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Imagine: Finding Out You’re Pregnant, So You Try To Leave Beacon Hills.

Peter Hale x Reader

“No, no, no. This can’t be happening,” you muttered to yourself, pacing back and forth in the hospital room, waiting for the doctor to get back with a prescription of prenatal vitamins. Your hands shook as you tried to calm yourself down, running your fingers weakly through your hair. You sat on the examination bed, rocking back and forth with your balled fist to your temples, forcing your breathing to calm down.

“I can do this. I can do this,” you said, taking a deep breath. You head snapped up as the door opened, revealing the nice female doctor, a paper bag in her hands, along with a note.

“So, I want you to take one of these a day, okay? Make sure you eat a good diet, no alcohol, etc.” the doctor said with a smile, handing you the paper bag, along with the prescription for a few refills. You thanked her quietly, before leaving the room. After walking down many confusing halls, and exiting the building, you walked to your SUV. Getting in the driver’s seat, you felt tears stream down your face, dripping off your chin. You balled your fist, pounding the steering wheel a few times, before letting out a loud sob.

“What am I going to do?” You thought, staring out the window at the concrete side of the doctors office. “How do I even know if it’s Peter’s? Would he even want me after this?”

Another loud sob left you, your hands raising to cover you face. Forcing yourself to calm down once again, you wiped your tears, before turning on the car. You shook out your hands, before beginning to drive back to your house.

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Should of Been an Oral Doctor (M) ~ Suho x Reader

Summary: You visit your best friend, Junmyeon while he’s on work break; He happens to be a doctor and get sexually frustrated when around you, you feel the same.
A/N: I really like the idea of Doctor!Junmyeon it’s a beautiful thing like hot damn. I’mma also upload the next aesthetic later!
Genre(s): Smut, Oral, AU

Junmyeon noticed that something was wrong as soon as you walked straight into the doctors surgery that morning when you dumped your rucksack then yourself onto the examination bed.

The young man sat there patiently in his swivel chair for your rant about work or some other thing, but you didn’t utter a word and it surprised him. It generally did. As best friends you would always come to each other if something was sincerely ripping at you but your behavior caught Doctor Kim Junmyeon off guard today.

While you had your head buried frustratingly into the pillow of the examination bed and groaned into it, the young doctor had wild, filth thoughts clouding his mind; how he would do numerous things to you in this sound proof room while you screamed not his name but his profession into that pillow. Should he be having such thoughts about his best friend?

“What’s up?” Junmyeon’s crisp clear voice echoed across the room, almost startling the fuck out of your trance. You always loved his voice; soft like cotton but crisp like snow and always giving you an unhealthy, pleasing twist in your stomach.

Your answer was so muffled he didn’t understand a word, “Eh?”

A roll of his eyes and smirk had him standing off his desk chair, then he made his way over. Should he be doing this? Is this going to be the biggest fuck up of his life?

Hearing approaching footsteps coming from towards the room, your head lifted up from the pillow and you locked eyes with Junmyeon - He stood stick major still mentally screaming and asking what he was doing.

As your and Junmyeon’s eyes continued to lock onto each other’s for longer, another moment passed, then suddenly, he crawled onto the bed, hovering and pinning your hands above you head.

You gasped for air when you suddenly felt his hot breath in your neck, his warm mouth placing light and ticklish butterfly kisses on the sensitive skin there before he closed his chocolate hooded eyes, one of his soft hands running cupping your cheek, thumb gliding along while his other hand still held your arms above

And with that, the all too familiar butterflies awakened in your tummy, the ones you’d get whenever you would think of this reality actually over and over in your head; sending electric shocks through your whole body.

Holy fuck, is this a dream? Did you fall asleep on the examination bed?!

Everything tensed when his fingers trailed up to the bare skin on your thighs, after he pulled your leggings and baby blue spongebob boxer briefs that he didn’t hesitate to comment on at all; wasting no time. When his hot breath brushed making you whimper his name out and run your now free hands through his hair.

Junmyeon looked up at you with pure lust and sex driven eyes, not giving you a chance to regain a posture while as it was evidendant to you both that your breath was already unsteady, the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

The next moment, he pressed his lips against your cunt. His tongue flicked forward, tasting the juices that had started to leak from you almost instantly, you didn’t have time wonder how the fuck he learnt all this as he brought his teeth and lightly pulled at the sensitive skin of your cunt lightly, making sure he wouldn’t hurt you.

As loud moans continued to escape your lips when you felt the sensitive skin on your wet clit, you curled your fists onto the sides of the bed, the cold metal digging and numbing your palms as Junmyeon continued to pinch at your cunt with his teeth occasionally.

Your deep and quick breaths was all that could be heard throughout the room until you screamed out your best friends name, who suddenly stopped what he was doing; looking at you with dark eyes.

“What did you call me sweetheart?” His accent thick, breath hot against your thighs. Your body started to ache for his touch again, almost burning. “Doctor; Doctor please!”

“Much better” His tongue parted your lips, greedily licking off the juices your arousal had produced and gently shoved his tongue into, You felt your climax building inside of you, desperate for more of his touch.

Smirking once more, he went down on you again, wasting no time in shoving two of his fingers inside of you and pounding furiously as if he needed as much of a release as you did; his release being yours.

With his fingers were still fucking you, his tongue licked over your cunt, dancing over it so fast your eyes nearly rolled out of the back your head,
“Holy Fucking shit, Myeon”

You came hard around his fingers which were still massaging you to help you ride out your; Junmyeon pulled his fingers out of your clit, massaging your thighs his thumbs softly before like the start, pressing a small butterfly kiss to your cheek.

“Fuck..I’ve wanted to do that for so long,”

You have no idea

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“Oh no, what’s the matter this time?”

