Regency style Diana and Rudy for the super talented sofamaker~! These two are insanely sweet together, I just loved hearing the concept behind them. Utter lovebirds, yo – I imagine Rudy would be so adorably saccharine around Diana, haha^^

I hope you like it, it was heaps and heaps of fun sketching and painting them!


Prince Genji and Princess Greta, aaaww. I’m all kindsa crazy for these sorts of Heian things, I’ve done thesis research on it, bros. Straight up academic, how can I deny appealing to the artsy/Animal Crossing wayside?

There should be better laws regarding the ownership of digital photos

For example

1. The person who took the photo only has ownership of it if they have the consent of every subject in the photo or it was taken in a public space. 

2. Only the person who owns the photo has ownership of it and nobody else can monetize it (unless it’s under fair use).

3. Use of the photo, monetized or not, in social media or a public platform, is only allowed if the owner of the photo put it up on a public platform and only with the credit of said owner

4. A person who received the photo privately (like in a text, email or group call) does not own the photo and cannot publish it without consent of the owner.

Adendun to rule 1: Consent of the subjects within a photo to the owner of it is only granted when the subjects are aware of what the photo will be or could be used for.

Hey all! I’m opening a few commission slots to fund goin to BLFC! These will be done by the end of the month, though badges will be finished up and ready for delivery at the con!

$50 Cell shaded fullbody - example example 2

$35 Cell shaded headshot badges, BLFC delivery! - example
1.  sirenemon
2.  kusabi 

$50 Cell shaded fullbody badges, BLFC delivery! - example
1.  natsukagura

Badges will be laminated and clipped, I can do themed badges or not, though if you’d like a themed badge let me know faction and special clothing/accessories!

I’ll also be posting up some adopts and ych things soon so keep an eye out for those if you’re interested!

If you’re interested in a commission send me a note on FA, or send an email to zannathedragon[at]gmail.com with what you’d like and refs of the character. If you want a badge but aren’t going to be getting to BLFC, I can also mail them for $5 more, though be aware that badges being finished for BLFC delivery will be priority!


And now for the final versions of crossingcobalt’s commission set! Painting in hyperdrive with these, hah. It was so much of a joy to work through the ambiance on both of them, I could layer in hues into eternity, man. Once I started with the paints, I could not stop – especially with the town of Cobalt’s incredible landscape. Brilliant, nostalgia-inducing areas there!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy these!! I loved the process in these as much as the product, oho^^