@exaybachay David Jay, the father of the ace community and AVEN, who said “A is for Ace” in 2003 even though lgbt people told him it the A stood for Ally .

David Jay also showed several times homophobic behavior and unironically wanted to add “F for F*****” to the LGBT acronym, slur that he has literally no right to even touch considering that he is a cishet man.

He also tried to dress up cis heterosexual people as “queering up heterosexuality” for being allies.

Also, while not Jay, another used tried to play up the ahistorical “Biphobic and APHOBIC Evil LGs bourgeoisie oppressors” while using the usual tactic of uaing bi people as discourse pawns that inclusipnists have mimicked since then. (Its ahistorical because back then, “gay” included bi mga people as well as trans people, the finer separations werent until considerably later).