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Anyone else experience those 10 seconds of confusion where you thought clarke and bellamy hooked up off screen so now clarke has a child??!!

➳ prom!au with jungkook

“jungkook? hi, what’s up? need anything?”

“oh hey, not really, i was just calling to ask what you were wearing to prom?”

“… what?”

“you know, so we can match? what kind of corsage do you want? or do you not have a preference?”

“um, okay, but since when did i agree to go to prom with you?”

“…fuck. i forgot to ask you to prom first.”

This unplanned mess the sequels are becoming really proves the point I’ve been saying for a while now. They were made literally just to gain money. The first film’s plot is completely unoriginal and plays on the audiences desires to see the original trilogy’s aesthetic and promised a diverse cast only for those key characters to be thrown under the bus. The mistreatment of characters like Finn who have so much potential and disregard for the original trilogy’s message really shows these films where made as a money grab and have no thought out plan. You can say what you want about the prequels but one thing they did exceptionally well was originality, a clear message and character development. Something the sequels at this point are considered lacking.


24.05.17 ~ 26°C🌬☁️🌧 

Long time no post! Sorry for being so inactive lately! I’m on finals right now so I don’t have a lot to post!

 Anyway, this is my sleep and study tracker. It’s a great help for me around exam season (or any season whatsoever). As you can probably see, there’s a sudden increase in (on?) study hours, that’s because I had my first exams today. Ahhhh I’m so nervous…(>﹏<) 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!!

🎧 Good for you- Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack

andreil + marriage

right so i was talking about this yesterday and no one seems to agree w nora saying andrew and neil don’t get married?? but think about it okay bc i am all for it

  • they have never been a show-y couple
  • i feel like nicky would want them to get married
  • but like, can you imagine neil, the guy who has always learnt to stay hidden ((what a great job he did lmao)) and andrew, the guy who doesn’t share his emotion with others, sharing all that with everyone?

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anonymous asked:

how is you getting extra time not an unfair advantage? at the end of the day, the most standardised method of testing academic ability is to give EVERYONE the SAME TASK and SAME TIME FRAME. if i had extra time during my a level english literature exam i could write 16-20 pages, but that would be unfair because someone else with equal ability to me could only write 8-10 pages and compromise their content and quality of writing compared to me. how is that "fair"?

Yes, just like you said “if i had extra time during my a level english literature exam i could write 16-20 pages”, however, I would only be able to write 8-10 pages. Are you able to write more because you have more knowledge of the subject than I do? Nope, it means that you are otherwise healthy and have no disability hindering you from performing up to your standards. 

I understand how you find it hard or basically impossible to understand what its like because you don’t have learning disabilities. As someone who has 2 learning disabilities, I can assure you that I am not given an “unfair” advantage over anyone. 

To make it easier for you to understand, I’ll give you an example that can possible fit better to your own knowledge and understanding. 

Take the Paralympics as an example. If I were to use your logic, then I would say that it is unfair to have an extra olympics just for those who are disabled. Why do they get to use wheelchairs when playing basketball? Its not fair that the gold medalist in a race is slower than the SLOWEST competitor in the same race in the olympics? So if I apply your thinking, having the paralympics isn’t fair, because if Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt were to compete against athletes from the paralympics in the same race, they would beat them by a mile and the disabled athletes would always finish last. Is that fair to you? 

Have you ever been injured? Had to wear a cast or use crutches? Well don’t you think it would be a little unfair if you were told that you should just try hopping on one leg to get from A to B instead of using a wheelchair or crutches? Because using a wheelchair means you have an unfair advantage right? Because without it, you would struggle just to go to the bathroom by yourself. 

Those who get extra time, get this in a way to minimise the disadvantage these students have in comparison to their peers. Imagine and 18 year old with an IQ of 130 but who reads at the level of a 3rd graders, who can understand the concepts and think critically just as well as everyone else can, but they have a DISABILITY (dyslexia) that hinders them from being able to encode the words they read. Do you think it would be fair for the student to receive a failing grade because they didn’t have enough time to physically read what the question has asked? 