“I have a blister on my finger.” 

I snorted right where I was. It seemed the two of us couldn’t go a single day without having some kind of injury. They varied from broken bones and dislocated joints to painful paper cuts and large sore bruises. There almost was never an in between. I got up from my spot on the bed to examine Niall’s “wound.” He was a grown man and could take care of himself but I couldn’t help but baby him whenever he was sick or injured. It was in my nature. I cared way, way too much at the littlest things.

“Let me have a look?” I suggested. Niall showed me his finger. It was red and peeling around the edges.

“Ew.” I examined it with a light frown. Just looking at it made my finger throb. “Keep washing it. I think we have band aids or some ointment or something.”

“It stings under the water.” Niall complained.

“It’s water, it’s not going to make your finger fall off.” I reassured him, searching in the closet for my first aid kit.

I wasn’t a nurse or a doctor and nor was I in the medical field but from my collection of band aids, ointments, bandages, creams, and everything else, I might as well be. I stocked up on band aids every month or so, ointments were our saving grace, and I’ve threatened Niall to keep the thermometer under his tongue or I’ll stick it somewhere else too many times. And he’s done the same to me. We’re healers by nature. I scrambled through the kit to find a band aid and alas, there was only one left.

“The last one.” I said out loud. “Gimmie your finger.” 

Niall shut the water off and patted his finger dry, hissing at the discomfort it was giving him. I did my traditional routine for treating a wound; ointment, and then slapping on a band aid.

“Ta-da!” I sarcastically cheered, throwing away the paper of the band aid as I did so. 

“You’re a magician, babe.” Niall complimented, bending his finger to break the band aid in around the creases of his finger.

“You’re very welcome. I can’t have you walking around wounded.” I stood in front of him, our chests lightly touching as I looked up at him and he looked down on me with a little smile. He slowly held his middle finger up at me, my mouth dropped as he indirectly gave me the bird.

“Kiss it? The healing process won’t work right if it doesn’t get kissed better.” Niall negotiated with a cheeky look on his face, his middle finger still in my face. I huffed, giving him a mild stink eye. I obliged anyway, gently taking his hand and kissing the top of the band aid.

“Are you going to be okay, now?” I questioned him. Niall nodded.

“I feel significantly better.” He chuckled.

  • *Sherlock's bedroom, 221B Baker Street*
  • Molly: *rummaging in the chest of drawers, wearing Sherlock's shirt; muttering* Where is it?
  • Sherlock: *in bed, propped on his elbow; watching her* You have your own drawer.
  • Molly: *distracted* You said I could.
  • Sherlock: One drawer isn't enough for all of your possessions.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* One drawer is plenty for some spare clothes and underwear. Mostly the underwear.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: All. Of your. Possessions.
  • Molly: *confused* You think that's all I own?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *throws himself back; frustrated* Forget it.
  • Molly: *approaches and crawls across the bed until she's hovering over him; grinning* Ask me.
  • Sherlock: *stubborn* No.
  • Molly: *leans down to kiss him*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *mumbles* Do you want to move in with me? I'll give you another drawer.
  • Molly: *giggles* Yeah, okay.
  • Sherlock: *narrows his eyes* What were you looking for?
  • Molly: *dismissive* Oh, never mind. I remembered I'm wearing it under this shirt.
  • Sherlock: You're not wearing-
  • Molly: *smirking*
  • Sherlock: Hmmm *playing with the shirt buttons* I think I'm going to enjoy living with you.
[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter Eight)

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“Abigail!” Bea urges me from the door of our hotel room. I sigh, as annoyed as her as I walk out of the bathroom.

“Just go down, I’ll be there in two minutes.” I mumble without looking at her or Melanie who stands in the doorway as well. I hear their footsteps fade away as I crouch down and look under Bea’s Bed: nothing. I lift her pillow, her blanket, look behind the headstand: nothing. I look in the drawer of the nightstand next to her bed; it’s empty. When I’m about to examine my bed, I hear a soft knock on my door. I sigh and look up at the ceiling, searching for help. I said two minutes for fuck’s sake!

“I’m coming!” I call out to whoever it is and flip my blanket over, nothing. Nothing under my pillow and my bed sheets. I get on all fours and search under my bed, nothing. Someone knocks again. Fuck! As I get up, I bang my head on my bed, cursing silently. I stomp to the door, trying to scratch the pain away.

“Yes.” I can’t help the exasperation in my voice as I open the door. Mr Tuan is standing before me, a black Napapijri parka, a black scarf, blue jeans and a red beanie covering his head, but letting his little coif peek out of it.

“We’re waiting for you.” Is the first thing he says to me, and as good as he looks, he’s only fueling my frustration.

“I’m fine, thank you for asking.” I retort sarcastically, and his reaction is automatic. He reaches me and takes my head between his hands.

“No. No kiss.” I slap his hands away, I don’t need him to perturb me right now. Mr Tuan looks surprised by my reaction, but doesn’t say a thing.

“I’m looking for my phone.” I mumble quietly, and he nods. Assuming he’s giving me time, I turn on my heels and resume my researches. I inspect Melanie’s section; her pillow, her bed, her nightstand. As I do I hear mr Tuan walking behind me.

“Abby, it’s right here.” I turn to see mr Tuan walking out of the bathroom, my Iphone six in it’s blue case in his hand. I sigh. I looked there like eighty two times! I feel so dumb, and finding my phone back like this only fuels my bad mood. Carving for fresh air, I leap out of Melanie’s bed and snatch my phone from him. I need to go out.

