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How to Write a University-level Essay

Heyo, so school is fast approaching, and seeing as Tumblr is made up of a lot of younger users who will soon be shipping off to college or university soon, I thought I would take it upon myself to help spread my knowledge of essay-writing. Essay-writing is my thing. I love it. I live for it. It’s how I make up for my shitty test marks, and still get by with an 85 average+ in University classes. I’m a historian by trade, so perhaps this information will seem a bit off from what you’re used to, but hopefully, It’ll help you out. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask.

1. Consider your question and find your thesis.

      I know, I know. People always say, no! Never start with your thesis/intro paragraph! Go to the body!! Well i’m here to say forget everything you’ve been told. Forget that, forget the stupid hamburger shit they teach you, forget it all and start reading. 

I ALWAYS start with my thesis. Why? Because you cannot make good paragraphs without knowing what you’re researching. You need direction, and a thesis is your map.

So, the question we’ll use shall be: What is one way in which the Union won the American Civil War?

Now remember, your thesis is your map. It shows you where to go, what to look for. The thesis is the heart and soul of all your work. You want a good, solid thesis. What does that include, you ask?

  • An idea
  • A reason for said idea
  • Evidence to support said reason, and thus validate the        idea.

So, lets do an example. Let’s say I’m writing on the use of media during the American Civil War. I like photography, and wrote a paper on this in my second year, but im gonna be doing this example freehand(idk where I put that essay lol) so lets work with how I got an A+ on that paper. This will be my idea:

                “Photography during the American Civil War influenced the war’s outcome in the Norths favour.”

This is VERY vague. This is an example of a thesis in bloom! Let’s take it further. Look at the above. What questions would you have from this thesis?

  • -Who was taking photos at that time?
  • -Why did it influence the outcome?
  • -How did it influence the outcome?
  • -Who consumed photography as a media at that time?

This is where you STOP, and start the next step.

2. Research

                Start your basic research with your idea, and the above questions in mind. Look at libraries, ask your professor or TA or librarian, or just do some basic google searches to get to know the subject(but for the love of god if you include a google link in your citation I will personally hunt you down and castrate you.)

I like to start with the basics of any inquiry: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW. Who was taking photos? Where were they displayed that caused influence? ect…These, in relation to your beginner thesis, will help guide you in what form your thesis will take.

Once you’ve finished that, and have a general feel for the time period, go back to your thesis.

3. THESIS 2.0

Go back to your original question: What is one way in which the Union won the American Civil War? Now look at your thesis again. It’s too vague, isn’t it?

As you can see, our original thesis was too vague to be a real thesis. So, we NARROW IT DOWN using our WWWWWH progress we focused on during early research!

                “Photography during the American Civil war influenced the war’s outcome by providing a visual for ordinary citizens about the horrors of war, and thus helping to increase donations and awareness to the cause.”

Great! But once again, too vague! Questions that may arise include:

  • Who was taking the photos
  • Evidence for donations?
  • Evidence for social awareness?

So, we NARROW IT DOWN again. I’m going to use Andrew Gardner’s photography during the Civil war, as he was one of the most famous and influential at the time.

                “Andrew Gardner’s photography during the American Civil war influenced the war’s outcome by providing a visual for ordinary citizens about the horrors of war, and thus helping to increase donations and enlistment in the Union through awareness to the cause…”

The above then gives us the following(why and how are sometimes grouped together):

  • Who: Andrew Gardner
  • What: Photography helped the north win the war.
  • Where: Union-aka northern states
  • When: American Civil War
  • Why/How: Because Andrew Gardner’s photography raised social awareness through this new and budding medium

Use this sort of outline to guide you in the next step!

4. Now that we have a thesis, you need to do some more research and evidence gathering.

The way I like to do this is to go check out a few books from the library(look for text books in particular), and leaf through the index for matching terms. Our matching terms would be:

                Photography, civil war, Andrew Gardner, media

From there, you read over the pages, and see if any of the info relates to your subjects. Copy down quotes, page numbers, book title, author, publishing date and publisher. You need these for your bibliography. Pick and choose relevant information. The filter for relevant information relies entirely on your thesis, because it decides what you need to be looking for—this is why I hate when people tell me to start writing paragraphs before I write a thesis! It’s simply impossible and counter productive, and will cost you hours in revision.

