examination bed

  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *smiling at his phone*
  • John: *watching him* Case?
  • Sherlock: *looking at his texts*
  • I love you. SH
  • I love you, too. Mollyx
  • I love you more. SH
  • I love you MOST ;) Mollyx
  • Doubtful. SH
  • Not really. Mollyx
  • Marry me. SH
  • Okay. Mollyx
  • Sherlock: *still smiling* No...better.
Reggie Mantle x Reader: Encounters


I absolutely love your writing!!! Would you make a Reggie x reader imagine, where the reader is a River Vixen and the Vixens are practising outside when the reader gets a bodycheck from one of the jocks because he full on goes for the ball… and then Reggie gets worried and helps her to the nurse and stuff with a lot of fluff? I’m sorry if it’s a bit vague…


A/N: Okay I changed it a bit, but not too much because I wanted to do justice for your request. Also I have 3 more to catch up now, so go ahead and send more requests imagines you want me to do! I hope you like this one. Requests open now. 

Words: 1811

Summary: Reader is a River Vixen and her first encounter with Reggie is at Cheryl’s party and second is when she get knocked out by a football and he takes her to the doctor

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: I think there may be a curse word in there.

Living in Riverdale, that’s a tale to tell. Life in a small town, one would think that it would be like in the movies and TV shows. The perfect quiet place with the perfect people.

It wasn’t, at least not anymore. It was quiet but the whispers made their way around. It was quiet because it hid so many secrets and as for the people we were far from perfect.

Although its imperfections you loved the place even though you’d never actually confess it out loud.

Life was simple for you, you were a River Vixen in Cheryl’s cheerleading squad, you were single, and your parents well they tried their best to be updated on your life.

After the memorial pep rally for Jason you made your way to Cheryl’s after party. You didn’t want to, but Cheryl was your friend and she needed you now more than ever. You may have been viewed as popular because you were a vixen, but you weren’t as stuck up as plenty of the other girls.

You made your way next to Betty and Veronica hopefully to relax with them and ignore the whole scene. Suddenly Cheryl decided everyone should play seven minutes in heaven.

You weren’t fond of these games especially because Cheryl always tried to play some sort of angle, and she did.

“Okay, your turn (Y/N)” Cheryl gave you a smirk after Chuck and some girl walked out of the closet.

“Fine” you mumbled as you spinned the bottle as it landed on the one the only Reggie Mantle.

You sat there frozen until Cheryl grabbed your hand and the guys pushed Reggie in the closet with you and closed the door.

This encounter with Reggie made you a bit shy, you seen him before of course. He is the Captain of the football team, but this encounter it just felt different. and from the looks of it maybe this encounter would be different for him too.

“Uh, Hi” you spoke to Reggie who was staring at you as you placed a bit of your hair behind your ear.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to” The tall boy confessed.

“What?” you questioned him, since you heard all the stories about Reggie Mantle and secretly you had a thing for the football player “I mean, I’m surprised is all.”

“Yeah I get it, you’ve heard the rumors, who hasn’t” Reggie spat even though at that moment he wanted to kiss you. Ever since 8th grade he had a thing for you, but rumors spread and he’d never thought he could get a girl like you.

“I’m sorry, no I- uh” you felt bad, you’d never seen this side of Reggie before. He looked vulnerable and that intrigued you even more.

It took every ounce of courage in your body to do what you did next.

You stepped closer to the handsome figure standing in front of you, stood on your tippy toes and placed a kiss on his lips.

Reggie a bit shocked at first, but placed his hands around your head and leaned in closer for the kiss. It was passionate, and a bit sloppy at the end.

As you pulled apart you both fixed yourselves up and kept looking into each other’s eyes.

Cheryl announced the time and opened the door and grabbed you by the hand.

“Um, I’ll see you around” was the only thing you could get out before Cheryl pulled you out.

Then her plan was back on track.

She made Veronica go in with Archie knowing it would bug Betty.

You felt bad for her so you reached your hand to hers.

“Hey Bets, I’m sorry about Cheryl she can be difficult, but you know how she is” you whispered to the blonde.

“It’s fine” Betty stated with a sad smile.

“Congrats on making the squad” you said as you were interrupted by Cheryl.

“TIMES UP LOSERS!” the red head spoke as she opened the closet revealing Archie and Veronica.

It was too late though, Betty disappeared.

That was your call to leave the party as you gave a disappointed look at Cheryl and you left the party.


You wanted to find Reggie and talk about the kiss, you had feelings for him and now they were stronger than ever since the weekend. You hadn’t seen him since the party and were hoping he would return those feelings back. Hoping that maybe the last encounter was a good chance to start something with Reggie.

You were at River Vixens practice the air a bit heavy between Ronnie and Betty, but you tried to ignore it because it wasn’t your business and Cheryl had been bitchier about the routine.

“Hurry up idiots, we have to get these move down for the homecoming game” Cheryl shouted “It’s bad enough we have to practice in the field because they are fixing up the gym, just get into position girls.”

Since the party Betty had been ignoring Veronica and she wasn’t doing the routines well and Cheryl made her watch. She was enjoying her vengeance against Betty even though she had never done anything to her (only thing Betty did was be related to Polly; the girl Jason was in love with).

“Okay Betty I can’t have you messing this up, right now so you keep watch and maybe catch on” Cheryl spoke with a devilish smirk “Okay (Y/N) you’re one of my best for pyramids so you are going to at the top, okay” and you nodded as you made your way to the cheerleaders already beginning to form the pyramid.

As you made your way, your eye caught Reggie in practice and he caught your eye too, and you smiled at each other not realizing you hadn’t been paying attention until Cheryl called your name and you made your way to the top.

As you finally reached the top of the pyramid you made your hands into a V about to jump down when suddenly you lost balance as a football hit your head and you crashed down.

All you heard were gasps and you couldn’t keep your eyes open for long as all the girls surrounded you.

Although you were able to catch a glimpse of Reggie running faster than you’ve ever seen him run.

“Shit (Y/N)” he spoke as he kneeled down to you and rested his hand under you head and you tried to make an effort in getting up.

“No don’t, when you fall you’re not supposed to get up until you feel better” Reggie proclaimed as your eyes were closed and you couldn’t help but smile at his remark.

“Well I’m starting to feel better now” you retorted as you bit your lip and caressed his cheek.

“I’ll take her to the nurse” Reggie told the girls as he picked you up and you rested your head on his chest.

“But the nurse is close-” you heard Betty say as Reggie was already walking away with you.

“You know she’s not wrong” you told Reggie as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“About?” the dark hair heartthrob asked.

“The nurse, it’s after school” you answered.

“I know, I’m taking you to my uncle’s clinic, you need to get checked out that was a heavy fall” Reggie informed you as he rubbed his thumb on your back which made the butterflies in your stomach go nuclear.

“That’s a bit far to walk don’t you think?” you heart was beating a bit quicker, your eyes still closed because of the impact of the grass, not knowing where you were heading but you trusted him.

“I have a truck you know, but if I didn’t I’d still walk” he noted reaching to what you guessed was door and placed you gently to the passenger’s seat as he made his way to the driver’s side.

You opened your eyes for a bit and saw it was and old model truck and the front seat was all connected and there was only a bit of space in the back which was only enough for his gym stuff and you laid yourself down and placed your head on his lap and he drove away from the school.

“I thought you had a jeep” you decided to make conversation.

“I just fixed up this truck, I want to see how good it runs”

“So we could stay stuck somewhere and you just might have to carry me to the doctor” you sarcastically answered.

“You have no faith in me” he pretended to be hurt as he turned.

“I trust you, anyways, do you listen to music or-” he cut you off turning up the radio.

You kept conversation until you arrived to the clinic and he insisted on carrying you still and made his way inside.

“Tell my uncle I’m here, any rooms open?” he demanded to the receptionist.

“Room three” she answered as Reggie opened the door that separated the patients and the workers as he made his way to room three and placed you on the examination bed.

“Well look who takes charge” you mocked as he took a chair on your left side

“I can take charge”

“Really? Last I remember Mantle I kissed you” you revealed as you turned your way to look at his reaction, but were interrupted by what you guessed was his uncle.