“Gee, thank you, sir. What would I do without you?!” Mr Tuan says sarcastically, his tone mirroring mine, and I glare at him. He gapes at me as I stare impassively at his face. He grins and takes my chin in his hand, making my cheeks wiggle. My lips twitches, and he chuckles. He was trying to make me smile, and he succeeded. He turns his cheek to me and taps it with his forefinger, asking for a kiss, and I oblige. Satisfied, he kisses my cheek as well. All of this is so weird, yet so natural.

“Come.” He says, nodding his head towards the exit. It’s Wednesday, and coach Barnes decided that this afternoon would be a touristic day of relaxation before the two days of practice and the two days of competition. The others are waiting for us in the lobby, and we have a coach we rented with Annabelle’s father’s money.

Mr Tuan and I step into the elevator and he presses the ground floor button. The door closes and we go down for a 18 floors trip.

“Did you talk about us to your friends?” Mr Tuan asks me.


“Not eve Bea?” I shake my head.

“Why?” He sounds really surprised, and I start to feel bad. What kind of friend am I?

“Do you think I should?” I ask quietly.

“I’d rather you didn’t. I’m sure you understand why.” I nod. So he’s just surprised I haven’t told everyone. And suddenly I’m surprised by the faith he puts in of me, I could ruin his whole carrier after all, maybe he’s not playing with me. I am lost. The elevator comes to a halt, and as I glance up as the lights go out, and we’re in complete darkness. “My god.” I gasp. My reaction is not intentional but automatic, I reach out and search for mr Tuan. “I’m here.” I feel him on my fingertips, and he pulls me towards him as a small emergency light diffuses a subdued light. “Scared of the dark, little one?” The tenderness in his voice prevents me from punching him in the face. He wants to sound mocking but his eyes are comforting, I let him go.

“Ladies and gentlemen we are sorry to say that a black out is currently affecting our hotel. We are trying our best to know what is going on, and will keep you informed. Please don’t panic, and don’t try to go back to your rooms, the elevators are out of service. Don’t takes the stares in the dark. We implore your patience.” A feminine velvet voice rings in the cabin.

“Great.” I lift my eyes to the ceiling. Mr Tuan’s reaction is to pull out his phone.

“I have service.” He mumbles to himself, and then he calls someone.

“Lauren? Yes, we’re in the elevator… I know…okay…I’ll call you.” He says and I understand he’s speaking to Barnes. He hangs up and turns to me.

“The others are leaving, we’ll have to catch up with them.” He says.

“Wonderful.” I roll my eyes, sliding down the wall and sitting on the ground. Thee goes my touristic day in Dallas.

“Is it that bad, being stuck with me?” Mr Tuan says, sitting on the ground next to me. I give him a apologetic smile. No, being stuck with him is not bad at all.

“I think it’s a sign.” He says to me.

“A sign?” I frown.

“Yes. I say that this elevator won’t set off unless you don’t give me an answer.” I shake my head out of disbelief. Oh, there he was going. 

“I need to-”

“You need to think.” He cuts me off, finishing my sentence. “You’re thinking too much Abby.You know how I would act if I thought too much? I would tell myself you’re too young, I would tell myself I’m a pervert, I would tell myself you’re going to tell everything to your friends and I’ll be fired, and I wouldn’t dare talk to you.” He says. Wow, it’s crazy the number of questions he ignored, and I can’t say he was wrong.

“But right now, what I know is that I think I could like you, if I don’t already, and that I’m dying to kiss you right now.” He adds, making me blush. He sure knows how to make a woman feel irresistible.

“What about you?” He asks. I pretend to think, contemplating the idea. “I think I could become attached.” I reply and he grins “What a good start.” He says appreciatively. “Is that a yes?” His question puts me at the wall’s feet again, and I feel like taking a big decision, and I want to step back from it. But I don’t want to say no either.

“Sir…” I whine. Why is he so rushed? 

“Why is it so hard for you?” He asks. "I really need to think some more.“ I reply. "If you want to know if you can trust me, you’ll have to try.” He says. The thing is: I’ll have to up up for him if I want to know if I can trust him, but what if he disappoints me? What is even his proposition? "I don’t understand. Are you asking me out or do you want to know my secrets? What do you want from me? What’s that proposition exactly?“ I say.

“I want you to stop thinking.” He says. Why everyone telling me not to think? Not thinking is the best way to screw yourself. I don’t want to make a mistake, I don’t know if I will be able do handle it. I’m thinking again. God dammit!  "You know what? I’ll reformulate my proposition:“ He says.

"I told Lauren we would join the others as soon as we get out of here, but we could take advantage of the situation.” He says “We could spend the day together, just the two of us. We can walk around, we’ll eat anywhere you want, we can go shopping, or watch a movie, anything you want.” He proposes. A whole day with him? I don’t even need to think twice.

“Like a date?” I don’t know why this idea is so appealing. "Like a date.“  He confirms. "Does this proposition include texting?” I tease, and he grins. “Naturally.” He says, and I giggle. “Then, I accept your proposition.” I reply. The cabin shakes a little bit, and then the lights go back on, and the elevator starts to move again. Okay, this must be a joke. Mr Tuan chuckles as we go down again, just like he said.


“Does it mean you’ll start tutoring again?” I ask as we step out of the hotel. For me who’s used to the Californian climate, the intensity of the winter in Dallas surprises me. The streets are cleared out, but the cars have at least eight centimeters on their hoods. “Do you miss it?” Mr Tuan drapes an arm around my waist, I flush. "Well, it’s an occasion to see each other.“ I mumble, and he grins. "I’d be more than happy to give you private classes.” He kisses my temple. It reminds me I don’t know why he stopped at the first place. "Why did you stop at the first place?“ I ask him.

"Did it hurt you?”

“Why do you always want to know how what you do makes me feel?” I ask.  “Because.” He replies. Maybe he was playing hard to get back then, and he just likes to hear that I cared about him. I feel like finding back the pretentious and egocentric mr Tuan.

