example a) look above


HELLO ALL!! I’m finally open for commissions!! I had a part time job but due to complications with my school schedule I’ve been demoted to a sub fired. 

The prices are listed in the images above, but for the record, they are as follows:

  • Simple bust up: simply painted w/ a simple bg of choice; $20 (+$10 per extra character)
  • Painted bust up: finished painting w/ a blurred bg of choice (the examples above are cropped; the actual image will not look as cluttered); $30 (+$15 per extra character) 
  • Simple waist up: simply painted w/ a simple bg of choice; $35 (+$20 per extra character)

I am willing to draw your OCs, fanarts, etc, as long as you provide me examples (references, pictures, etc)!! You can even tell me a bit about the characters, so I can have the appropriate feel for them.

I am not willing to draw intense gore, intense machines, and/or intense R18!! 

I accept payments through paypal only!!

If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a message on tumblr, or even better, email me at songrachel224@yahoo.com and we can talk things over!! 

Thank you so much for reading this, whether you are planning on commissioning me or not!! Reblogs are very much appreciated!!

Love Live Formations

I’m not sure if anyone noticed this yet but sometimes during the dances of  μ’s they make the formation of an M.

For example during the Kira Kira Sensation dance if you look at it from above:

with Umi being dark blue, Nozomi purple, Maki red, Eli light blue, Honoka orange, Kotori gray, Nico pink, Hanayo green, and Rin yellow.

Then with the new Love Live group Aqours, the formation they make in their first two dances make an A.

For example here’s a look from above for Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM:

If you flip it then it makes an A

Just thought this was something cool Love Live does in their dances

This week we will be looking at fascinating examples of urban planning - a major focus of the Where We Design chapter in our new book “Overview”. To start off, here is one of our favorite shots of the radiating streets that surround the Plaza Del Ejecutivo in Mexico City, Mexico. If you have examples of other cities that you think might look particularly mesmerizing from above, please let us know in the comments!

19.420511533°, -99.08808712°

Dear friends and followers, I am now offering some of my drawings for the very low price of $14, which includes packaging and shipping costs. This modest amount for a single, original work of art would go along way towards supporting my work, my art and the continuation of this blog and 1910.

What you will get is one unique pen drawing by myself, about 9"x12" on heavy weight paper, signed and dated on the back and looking much like the example above.

The characters and line quality are typical of my sketch books but no one drawing will be exactly alike. These are automatic drawings that come from a sudden visual impression or a fleeting story in my mind. You will not be able to select the work you’ll receive, you’ll just have to be surprised! Although these drawings were fun to make and I want to share them with everyone, I can’t promise that this offer will last forever!

I’ve created a paypal button for orders, which you can find below. If you live outside the USA, however it may be best to contact me personally, since the cost of shipping may be higher. Questions can be sent to me here, on tumblr, or to afkeegan@gmail.com.

Thanks so much!

Alessandro Keegan


Don’t Confuse Sam’s Serious Listening Face With a Broken Heart or Deep Distress

Many super-shippers are maintaining that there was something “off” about Sam and Cait in “the big reveal” video. Some have interpreted Sam’s face to indicate that he was heartbroken or deeply upset. 

Although I do think Sam was probably annoyed that fan behavior had gotten so out of hand that he and Cait had to reveal their relationship status, I believe what we saw was most likely Sam being exhausted from jet lag and illness combined with his “serious listening face.”

Above are just a couple of examples of Sam’s “serious listening face” from other interviews. There are of course numerous other examples on the web if you look. I chose the bottom two gifs above in part because what Sam was listening to in those clips wasn’t even remotely upsetting. It seems to me that when Sam is listening to someone else speak, whether it’s Cait or an interviewer, he often gets this serious look on his face. It’s what Sam does. To read more into that, I believe, is doing him a disservice. 

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, please do so respectfully. If the two gifs from regular interviews don’t play, you can click on them to get to their original video. For the middle gif, it starts at 0:32 seconds into the video; for the bottom gif, it starts at 10:00 minutes into the video. Updated 01.13.16 at 4:05 pm EST.


HEY FOLKS IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! That’s right! It’s con season, and between school and work I don’t have many means of pocket money for fun stuff like cosplay and con booths. Thats where YOU come in! I’m re-opening commissions! Since last year didn’t have a very big turn out I’ve been talking to some friends to get some  buyers input. Now I’ve got a much better layout and much more reasonable prices. 

Now for the business part of things! 

For the first time ever I’m doing Pay what you want sketch commissions! This is exactly how it sounds, you pay me whatever you want for a simple sketch, like the examples seen above! I’m looking for payments of 2$ or more with these, and do take what you ask for in a drawing into consideration when paying.

Lineless and Flat color Drawings are starting at 8$ a piece. The price will raise depending on the complexity of the drawing, amount of characters, whether or not a background is present, ect. This price is negotiable, of course! Just shoot me a message and we can talk about this if you’re interested. 

