I’m going to ask you to bear with me one last time regarding this. I know I’ve addressed this issue poorly at times before, though at the time it seemed like the best way to spread awareness regarding it, and I want to put this in the best way possible now. 

You can see the pictures for yourself, Sooyoung knows that she’s tan, she’s aware, but due to the things she’s been told while growing up, you can clearly see that, up to this day, she’s not comfortable with her own skin tone. Even though she’s legit one of the most confident people regarding her own image, this is something that keeps on bothering her. 

I included that moment with Yuri because you can see that what Sooyoung says to Yuri is a mirror of what she’s been told before. I’m not saying it should be excused, but you can see that what she says to Yuri is a reflection of what she thinks of herself, you can see that she knows that she hurt Yuri with those words and that she’s sorry for making Yuri feel bad for something that she’s also insecure of.

Since she’s not as tan as Yuri, Hyorin, Kai, Hakyeon, (etc), her skin tone gets aggressively dismissed, and until now people keep on making her skin brighter than it is on edits (etc) as if it’s okay because “she’s not that tan”. It’s not okay and those pictures up there are the reason why (which are only a few of many moments she has let her insecurities regarding this show). Spreading a false image of Sooyoung, regarding something that she’s already insecure of, isn’t good for anyone. You can see on several performances, and shows, that Sooyoung is indeed tan, if you don’t want to rely on pictures. (example1 - e2 - e3 - e4 - e5 (pretty much any fancam of kcon NY) - e6 - e7 - e8 - e9)

Yes, it’s true that her skin tone may vary and look different according to the enviroment where she is, and whether she has a spotlight on her or not, but you can always see when that’s the case, and when she was whitewashed for an edit or gifset (I won’t even address fansites because it’s not like they’re here on tumblr)

If you have whitewashed her in the past, unknowingly or not, I don’t want you to think that I’m scolding you. We’re here to learn and better ourselves. I’m only asking you to see that the best we all can do regarding this is realise and understand how our actions affect her and the people who go through the same thing everyday, for the good and the bad.

I hope I was able to put this in a better way than I have before. Thank you for your time and patience.

Belle’s Travels Double Photoshop Event

Edited to merge this post with @judymulder and @virgidearie’s. 

Belle’s… completely non-faked travelling pics from the finale have certainly caught our attention, haven’t them? So we had ideas for two similar-yet-different events we could do with them.

The First Event, from the minds of @judymulder and @virgidearie, is a homage to Emilie de Ravin and this is how they explain it: We will make a photobook for Em with lots of photos of Belle in different places around the world. The idea is that you get to have Belle in your hometown, or in a place you always wanted for Belle to go. Besides each photo we also want to include a small fic drabble related to that place (no more than half a page) or any personal message you want to write for Em. 

We will try our best to give this photobook to Em during the Happy Endings Paris Con (18-19th June). If you want to participate please send me your submission no later than Monday, June 5th to judymulderfbi@gmail.com General instructions: We are including below some transparents you can use for this (no need to know photoshop!). You basically can use these in PowerPoint adding any background you want. If you are a photoshop savvy you are welcome to use more complex manips like the ones that we already have out there (example1, example 2). 

If you are having problems with figuring out how to use the transparents or you can’t come up with something you really like, @virgidearie will take requests from you guys. Just send her the background you want to use. You can put your text inside the pic if it is small (one sentence). If it is larger than that or a drabble, please send that to me as part of your email text. @barpurplewrites is taking prompts for small drabbles. Do not forget to include your twitter and/or tumblr nickname when you send me your work. Of course, we encourage you to post your submissions, so people get an idea of what they can make. To make these posts easier to find we suggest using the tag #Belletravelstheworld Please let me know or @virgidearie if you have any questions or suggestions.

The Second Event, which could happen at the same time as the first, is more humorous and kinda aims more at making fun of the OUAT production team, though I’m sure EDR would also appreciate these pics too and can be included in the photobook if you want!

So, basically, people who want to participate create the most outrageous and obviously fake photoshop pics of Belle in her travels. And in the end we can make a category in next year’s TEAs to pic a best pic to celebrate who was the most creative/funny. This is brilliant because you don’t really need to be talented at photoshop to participate, but rather creative (though I imagine talented photoshop artists will come up with lots of great stuff). 