“To flatter your ego?” I ask. “Do you think I’m egocentric?” I see in his eyes that the idea could pain him, and my suspicions disintegrate. In fact, it did bother me that he stopped tutoring me like that, but then he must have calculated his action, as always. He’s always doing the right things to shake me up and make me flustered, and I hate it, but then I can’t do nothing about it because I don’t know how to drive him crazy, I know nothing about men. “Abby, what’s wrong?” Mr Tuan tugs at my hand and makes me stop in my tracks. I look anywhere but in his worried eyes as he pins me against a wall. He takes my chin in his hand and I’m forced to meet his gaze. I sigh. “I feel like you’re holding all the cards. I mean, I’m not- I’ve never…” I don’t know where I’m going with this, and neither does he, according to the frown he’s showing me.

“I’ve never done this before.” I breathe. “Listen, I can tell you everything about me, from my birth until now, but it won’t work if you don’t open up for me. You’re holding all the cards, Abby.” He says to me. Me? Holding the cards? I’m not controlling anything right now. But then if I’m like Anastasia, I do have some power on him. But them I am a Christian Grey in a way.  “Don’t think about this now, let’s have a nice date, okay?” He interrupts my course of thoughts. Why can’t I seem to be able not to think for a second? I smile to him, and he grins. “Can I have a kiss?” He asks, giving me his cheek. Will I ever get enough of this game?

Mr Tuan too me in a cute vintage restaurant with a bar and stools and old coffee machines, just like in the gas stations on the highway in films. After we seat by the window, a tall brunette comes up to us to take our order. Her attitude changes as soon as she sees mr Tuan. She shows him a warm and welcoming smile.

“What would you like to eat?” She asks him, not me. In fact, she doesn’t look at me. Mr Tuan briefly eyes her and turns to me.

“Pancakes.” I reply.

“At this hour of the day?” Mr Tuan retorts, and I tilt my head to the side. What’s wrong with pancakes? Mr Tuan gives me a faint smile and turns to the waitress.

“Pancakes for her, and I’ll take a sirloin with green vegetables and a little bit of fries on the side.” He says, and the brunette scribbles notes as he speaks.

“The cooking of the steak?” She pipes up, big blue eyes glued on his.

“Medium rare.” Mr Tuan doesn’t hesitate.

“Any beverage?”

“Apple juice.” I reply, and mr Tuan lets out a laugh of spite, shaking his head.

“Water for me.” He says, trying to calm down. What is wrong with me?

“And will that be all?” I am annoyed by the fact that she hasn’t looked at me once.

“Yes.” Mr Tuan replies.

“Coming right up.” She gives him a warm smile and sashays away, her high ponytail moving provocatively.

“What is wrong with you?” I ask my teacher, who doesn’t seem to be able to erase his smile.

“Pancackes and apple juice?” He snorts. I really don’t see what’s so funny about this. The fact that I don’t understand his point makes him smile. “You’re adorable.” I take the compliment, but I don’t know how to feel about it. I decide to do what we are here for, and start interrogating him.

“Do you have brothers or sisters?” I ask him.

“I have a little brother.” He replies.

“What’s his name?”


“You’re close to him?”

“Quite, yeah.”

“Are you single?” I don’t know why I’m asking that, but then it’s good to be sure. “I thought that was a self obvious point.” He replies and I shrug. A self obvious point? So, he’s a faithful person, good to know. “Relieved?” He asks, a boyish and proud smile sprawled on his face, and his radiating confidence makes me flush.

Shortly after, the waitress comes back with our meals in her hands. “Blue sirolin steak with fries and vegetables for sir, and pancakes for the little sister.” She says, and my inner bitch cracks her fingers. Mr Tuan snorts, but tries to contain himself.

“She’s not my-”

“I’m his girlfriend.” I cut him off, shutting her up for good. 

“Oh, my apologies.” She turns puce and turns on her heels. My inner bitch leans back in her armchair. As I look at her leave, I notice mr Tuan trying his best not to laugh to loudly. “What?” I ask him.

“Abigail, you should take it as a compliment.” He laugh. I don’t even know what to say. I decide to let him in his own world and focus on my pancakes. “Jeez, Abby. Don’t let this sour your mood.” He says, and I can sense his smile disappeared. I ignore his remark.

“How old are you?” I ask.

“Twenty six.” Eight years older than me, damn. How can he possibly be attracted to me?

“How come you’re teaching so young?”

“I had my high school degree when I was 15.” He says. Holy shit! He’s intelligent, just like Christian Grey.

“You’re a genius?” I ask, and he shrugs.

“You could say that.” He says not too convinced.

“Why teaching?” I ask, and he brings his brows together.

“I mean, you could totally be anything you want, why would you want to be a teacher?” I ask.

“It’s a long story.” He says.

“Long story short?” I insist.

“I had a crush on my maths teacher.” He says. A crush would have made him dedicate himself to a not so well paid job?

“Fuck.” I whispers, and he hums appreciatively.

“Love fool?” I snort, and he nods.

“Not that much of a genius then.” I remark.

“Told you.” He says.

“You still can quit.” I reply, and he tilt his head to the side.

“You could do something else, something you like.” I shrug. Mmmh those pancakes are heaven.

“I could.” He shrugs.

“What’s all those necklaces? You always have one.” I understand it’s his turn to ask questions. I start to get uncomfortable.

“It’s just an accessory.” I lie.

“And it’s just a bad lie.” I don’t reply.

“What are you hiding?” He asks.

“My past.” I murmur.

“Are they scars?”




“You’re lying.”

“How can you know?”

“You’re not even looking it me.” I freeze. How can he read through me like this?

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I murmur.