So, gather your information from the library, and cross-reference with peer-reviewed articles and data. For our thesis, we would need data on enlistment numbers in an area after a date of Andrew Gardner’s photography exhibit showcases. No matter what type of essay you’re writing, you can always back up your evidence with data, and it won’t hurt one bit. Don’t be afraid of the numbers, kids!

So, if we were to go back to our thesis, we could now expand on it like this:

             “Andrew Gardner’s photography during the American Civil war influenced the war’s outcome by providing a visual for ordinary citizens about the horrors of war, and thus helping to increase donations and enlistment in the Union through awareness to the cause. An increase in  donations and enlistment in relation to exposure to Gardners work is seen in data/evidence point A, as well as in data/evidence point B, which will be fully outlined in the points below.”

This gives you an example of how to lead from a thesis, to your opening paragraph.

5. Data and Evidence Justifications–Paragraph making

This is the section where you can branch your essay into your data and evidence points you gathered in steps 2 and 4. You can have as many paragraphs as you like, just make sure your evidence and data is strong and supported. I personally like to work with my thesis copied and pasted onto the top of every page I write on. This keeps you on track, with your clear goal in mind, and will help you from straying. I will give you an example of how a paragraph might sound.

                Andrew Gardner’s photography during the American Civil War became heavily influential upon the American population at the time, particularly the north, wherein which his work was showcased. The influence of Gardner’s photographic works is seen in the _____, which shows us that without the influence of Gardner’s media influence, war efforts and awareness may not have been as successful as they had been.

This is an alright opener for you to work with. The ___ is where you could put in your data point or evidence piece. The point of the paragraph is to show your support for your thesis by confirming it with evidence.

Your paragraphs should take this form:

  • Present, Confirm, Conclude, Lead.

You present your evidence, confirm its relation to the thesis and confirm the validity of the thesis, conclude by brief revision of evidence, and then lead into your next paragraph. 

6. Conclusion

        Your conclusionary paragraph should be a look-over of the above paragraphs. Restate your thesis, present a summarized version of your paragraphs(one or two sentences only), and perhaps take the time to look at your own views on the subject. An example might look like this:

        “Taking a moment to step away from the above mentioned evidence, I believe it to be scholarly acceptable and even necessary to state my own views on the subject presented. In drawing conclusions, I felt that the above information was correct in that it presented a reality of the time period, in which photography was becoming a medium to be embraced by popular society. People were not only astounded by Gardner’s photographs on a social level, but also a technical level. The astonishment people held at seeing the war-torn battle fields spurred them into action, and even today can still present feelings of dread, fear and loss when looking at his photos…blah blah blah”

Why is it scholarly acceptable and perhaps necessary to state your views? Oftentimes, it is to reassure the reader of your own personal bias’, which exist whether you like them or not, to the subject at hand. Having a small tidbit on your own thoughts about your research ect, breaking away from the third-person droning of an essay can be refreshing and welcoming for a prof at the end of his stack of essay reading. 

7. In summary

  • Thesis
  • Data and Evidence
  • Present, Confirm, Conclude, Lead
  • Self opinions/Conclude

All in all, do unique things. Professors love it when they come across something that’s not cookie cutter! Even if they present you with a list of essay topics, take the leap and ask them if you can do your own research topic!! Take risks with your essay writing, talk to your professors about what you want to do, and try to have fun with your research. I’ve written on everything from civil war photography to Disney princesses in american media, to the religious formation of idea of heaven and earth. Remember, so long as there’s credible, documented evidence, it’s possible to write about it.

5 Signs You Treat Your Reader Like an Idiot

(1) Overusing Adverbs

For Example: “Get out, Michael. I swear to God, get out before I try to kill you. I wasted two years of my life on your pathetic cheating ass. Get out!” Tara yelled angrily.

Adverbs are, more often than not, useless additions to your writing. Looking to the example above, adding “angrily” to the end of the line tells the reader nothing new. The reader knew Tara was angry, because Tara is clearly yelling at Michael. The dialogue alone is enough to portray this, and I’m sure with the full scene, the reader doesn’t need any extra help. Adverbs clutter up your writing and weaken your writing. Trust the reader to catch on without the adverb.

(2) “As if” Phrases

For Example: Mrs. Winters lingered over Bryan, her stern face glaring down at him, as if daring him to speak out again.

