polka mans

So me and @bottledsleep​ were at a con and we found some fuckin T R E A S U R E S

a patrat with a pretty good perspective on life

a wigglytuff with a transparent personality

a machoke with acid-reflux

regigigas that never earned its stripes

a hariyama with at least one eye on the prize

an excadrill with some palette issues

this one looks fine

this fucking gardevoir with a drug problem

i don’t even know where to start with this one

this roserade had a wild vegas night

a stump of a dustox

grovyle had a jaw-dropping experience

a crocanaw that’s just glad to be here

and this poor swampert who tragically contracted a deadly case of play-doh face

#530 Excadrill!

I made this little guy last month <3
[I love that it looks like he’s wearing a onesie]

For the “Dekoboko Jams/mexadex“ Facebook group! (I can’t put a link because tumblr is dumb and doesn’t let you search posts when they have links) I recommend you check the other entries as well, they’re submitting 25 new entries each day and they’re all very cute so far.

Excadrill likes music and song, (very much like badgermoles from avatar)

So when the aliens put humans in an underground facility, (a genius idea really, no land pokémon to disturb and somehow aid in the escape) and the humans start to sing, saying “it’s the song of our people” they let it pass. It was kinda catchy anyways.

Except when an unidentified metallic thing appeared on the radar, and the prison cells had huge holes in them that had set the humans free.