“What happened Reggie? Oh” the man with a white coat was a bit confused “I thought you got hurt boy, what seems to be the problem?”

“Oh I’m fine, (Y/N) took a football to the head at the top of the cheerleading pyramid and fell” Reggie stood up to shake his hand.

“Okay” the man made his way to you flashing a small flashlight in your eyes “So I’m checking for a concussion and maybe a sprain”

“Yes” Reggie spoke for you again.

“How bad was the fall?” The doctor asked placing his hands on your ankles to see if you had a sprain.

“I’m not dead, but I can finally open my eyes” you sassed and reacted to him putting pressure on your left ankle.

“You finally got one with a sense of humor didn’t you Reg?” his uncle encouraged as Reggie blushed a bit.

“I’m trying” he claimed and this time you blushed “So is anything too bad?” he asked making his way back next to you placing his hand on your head stroking your hair.

“Oh no, you got pretty lucky here, just a bit more rest on your head and you have a small sprain on your left ankle some medicine and you’re all good” the man reported to you as he grabbed some bandages and placed it tightly around your left ankle.

“Thank you sir” you told the doctor as he left the room.

You sat up the bed and tried to get up your legs still a bit weak and Reggie caught you, his hands on your waist.

One of the best encounters yet you thought.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” you asked as you placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh plenty” Reggie said with a smug look on his face as he closed the proximity of your faces and sealed it with a kiss.

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raise yo hand if yo significant other is a damn radiant glowing human being that deserves all things good in the world

(Draco Malfoy x Reader)  She Drew Me

        She draws. Oh my god she draws.

  That was Draco’s only coherent thought as he flipped through your sketchbook. As to how its in his possession; well, he didn’t exactly steal it per se. He just happened to be in the area when you dropped it and then he also just happened to pick it up and, uh, didn’t yet get around to returning it, yeah. 

  He is planning to return it of course but we mustn’t forget that he is also a Slytherin after all and you didn’t even put any wards on the thing so it’s technically your fault that he is now lying in his bed carefully examining each page.

  He’s got to admit that you have talent though. Each drawing seems to leap out of the page. They look almost real enough to be able to touch. As for what you draw, Draco hasn’t yet been able to discern any pattern in your objects of inspiration. You seem to draw everything; the Whomping Willow, the quidditch pitch, a hippogryff, a teapot?, a basket of fruit, treacle tart, a birthday cake etc. Turning to the next page he’s surprised to see a full body portrait of Blaise Zabini. 

 Ah yeah, they’re friends now, aren’t they.

  This is a development his isn’t all that happy about but seeing as he can’t seem to gather enough courage to talk to you himself there is literally nothing he can do about it.

  Something at the bottom left corner catches his attention and he realizes that it’s a caption:

  ‘This guy isn’t as funny as he likes to think he is’

  Draco raises his eyebrow in amusement and turns to the next page. This time he greeted with a very realistic Harry Potter and he’s already rolling his eyes before he can stop himself. Of course you would draw him, best friends and all that. This picture had a caption too:

‘Harry, your hair alone took me 4 hours. Fucking fix it’

  He snorted out loud this time and covered his mouth in horror. Mother would not be proud. All of the pages after that were drawings of people with little captions underneath;


‘The day you stop eating is the day Professor McGonagall dies her hair pink.’


‘When in doubt, go to The Hermibrary’


‘I will not apologize for saying I despise your frog, Neville.’


‘Please stop telling me that my head is full of wrackspurts’


‘Stop blowing things up my dude’

  There was even one of Pansy and the caption underneath made him laugh out loud.

‘I will never get back the full 40 minutes it took me to shade your cleavage, Parkinson.’

  The next page made Draco stop in his tracks and his eyes widen almost comically.

 She drew me. She actually fucking drew me. Holy shit holy shit holy shit.

  It was a simple picture. All he seemed to be doing was standing and staring off into the distance. He really doesn’t want to read the caption. What will it say? That he’s a git? That you hate his guts?

  After what felt like forever he managed to gather up his wits and like a true and proper Malfoy he looked at the caption head on.

  ‘I wish he would smile more’


Bewildered, Draco read it again. Smile more? Why would you want him to smile more? Malfoys don’t smile. At least not in public.

  Ignoring how abnormally fast his heart was now beating he turned to the next page and let out a noise that sounded suspiciously like a squeak because it was another drawing of him. This time he was in the library hunched over a book. His eyes flickered to the caption; ‘Well well well, he does study’

  He traced it with his finger. “Of course I study” He scoffed but his words held no bite. He flipped to the next sketch……. another drawing of him? 

  This one was of him in Potions class, carefully measuring out an ingredient.

  ‘He’s quite good at this class’

The next one was of him in quidditch uniform.

‘Fucking smile already, you git’

 Refusing to acknowledge the butterfies that now occupied his stomach Draco quickly flipped through all the pages. They were all drawings of him. He snapped the book shut and buried his face in his hands.

 Oh god oh god oh god. He’s definitely blushing.

 Up until now he hasn’t dared to let himself think about it. Hasn’t allowed himself to hope. But what if-oh merlin what if - no, it can’t be.

 Slowly, Draco reopened the sketchbook and turned to the very last page. His breath caught in his throat as he took it all in. It was a strange picture. The lines seemed rough and hurried as if you were in a rush when you drew it, in fact you seem to have given all the details to his face. His heart clenched suddenly when he saw why. In this picture, he was smiling.                         

‘He’s smiling. Took you a whole fucking book too, you prick’

 Draco let the book fall into his lap as he put his face back in hands his brain going a hundred million miles an hour because what if, just what if-

  What if she likes me too?


Should I do a continuation of this? Like one where Draco gives the sketchbook back or something…. I dunno. I don’t even know what made me write this hahaha.

|| Devil’s Advocate || MASTERLIST


  • I. Chapters
  • II. Character Bios
  • III. Trailers
  • IV. Settings
  • V. Playlist



ONE || i

TWO || ii

THREE || iii

FOUR || iv

FIVE || v

SIX || vi

SEVEN || vii

EIGHT || viii

NINE || ix

TEN || x

ELEVEN || xi

TWELVE || xii

THIRTEEN || xiii



SIXTEEN || xvi

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Pain Split || Peter Parker x Reader [[soulmate au]]

{soulmate au where you and your soulmate share each other’s pain…however there is one extra catch: evidence of their injuries may show up on your body as well… (this mainly applies to bruises, open wounds and broken bones are never shown, but they can still be felt by your soulmate)}

Here’s the promised soulmate au for Peter ;w;

peter parker is my waifu and i will never stop writing for him ;w; he’s such a gr8 boyfriend material that i swear i’m falling more in love with him every time i see him.

i’m so hyped for homecoming man, sooooo hyped [♥]

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine.**


A shot of red hot pain felt blooming across your abdomen forces you to wake up in the middle of the night. You let out an involuntary groan, lifting up your oversized shirt to see what was wrong.

Upon seeing the ugly purple and blue bruise spread out across the wide expanse of your skin, you whimper and gently touch at the surface. When you applied a bit of pressure to the unknown bruise, you felt yourself jolt in response, making you nearly cry out at experiencing the intense pain.

Just who the hell was your soulmate and what were they doing each night?

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anonymous asked:

AU where Obi-Wan is assigned to the Agricorps, but is first stolen by a Sith. The temple assumes he ran away. Dooku is charged with finding a darksider, but finds a tortured Obi-wan. Dooku, impressed by Obi-Wan's strength, takes him as a padawan.

Marching into the temple, Yan Dooku kept his head held high as he moved with firm steps and a slight arrogance that was almost to familiar to those who knew him despite being a Jedi. However the older man suddenly stopped and turned, peering behind himself with a small frown as if he had lost something.

“Padawan!” He called out sharply to several Jedi’s surprise. Yan Dooku had a padawan, after swearing he’d never again have one after Qui-Gon Jinn?

Since when, didn’t he just return from being sent out on a mission!?

A boy, dressed in slightly ragged but clean Initiate clothes and a poncho over that hurried to Dooku’s side, several bacta patches covering his face as he moved to the mans side with a limp. “Yes Master!” He smiled up at the man.

“Isn’t that Kenobi?” A knight whispered to their friend. “Didn’t he run away from the Agricorps?”