Digital Paintings will include a simple background and up to two characters before the price is risen higher than the base set of 15$. These paintings can be drawn within a color pallet, if desired, but that doesn’t affect the price.

Not listed above, but still up for commission, are my Neko Atsume custom cats available for about 5$ a piece. Examples include: 

I can also do pixle art, and sprites if wanted. Contact me for details.

Payment and Drawing restraints:


  • OCS



I do have the right to turn down any commission request if it fits any of these guidelines or any personal restrictions, so try and keep it clean guys!

Payment will be through paypal, via my email: Toodee11@gmail.com

If you intend to use my art for any sort of blog decoration, personal customization, or reuse, please notify me first!

My commissions can take from a day or up to a week depending on the size and scale of the requirement.

Updates and other questions can be answered through my inbox on my main tumblr account.


If you can’t commission me do consider reblogging this post! It would help me out a lot. If not that’s cool, I still love you.


a couple little things you can do to help the oceans

  1. stop using products that have micro beads. many face and body washes now advertise having ‘micro beads’ this is meant to exfoliate so it’s generally used in face and body washes. these micro beads go down the drain as they arent absorbed or dissolved and they are small enough to make it through filters. they end up making their way into rivers and oceans where they look like fish eggs and are eaten. obviously this kills the fish. with this happening more and more its causing a sort of chain. the small fish eat them, a bigger fish eats them and on and on until more and more fish of various sizes and breeds are dying causing huge inconsistencies in the ecosystem. many states have already outlawed these micro beads but even if youre state hasnt you can still look out for them. there is an example above. see how both say they have micro beads and you can see them in there? if you see that do not buy. remember your dollar is your vote
  2. another little thing you can do is reduce your use of plastic bags. many already know about this and it seems obvious but people are still using them in unbelievable excess. next time you go to the store get those reusable grocery bags or request paper bags. if they dont provide the option for paper bags or you cant afford to buy the reusable ones, bring a backpack or ask the cashier if they can put more things per bag. many grocery stores such as walmart I believe even have a large box where you can put unused plastic bags and they will recycle them. many states are now charging for plastic bags so it may even ultimately end up saving you money not to use them. besides the obvious ‘it causes litter and overflowing landfills’, plastic bags also often make their way into the ocean where they look kind of like jellyfish floating at the top. sea turtles eat jellyfish and thus often end up eating the plastic bags which obviously causes them a lot of issues. animals (both land and sea) can also get caught in them leaving them more susceptible to predators or in a sea creatures case, drowning. so recycle your plastic bags or better yet, dont use them at all. it could save you money on top of helping the environment!

Things I Will Not Draw

  • anything offensive, including racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc.
  • Anything promoting hateful opinions or ideas.
  • rude or mean caricatures of real people
  • anything pornographic in nature.

All commissions will look similar but not exact to the examples above.  All payments must be made in advance through PayPal.  If you need another way of paying, please consult with me.

Prices can be altered or changed depending on how complicated what you’re asking for is (if you want, for example, a person in full battle armor, that would be more expensive than a regular commission).

If you’re interested, email me and provide the following to maggie.amber.davidson@gmail.com

  1. References of the character/person I’m drawing
  2. brief description of character and person
  3. ideas for pose and clothing or if you want me to choose, say so.
  4. any special requests or important notes

Please signal boost!

Episode 20 of the blue jacket series, “To hear you sing again” has recently aired in Japan - and there have been quite a few notable animation changes.

The episode was arguably the lowest quality of the bunch when it aired in Italy last year. Now, with some added time on their hands, Studio Telecom have made various changes to the episodes animation to keep characters on model and looking good.

Above is a great example, from Dario Calabria over on Twitter. The Italian version on the left is much simpler, with far less detail. On the right is the Japanese version - more details, and a much more “Lupin” looking Lupin.

Which do you prefer? We’ll post more examples as we come across them!


I am opening simple headshot commissions for $5! These pictures will look like the examples above.

I can draw:
-Your OC
-Canon characters

I am willing to draw both from references and from faceclaims or clear text descriptions on an individual basis. If you’re unsure, just ask! I don’t bite

I can’t draw:
-Certain types of gore (Ask!)

I require payment prior to starting on the work. When we have made an agreement I will send you an invoice via paypal and begin work. My maximum turnaround time is two weeks from receiving payment, but generally it will be much lower.

If you are interested, please contact me at bknightcommissions@gmail.com

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated! Have a lovely day.  ♥


Hey guys!

In an effort to bring in more income to fund my college / living expenses, I’ve looked into possibly making jewelry; especially gemstone related necklaces / bracelets. If the above examples look interesting, let me know! 😊❤️ I can also find other gemstones if you want something specific.