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Hey I love your art! I especially love Dick and Grant! But I was wondering if you had advice for drawing different heads and eyes? I have trouble varying shapes with head and I especially have trouble with heads with like sharp features (like grant) and eyes I just suck at. Any advice would be appreciated and I hope you have a great day!

Helu thx for liking them. I’ll draw some example of how i usually draw them 😊

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how did you figure out how to do hands

well when I do hands I tend to break them into 3 big shapes 

starting with the wrist then palm, thumb then the fingers 

once I have the big shapes in I separate the fingers

here are some more examples of the different parts

one of the best ways that I learned how to draw hands was to draw a LOT of them, in different poses, while looking at a reference. 

This is a site that I found useful, 

it has 3D models of hands that you can change the view so you can see the same pose from different angles. 

p.s. this site i linked to does contain nude figures just a heads up  


Girl couples, Colour schemes and Smiles 🎶

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Three things. 1) Your lineart is so smooth and clean that it actually makes me wanna cry. 2) I am IN LOVE with your art style in general. Like, whenever anxiety hits me I'll just look at your art and I'll slowly calm down. 3) Do yoy have a tutorial on wing anatomy? I'm having trouble on making Michael's wings for a sketch. That is all. Sorry if I was creepy. I'll stop now. Bye!

Thank you for all the sweet compliments! If you’re ever feeling low you can also talk to me.

I don’t really do tutorials at all but I will give you these quick sketches

Okay so above is just a simple example of how I would quick draw wings if the viewer is looking from behind, below is if its a front image and the wings are open.

Below here is how I would quickly sketch closed wings from behind and its the same way from the front but most of the wings are hidden by the character. I draw two lung-shapes on the back, then two bigger slightly above, then again and then i keep adding them, becoming bigger, thinner or longer where needed until Im happy. This is just for the shape though, I tend to add the detailed feathers after.

If the image Im drawing is at an odd angle I look for parrot photographs (usually stock photos) and I use their wings as a reference.



Well! I need practice!

So! Here is what I am going to do. If you can put up with my crazy ass schedule (this is important) then I am going to host a drawing.

The prize? A lineart/flat color drawing of your character by me :) Free!

You don’t have to follow me, just like this post, reblog if you like and on March 31st I’ll generate a random number.

Line art and flat shaded character! Yay!

Since you probably have no idea how I draw…There’s some examples above.

Good luck! And thanks for participating!!

//Temporarily opening some commissions I guess? You can choose the color palette or even a single color that I take different shades of, which is what I did for all the pictures above. They will be done with a pixel-type tool but my canvas is normally pretty big so you can’t really tell -shrug-. All payments will be done through PayPal, PM me if you’re interested! AHHhhH i can also do more then BATIM but none of my recent art of other thing’s has been in a color palette style. If you want an example of how I draw people/animals/whatever i can always PM you other examples :’’]

Complete Commissions: asksilentbendy, ask-femboyfatale-bendy, wonkadodles

WIP Commissions: None

Emergency commissions!!

hi guys! so um something has come up and i need to earn like 50 dollars by next monday (03.27)

so i’m upping the prices for sketches to 15 dollars for bust commissions, 20 for waist-up commissions and 25 for full body commissions! Its just for a short time (until 03.27) but if you guys are interested please help me out ^^

you can contact me via email: nordielie@gmail.com
or here on tumblr through messenger!

here are some examples of how they could possibly look:

what i will and will not draw are the same as my usual commissions so check my original commission page if you’re wondering 

please spread this around if you can!! 

reblogs are highly appreciated 

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Hey Hey! You've mentioned that the best place to learn how to draw is by practising drawing eveeeything, well do you have any idea/examples on how to draw gestures well? I've been drawing for years and I can't seem to figure out a concrete way to draw people with proper construction :(

The biggest thing about gesture drawing is creating loose, flowing lines that capture the action and motion of the body - so you’re going to find one (or two, in some cases) action line first, then draw the rest of the body loosely based off of that - draw your shoulder, NOT your wrist, and draw big. 

Here is a good tutorial for gesture drawing: https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/quick-tip-create-dynamic-poses-using-gesture-drawing–cms-23890

Here are some of my examples: https://incaseyouart.tumblr.com/tagged/gesture%20drawing

The best place to practice gesture drawing is a life drawing class, but if you can’t get out to one, then I’d suggest either using SketchDaily or QuickPoses, where you can set up timed sessions with varying poses. 


There’s still some things I might change around, but I have his profile up. The group mentioned in his profile may or may not have something to do with Shen. Also, the better version of the rowdy kid.


I just wanted to say thank you for 150 Followers in such a short time. And bc this acc got so much attention in such a short time I decided to do something special for my followers~

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I hope many people will join this~

For now only one person can win but if many people are interested I may change my mind >v<’’

Example how the winners drawing could look like:


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how do you draw a person just like them?

i’m a little confused and tired rn so correct me if i’m misunderstanding this ask. I’m gonna assume that you mean like, ‘if i wanna draw angelina jolie for example, how do i make it resemble irl jolie?’

honestly i’m not the best person to ask, i think i could do a lot better at getting people’s likenesses down, but here’s what i do know: caricatures.

study and draw caricatures. it’s not even really about realism it’s finding the distinct and unique features of a person and bringing them to the forefront of your drawing. Here’s a short example of how I do it:

Let’s draw Klara from First Aid Kit, sorry johanna, you’re sitting this tutorial out. 

Klara’s got a very unique look to her:

Clean it up a bit and bam, a fairly recognizable Klara Söderberg~ I hope this kinda helps?

*cat eyes = thin or squinty eyes, usually heavy lidded. My examples are  Norman Reedus, Amanda Seyfried, T Swizzle, etc.