“Doesn’t look like he ran away as much as perhaps was grabbed…he looks like his face went through the trasher.” The other whispered back, watching Dooku carefully rest a hand on the boys shoulder and move at a slower pace then he had in the start, guiding the redhead along.

The touch was almost gentle looking as was the pace that the older Jedi now had, Obi-Wan limping away beside him.


“I found him in the cells there and rescued him. After a few questions I learned that Obi-Wan was suppose to go to the Agricorps but I have decided he is now my padawan.” Dooku offered blandly and raised his eyebrow at the council while keeping Obi-Wan at his side a careful hand. “Other then that I lost my trail on the Fallen but Obi-Wan has already described him as a dark haired man with a circular scar on his cheek.”

Beside Dooku, Qui-Gon finally jerked too in realization as to why he was in the room, though he had been busy staring at the boy who had wanted to be his padawan.

When he heard that he had supposedly run away…

Well his thoughts hadn’t been kind precisely.

Now that same boy stood with his former master, leaning slightly against Yan’s side with bacta patches on his face. Something told Qui-Gon that if it wasn’t for Yan, the boys clothes would have been quite bloody.

“You think it was Xanatos?” He broke in quickly.

“More then likely yes. But that’s only my suspicion and Obi-Wan did not see more then the dark hair and circular scar, the other features were covered up.” Dooku glanced down at the boy and gave a small half smile. “Considering he must have been half blind from the blood in his eyes, its impressive enough.”

Obi-Wan looked up at him, struggling to hold in his pride at his Master’s words. Someone found him enough, someone found him capable and strong and…and wanted to make him a Jedi!

“To be his master you wish to?” Yoda’s ears were twitching, watching all his carefully laid plans being broken.

He knew there was no way he could talk Yan out of taking Obi-Wan and he felt a strong tug inside him, the strong bond he knew Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan could have had falling apart in the Force already.

“Yes. Obi-Wan is capable, he’s skilled, he follows direction well and Force forbid me, I don’t understand why this boy was sent of to the Agricorps at all. He’s going to make a marvelous Jedi Knight.” Yan favored Obi-Wan with one of those rare smiles Qui-Gon remembered from his own apprenticeship. “He has some to learn, much to learn, but I can teach him that.” He pulled Obi-Wan in front of him, hands gentle on the boys shoulders.

The council looked between each other, some of them looking more then pleased to see the boy back among them.

“Then so it shall be. Obi-Wan Kenobi is now your padawan Master Dooku.” Mace quirked a small smile. “Welcome back to the order young Kenobi. I look forward to seeing your future missions with your master.”

Obi-Wan blinked then stood a bit straighter. Yet he couldn’t help the wide grin that crossed his face, pulling on the bacta patches on his face. “I won’t let anyone down Master Windu!”


“Well Yan, you’re lucky, I can fix his ankle.” Che carefully used healing Force on the ankle.

“I’m lucky?” Yan raised a brow as he observed his new padawan on the examination bed.

“Yes because if you honestly took him to a council meeting before taking him to the Halls and he suffered permanently from it, I’d be forced to surgically attach your hands to your ass and your head to your crotch.” She sniffed and smirked a bit when Obi-Wan struggled to hide an outraged little giggle.

“I see, I will endeavor to bring him to the Halls sooner next time.”

“You should, Padawan Kenobi has a history of getting properly injured as an Initiate.” She smirked at him before focusing on the ankle again. “Mostly from doing lightsaber forms he was not ready for but also some minor shuffles.”

“Something I will be speaking to him about.” Yan promised before giving Obi-Wan a reassuring smile so the other knew he wasn’t annoyed at him. He had a feeling that Obi-Wan was not the one to initiate those shuffles as much as the one to end them.

“Masters?” A healer stood at the door, with a padawan braid and a set of clothes in his arms. “Someone requested me to bring a humanoid padawan uniform?” He lifted the clothes.

Yan stepped forward and took it. “Yes, thank you padawan. You may leave now.” He turned and smiled slightly at Obi-Wan’s excited eyes. “Yes, this is your uniform.”

“…Thank you Master.” Obi-Wan whispered, staring at the other, excitement thrumming through him and Yan smiled a bit wider.

He was going to train this promising spark in the Force and make him a great duelist and negotiator. Qui-Gon would always be his first padawan, a huge success for all his faults and mistakes.

But Obi-Wan would be his greatest accomplishment.

And in a moments flash, a young knight of twenty five smiled at him from the examination bed, with a strong jawline and a winning smile.

Yes, Obi-Wan would be his best student.

But for now he was a thirteen year old in need of a shower and clean clothes.

‘More boys being yandere? Maybe if their s/o got killed in the killing game, and/or if they confessed they had a crush on someone (like if they were a yandere Bois crush?) ‘

Ok 2 things,A: I’m not sure if I understood this correctly so I’m sorry if this isn’t how you wanted it to be like. And B: THIS IS 7444 WORDS LONG HOLY

Some boys are reacting to their s/o’s death, others are reacting to their s/o having feelings (or possible feelings for other people

Warning: Nudity, suggested sex, violence and swearing under the cut 

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Stranger Sex || Taehyung

Request - 1. hey i would like to request a taehyung x reader smut, a detailed smut..hihi where both of them are kind of stranger, may be in a police station or hospital but not  a club plz ☺️ and a rough smut with fluffy ending? thanks.. 

                2. 5,8 and 10 with taehyung, a fluffy rough smut ?? thanks            

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Drabbles - 5. “Shut up and marry me.”
                  8. “More kisses please.”
                10. “Let me taste you.”

Genre - Smut

Summary - Just take the title literally.

You groaned as you felt the blanket getting pried off you and get thrown somewhere into the air, Jimin yelling at the top of his voice, ‘Y/N, get up!’ You tossed and turned, trying to get even a second of warmth but to no avail.

‘Jimin~’ You whined, your face dug deep into the pillow, muffling your voice, your one eye opened to glare at him. He smirked at you, as he stood at the foot of your bed, his hands propped up at each side of his waist.

'You’re really lonely, Y/N. And today, we end that.’ He announced and you felt your heart drop. He was probably going to set you up on a blind date, again. The last time he had tried that, the night ended in you emptying the contents of your wine glass onto your date as he was a kind of pervert you never knew could exist.

'But why? I’m happy being alone. Besides, I have you.’ You gave him a cheeky smile, which soon faltered as his gaze turned sharp, giving you a very disappointed look.

'I have a girlfriend whose needs I already tend to. I don’t want another one.’ He crossed his arms over his chest, and you huffed, knowing it was the end of the discussion.

You pushed yourself up, your hair haphazardly resting on your head, and your shoulders already slumping forward at the loss of balance.

Jimin held you up, him sighing in exasperation, 'C'mon now. I know you will enjoy today if you just come with me.’ He picked you up, and took you into the bathroom before placing your feet down and leaving to let you freshen up. Once you did, you came out, only to see your outfit already placed for you on the bed. You examined it, and then you noticed the combination of the pants and tank top; you were going to dance.

Jimin pulled you in to a room filled with people sweating, so much that you could feel the humidity in the air, you inwardly belching at the smell. You looked at the back of his head as he led you to a corner  'Why?’ You whispered, giving a betrayed look to him.

He stopped, only to have you bump lightly against his back, making you rub your nose. You looked down, as you played with your feet, before you heard Jimin saying out your name making you look back up. At the same time, he moved away, as he turned to look at you, to reveal the person he was talking to.

'Y/N, this is Kim Taehyung. He is the dance instructor here…’ and after that, you heard nothing as your surroundings completely melted away, only the man, or to mention, the dangerously charming man stood in front of you. That’s it, you decided, Kim Taehyung in a white sweatshirt with a slit near the collar and baggy pants was your new aesthetic.

'Y/N?’ You felt a hand shake your shoulder, making you come into your senses, your face flushing as you noticed you had been staring at the dance instructor the entire time Jimin was talking.

'Yeah, um- sorry..’ You looked away, flustered, the boys chuckling at you.

'It’s alright, it happens.’ Taehyung smiled adorably at you and you widened your eyes: Oh my god, you internally screamed, his voice!