“You know, it won’t work if you don’t try a little.” He replies. “I’d rather it didn’t work actually.” It’s my way of pushing him away. He’s getting to close, and I don’t like it. But then the silence he gives makes me realize my mistake. He resumes eating in silence. “I’m sorry.” I finally look up at him.

“They are scars.” I confess. “But please don’t ask how I got them, please.” I plead. “Yeah, because you’ll be obligated to tell me.” He replies bitterly. “Because I won’t tell you and you’ll get mad at me.” I reply, and he sighs heavily.

“You don’t have to be scared of talking to me, you know?” He softens a little bit. “I know, I just need time.” I give him a weak smile. After a moment of eyeing me, he gets up from his seat and it’s on the leather seat next to me. He swings an arm on the back of the seat behind my head so he’s facing me.

“Can I kiss you?” He asks. “Since when do you need my permission?” I arch my brow, remembering his numerous unauthorized affronts. “You prohibited me from kissing you yesterday.” I raise my eyebrows. “That’s why you haven’t kissed me since the elevator?” I ask.

“Did you want me to?” He asks, his usual confident diamond smile making me flush. “Yes.” I whisper.


“Look.” I gasp, stopping in my tracks as I spot a cute store on the street. "A vinyl store?“ I turn to my teacher, and he’s arching his brow. "You don’t like?” I ask, but I don’t really care about his answer, I want to go in.  “It’s so vintage, I’ve always dreamed to go in a vinyl store.” He says as we step into the store.

“Why didn’t you go sooner?” I ask  carelessly, my eyes wandering around the store. Oh my god it’s so vintage! There is a jukebox and tons of old CD players, and I want to put all of them in my pocket. “I guess I was waiting for you.” Mr Tuan says, and I turn to him. What a Fiftyshadism. I smile to him. Suddenly, my eyes catch something behind him, I gasp.

“They have the vinyl edition of Nickleback’s first album, I am in heaven, or in the middle of a dream.” I breathe, walking to the stand with Nickleback’s first album cover stuck on the wall. “You like Nickleback? I have all of their albums.” Mr Tuan says as he walks beside me. He takes a CD in his hands, and he looks like a child in a candy store.

“I love them.” I reply, turning to him. We have common points! “According to you, when was the peak of rock and roll?” Mr Tuan asks me, and I immediately know he really likes rock and roll. “94.” I reply firmly, and a light flashes in his eyes. He looks at me as if I had grown an additional limb.

“What?” I arch my brow. Maybe we’re not on the same page in which concerns music. “Don’t give me that look. People who say it was 77 are real-” I notice a booth dedicated to Spyair, and I feel my skull explode. I gasp, and before I know it, I’m there, staring at Ike’s big eyes.

“Unbelievable.” I breathe. “I am in heaven.” If I was in a manga, I would have star-shaped eyes. “You like Spyair? I love their songs.” Mr Tuan asks once he’s behind me. I nearly disintegrate. “They are my all time favorites.” I beam at him. Omg he loves Spyair too!

“What’s your favorite song?” He asks me. “Niji. What’s yours?” I reply. “No where now here.” He says, and I beam at him. “I love that song.” The lyrics start running inside my head, and it’s good to know he thinks I listen to good music. I can’t resist the urge inside of me, I take the vinyl edition of Niji.

“I have to buy one for Bea too.” I gasp, and chose their song Little Summer, her favorite. I’m giddy with joy, I’m so vintage and cool, almost Instagramly. Suddenly, mr Tuan snatches the CDs from my hands.
“What are you doing?” I ask in horror. My CDs!

“I’m buying them for you.” He says.

“What? No.”

“Watch me.” He winks.

“They are twenty dollars each, it’ll make eighty bucks.” I argue. “I know.” He says, almost reminding me he’s a maths teacher. “I can buy them myself.” I say, and he rolls his eyes at me.

“It’s a gift, Abby.”

“I don’t want any gift from you.” I imagine him giving me the keys o my dream Mini Cooper, and the thought makes me shiver. “They are CDs, not an Audi.” Mr Tuan says as if he was speaking to a kid. “It starts with CDs, then it’s an A3.” I reply.

“Abby, there is really no point arguing this.”

“I feel like you’re buying me.” I reply. “Abby, I am no Christian Grey in which concerns money, and I’m not trying to make you my submissive.” He says. But is his proposition that different from Christian’s?

“You still want to have sex with me.” The heavy silence he gives me grips at my heart. He stares at me intently, and I start to feel guilty, I could even say he’s making me regret my words. He stares at me impassively, but his eyes are making me guilty, and I have to look down at his nose. I swallow.

“Buy them yourself if you want, I was just trying to please you.” He says harshly hands me the CDs, and now they disgust me. He turns on his heels and leaves to pay for his CDs. I don’t even know why I said this, he hasn’t given me any sign of wanting to have sex with me, he hasn’t even evoked the idea, which is actually a bit weird. Does he not want me anymore? All I know now is that I ruined the moment. It’s a stupid book, it makes me say silly things I know he doesn’t want me to be his sex slave. I roll my eyes and shake my head, and as I do my eyes stop on the promotions for Magic’s CDs. Their song ‘don’t kill the magic’ is on sale. The irony of the situation doesn’t fail me, and I want to scowl at Nasri, the singer.

I take slow and careful steps towards mr Tuan as he queues to pay for his CDs. I’ve never felt this guilty before, and I don’t know why the idea of him being mad at me is nauseating.

“Sir?” I tug the back of his parka, and he briefly turns to me. As much as I thought his behavior was inappropriate, I hate him being so distant with me.“I’m sorry.” I murmur. "Do you really think I’m like him?“ He asks. I want to say no, but then he has so many common points."I shouldn’t have said that, I know we don’t have the same relationship as them.” I reply.

