milquess  asked:

1,3,7,8,13, 20, and 38 \(* u * \ )

1. If you were of the opposite gender, what name would you want to have?

Honestly I would still be Ash. With my real name probably just changing to Ashton haha. Or idk, maybe something like Leon or Alexander. Idk man.

3. What kind of sandwich best describes your personality?

uh.. … I never thought about this… uh .. .. you know that quesadilla burger from Applebee’s? Yeah, that. I don’t know why, but that.

8. If you could change your skin color to anything outside of the natural palette of skin colors, what color would you choose?

Something spotty and mottled for sure. In that case I’d go with the coloring of an animal maybe… how about blue merles?? That or red merles with ticking. Something tanny and auburn colored for sure.

13. Rural area, small town, suburb, or big city?

I grew up in a rural area/small town kinda deal that was outside a big city…so I’d probably just prefer the suburb. 

20. If you had to have one feature on your body changed to a canine version of said feature, what would you choose?

…could…could I choose growing a tail from my spine?? If not, I’d go with ears probably. 

38. What is your favorite piece of clothing?

This really awesome thundercats shirt I have that I was able to wear last year, but can’t now because tOO FAT SO AT THE END OF THIS DIET I HOPE I CAN WEAR IT AGAIN it’s like a goal.