exaven zar'kall

So… I’ve bbeen wanting to do drawloween but my problem with my back is preventing me from drawing on my monitor tablet [what I use the most and also gives me the best results]

I wannted to draw my character Exaven’s dragon form recently. I’m…thinking it’s a little too busy. I’ll more than likely change the markings and also try not to go overboard with the inking [I was going to have it just be black and white but was hating the way it was going so just colored it in]

It’s very sloppy as I’m still unable to get out of bed basically, and I didn’t plan on spending a lot of time on something I’ll likely change in the future. Sorry this isn’t up to par with my other work but I still hope ya’ll like it. 

Here’s silest.

A nature element, she’s the only known healer on planet Hitatsul [but shhhh, nobody is supposed to know, only Exaven’s workers. It’s feared that if the government knows about it, they may experiment on her. Even though the government does not seem corrupt, exa thinks it is better to be safe than sorry.]

She is a pacifist, but still has a bit of a temper on her. She dislikes men, and is known to threaten them with her staff if she is approached by a man looking to flirt with her.