You don’t need to explain why characters are doing what they do. “As if” phrases are explanations we don’t need. Your writing needs to be strong enough to portray that Mrs. Winters wants Bryan to shut up.

(3) Exposition in Dialogue  

For Example: “Hello, Bridget, my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me with Brad”.

I wrote a whole post on this last week, because exposition in dialogue is absolutely terrible, but I will say it again. Using dialogue to explain things is usually just lazy writing. Dialogue needs to sound the way that people actually talk. Keep in mind that the characters know more than they say, and rarely need to explain it.

(4) Lazy Research

For Example: The curtains opened and Jared lifted the wand. With a wave, he instructed the winds start playing. The hall filled with the melody of flutes, clarinets and trumpets.

To the untrained eye, Jared is a decent conductor, and is doing a fine job leading the orchestra. To a musician, this scene would come off as weird. The stick a conductor uses is a baton, not a wand. Trumpets are not wind instruments. These details aren’t enough to completely ruin a story, but if you have a character interested, you need to do research. Know what you’re talking about. Using the right words, terms that are only used within the community (for this example, words like staccato or laccato tell musicians how to play a note).  If you have a character who is a musician, learn about music. If you have a character who does ballet, learn what a pliée is, and what an arabesque is. Don’t assume your readers won’t notice if you mess up on small details. The small details matter.

(5) One Dimensional Characters

No matter how minor a character is, it is your job to make them matter. Every character should have some sort of story. It might go untold, but characters need to be people in the universe you created, not plot devices there to guide your main character to what they need to do. This is especially true when writing women. Many female characters are written with the purpose of being a love interest to your main character, and they deserve more than that. 

I’ve been having great success using an Emotion Wheel to create NPCs. (by  Higgs_Bosun)

To quote the reddit post:

“An emotion wheel is a tool for building emotional language. It often ends up looking like a color wheel, with broader base emotions at the center, and then more specific, nuanced emotions near the periphery. [Above] is an example of what one looks like.

I first came across this during a counselling session a few months ago, and had it laying out while prepping for D&D. I was looking at a table of NPC emotions, and they were all very close to the center. I checked out the wheel, and updated my existing NPCs. For example: Instead of simply an angry bartender, I now had a bitter and violated angry bartender. It gave me a lot more to play on, reasons for the anger, ideas for ways my players could provoke the anger, but also ways in which they could win the trust of the bartender.

It was ideal. It was easier for me to express the bartender’s emotions to the players, and rather than him simply being angry for no reason, he was simmering and grumbling, but he only truly became angry when someone tried to take advantage of him. And then it became serious, fast.

If you’re having difficulty breathing life into your characters, and you feel like the happy wandering salesman or the sad faerie queen don’t give you enough, find an emotion wheel, and give those feelings some depth.

Anyone else found useful tools like this?”

In season 7 finale, Dean and Cas disappeared in front of Sam. Sam didn’t know what happened to them, didn’t know if they were alive or dead, but instead of searching for answers, he simply quit. There was no reason for Sam to assume the worst, but he did anyway because it was convenient ( (remember Kevin?) for him to do so. 

In season 12 finale, Dean witnessed Castiel’s death, Dean saw his mother vanish in another dimension. There was no ambiguity, no reason for Dean to hope, to search. Cas was dead and Mary out of reach –resurrecting either of them would result in breaking the world.  

Okay now you are familiar with the premise, let us see how the show handled these sorta-similar situations? Let us compare and contrast. 

When Sam chose to abandon Dean it was presented as a sign of maturity. Sam didn’t know and didn’t care, but the narrative cited previously unheard agreements to support Sam’s moronic decisions. 

But now when Dean chooses to stop looking it’s being presented as a sign of anger and immaturity. Never-mind Dean has concrete evidence to stop looking, never-mind Dean has legitimate reasons to grieve and accept and  move on. 

To summarize: 

Sam does thing X. It doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t have good reasons to do X or react in a certain way. But since it’s Sam, reasons are invented by the narrative (aka that agreement no one knew), and Sam’s actions are praised. Sam’s reactions are seen as perfect bc he is mature and intelligent and compassionate etc etc. 

Dean does thing X. It makes sense within the context. Dean has legitimate reasons and sound logic to do X, to react in a certain way. But since it’s Dean, the show invalidates Dean’s reasons and dismisses Dean’s opinions because he’s too emotional and immature and angry. 

p.s. : This is also why I don’t accept the good victim v/s bad victim theory. The show is not that deep, they just operate according to one prime directive. Which is “Sam is always right even when he clearly is not” everything else is just accidental. 