“Then why did you react like that?” He asks me. I shrug, looking down at my feet. I don’t even know what got into me. I feel stupid, I don’t know what to say. Mr Tuan grabs my chin and tilt my chin up, locking his eyes with mine, and his eyes have softened. "Can I buy them for you?“ He asks me. "Yes you can.” I smile, handing him my CDs. "Can I get a kiss too?“ He gives me his cheek. I make a move to kiss him but when he turns his head and kisses me first I know he’s back with me.


Me and mr Tuan meander in the streets after a snowball fight, hand in head, enjoying each other’s company. I don’t really know were we going, it’s dark, quiet but yet lively, and I think Dallas is a really cool city.

"What’s your parents’ job?” Mr Tuan asks me, breaking the silence that had taken place between us. “My mom works in publishing and my father is a soldier.” I reply. “My father is in the army too.” Oh. “Really?” I ask, and he hums in response. I’d love to see a picture of his parents, get to see the people who made such a beautiful person.

“You said you were realizing it wasn’t all about sex.” Mr Tuan says after another moment of silence.
“And?” I ask. “What did you mean by that?” Oh, so he’s pulling me this time. It’s my turn to play hard to get. “Did it perturb you?” I tease, doing my best to hide my intentions and sounding truly curious. Well, I actually am.

“I thought it meant you liked me a little bit.” He shrugs. Oh that’s good. My subconscious hugs herself and squeals. “Well, I don’t like you at all so…” I say jokingly, enjoying having him vulnerable. His face falls, and mine as well. “I was joking, mr Tuan.” I say quietly. His face hardens. “Do you think it’s funny?” He asks dryly.

“Sorry.” I roll my eyes. Jeez! Do I react like that when he plays hard to get?  “Hey.” Mr Tuan says as he realizes his outburst. He tugs at my hand and stops me in my tracks. I look up at him impassively, and his eyes are apologetic. “I’m sorry, okay?” He says.

“I just need to know if I’m heading straight into a wall or not.” I purse my lips. Maybe I just can’t play hard to get. “I may like you.” I give in, and he grins, proud and boyish, and his smile is contagious. Happy, eh? “Me too.” He says, and I try not to show it does something to me. Then all my interrogations come back to me like a wave, and I feel like engaging myself into something that goes beyond me.


“No.” He cuts me off, and I keep silent. “We’ll see the buts later. What do you want to do now?” He says. Stop thinking, Abigail!

“I want to go back to the hotel.” I reply. “Really?” He can’t hide his disappointment. “I’m cold.” I purr, taking a step closer to him and burring myself against his chest as he wraps his arms around me. “Fine.  We’ll take a taxi.” He says.


I’m glad to be back to the hotel, it’s so cold outside. It’s already dark and freezing, and all I need now is a hot chocolate and some tender pancakes. Mr Tuan told me the others won’t come until six thirty, which give us about two hours of nothing, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of the situation. I proposed him to watch a movie in his hotel room. It’s only after he accepted that I realise the innuendo in my proposition. Is something going to happen in this room? Is that why he accepted? Is he expecting something from me? Will I be able to give it to him? Do I even want something to happen?

I don’t have the time to answer all of those questions that make my skull fume with confusion, I’m already laying down beside him with my favorite movie, Austin Powers, playing on the TV. I don’t know how to explain the way things escalated. What is a look? A touch? A caress? I don’t know how that spark came to life between us but there I am, as hungry as ever, every cell of my body devouring him.

I’m on top of him, straddling his waist, my fingers curling in his hair as I kiss him. I pull is tongue into a tortuous dance, and he takes my breath away. This kiss is the wake up call to this tingling sensation in the depths of my body, and I’m aching for him. One hand on my backside, the other in my hair, he holds me close to him, and I feel it, this mutual attraction making the atmosphere electric.

I can feel his erection straining against my groin, his hard shaft pressed onto my center as I shift fractionally. His hands are all over me, running, caressing, squeezing, paling, claiming my body as his, and I want to give myself to him, I want him to feed my carving. He flips us over and I’m laying under him, and my heart starts to race.

The pleasure evaporates and a familiar fear grips at my heart. He’s towering over me, his mouth all over my neck, and I feel like at any moment I could look at his face and see Liam take his good time on me. I feel vulnerable, at his mercy, I can’t control anything, I’m scared.

“Wait.” I breathe, pushing him off me. My voice is high pitched, shaky, barely audible over the TV, like a silent cry. His actions cease immediately and he locks his eyes with mine. I bring my hands to my mouth, and he brings is brow together. Tears run down my face, and I’m mortified.

“What’s wrong?” His face vanishes. I’m breaking down in front of him, I want to hide. How have I been so stupid? How did I not think of that? Did I really think I could have sex with him without him being on top of me? I have to go, I have to walk away from this. I make a move to run away.

“Abby.” He grabs my arm as I try to leap out of bed. He drafts me back to him, and I collide with his chest. Suddenly, all my strengths leave me. I don’t have the strength to fight him, and I realize it’s an effect he has on me since a long time. I burst into tears.

“Hey.” He says, moving to face me.

“Abby what’s wrong?” He takes my face between his hands and locks his alarmed eyes with mine.

“Abby, I’m sorry.” He says. I’m sure he doesn’t know what he’s sorry for. His eyes search into mine as I try to calm myself down. I think deep down I want him to know, I want him to understand and to help me, but I don’t have the strength to tell him.

“What on earth could traumatize so much?” He whispers, his thumb caressing my cheek. His eyes search and then his eyebrows cease. Something occurs him.

“Abby, just answer my question.” I sniffle in response. Is he really trying to guess what happened to me?

“Have you been raped?” He asks, and my reaction is totally unwanted, I burst into tears, giving the answer away.