You laughed your embarrassment away as you tucked a stray strand of hair behind you ear. You couldn’t lie, he got you good.
You watched him stretch his hand and motion for somebody to come over. In seconds, a boy, not many years younger than you, ran over. Taehyung wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulder, his shoulder just millimeters below Taehyung’s. But instead of greeting him, you began chanting a mantra in your head: Please don’t be gay, please don’t be gay, please-

'Y/N, meet my younger brother, Jungkook.’ Jungkook smiled at you cutely, his nose wrinkling as he stretched a hand towards you, 'Hi, Y/N!’

You let out a long breath, 'Hello,’ You replied, shaking his hand. Internally rejoicing, you loved how both the brothers had killer looks.

As the ice breaking session slowly turned to secret messages sent by eye contact between you and Taehyung, Jimin decided to let you two talk, making sure to send a wink to your direction before leaving.

'So, have you danced before?’ Taehyung’s voice immediately sounded the moment Jimin had left. You giggled, 'No. Well, I learn what Jimin choreographs every now and then, but I wouldn’t call myself a dancer.’ You said genuinely. His lips stay curled into a sweet smile but you couldn’t help but take notice of the mischievous glint he held in his brown orbs.

'Would you care to join…personal sessions- if you are interested, that is.’ Your eyes widened slightly as he mentioned 'personal sessions’, your mind wandering to all kinds of personal things.

'And how specifically ‘personal’ are we talking here?’ You challenged him, your posture changing. He took notice and took a step forward, extending a hand in front of you which you gladly accepted and the other around your waist, as he looked around, 'We can decide that right now if you want. And begin today maybe?’ He looked down at you with a playful smile, as he glided along with you around the room, catching everybody’s eye.

The room soon erupted in cheers as you danced with him to the song that blared through the speakers. You barely had to move, as Taehyung was doing that for you, his hands either pushing your waist gently to the gradually changing bass of the music, or pulling you close, your bodies sensually inter wined in a lovely Kizomba dance.

'Should I take you grinding against me, as a yes then?’ He whispered seductively into your ear, and it took you all your will power to not pull him out of the room and into somewhere secluded.

'Well, how do I know that once everybody’s gone, you’re not going to just rape me and leave me to die?’ You asked, as he pushed you away from his body to let you twirl, him laughing at your question, before he held you again, his lips next to your ear, 'You have a very…active imagination, Kitten.’

You let your body drop into his hand, as he dipped you to the floor and brought you back up with enough force that your lips almost touched, 'You are a stranger after all,’ You breathed onto his lips and he smirked.

'That’s what makes it, all the more fun.’ He moved his hand which was on your back, so that it rested right above your ass.

'Consider it done then.’ You told him, and he let you dip one last time, before bringing you back close to his body, both of your breathing in sync and labored as the room erupted in loud cheers and claps.

'That was very interesting to watch, Y/N.’ Jimin remarked as you stood next to him, packing your bag. You laughed, 'It’s going to get even more interesting later.’ You winked at him, and he raised an amused eyebrow.

'What are you talking about?’ He asked you, and you couldn’t help but let out a cheery laugh at his expression.

'I won’t be coming with you tonight. I have other…plans.’ You flashed an embarrassed smile and it took a few seconds before it clicked to Jimin. He laughed, his hand covering his mouth in an attempt to shush himself.

As you walked Jimin to the door, he leaned in to your ear, 'Make sure you use protection, alright?’ He joked, and ran out the door before you had the chance to smack his arm. The last one to leave was Jungkook, who (surprisingly) had a date to not be late to.

'Don’t break anything!’ Jungkook yelled loudly, making you blush and Taehyung chuckle, before leaving. You turned around to see Taehyung already staring at you, biting his lip as he kept watching you.

'Are you going to do something about that, or should I help you?’ You pointed at the tent that had already begun to form under his pants, him doing absolutely nothing to hide it.

'Why don’t you come over here, love.’ Just then, a song began playing, which you identified as Gangtsa by Kehlani. Smart choice.

As you took steps closer to him, he mirrored you, until you both had come to the center of the room, your bodies still inches away. He stared at your lips with hunger, as you stared back at his.

His hand snaked around your waist, tugging you closer, your hips attached to his as he leaned in, but did not close the gap between your lips.

Let me taste you,’ You brought your hand up to his face, tracing his hairline from his ear to his jawline, before trailing to his lips which parted beautifully, as his bulge pressed against your thigh, begging for attention.

You closed the distance between the two of you, your lips molding in a hot, sensual kiss as he let his hand dig into the skin under your tank top at your waist. Your hand which had reached the back of his head, tugged at the brown locks, making him groan into your mouth as you took his bottom lip in between your teeth.

You noticed the table behind him, and an idea lit in your head. You brought your hands to his chest, before pushing him backwards, you keeping an arm’s distance between both your bodies while he let you guide him towards the table.

The moment the back of his thighs touched the furniture, he spun you around, and picked you up, placing you on the table, the swift movement surprising you, a gasp leaving your lips. He put his palms against your ass, pulling you forward, letting you feel his bulge right at the spot, making you let out a soft moan at the friction he had caused.

He leaned in, but did not kiss you, instead, delved into the nape of your neck, attacking the skin with suction and open mouthed kisses, as his eyes went to the mirror, portraying your back. He pulled away, and immediately reached for the hem of your tank top, you getting rid of your sports bra with slight difficulty.

'Eager, are we?’ He teased, but he had to let his eyes roam the perfect view your bare chest gave him. He let out a hiss, as he felt your hand boldly palming him through the pants, making him almost rip it away. He stood in his boxers, as he smiled sheepishly at you, you giving it a glance before looking back at him with an amused look.

'You love Eevee a lot, huh?’ You chuckled, referring to the pokémon printed on his boxers.

'Everybody has a fetish, okay?’ He placed his hand at your neck, wrapping it gently before leaning and kissing your swollen lips. His hand went to the back of your neck, his head angling to deepen the kiss, his tongue ravaging in your mouth, you letting him take the win.

His hand roamed your body, his slender fingers taking possession of your pink bud, before giving it a light squeeze and pulling it, a moan erupting from your throat in response. He pulled you closer and you leaned backwards, giving him more access to your chest, his mouth placing wet kisses all around your breasts, and in between them before kneeling down to reach in between your thighs. He pulled your pants down with so much force you thought they had torn.

You rested on your elbows, although it pained you, the amount of pleasure he let course through your body was nothing compared to the pain as his teeth nipped at the skin inside your thighs. He placed a chaste kiss on your clit before running his tongue the whole length of your sex, one of your hands going to his hair.

Your moans become louder as his tongue increased the pace, it beginning to flick your clit as you felt the familiar knot forming in your stomach, his finger making its way inside you.

As he scissored you, and stimulated your clit at the same time, you felt your body shaking as your orgasm came close, 'Tae-’

'Come for me, baby girl.’ He let you know, and you clenched around his fingers before waves of pleasure crashed inside you, making you let out a long moan, his name coming along with it.

But he didn’t stop. He got up, and brought his finger up to his mouth, his lips wrapping around them, sucking your remnants: a sight to behold. He hummed in acknowledgment, 'You taste exotic, Y/N..’

His finger found your clit, making you jolt backwards at the sudden sensation, 'Tae- too- too much- ah!’ You groaned as he rubbed agonizingly slow circles against your clit, your legs already beginning to shake at the over stimulation. You heard him click his tongue, 'Ah, you can do much better than this, Kitten. Trust me~’ He sang, before pulling his boxers down, his erection springing free.

You closed your eyes instantly as you felt his tip kiss your entrance, your heart fluttering yet your core dripping with anticipation. He teased you, his fingers still moving in a slow pace, as he remained arrogant and oblivious to your need.

'Taehyung please-’ He leaned forward and placed a peck on your lips.

'Hmm?’ He let out a deep chuckle, finding your current situation very enlightening.

'Please what, baby?’ He asked and you didn’t care if you were begging or not, because at this point, you just wanted him inside you.

You opened your eyes briefly, but just enough to let you see him clearly and him you, 'Fuck me, Taehyung.’ You said as you made a mental note to thank Jimin later.

His eyes widened, and the way you had just asked him to fuck you, he was too turned on by it, to the point where he questioned himself if he was having a horny dream or not.

