Regency style Diana and Rudy for the super talented sofamaker~! These two are insanely sweet together, I just loved hearing the concept behind them. Utter lovebirds, yo – I imagine Rudy would be so adorably saccharine around Diana, haha^^

I hope you like it, it was heaps and heaps of fun sketching and painting them!

Forever Bears: Update!

There was a little bit of confusion so here is a little update:
We want 1 basic design but after we choose it:
EVERYONE GETS THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL BEAR! :) You choose your own bear’s colors, name etc, but everyone’s bear has a similar shape. And that’s what we need your help choosing!
 [Example1] [Example 2]

[Original Forever Bears Post Here:]

We still need your help!
Submit art styles you like to us. Submit your own ideas to us. Submit any art to us you want us to use to inspire the basic bear design/shape! We can’t wait to see what you like. Submit [here]!


And now for the final versions of crossingcobalt’s commission set! Painting in hyperdrive with these, hah. It was so much of a joy to work through the ambiance on both of them, I could layer in hues into eternity, man. Once I started with the paints, I could not stop – especially with the town of Cobalt’s incredible landscape. Brilliant, nostalgia-inducing areas there!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy these!! I loved the process in these as much as the product, oho^^