“Am I right? Is it it?” I just can’t stop crying. I sob some more and hr understands he’s right, cuddling me against his chest as I cry myself out. It feels liberating in a way, but then the thought of Liam won’t go away, and I can’t bare it. Eventually, once I’m all cried out, I manage to mumble something.

“Sorry.” I whisper at the sight of the stain I made on his T-shirt. I pull away from him and wipe my nose with the back of my hand.

“For what?” He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. I feel like it’s too much baggage for him, that’s why I apologize. I don’t answer. I can’t compare my experience with Christian Grey’s, but I’m scared he is going to leave me now that he knows. And I understand Christian, mr Tuan is the only person who makes me feel this good, I don’t want to scare him away. Well, right now he’s still here. But then who would leave in such a situation. Maybe he’s just being polite and comforting me, maybe he’s already thinking about how he’s going to put an end to our relationship. I need to know.

“Now what do we do?” I ask quietly.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I shake my head. Mr Tuan kisses me and takes place behind me, settling me between his warped legs, sneaking his arms around me and pulling me to him so I’m leaning against him. We lay here for a moment, as Austin Powers desperately tries to save his mojo. Suddenly I feel stupid. How can we not talk about this? Like, I’ve just revealed him a shocking information about myself and we’re just brushing it off in front of the TV?

“How did you guess?” I ask him after a moment.

“You clearly had a problem with sex, and your scars, and the way you got scared… You’re always so strong and brave and fearless… I’d never thought I’d ever see you this frightened.” He says.

“I don’t like people being on top of me.” I mumble quietly.

“Like a hard limit?” He asks. Is it really a hard limit? I thought being called Abby was a hard limit for me, but then it doesn’t bother me when it’s him. But then I didn’t expect to react that way. Will I ever get past this limit?

“Like touching for Christian.” I reply.

“You’re very Christian Grey-ish, you know?” He says, his words mirroring mine, and I smile. It’s crazy how my heart feels lighter now he understands me, and understands why I don’t like to be called Abby. I realize he is probably feeling guilty for not listening to me.

“You can call me Abby.” I say to him. “It doesn’t bother you?” He asks. I take his hand in mine and start to play with his fingers, caressing them.

“Since when do you care?” I ask. His hands are so big. “Since I laid my eyes on you.” He replies. I think about our discussion in the classroom. “You’ve had a weird way of showing it.” I arch my brow though he can’t see me.

“I know, and I’ve apologized for it. Did I get better?” He says. The day we spent together comes back to me like a movie, the vinyl store, the snow, walking hand in hand with him, a smile ghosts over my face. “Let’s say you’ve been saying the right things.” I reply petulantly, and I can sense his grin. Wow, he has beautiful fingers.

“That’s good to know. You always give me mixed signals.” He says.

“What?” I frown.

“For a second I think you’re having a good time and the next second you’re mad at me.” He says. “That’s because I never know what you’re trying to imply through your actions.” I reply. We don’t know each other very well, and yet we’re both in some kind of complicated relationship. “That’s a fiftyshadism.” He says, and I laugh. As if he could read my thoughts.

“You know the comics A Nickname For Your Pets?” I ask curiously, remembering how he reacted when I mentioned it during our first big discussion. He hums affirmatively. “My father would give me one of them after each of my soccer games.” He precises.

“You play soccer?” I look up at him, and he gazes down at me, his eyes soft. “Played, when I was younger.” He kisses my forehead, and I look back at the TV. I imagine seven year old Tuan in his soccer outfit, and the picture is too cute to handle, but then I imagine him grown up like today in shorts and studs, and I flush.

“Soccer players are hot.” I murmur.

“Cheerleaders are sexy.” He whispers into my ear, and his voice is so sexy that I have to fight back a moan. “Do you think I’m sexy?” I turn to him, and he looks at me intently. “You are the most desirable creature on earth, Abby.” He says seriously before kissing me.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” I reply, and he grins. “Well, thank you Abigail.” He chuckles, and I give him my back again. He nuzzles my neck, his nose tracing the curve of my nape, and the he starts kissing me here and there. I can’t believe I’m having this kind of relationship with my maths teacher, but what’s more unbelievable is that it feels incredibly right.

I remember he told me he had this kind of relationship too, maybe that’s why he is so cool about it, and doesn’t find it inappropriate. “You said you fell in love with your maths teacher.” I say, and he pulls his lips off my skin. I open my eyes, and realize I had closed them. “Yes.” He says. “Is it still the case?” I don’t know why I’m asking that. “No.” He replies dryly.

“How do you know?”

“I’ve had girlfriends after her.”

“Older girls?” I ask cautiously. Maybe he likes older girls, like Christian only likes brunettes, but then Anastasia’s a brunette too. Mark keeps silent for a moment. "Yes.” He replies. So he like older girls.

“Why did she have that other girls didn’t?” I ask. “I was too young and immature for girls in high school and mrs Cooper, she was so young in her head, so mischievous and funny.” He says. An older woman, who influenced the person he is now, just like in the book. “A little bit like a mrs Robinson.” I retort bitterly.

“No, Abby. Mrs Cooper and I never went that far, nothing happened between us and I don’t feel anything for her anymore. It really is nothing like Christian and mrs Robinson’s relationship.” I run my fingernails up and down his palm, why does it bother me so much?

He’s right, at least she hasn’t beaten the shit out of him and fucked him up when he was fifteen. He shakes me out of my thoughts. “Are you jealous, baby?” He sounds proud of himself, and as much as I want to sass back, my flush betrays me. He just called me baby, and I want to squirm. My subconscious hugs herself.

“You’re calling me baby now.”

“I’ve been dying to call you baby ever since you’ve told that waitress you were my girlfriend.” He murmurs and I frown.