'Shit.’ He cursed, before slamming into you, both of you groaning at the sensation. He didn’t let you adjust to his size, before he began pounding into you mercilessly, the room echoing with the sound of his skin slapping yours.

You wrapped your legs tight around his waist, as his fingers began moving faster against your clit, his other hand holding your wrists above your head.
He closed the gap between you, taking your lips in an open mouthed kiss. He pulled away and gave you a smile, which had you melting into the table, ’More-fuck -kisses please.’ You grunted and he laughed before complying to your request.

He came back up, letting go of your wrists as he felt himself come close with you, 'Come here,’ He took your hand and helped you stand on the floor, turning you around so you were facing the mirror.

'Can you see?’ He whispered, bringing his member back to your entrance.

'Perfectly.’ You stared at him, as he let himself enter you, his eyes staring with more intensity at you.

He pounded into you again, the knot forming in your stomach, as your second orgasm approached. You leaned against the table more, your elbows almost touching the surface, as you felt him graze your sweet spot inside you, making you push your hips back into his.

'Ah, fuck, baby, you feel so good around me.’ He grunted as his hand came up before colliding flush against your cheek, a pang of pain making it’s way up your spine, turning into pleasure mid way, you responding with a whimper.

You felt his thrusts get untimely and irregular, as you clenched yourself around his member, his hands groping at your cheeks, exchanging gazes between watching you on the mirror and his member getting in and out of you.

He groaned, as he released inside you, you coming not long after. You clenched yourself around him again before your voice turned to hitched breaths. He pulled out of you, him catching your waist as your legs gave up under your weight. He helped you sit on the table again, as he brought your body closer to his in a sweaty embrace.

'I may not be a good dancer but-’ You started, and he pulled away before placing a peck on your lips, his eyes lighting up with mirth, ’Shut up and marry me already.’

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Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 10

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: Violence, blood, language, sexual situations, mentions of abuse, panic attacks

Word Count: 5,878

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

A/N: I poured my heart and soul into this one, guys ^^ I hope it was worth the wait! PS. new banner! what do you guys think??

“First thing’s first,” Chanyeol barked gruffly as he closed the van door shut behind him. “Let’s get the two of you to Yixing to get looked at.”

The seraph’s fingers tightened around your own as they interlaced protectively. During the long ride back, upon prompting, she had told you her name: Eva. Of course, this wasn’t her real name, or rather, the name given to her within the walls of Seraphim. With so many other leering eyes and open ears close by, you expected as much. A seraph’s true name was not only the root of their ethereal identity, but also a symbol of their divine virtue and character.”

For a seraph, allowing someone to know your true name was in essence giving them your undying loyalty, your highest form of adoration. Your life.

Eva’s hand trembled within the grasp of your own. You gently pushed her behind your back, effectively shielding her behind your wings. You stared up at Chanyeol, anxiety glistening behind your eyes.

Chanyeol took in a deep breath, “Don’t worry, he’s only going to tend to your wounds.”

He released it as he turned around, beginning to walk away from the two of you whilst muttering something under his breath. Something that sounded curiously like…

“There’s been enough violence at my hand today.”

You shivered. You didn’t know whether or not Chanyeol meant for you to hear those words or not, but you couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy for the beaten-down vampire as he stalked off across the warehouse.

Kyungsoo rounded the vehicle, causing Eva to wince as he approached you. He halted in his tracks, and his breath hitched. As he took one step closer, you reciprocated by keeping a protective arm around Eva’s waist behind you, taking a step of equal length back.

Kyungsoo froze, the sadness that was evident in his eyes betraying his emotionless expression. “I am to escort you to the medical ward.”

Eva cowered further behind you as soon as he began to speak. You turned around and rubbed your hands up and down her arms reassuringly.

“It’s okay, Eva, these people are okay. They won’t hurt you anymore, alright? I won’t let them hurt you.” After she gave you a curt nod, you smiled. “We’re just going to go see Yixing, and he’s going to patch you up a little bit, okay?”

You turned back around to face Kyungsoo, forcing yourself to muster a confident expression. Eva’s hand reconnected itself with yours, and you sent Kyungsoo a sharp nod to indicate that you were ready.

Kyungsoo’s lip twitched, and you could’ve sworn you saw the remnant of an apologetic look in his eyes.

“If you would, then.” He straightened himself before extending his arm in the direction of the nearest doorway. “Follow me.”

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Happy Birthday Jihyun



Okay my darlings! This is just a HC about how V spends this birthday- it’s AU and steams right after V’s To Promise #7 as I can’t seem to get over Daddy V anytime soon. Whilst it’s not super important to have read it (there may be some places where you may go- huh?- but I understand skipping the previous story as it is over 18K long.) 

So here is V, Dae Hyun and MC- celebrating V’s birthday. 

Excuse me while I continue crying over not being able to make V happy. 

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“Nurse!” “Nurse!” “Nurse!”

That’s how it was for you all day. No one cared to learn your name. You were simply a nurse to them and you had an obligation to tend to their needs. You liked your job but some days it was just so draining. Your shift seemed like it would never finish.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sick with strep. It's occurred to me, that Anakin might need a lot of vaccines when he first gets to the Jedi order -- so, the prompt is, Anakin's first basic checkup visit with Vokara Che and her assistants. Presumably taking place shortly after they get back from Naboo. Bonus points if Obi-Wan is dragged in -- he's overdue for a visit, and after Qui Gon's death, the mind healers want a look. Also, warn Anakin about any allergies his master might have, and vice versa.

“I’m sure its going to be alright Anakin.” Obi-Wan soothed softly with a hand on his shoulder, guiding him along the rooms of the Halls to the right one where he knew that Healer Uva would be waiting on them with all the shots Anakin would need.

“But what are they going to do?”

“Well, its a basic checkup along with some shots for various immunizes you don’t have that you will encounter.” Obi-Wan smiled down at him and squeezed his shoulder. “And take down the information like your weight, height, gender, hair color and all.”

“But they already know I’m a boy.” Anakin frowned.

“Mhmm but those things has to go in your folder.”

“But…why?” Anakin blinked.

“Well, so if you get sick somewhere else in the universe, the healer there can request your folder and know its you and know what to do to treat you.”

“…Oh, okay that make sense.” Anakin nodded at the explanation as they stepped into the room.

And promptly jumped in surprise as the door promptly shut behind them.

“Well well well knight Kenobi, a pleasure to finally have you in front of me.” A blue twi’lek said with her arms crossed over her chest as her lekku’s twitched.

Healer Uva meanwhile smiled gently at Anakin even as his master tensed up.

“H-Healer Che, what a surprise.”

“Oh I bet Knight Kenobi.” She offered, looking more and more unimpressed as she did.

“Anakin! Padawan of mine, this is healer Che, one of the bes-”

“Flattery will not get you out of your health check Kenobi.” She scowled at him before giving Anakin a brief smile. “Please go to Healer Uva padawan, your master has his own checkup.”

And then she moved to Obi-Wan, grabbing him by the ear to pull him over to an examination bed. “You with me Knight.”

“Healer Che!” He yelped.

Anakin watched with wide eyes before stepping over to Healer Uva who gently patted the bed by her. “I’m sorry for having this sprung on you young one. Your master has a…history of avoiding the Halls.”

“He does?” Anakin asked while crawling up on the bed and sitting still for the healer as she picked up an instrument to scan him.

“Mhmm, he’s well known here for being difficult.” Uva chuckled quietly while reading what the scanner had picked up, quickly preparing two hyposprays for Anakin. “We usually leave it to Healer Che because she knows how to handle him.”

As she got the hyporspray ready, Anakin glanced over at Obi-Wan to find him being forced to take off his boots and outer tunic, the healer hissing at him to get on the scale. “And so help me Kenobi, if you lost weight I will ground you, new padawan or not. Or perhaps I should just ground you anyhow.” She scowled.

“I haven’t lost weight! I’ve been good!” Obi-Wan argued as he hopped on one foot before settling his boot down, flustering as he noticed Anakin watching the two. “And please don’t embarrass me.”

“Oh you don’t want your new padawan to know how terrible you are at taking care of yourself huh? Well tough luck, I’m going to get him to send me monthly reports on your health.” The twi’lek glared at him. “On the scale, NOW.”