There are a multitude of studies that prove that students without disabilities who are given extra time, do not really benefit from this a great amount. Maybe enabling them to get one or two extra points by re-reading their answers and correcting mistakes. However, to a student with learning disabilities, the extra time allows them to be able to right as much as their peers with the same academic ability and knowledge of the subject. 

I suggest you do some research about what it means to have a learning disability and get extra time for tests. 

On a more personal note, I want you to know that getting extra time isn’t some magical thing that saves my ass from failing my exams. It is an ATTEMPT to balance out the disadvantages I face in comparison to my peers. Extra time does not eliminate my dyslexia, nor does it magically allow me to concentrate on the task at hand. Extra time is a crutch, not a some type of magical gift that makes you smarter or a better writer. 

If I write a backwards 3 on my math exam, so “E”, as an answer, do you think the examiner is going to be like “oh hahaha I know they meant 3, I’ll give them the mark anyways”. No. HAHAH. I wish. The problem is that without extra time, I would make a dozen of those kinds of mistakes, because I’m stressed enough as it is, knowing that the clock is ticking and everyone around me is writing whilst I’m still reading the question.  Is it fair that I write down the answer for question 5 in the answer box for question 2 and have it marked as wrong although both of my answers are correct?? 

I’m thinking about writing an essay or a post on this, because my response to you is rushed and honestly not well thought through. I do however hope that this allows you to step into the shoes of those who struggle with things that you can do with ease. 


Spider-Man: Homecoming - International Trailer #3

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I’m literally crying because I post this for like 4th time.

So I guess this is our last BFSN this year! I’m not happy about it, really.

So, I had very vad week and I didn’t have time to do a proper selfies but I found this two. The first one was made actually yesterday, when my city did the action called “Night at the Museum”. I look fat here but interior is beautiful so that’s why I post it.

The second one is from last week, took about two hours after episode 4x12 at 6 am (Warsaw time) and I was studying for my secondary school leaving exams (A Levels? Well, polish matura, idk how you name it), and I was so tired because I didn’t sleep that night. But you can barely see my face here so that’s fine.

As I said, my week was awful. I had a fight with my mom, my exams went bad (really), I have learned that I can’t go to Warsaw Comic Con to meet Nadia Hilker (btw it is my dreams but I guess dreams are not for me, this CC is organized for the first time but it can also mean that this might be the last time in my country, it’s kind of big deal that we are doing it, there never was an event like this before and my country have a problem with organising it well) because my dad can’t afford it and I don’t have any other family members. I also don’t know what I want to study at University and the clock is ticking.

Expectations for finale?

I hope that this episode will make me feel a little better. I didn’t read the leaked scripts so my mind is open for everythings.

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You guys want to talk about AI and souls and death and whatnot? Okay, sure, whatever. Have this.

This is probably set at least a year maybe more in the future of The Rosewood Affair. If you look closely you can find my own peculiar views on death cleverly hidden within the text. Very cleverly. Definitely. Also some mentions of soul mechanics which I may or may not have a page of textbook illustrations of I need to scan before I accidentally ruin them like I tend to do with my stuff.

No seriously why do you guys freak out so much about death.

(I am very tired and this is unedited. I apologize in advance.)

On the Subject of Souls

Rosie’s couch was surprisingly comfortable, considering he could personally sit on the floor with no less comfort.

Linda slung her legs over the armrest and leant her head back against the cushions as she fiddled with the cheap crystal butterfly. There were no decorative pillows to get in the way, and at the moment no one around to annoy her, family or otherwise. She rather liked Rosie’s couch. It was good for things like this.

Rosie himself was in the kitchen, doing something unholy to a batch of tomatoes, at least one egg and possibly pineapples. Aside from the two of them, the apartment was empty. She had no idea where that father of his was. Faint music drifted through the walls from the neighbouring apartment. It was quiet, calm.

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