We post them all on twitter with the hashtag “Bellestravels” and tag A&E, ABC and so on in them. For that we’d have to pick a date (or we can make it a week, and add something of the like to the hashtag).

Anyone in?

I apologize for any spelling errors up front. I’m dyslexic and sometimes spellcheck can’t even save me. 

You know, I really don’t think Jehovah’s Witnesses see humans as truly Autonomous beings. Mostly in a sexual sense, but in other things too. For example

1. Men and women aren’t allowed to be alone together, because they might have sex, think about having sex, or be precived to be having sex. A single brother at my old Hall refused to give my mom a ride to the meeting because it could be preceived as ‘Improper.’ 

2. Married couples, when socializing, aren’t allowed to sit man to woman and woman to man, as it might encourage an affair (?????) or improper thoughts about someone who is not a marriage mate. There was a whole watchtower artical on this and it was stupid.  

3. Dating couples must be chaperoned. Just incase we decide to get frisky or something idk. Along the same lines, non-related men and women are only supposed to sit together if they’re engaged. I witnessed both of these first hand when a couple started dating in my old hall. I thought it was ridiculous, even at a young age, that grown ass people had to have a chaperone on a date or they might have sex. 

4. Women are taught to dress modestly, as to not make men’s eyes wander. Girls start getting admonished for what they dress as soon as they hit puberty. Instead of telling the 15 year old to cover up, maybe ask  yourself why you’re staring at a 15 year old’s breasts in the first place. 

5. finally there is the notion that humans are so stupid that we can’t even ‘direct our own step’, or make moral judgement. Therefore we have to have someone else make our major life decisions and moral judgement for us. From the clothes we wear to the entertainment we watched. It all has to be dictated by the Governing Body. We must not watch/read/ or consume anything with complex moral values or we might start thinking for ourselves. 

In the end it all boils down to the fact that the Watchtower believes we have no self control. We cannot make our own bodily decisions. We can’t /not/ want to fuck someone of our attracted gender. Men /can’t/ control themselves when they look at a woman. people /can’t/ make their own moral decisions. They treat people like children and it’s the most frustrating thing in the world to me. I am a grown ass adult. Treat me like one. 


Springtime is almost here!  It’s so nice now that the snow’s melted away, I’m sure all the villagers are relieved, too.

Here are a couple relaxed scenes featuring Cyrano taking in the calm with fluttering butterflies and the awesome Mayor Ryan (@killajax)!  Such a lovely time working on these, thank you again!  I hope everyone has a mellow, laid-back sprint, too!


Today, July 14th, marks the ever-so-sweet and charming Dizzy’s birthday!  Here are a set of themed commission illustrations for the seriously cool killajax!  Birthday illustrations are definitely some of my favourite to work on and when I get to feature the sweet elephant residents, I get even more excited~  Dizzy is one of the most awesome villagers.

Wishing a very happy birthday to you, Dizzy!

Final version of my way rad friend Pogonipac’s commission of her mayor character and the infinitely wise quad: Lobo, Skye, Wolfgang, and Chief! I am a gooey mess of admiration for rainy days so painting scenes like this with such interesting and fun characters means I’m gonna take it for all it’s worth! And it was uber enjoyment~

Thank you again for the commission, I hope that you like it, too!

And now for the beyond cute talesfromflorence’s illustration! Genji and Rudy after telling the mayor of Florence about their having lots of competitions around town, haha^^ So sweet, I absolutely adored working on this one – the soft colours really wrapped up the end of a crazy day~

Thanks so much, I hope that you like the way your idea came out (I definitely do!). ^u^

St. Patrick’s Day party at a rustic, themed bar care of Killajax!  This was such a cool commission illustration to work on, I really felt quite lucky being able to get such an awesome idea out with the ever rad Mayor Ryan and villagers Cyrano, Eugene, Dizzy, and Axel.  Cheers, guys!

I wish everyone an awesome St. Patrick’s day – remember your green attire!


A couple of completed mini illustrations for the oh-so-cool killajax!  Cute as ever, Margie and Pekoe – you guys, they were the same little dress!  They’ve gotta be the most adorable friends in town.  And a classic question posed to Marshal by Axel, heh~  The size difference in these two is as entertaining as Marshal’s response.

Thank you so much again for commissioning me, always a pleasure!