Obi-Wan muttered something that got him a sharp but light wack over the head.


“On the scale, no sass.”

Anakin was distracted when Uva carefully gave him his shot and then asked him a few question about what kind of illnesses and injuries he had gotten on Tatooine that he knew of.

By the time he looked back, Obi-Wan was sitting shirtless on the examination bed, having a bruise on his chest examined and prodded before the healer got to work on it.

Obi-Wan was looking embrassed, staring at his knees before he looked up and meet Anakin’s eyes, giving him a sheepish and meek smile.

“Is Master Obi-Wan bad at taking care of himself?” He couldn’t help but ask outloud, blinking as Obi-Wan colored sharply.

“Your master is terrible. He hides injuries, loses weight and gains it as if he’s a jojo, tries to pretend he can live of tea and air at times and Force preserve us if I’ve ever meet a more masochistic human in my life.” Che grunted before letting Obi-Wan pull on his under tunic as the bruise was fading.

“I’m not that bad.”

“No? Then tell us all about the time you were grounded on Coruscant for a whole month because we could count your ribs, how about that?”

Obi-Wan turned bright red and Anakin felt his eyes widen. He had seen slaves with protruding ribs but Obi-Wan was a Jedi! He must have been able to eat and drink properly right?

“Why?” He looked at them.

“Because like I said, he’s horrible at eating and Master Jinn, Force look after him, was not always good at feeding him.” Che sighed, hesitating a bit before squeezing Obi-Wan’s shoulder almost gently. “You need to look after yourself Kenobi. You got a padawan now.”

“I know…” Obi-Wan stared at his knees.

Anakin stared at him then hopped off the examination bed and moved to his teacher, hugging his legs while peering up at him. “Its okay, we can take care of each other master Obi-Wan.” He smiled up at him.

Green eyes blinked at him in surprise before Obi-Wan gave a small smile and ruffled Anakin’s hair. “I guess we can…now its your turn to hop on the scale Anakin. Go on. Boots and over tunic off, I’ll help you put it on again.”

Anakin gave Obi-Wan’s legs one last squeeze before moving over to the scale, leaning against the bed to remove his boots.

Obi-Wan watched him closely, smiling ever so slightly while the two healers traded looks.

Perhaps having a padawan so early was not such a bad thing for the young knight.

Perfect Moments - Elias Lindholm

inspiration/soundtrack: requiem on water by imperial mammoth

requested: yes | no

word count: 1601

warnings: none

a/n: feel free 2 fight me about the soundtrack this came from. i also wrote this more than a month ago and it’s been clogging up my drafts so here we go 

Originally posted by faulker

alexander nicklas lindholm cried. a lot. you weren’t sure if he cried more than an average baby, or just as much. but he cried a lot, his tiny eyes squinched shut and his little fists waving in the air. it damn near broke your heart.

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❝ I will help you every step of the way, okay? ❞

Plot: Where you are younger than him and have never had sex and you are ready to do it with Heechul

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,7k+

Genre: Comedy Fluff and SMUT

For anon , I hope you like it ^^


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Is it weird to be 28 years old and still be a virgin?

This was a question you continuously asked yourself. Something that seemed to plague your mind at night. Something that confused your friends as well because you were a pretty person yet still a virgin. It wasn’t as if you didn’t know about it, but you were the type of person that was ‘waiting for the right’ person. It could be before marriage or after, you didn’t really care. The only thing that you cared about was that it was with someone you cared about and you might have finally found that person.

‘HEECHUL!’ A voice yelled at the male staring at his phone.

‘I am right here, Jungsu.’ He rolled his eyes, ‘There really is no need to shout.’

‘Then maybe you shouldn’t be so dazed!’ The leader pointed out, ‘What is up with you today? You generally aren’t like this, what’s up?’

‘It’s Y/N….’

You and Heechul had been together for three years. For three years the two of you have never progressed further then kissing. You were 24 when you met him, but dated him the following year. When you told him you were a virgin, he found it very hard to believe with his reasoning being not appropriate. Lets just say that he ended up with a slap across the face. After countless apologies and hundreds of flower bouquets, you forgave him. He truly cared for you and understood you.

‘What about her?’ Leeteuk asked.

‘Sh-she want to ….’ He all but trailed off before a smile crept onto his face.

‘Oh god!’ Yesung jumped to Leeteuk’s side, ‘He is doing the creepy smile again hyung!!!’

‘Don’t make me end your life, turtle man.’ Heechul threatened the younger who was clinging onto Leetuek for dear life.

‘So you going to see her at her place?’ Yesung asked Heechul

‘Yeah, she finishes work early today since it’s friday.’ The elder responded, packing up his things.

‘How does it feel dating someone younger then you?’ Yesung asked.

‘Refreshing.’ A smile graced the sassy man’s face.

Completely disregarding them, Heechul walked out of the studio. At first when he read the message, he was shocked out of his wits, but now he was ever so excited. You and him shared an apartment, and he knew you would be home at around 6. This gave him some time to get somethings together. If it was your first time, he wanted to at least make it a good experience and have you enjoy it.

‘I know that you brat!’ Heechul hissed into the phone, ‘But I need this to be good.’

‘Never knew you were such a cheesy man, hyung.’ The person chuckled on the other side of the line.

‘Listen to me Min Kyunghoon, are you going to help me or not?’ He paused his action and placed a hand on his waist, ‘Believe it or not, my first time wasn’t the most romantic thing so I want Y/N to not go through the same experience.’

‘Fine, get some nice smelling things. Make sure to take it slow, she is going to be new at this.’ Kyunghoon explained, ‘Try do most of the work because she is going to be sore from just the first five minutes.’

‘Tch, such a pervert Ssamja.’ Heechul teased.

‘YAH, YOU ASKED ME!!’ Hoonie defended himself.

Kyunghoon and Heecul had been friends for around two years and the younger had been someone that the Super Junior member could confide in. Talking his words into account, Heechul began to prepare for the evening. He changed the sheets, bought some roses and other necessities that would prove useful for the evening. He changed out of his clothing from earlier today, into some sweats and a t-shirt. His ears perked up when he heard the front door open and close.

‘Chullie?’ Your voice rang through the apartment.

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To Make You Proud: Lin-Manuel Miranda X Daughter Reader (ft. Hamilcast)

Prompt: Your high school graduation ceremony is something you wanted your family to attend since you were receiving an important award, but you don’t see your father anywhere in the crowd.

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,343

Warnings: Angst, in a way.

Author’s Note: This is based off of the song “To Make You Proud” by Teresa Jennings which is what I sang for my graduation in middle school.

Your name: submit What is this?

You sat among the dozens of other seniors who were excited to be leaving the stage of high school and move onto college. You, however, were twisting a piece of string about your finger nervously, gazing around at you family and only seeing Vanessa, Sebastian, and your grandparents, your father nowhere in sight, causing you to get more and more upset. You bit your lip, trying to hold back a tear that was trying so hard to slip down your cheek.

You knew your father was a busy man, but he had promised you that he would come to this for you. You see, you were always fearful that your father had a hidden hatred for you since you were a mistake made after a drunk night in high school with your mother, someone who never showed her face. After she had you, she handed you off to your father without a word and went off the face of the Earth. And no matter how often your dad tried to reassure you that he loved you, you still felt a twinge of doubt inside you.

“And now,” You heard the English department supervisor announce. “The senior accepting the writing award for outstanding dedication and phenomenal creativity in every sense of the word is Y/N Miranda!”

You heard the claps and cheers from around you, and that put a little smile on your face as you walked up to the podium to accept your award. You shook the supervisor’s hand and she gave you the certificate. She said something to you, but you were too enthralled in your own thoughts that you didn’t really even catch what she had said to you. You simply nodded and smiled in response to whatever it was she had told you. You took your seat once more as the rest of the high school academic awards were given out.

Just after the valedictorian spoke and the diplomas were given out, the choir members-yourself included- were brought to the stage to sing your final song of high school. It was a simple one, but your choir director thought it had a lot of soul and sentiment to it, and it was called “To Make You Proud.”

