This is my first ever masterpost, how exciting is that. Not really, actually. Anyway I made a post about things that could come in handy when you’re going back to school! 

Bullet journals/planners


Time management




Best study tip EVER!

Not only will you find problems using this trick. You’ll find a tonne-load of notes, exam questions WITH answer keys, and even lecture notes in pdf format and powerpoint presentations!

It’s a great idea to use the resources you find this way to study AHEAD, even during the summer holidays. This will ensure your college success! Remember: stay on top of your game!

Recently I’ve been kind of at war with myself on how I should go about studying for Bio…on one side I like taking notes like this, because it helps me understand what I’m reading, but at the same time it’s so time consuming that I feel like I should just go spend my time more wisely, you know? “Work smarter, not harder” is something that I still haven’t fully understood 😂


For university students, we all know that lectures are most often the worst thing in the world. Most of the time they are early in the morning (ugh, didn’t even have time for coffee!) and can often run as long as 3 hours (snooze!) So Ive complied a bit of information that may help you in preparing for lectures! 

Preparing for a lecture: 

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Here’s some (mostly free) links that might be helpful to you while studying. If you have any new ones that aren’t on here, add them when you reblog! These are just all the ones I’ve come across. I plan on adding to this often, so keep checking back!



About the ACT

Official Practice Questions from the ACT people

More stuff from the ACT people (these are actually really great, you should be going here before anywhere else)




Pacing and a nice score chart

Study Guide 

A nice YouTube vid with some basic tips 

Flashcards (this is a webpage promoting flashcards that you need to pay for but the list of topics on it is a great list of everything covered on the ACT)

Only have one month to study?

Only have one week?

Kaplan’s Free Online Test 

How to study (x

Last minute tips

A free customizable test

LOTS of practice tests 


Another masterpost with apps, SAT help, and more

A playlist with 111 ACT QOTD’s solved


Punctuation Rules

Grammar Rules (x) (x)

Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Practice questions (Punctuation/Capitalization) (Grammar)

Magoosh Blog Posts



Reading Tips

Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Practice Questions (x)

Magoosh Blog Posts

Free Reading Resources

100 Vocab Words


Formulas (x)

Strategies (warning: comic sans)

Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Practice Questions (Algebra 1) (Geometry)

Magoosh Blog Posts 

Math Review 



Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Practice Questions

Magoosh Blog Posts

Top Science Vocab Words (x)

Writing (optional section)

Essay Tips (x)

Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Magoosh Blog posts



You should be able to use any older ACT prep books you find, so checking out a discount book store, eBay, or even your local library might help you out! This is because the format and the question type stay the same so as long as it’s ACT, it’s good. However, if you are taking the optional writing section, you might want to check out something newer.

*If you need help with a particular section, try the Sparknotes ACT Prep Books. Math/Science here, English/Reading here

The REAL ACT Prep Guide 

Barron’s ACT 36

ACT Prep Black Book 

1,460 ACT Practice Questions

ACT Elite 36 This has some test specific strategies, so if you’re already solid on the material and want to “cheat the test” check this one out! 

Book reviews (mentions some of the books mentioned here)

Online Tutors

This might not be everyone’s thing, but here are some resources if you’re looking for this! I have never used these sources so I cannot comment on the amount of help they provide.

Critical Reader Tutoring 

Kaplan Tutoring (offers in-person, online, free events, and group tutoring)


28.7.15 || 19:08
so I found out today that my ap gov final is a week earlier than I thought it was, so naturally I flipped tf out and wrote six pages of notes.
my brother was then concerned by this behavior and took me to this rad sunflower field near our house in washington.


To everyone who has passed their exams: Well done.

To everyone who has not passed their exams: Breathe. It’s okay. This is not the end of the world. Everything is okay, and you are worth more than your grades. I believe in you, and I love you.