OKey dokey, uncle Aes has some tips that’ll make your lives a little more easier. This is how to make a picture more believable when having a character interact with an item that is larger than their persons. First tip! -Always draw the object that is being acted upon, FIRST.

Let’s take this chair for example, drawing a character sitting is not an easy task, I know. But with a little know how and can-do it can be pretty fun and satisfying. Drawing the object that is being acted upon first not only lends a little more realism, but it also really helps when you are drawing in perspective, case and point

Here is the difference between 1)drawing the chair first, THEN drawing the figure, versus 2)Drawing the figure first, then drawing everything AROUND that figure. #2 does not make a lot of sense, it’s all wonky and the proportions are all wrong, this is because the chair is conformin to the figure’s weight.

Example 2, stairs. Figure 1 will always look more believable than figure 2. The figure drawing  in example 1, is under the forced perspective that the stairs lend. Example 2 makes for a confusing picture to look at. because we don’t know where the feet fall naturally, and the stairs are uneven and UGLY

With both examples where the character is drawn first, the weight of the character is manipulating the environment around it, instead of the other way around. Perspective is really hard to understand, but it is really important to practice it EVEN if it looks funny. In these examples right above, they do not give a very realistic/believable reading. It’s always gonna be a guessing game of where to put an object, and if you’re gonna have a guessing game it might as well be the CHARACTER you’re guessing about and NOT the environment.

All in all, to those strugglin with drawing characters in an environment, always ALWAYS draw the object that is being acted upon FIRST. I’m not gonna say that my drawings are absolutely accurate, they still look wonky time to time, but it helps to be mindful of these things! Don’t be afraid to try tho, always use a reference and soon enough you’ll get the hang of it too :^y

Things that irk me/make me ponder:

So, Sumerian and Akkadian Mesopotamia was overwhelmingly was a textile based society- wool was their main exportable resource, and we know they had large-scale workshops exporting textile products from the Sargonic Period at least (2400 BCE). Wool, textiles and weaving were utterly fundamental to Sumerian/Akkadian life and culture, but no actual examples have survived.

So why do artist’s depictions of Mesopotamia always only ever show people wearing, plain, white largely undecorated clothing? However lovely the art, the people always seem sterile and colourless, and are all dressed identically.

Now, the plain, undecorated skirt or one-shoulder tunic with a tufted bottom does absolutely have a precedent in Mesopotamian statues. It’s what almost every Sumerian statue or votive is wearing:

There are hundreds more examples.

But those statues are virtually always of three types of people- kings, priests, and high-ranking male worshippers who commissioned votives of themselves.

It’s entirely possible that the almost undecorated white skirt was an equivalent of the Roman Toga Virilis- a high status garment only for extremely high-ranking men.

This is one of the few truly detailed statues of a woman from Ancient Mesoptamia:

Doesn’t that look like embroidery?

Anyway, it’s entirely possible that ordinary Mesopotamians, and maybe higher ranking women, could have looked more like this:

Both above examples from the traditional dress of the Kalash people in Northern Pakistan, just to show how colourful things could have been for all we know, though in reality, the colours were probably a little more muted due to inefficient dyes. Here are some examples of traditional dress and textiles from around modern Iraq:

(Both the traditional clothes of modern day Assyrian people, astonishingly similar to ancient depictions).

We know from painting examples in Anatolia that patterns drawn on walls 8000 years ago are still used on textiles in the same area today. This is what the traditional embroidery of the Ma’adan people, whose culture is believed to have been in many ways unchanged from Sumeria up until the 1990s looks like. 

#Picture the Sumerians wearing colours 2017

Curses! (Foiled Again!!!)

By Peter Schaefer:

Curses are a traditional element of fantasy stories, legends, and myths. 

The princess is cursed to sleep until rescued. 

A titan lashes out with his death curse as he is killed. 

The devil curses a mortal to spill worms from his mouth if he tries to speak of their bargain. 

Until the hero can overcome the curse, he or she must struggle beneath its weight.

This article focuses on curses that impede the subject’s daily habits and pursuit of goals. 