You stared off at the gray sky of New York City. It wasn’t the typical gray city skyline, but it was one that told people there was a rainstorm coming very soon. Which, ironically, had happened not even a second after you had this thought.

A rushed movement caught your eye. You saw your father, dressed semi-formally, as if he had been scrambling just to get something good together. You noticed his heavy breathing and sad face when he noticed you and the other members standing tall, your voices blending together. Just seeing your father with that look of regret put you over the edge.

Your eyes became teary when you realized that your idiot of a father only just showed up to one of the biggest nights of your life. But, not wanting to give people the chance to see you cry, you turned your sadness into anger, and the way you sang showed you that. You gazed straight ahead once more, not looking anywhere else in fear that your tears would some barreling out for all the school and everyone’s families to see.

When the caps were thrown and everything was done and done, you had to go and face your family. But in a way you didn’t.

You wiped away your tears and put on a fake smile when you walked towards your grandparents, your stepmother, and little brother, completely ignoring your father’s presence.

“Hey!” You smiled, giving your grandmother a hug before moving onto your grandfather. “Gosh, it’s so nice to see you.”

“Y/N, listen-”

“Oh, Vanessa, you look so beautiful in that dress!” You cut him off.

“Y/N, I mean it-”

“Aw and look at little Sebastian in his fancy little clothes!” You spoke, googling over your little brother who giggled in response to you. “You have fun?”

“Yeah!” He nodded vigorously.

You turned back to our grandparents, gave them another hug, and told them, “Gosh, it’s so good to see you guys! Thank you so much for coming!”

“Oh my-”

“And you know I just wanted to say that this really means a lot to me. I mean like so-”

“Y/N Miranda will you just stop talking and listen to me?!” Your father shouted over you, finally having enough of you ignoring him.

You turned slowly and face him. You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow accusingly. “Listen to you? Listen to you? I don’t need to listen to you! You weren’t here when I asked you to be. End of story.”

“Y/N, you have to understand. There was a problem that needed my attention at today's’ matinee show! Thy couldn’t-”

“Oh, so this is what this is about? Missing my high school graduation, the only one I’ll ever have, for that show? Guess what, dad?! Look at this, dad! I got an award for writing and you weren’t freaking there to see it because of that show! There’s understudies and-and standbys for Alexander Hamilton! He could be played by anyone in that stupid musical! But there’s no standby by for my dad!” You shouted in his face. Tears started to roll down your cheeks. “God, I wish that it never existed!”

At the time, you hadn’t realized just how harsh the words were and how deeply they affected him. You simply left your father and the rest of your family behind you as you walked off, sobbing and wiping away your tears as a sad melody echoed in your head.

You sat at the piano in your room a few hours after the incident, your fingers gently pressing down on the keys to create a nonsensical tune. It didn’t make you forget about what just happened, but it at least calmed you down a little bit. You continued doing this until you heard a knock on the door.

“If you’re dad, piss off. If you’re anyone else, please come in.” You mumbled just loud enough for the person behind the door to hear you.

“First of all,” Vanessa’s voice came to your ears after the door creaked open. “Watch your language. It could’ve been Sebastian for all you know.”

“I’m pretty sure Sebastian can’t knock as well as that.” You sorrowfully laughed.

“And second of all, you really hurt your father.”

You semi-glared at Vanessa when she told you this. A range of emotions and thoughts flowed through you, but you didn’t have enough words in your dictionary or enough time to voice them all then and there. So instead, you just snapped, “Yeah, well he hurt me.”

“I understand that, Y/N, but you told him that you wished Hamilton never existed. And-and you know how hard he worked on that and just how much it means to him. Hearing you say that to him… he really hurts, you know? You should probably apologize to him when you’re ready.”

“Apologize?” You scoffed. “Why should I even consider doing that when he couldn’t even put it off for one day for his only daughter’s high school graduation? This isn’t like some dumb middle school concert or something that’s like, every year or something. This is something he can’t see again. And this has happened before, and you know that. My final Broadway night for choir? Poetry night? Sure, they were all recorded but what’s the point?”

Vanessa sat on your bed, examining you as you looked down at your frail fingers touching the piano keys.

“There’s more to it, isn’t there?” Vanessa questioned.

You didn’t look up at her. Your fingers stop moving and you just stared down at the keys, a solemn look on your face.

“You know, I… I wonder if I really matter to him. Like… am I just a burden to him?” You wondered. You scrunched your eyebrows together in thought pondering these questions that always haunted you for years. “I mean, my mother just left me in his hands and ran. Does he actually see me as his daughter… or just a disturbance that he had to deal with for eighteen years? A-All I want to do is make him proud, but it’s like there are bigger priorities.”

“No, no, no!” Vanessa exclaimed, rushing to her feet. “Now that’s not true. Y/N, you know he loves you! And you know he’s proud of you!”

“Yeah? Well, it’s proven eight times a week that he’s a really good actor.”

Behind your door was a distraught father, one who couldn’t handle the information that had just come out of your mouth. You, a gentle, precious ray of light, believed that you were nothing to him and that he wasn’t proud of you and everything you did. Well, he’d just have to find a way to fix that.

Vanessa had told you that she had to drop something off at the Richard Rodgers Theatre for your dad. She didn’t say what it was, just that it was important to get it there before the show ended. You honestly just wanted to stay in the car, but she dragged you along anyway, telling you she wasn’t going to let you stay in a car alone in New York City.

“Here,” Vanessa handed you a small, light box. “Give this to your dad when he comes off stage Go over and wait for him. I have to go put this in the dressing room.”

“What?” You turned to look back at her and refute, but she was already hurrying for the other hallway backstage. “Fine…”

You stood backstage, the crew members giving you kind smiles. You knew most of them after a coming to the theatre a few different times. They didn’t say anything to you with the show going on, but they simply greeted you with their eyes and a nod to which you returned with a small wave and a small of your own.

You stood a few feet away from the stage with just enough view of it to see Phillipa center stage with your father walking around her as everyone sang the final notes of “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.” You felt a knot form in your stomach when you heard Phillipa let out a strained gasp when her character saw the audience watching the tale before her. When the lights faded out, and everyone went out for bows, you couldn’t stand to be there anymore.

“Could you give this to my father when he comes off please?” You asked, handing the box to a crew member.

They nodded and took the box from your grip. You spun around on your heels to head back out to the car, but your father’s voice caught you off guard, and kept you from moving forward.

“And one more thing before we all go! I have a something special for my very own Theodosia. My daughter, Y/N.”

You were frozen in your spot. You didn’t know what to do at that time. You could only listen as your father continued to speak to the audience with such cheerfulness, such… love… as he spoke about you. You slowly and hesitantly turned to look back at the stage.

“She just graduated college with honors in the English department. She got accepted into her dream college with a full scholarship… and I just couldn’t be more proud of her. So, to honor that, we will be singing one final song of the night, dedicated to her.” He announced.

You stepped forward, wanting to hear what would happen next. To say the least, you shocked when you heard the piano keys playing your graduation song from just a few nights ago. You gasped slightly, leaving you open-jawed. You watched Renée sing the solo out into the audience before everyone else joined in, your heart swelling with merriment.

“I’ll hear your words,
Here in my heart,
Wherever I go!
To make your proud…”

You felt your knees become weak as you heard the cast sing so beautifully and in such perfect harmony in that one single moment. You put your hand over your mouth to keep the heartfelt sigh at bay. Soon enough you felt more tears falling down your cheeks.

“What should I say? What should I do?
Lessons I’ve learned help me get through,
I can be strong, I can be brave,
Just thinking of you…
To make you proud!”

Your father noticed you and your sobbing self in the wings, smiled, and extended an arm to you. You staggered over, your legs seeming to become jelly as you walked out on stage. You noticed the cast members smiling as they sang when they noticed your form walk over with faltering steps towards your dad. Even the audience audibly gushed at the sight of you when you crashed into your father, going completely limp in his arms as you cried into his shoulder. You felt your dad pet your head soothingly as the song ended, and the audience and cast applauded in joviality.

“I’m sorry…” Your voice came out muffled as you cried into your father’s costume. “I’m so, so sorry. I-I shouldn’t have… I didn’t mean… God, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” He told you softly. He looked back at the audience and bid them a good night before he and the other cast members returned backstage. He looked back at you when you were all away from the stage. “Y/N, I’m so, so, so sorry. I should’ve been there for you…”

“I’m sorry I got so mad… And that I told you I hated the show.”

