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Chinese actress Angelababy has face examined to quell plastic surgery rumors

Sick of the nonstop rumors that she has a plastic face, top Chinese actress and model Angelababy has had her face examined by an expert in full public glare to prove that she is au naturel.

The examination was conducted on Thursday morning in front of reporters from several media outlets at the Plastic Surgery Hospital in Beijing. Experts examined the starlet’s forehead, eyelids, nose, chin and cheekbones. Qi Zuoliang, the doctor responsible for the examination, later concluded that her face was all genuine.

“We haven’t detected any incisions on Baby’s head and facial bones,” said Qi, referring to the actress with a common abbreviation of her stage name.

The 26-year-old Hong Kong starlet, whose real name is Angela Yeung Wing, was required to undergo the examination as part of her defamation lawsuit against a Chinese plastic surgery clinic named Ruili, which had posted an article on its website in 2012 claiming that she had had plastic surgery.

Angelababy is seeking 500,000 yuan (78,700 US dollars) in compensation and a public apology. The case is currently being heard in court.

Before the examination on Thursday, the actress had insisted that her unique beauty is inherited from her paternal grandfather, who is German. All she’s ever done to her face, the actress admitted, was straightening her teeth.

Just last week, Angelababy had made headlines for her extravagant wedding with mainland actor Huang Xiaoming on Oct 8. The nuptials were dubbed by the Chinese media as the “Wedding of the Century.” On the rumors about his wife’s face, the actor was reported to have given a supportive response earlier this year.

“She looks the same as her ugly photos without make-up. I definitely know that she hasn’t had any plastic surgeries. I’m not a fool,” he’d said.

While it seems that Angelababy has finally had a breakthrough in her fight against the accusations that have bothered her for years, skeptical netizens on Chinese social media platforms are not really accepting the expert opinion on face value.

“I wonder if the expert is telling the truth,” commented Weibo user @Landexiaosa.

“Yes, yes, I agree. Angelababy is a natural beauty, while Mr. Huang is 1.8-meter tall,” wrote @-Hudaolian, mocking the couple.

“Let’s wait to see Angelababy and Huang’s baby,” said @simblewong, who, along with many other netizens, believes the couple’s child could reveal their original genes.

People who support Angelababy, on the other hand, say they are glad to see a report finally proving their idol’s innocence.

“For those people who doubt the report: If Angelababy didn’t have her face examined, you would say that she’s afraid [of having her secret exposed]; now she does, you say that she has bribed the expert. So difficult to satisfy you people,” refuted @Baquanzhe.

“I think she didn’t have plastic surgeries, judging by her look without make-up. I guess her beauty owes to the magical jobs of make-up and light.” @Wangyunzai

And then there are those who just don’t give a hoot about the whole fuss.

“Come on guys, she’s not your wife. Why do you care so much if she has changed her face or what?” @Nangongfumeng416w

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