Larger curses are a matter of story arcs, or entire campaigns, such as the kingdom cursed to remain under a raincloud until the young prince consents to marry the hideous sorceress.

Curses use the same rules as diseases once a creature has been cursed. 

A cursed creature makes an Arcana, Nature, or Religion check after each extended rest to determine the character’s progression on the curse track. 

The relevant skill varies based on what is thematic for the curse: a wizard’s curse requires Arcana; a forest spirit’s curse requires Nature; an angel’s divine curse requires Religion.

A cursed character cannot be cured by successful use of the appropriate skill. 

Most curses end when certain conditions are met, either relative to the target or in some absolute terms. 

Included with each curse is a suggested end condition. 

Individualizing end conditions to a specific game or plot makes the curse more engaging. 

The Remove Curse Spell is another method for removing curses on a character. 

Sometimes, the creature that applied the curse can remove it.

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Self-harm Recovery: Some advice 

- Think about why and when you harm yourself and write a list. Are there specific times, events, feelings or people that lead to self-harm? (Examples: At night, after fights, when you feel angry, after talking to a certain friend). The list will help you to find healthy alternatives and to avoid triggers. 

- Write down some reasons why you want to recover. No reason is silly or unimportant! (Examples: I deserve better, I don’t want more scars, I will not lie to my friends anymore). This list will motivate you when you feel like recovery isn’t worth it. 

- A relapse is not a failure. Don’t let your mind trick you into “I relapsed, so i might as well give up on recovery”. This is not true! It’s one step back but that doesn’t make all the steps forward you took disappear. Allow yourself to be sad or upset for a while - and then take the next step forward. 

- Make an appointment with yourself. “I’ll stop self-harming on (date).” The appointment will make you less likely to tell yourself “Just one more time” again and again and again. (Choose today or tomorrow as a date, not some date that’s weeks away.. You may lose motivation or talk yourself out of recovery if you wait too long). 

- If possible, tell a supportive friend that you are in recovery from self-harm. They can support and encourage you, and knowing that they root for you makes you less likely to relapse or give up. 

- Reward yourself! Set specific goals after which you earn rewards if you stay “clean” until then. (Of course those rewards need to be something that’s not harmful for you! Choose things like “I’ll buy a new lipstick after two weeks”..Small, affordable things that give you something to look forward to and will not trigger you in any way). 

- This is a no-brainer but: Unfollow any blogs that glorify, promote or encourage self-harm, if you are following any. You seriously don’t need to see such content while you’re trying to recover, you’ll just make it harder for yourself. If you run such a blog, delete it. They’re not a healthy coping mechanism! 

- Try out different alternative (healthy!) coping mechanism. A healthy coping mechanism is something that neither physically hurts nor mentally harms you or anyone else. Look at your list (see above) for inspiration. Examples: “When i feel angry, i’ll go for a run instead” or “I’ll call a friend instead when i feel lonely”. Sometimes, it may also simply be “I’ll keep my hands busy by holding a book and sit around until the urge goes away”. 

- Talk to a doctor or therapist. I write this one last because you may not want to hear it and might’ve skipped reading this post if i wrote it first but it’s actually the most important piece of advice i can give you. Self-harming behavior is in most cases a symptom or a result of a mental or physical illness (Yes, physical, too as some physical illnesses get your emotions out of whack!). Therapy and/or medication will help with the underlying health problem and so make it much easier for you to stop harming yourself. 

taylortheferret  asked:

hii!!! do you have any tips on creating a color palette because every time I try it just doesn't look good together, even when i separate neutrals/brights/etc ;-;

well i’m not an expert at palettes or anything but here are some tips :-)

- i always put colours in groups for example if you look above - you can see them sorted into pairs or groups of three, that way they’re more cohesive 

- just open up a document in photoshop and start eyedropping or picking colours you like, paint them onto the document and keep changing them until you’re happy - here are pics of me doing the newest palette (i scrapped the pastels ones on top haha) and my hair palette - you can see how me painting over and over stuff 

- pull colours from pictures or things that inspire you or follow a theme  

hopefully this helps!! :-)


Hey, commission time! 

So, with college fast approaching and my bank account sitting at $31.24 and no job in the near future, I’m in pretty dire need of some funds to support myself this year. I thought I’d give commissions another shot, since they worked pretty well last time. I’m gonna limit myself to simple pixels and headshots again so I don’t burn out too much, but I’m generally willing to draw just about any type of character within those limits.