“It’s alright. You were just upset… But listen to me,” He took your face in his hands so you would look at him. “I love you with all my heart. You will never be a burden to me, and you will always be my precious little girl. No matter what your mother did, you are still my daughter, and you always will be. Don’t ever doubt that.” He kissed your forehead gently.

You shook your head, “I never will again.”

Valuable: Part 2

Kylo Ren x  Reader

Summary: Reader has spent the last few years living among the First Order after being taken along with other women to be used as breeders for a new generation of soldiers. Reader begins to wonder when her time will come to be used to produce children, until she has an interesting encounter with Kylo Ren himself.

Words: 2100 (ish)

Warnings: kidnapping, trauma, unwanted pregnancy, angst 


“Did it work?” General Hux demanded one of the doctors as soon as he burst into the clinic. Hux had been doubtful of this plan, but the prospect of it opened a whole new window in their breeding program.

               “We find out today,” one of the doctors replied. “(Y/N)’s due for a checkup this afternoon, we will know then. Where’s Ren?”

               “He left on a mission with Captain Phasma a few hours ago,” Hux replied in a stale manner, as if the mention of Kylo Ren annoyed him. “As soon as you get the results I want you to send for me. Is that understood?”

               “Yes, sir,” the doctor complied, not looking up from where he was setting up the equipment for that afternoon.

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Convergence 22

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 - Part 1 Chapter 14 - Part 2 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19-1 Chapter 19-2 Chapter 20 Chapter 21

If anyone were to look up at the sky they would’ve noticed the darkening of the sky and the crack of lightning as the God of thunder’s feet touches the ground.

After getting off the phone with Bucky, Natasha returned to the bedroom to see Thor appear.

“What’s going on?” Nat asked.

Loki and Thor both ignored her question.

Thor approaches the bed. “She is in rest.”

“Yes, brother.” Loki answers.

“I can wake her.”

Thor grabs his arm. “No. She has to wake on her own.”

“I’m here to protect them. I know what I’m doing, after all, it’s my…” he trails off as Bucky entered the bedroom followed by Bruce.

“I brought Bruce along just in case.” Bucky says to Nat. “Your message sounded serious and he would know what to do.

Bruce approaches the bed and examined her. He spoke a few minutes later. “She seems to be in a deep sleep.”

“Like a coma?” Bucky asked approaching the bed.

“Yes, but no. She has the symptoms of a coma, but this isn’t that. This is something else.”

“She is pregnant.” Loki says.

Bucky’s mouth fell open, they were being blessed with another child. “Are you sure, how do you know. Does she know? She will be…she’s pregnant.” Bucky says as the weight he’s been carrying fell from his heart and pooled at his feet. They will survive this.

Loki gazed at Bucky uneasily, knowing the consequence of what he has to reveal.

“Doctor, you are right. This is something not of this world. I’m going to wake her, but brother dear is reluctant and as a medical man you can help if anything goes wrong.”

“I-I don’t have anything to administer in case anything goes wrong.”

Loki smiled. “I do not foresee anything happening, but it is good that you are here.”

The doctor nods. “Sure.”

Loki hovers over the bed and places his palm on either side of her face. Gold dust began to dance from his fingertips. He stands and runs his palms over her heart and then he pressed lightly on her stomach.

“Pulse, Doctor.”

Bruce lifts her wrist and listened. “Slow and steady.

"Good. Just keep checking her pulse, Doctor.”

Bruce nods and does as he is told.

Loki then presses his palm against her forehead as the gold dust from his fingers masked her face.

Her eyes snaps open and she inhales deeply, swallowing the dust.

“Her pulse is rising.”

“Darling, you need to calm down. Everything is fine, but you have to breathe.”

My eyes flickered open as the need for air became overwhelming. I gulped in as much as I could unaware of the chaos surrounding me.

I gazed up into his emerald eyes, his words inaudible.

“I can’t hear.”

“Darling, calm down.”

“What did you do?” Bucky threatened as he clenched and unclenched his jaw, his left arm readying itself.

Loki was too focused to notice any of this.

He gestures to me.

“Close your eyes, love.”

He points his fingers to his eyes then closes them. He does this repeatedly.

I close my eyes and inhaled deeply. “Listen to my voice love. Calm down, your hearing will return and your consciousness will return if you just calm down.

I relaxed as the sounds slowly filled my eardrums.

"Her pulse is strong.”

I smiled and opened my eyes. “Bruce.”

He smiles at me warmly. “Welcome back.”

“Welcome back.” I asked quizzically. “Where did I go?”

I gazed at the room full of people. Bucky and Loki were on either side of the bed, Nat was at the foot of the bed with Wanda and Thor stood in the background deep in thought.

“You have been sleeping for a week.” Bucky says.

“A week? That’s impossible. I just closed my eyes for about five minutes.”

“He’s right, love, you have been in rest.”

I sat up and looked at Loki. “Why are you here?”

I turned to stare at Bucky, “I didn’t…I haven’t had any contact with him.”

“Dollface, it’s okay.” He cooed.

“I-I summoned him.” Nat spoke.

I gazed at her. “Why?”

Nat couldn’t meet my gaze.

“What’s wrong? Why do you all look so grim as if someone died.”

“There’s no other way to say this, but…”

“Say what?” I asked.

“Darling, you’re pregnant.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You are with child.” He says.

I gasped, thinking back on my last period, when was it?

I shook my head. “That’s impossible.”

“Is it?” Loki asked.

I thought about it and no, it was not impossible.

“It doesn’t make any sense, if I was really pregnant I wouldn’t be asleep for a week that is physically impossible.”

“Your body was in rest.” Thor says from the background, all eyes turned to look at him.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

He walked towards the bed. “It means her body is preparing itself to carry the child of a God.”

“What are you saying?” Bucky asked.

“She carrying the child of a God.” Thor repeated.

Nausea hit Bucky harder than any blow he’s ever received.

In that moment as Thor uttered the words, I felt it, I was now conscious of it. This pregnancy felt different from the one from a year ago.

I looked at Bucky as my eyes filled with tears, shifting my gaze to Loki, shaking my head.

“Please.” I choked staring into the turbulent Mediterranean eyes that watered.

She loves him, there’s no denying that.

He loves her more than his own breath, he would tell you.

They were rebuilding their life.

They were supposed to defy all odds.

They survived the loss of a child…not many couples do.

They belong with each other as they have been told.

They have been through too much to end this way.

“Loki is the father.” I breathed.

Post Note: I can hear your screams lovely readers. Thank you all for the positive support and feedback. This series started in June and ended October 1st. I had so much fun torturing you all. Please let me know if you are all thirsty for another series, it definitely won’t be as long as Convergence.

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Finally getting this part out. It shouldn’t have taken as long as it did but my mental health took a turn for the worse recently as a result of uni work. Thankfully, I finished uni for the year yesterday. I’ve got a lot more time now so these updates should be a bit more frequent now. In the meantime, enjoy, my darlings!

I love it!❤ The whole idea is amazing. Loki and fairytales elements is definitely something I need in my life!😂

I love how Loki is such a dick still lmao

‘The Tower’ (Part 4)

Part 3

By the time you reached the top of the stairs, your calves were screaming in agony. Though the tower had indeed looked tall from the outside, it hadn’t looked that tall. The mysterious owner of the tower had long since left you behind and you weren’t entirely sure whether you were permitted to find sanctuary alone or whether you should seek permission first.

Your manners dictated that you pursue the second course of action.

That last few steps had been negotiated on your hands and knees, the weight of your wounds all but crippling you. Thankfully, the cool floor kept your muscles from failing entirely, and it welcomed you once more at the summit as you lay on your back; panting and slightly shaking, but still alive.

Eventually, after having caught your breath, you sat up and examined your surroundings. Straight ahead was a crystalline door that held a pattern akin to a clear stained-glass window. Though blurry, it was otherwise transparent and you could see the mysterious man within, sat down on something.

Using the handle of the frosty door, you pulled yourself up and limped further inside. The sight before you was exquisite.

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