Springtime is almost here!  It’s so nice now that the snow’s melted away, I’m sure all the villagers are relieved, too.

Here are a couple relaxed scenes featuring Cyrano taking in the calm with fluttering butterflies and the awesome Mayor Ryan (@killajax)!  Such a lovely time working on these, thank you again!  I hope everyone has a mellow, laid-back sprint, too!


A couple of completed mini illustrations for the oh-so-cool killajax!  Cute as ever, Margie and Pekoe – you guys, they were the same little dress!  They’ve gotta be the most adorable friends in town.  And a classic question posed to Marshal by Axel, heh~  The size difference in these two is as entertaining as Marshal’s response.

Thank you so much again for commissioning me, always a pleasure!

St. Patrick’s Day party at a rustic, themed bar care of Killajax!  This was such a cool commission illustration to work on, I really felt quite lucky being able to get such an awesome idea out with the ever rad Mayor Ryan and villagers Cyrano, Eugene, Dizzy, and Axel.  Cheers, guys!

I wish everyone an awesome St. Patrick’s day – remember your green attire!

Fuchsia, Punchy, Kyle, and Rooney out late at night on a camping trip together for the seriously rad @spcrossing!  I’m always so excited to get to work on illustrations set around fire, hah!  The colours are endlessly beautiful and the idea spcrossing had is so cool.  These guys would be perfect camping mates!

I hope you like the illustration!  All of my gratitude for commissioning me to work on another killer piece with you! ^^v


Today, July 14th, marks the ever-so-sweet and charming Dizzy’s birthday!  Here are a set of themed commission illustrations for the seriously cool killajax!  Birthday illustrations are definitely some of my favourite to work on and when I get to feature the sweet elephant residents, I get even more excited~  Dizzy is one of the most awesome villagers.

Wishing a very happy birthday to you, Dizzy!

What a killer way to break back into Animal Crossing – with a wintry sledding scene featuring the way cool Punchy and Rooney!  I was very lucky to work with @spcrossing on this commissioned illustration, I cannot tell you how much fun it was getting this idea drawn out and painting.  I love Animal Crossing in the winter so much because of rad little moments between the characters like this!


Sweet little Valentine commission set for rayquaza128!  Adorable Yookey and George enjoying a lovely holiday together, ending in a super romantic downpour on their way home~  I’m so happy to have been able to work with them again, they’re such joys to sketch and illustrate!   Plus Valentine’s scenes, yo.  I’m a sucker for Valentine’s, these totally spoiled me!

Happy Valentine’s, George and Yookey♡


Set of commissioned illustrations for the ever-rad Cathieblr (Animal Crossing/Tomodachi blog sunflower-crossing)!  Adalyn and Niko are two of the sweetest characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, I just loved hearing about them!  So being able to illustrate all these concepts was doubly awesome!  I really hope I get to do more with such a cool couple~!

There should be better laws regarding the ownership of digital photos

For example

1. The person who took the photo only has ownership of it if they have the consent of every subject in the photo or it was taken in a public space. 

2. Only the person who owns the photo has ownership of it and nobody else can monetize it (unless it’s under fair use).

3. Use of the photo, monetized or not, in social media or a public platform, is only allowed if the owner of the photo put it up on a public platform and only with the credit of said owner

4. A person who received the photo privately (like in a text, email or group call) does not own the photo and cannot publish it without consent of the owner.

Adendun to rule 1: Consent of the subjects within a photo to the owner of it is only granted when the subjects are aware of what the photo will be or could be used for.