I can do:

  • Original Characters
  • Dungeons and Dragons Characters
  • MMO Characters (WoW, GW2, FFXIV, Wildstar, etc.)
  • Fursonas/Anthro Characters

For more examples like the above, take a look through my art tag.

If you would like to support me and buy some art, shoot me an email at calciferrising@aol.com. I’ll only be taking a few slots at a time, but will hopefully have these going all July. If you can’t afford to spend money, please reblog to promote the post, I’d appreciate it a lot. <3

Prices/notes are below the cut!

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anonymous asked:

I ship Lapidot hardcore, but I can't tell if the crew is trying to tell a story of two best friends living together or two beings who started off hating each other then end up falling in love

That’s totally understandable.  The line between “best friends” and “lovers” can be an incredibly thin one - especially if you consider that a lot of people in life consider their romantic partner to also be their best friend.

However, I’m very heavily leaning towards “lovers”, in the case of Lapis and Peridot.

I’ve written about this subject at length, of course; but there really are some key points to consider if you’re trying to figure out whether or not their relationship is platonic, which I’m going to try and lay out here.

First of all, people make a big deal about how certain characters look at each other.  Peridot and Lapis do smile/grin at other characters an awful lot (it’s perfectly normal to do this to your friends, of course), but there’s something more in the way that they look at each other that truly sets their interactions apart…

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Peridot’s not just smiling here - she’s positively beaming in a way that she’s never, ever done whilst looking at any other character before.  The way she draws her hands in to her chest while giggling is very typical of how cartoon characters tend to look at their crush/love interest.  And those eyes

Lapis blushes at her and has to look away.  Is this because she’s thinking “oh no she’s really freaking cute”?  Because it sure looks that way to me.  I’m struggling to think of any other reason why she would have to look away like that.

The change of lighting in this scene - with the sun finally coming out in-time with Peridot’s huge smile - makes the whole thing seem rather poetic.  Lapis has spent the entire episode, up until a couple of minutes before this fateful scene, behaving in quite a mean way towards Peridot.  Her resentment was plain for all to see… and yet, she had a change of heart and saved Peridot from the Roaming Eye, specifically stopping to ask her if she was okay afterwards.  And then when Peridot smiles at her and the lighting changes, this could easily be interpreted as being symbolic of Lapis looking at Peridot in a new light.

This isn’t the only time that they give one another loving looks, either.

Originally posted by giffing-lapis

The three characters in this GIF are all watching Peridot.  Look at Lapis here, and compare her facial expression to the other two.  She’s smirking in a way that almost looks suggestive, especially when coupled with those half-lidded eyes…

…and this is something that Lapis tends to do quite a lot - but only when looking at Peridot.


…Peridot also looks at Lapis, and only Lapis, in a tender way on more than one occasion (particularly note her hands in the second picture - again, it’s the archetypal “cartoon character looking at their love interest” pose).

Originally posted by doafhat

It’s worth noting that the pair of them haven’t had a single negative interaction, of any description whatsoever, since the closing scene of Barn Mates.  After that episode, they are then shown in Beta to be sharing basically everything - not just a home, but their interests as well.  Best friends can be close, of course; but Peridot and Lapis appear to share a bond that goes above and beyond something that’s simply platonic. 

Indeed, their interactions in Beta are often compared to those of married couples, and it’s very easy to see why.  They’ve become incredibly close in a short space of time, and are very much settled in their new home together.  Niether of them has ever appeared as happy and relaxed as they are around each other.

Originally posted by estufar

They’re also in absolutely perfect harmony with each other.  In the GIF above, for example, Peridot doesn’t even need to look at Lapis to know that she’s going to get a high-five, she just knows.  It’s also interesting how her facial expression perfectly mirrors Lapis’ as they’re high-fiving (again, without Peridot even looking at Lapis), further empasising how in-sync they both are.

Originally posted by entediadoateamorte

If Barn Mates had them move in together, Beta had them behave like a married couple - then Gem Harvest had them taking the next step, getting a “child”.

Peridot and Lapis embark on a mutual desire to create a new life together (arguably metaphorical of a couple who have a mutual desire to raise a child together) - resulting in “Veggie Head”, the pumpkin.They both treat it like an actual child in many ways, rather than a pet - with Peridot even trying to teach it to speak! 

