzles however I find are great and have stuck with me through my childhood, here is an example puzzle.

There is an ogre in the way of the door, he isn’t hostile but keeps saying ‘feed me’. However when you feed him he simply asks for more. So what’d you do? Put rat poison on his food and watch him drop dead. 

For me, this game is an experience, a good one at that. It allows us to see how terrible a game can be but also be perfectly playable and enjoyable if you know how to look at it. The music was pretty great for this game too, reminded me of electronica stuff like Boards Of Canada.

Play this game.


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