Steven also says about Veggie - “it’s nice to have a new addition to the family”, meaning that that even he considers Lapis and Peridot to be an actual family unit, rather than simply being close friends.

These reasons (and many more) are why I believe Lapis and Peridot are, in fact, being written as a romantic couple.


Ok I love this time of year too much to put this off any longer!

HALLOWEEN THEMED YCH (your character here) CHIBIS! Bases include Werewolf, Candy Pumpkin, and Witch!


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Finished product will look similar to the example above! If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask or an email at morganwelch091@gmail.com

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Fresh out of uni, so opening up commissions indefinitely while I look for a job!

Above some examples, but feel free to ask me for anything you’d like and we can work something out. If interested, send me a message/ask here on Tumblr or e-mail me at the above mentioned e-mail address at any time.

Payments through PayPal only.

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What does Old Norse look like? I get confused with what is what and what is from when what with all the different languages that seem to be related to research regarding norse myth and history... :/

Standardized Old Norse, which is Old Norse written with latin characters, looks like this:

Njáll hét maðr; hann var sonr Þorgeirs gollnis, Þórólfssonar. Móðir Njáls hét Ásgerðr ok var dóttir Áskels hersis ins ómálga. Hon hafði komit út hingað til Íslands ok numit land fyrir austan Markarfljót, milli Ǫldusteins ok Seljalandsmúla. Sonr hennar var Holta-Þórir, faðir þeirra Þorleifs kráks, er Skógverjar eru frá komnir, ok Þorgríms ins mikla ok Skorar-Geirs.

  • (There was a man named Njal; he was the son of Thorgeir Gollnir, the son of Thorolf. Njal’s mother was named Asgerd, and she was the daughter of the Hersir Askel the Silent. She had come out to Iceland and settled to the east of the Markarfljot river, between Oldustein and Seljalandsmuli. Her son was Holta-Thorir, the father of Thorleif Crow, from whom the people of Skogar come, and Thorgrim the Great and Thorgrim Skorar-Geir)

Old Norse is very easily confused with modern Icelandic, which is nearly the exact same in appearance still, so you must keep an eye out for the minute differences. For an example, the exact same passage as above looks like this in modern Icelandic (I have bolded the differences):

Njáll hét maður; hann var sonur Þorgeirs gollnis, Þórólfssonar. Móðir Njáls hét Ásgerður og var dóttir Áskels hersis hins ómálga. Hún hafði komið út hingað til Íslands og numið land fyrir austan Markarfljót, milli Öldusteins og Seljalandsmúla. Sonur hennar var Holta-Þórir, faðir þeirra Þorleifs kráks, er Skógverjar eru frá komnir, og Þorgríms hins mikla og Skorar-Geirs.

There are other differences than what this example shows, but these are among the most common. The masculine nominative singular went from -r to -ur; the conjunction ok changes to og; the definite article form ins has changed to hins; the dental suffix of -ð changed to -t; and the letter ǫ is now written as ö (though this is not uncommon, even for standardized Old Norse). In the end, there are not many major differences between these two languages. Even I am victim to mixing the two up from time to time.

People also tend to write Old Norse in runes, of course. Most use the Elder Futhark, but that seems to apply more to Proto-Norse, if you ask me. I’m no expert on that, though. Not by any means. I personally use the Younger Futhark. Either set of runes will make Old Norse look VASTLY different from the latinized version we tend to use. I will use part of our example from above for the sake of consistency, although the nature of historical runestone writing was quite different from later saga writing:

Njáll hét maðr; hann var sonr Þorgeirs gollnis, Þórólfssonar.


I may have made a mistake or two, but the point is still made. Also, it is important to mention that runes are based on the sound of Old Norse, rather than the spelling, so you will notice differences there as well.

I hope this helps, friend.

here’s my new and improved tutorial for getting a spotify playlist on your blog!

so, go into the edit html section of your blog, ctrl+F and search for <body>, then, copy and paste this below it:

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then, go to your spotify playlist, click share and copy the embed code. paste the embed code in the space between <div id=“playlist” style=“position:fixed; bottom:10px; right:10px”>
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<div id=“playlist” style=“position:fixed; bottom:10px; right:-5px”>
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for example, those are the specs for my playlist above and it looks like this on my blog

the next step is just enjoy your playlist and hope others do the same!

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