“Because the idea wasn’t that unpleasant.” I freeze, stopping playing with his fingers and glancing around the room. The idea of dating me not that unpleasant? I don’t know what to do. There is an innuendo in his words. Is he asking me out? Maybe he isn’t. What do I do? What do I say? “If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.” He adds quickly, and I glance up at him. He seems detached from the subject, but his eyes betrays a light of fear. And I feel like we’re talking about something deeper than a nickname. The thought of stopping everything is appalling.

“No, it’s okay, I like it.” I reply, and he smiles down at me. He kisses me on the lips slowly, tenderly, using his free hand to caress my cheek with his thumb. All of the unspoken gets crystal clear, and it’s more than signing a contract. He’s embracing me, as I give myself to him. His tongue flicks against mine, and shit, I think I’m dating my maths teacher.

Foreshadowing/Chara Narrating

There are parts of the text of the game that foreshadow events, and are things you couldn’t know on your first playthroughs, but you still get these foreshadowing bits anyway. 

Lets start off with the “dirty jokes” you can tell Woshua. 
 * You tell a joke about two kids who played in a muddy flower garden.
Asriel and Chara

 * You tell a joke about a kid who ate a pie with  their bare hands.
Frisk, Asriel, or Chara.

* You tell a joke about a kid  who slept in the soil.
Chara is the only buried human. sleeping in the soil means you are buried and dead.

*What a comfortable bed. * (If you laid down here,  you might not ever get up.)
This is what happens when you examine Chara’s bed, that they died in.

* (It’s an illustration of a strange creature…) 
* (There’s something very unsettling about this drawing.)
This is what you see when reading about what happens when a boss monster absorbs a human soul, the transformation that happens, thats what was created when Asriel absorbed Chara’s soul. thats why its unsettling.

* You hug the Lost Soul and  tell her that you’re going  to see her again.
* You tell the Lost Soul that  you have to go if you’re  going to free everyone.
* You tell the Lost Soul that  you’re going to save  everyone.
Another popular theory is that these lines talking to the lost souls of Asgore and Toriel are from memories of when Asriel or Chara told them this when they wanted to leave and take the human souls to free everyone,

STOP IT! Get away from me!  Do you hear me!? I’ll tear you apart!
Asriel screaming this out could be what he screamed at the villagers, or what Chara screamed. He yells this when you are saving him, but the warning to get away and threatening to tear Frisk apart doesn’t make sense when he attacks with energy and Frisk can’t move their body.

* Do not worry about  me.
* Someone has to take care of these flowers.
* Don’t worry about  me.
* Someone has to take care of these flowers.
Toriel, after you spare her, will go to the flowers you fell on, Chara’s grave, and tell you this. Asriel will be there and say the same thing but with a contraction in the post pacifist walk.

* Why not use your  imagination to  divert yourself?
* Pretend you are…
* A monarch!
* Rule over the leaf pile  with a fist of iron.
* Can you do that for me?

* Or will you give  up entirely on  this world…
… and let ME inherit  the power to control  it?
* I am the prince of  this world’s future.
 * Don’t worry, my little  monarch, my plan  isn’t regicide.

The irony of this is lost if you don’t know the neutral ending. Toriel was married to the monarch, and left him because of how he ruled so cruelly.  Flowey is Asriel, he was actually the prince of the underground’s future, and his plan is literally regicide, as he destroys Asgore’s soul and planned on you weakening Asgore for him.

Toriel discussing the first dummy:
* That… however, is  only a dummy.  It cannot harm you.
* It is made of cotton. It has no desire for revenge…
* You can say anything… The dummy will not be bothered.
As we learn from the Mad Dummy, this is actually false.

and of course, then there are all the scenarios when Chara narrates in the genocide run. 

Cramped - Kalani & Vi - CLOSED

Kalani realized, once they put a collar on his neck, just what sort of punishment his father was putting him through. He didn’t deem it unfair, in fact, it was necessary. He would have to live with the consequences of his intentions for the time being. But as he entered his new living quarters, there was another level of punishment, that even he deemed as cruel. He lowered himself on the bottom bunk, forced to lean forward, as the top bunk was only up to his shoulder blades. He looked to his side, examining the bed. He could tell he’d have to curl up to actually fit himself on it. He shook his head, and rand his hand through his hair, forcing it back behind his ears. He heard someone approaching, then a small blonde female standing in his cell doorway.



Title: Promises | [Chut, je rêve] series

Rating: K+

Fandom: D.Gray-man

Characters/Pairings: Timothy Hearst & Allen Walker

Summary: Like all Exorcists, Timothy must get his ears pierced, but it’s not without a fight. Yet in the Holy War, there is no time to be just a child, and to have childish fights.

Notes: It was supposed to be fluffy and then it wasn’t. 

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“Don’t worry, babe. We probably just need to keep trying, that’s all.”

I nodded and took my husband’s hand, the paper cover of the examination bed crinkling underneath me. We had been in this room for what seemed like hours, each second more agonizing than the last. Finally, I heard footsteps approaching on the tile floor. I squeezed Chris’s hand and prepared myself for the news.

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Evans. How are we today?” the doctor said with forced enthusiasm.

“We’re fine, but with all due respect, sir, we’d like to just hear the results,” Chris said.

“Right,” the doctor sighed as he ran his hand through his hair.

I knew it.

I leaned into Chris and fell apart.

Two Weeks Later

I should really get out of bed. But what’s the point?

I turned over and buried my face into the pillow. I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually acted like a functional human being. Since the diagnosis two weeks ago, I had hardly taken care of myself and barely left my bed. I felt like a member of the undead and likely smelled like one as well. I just didn’t have the ability to find happiness anymore. And it wasn’t for a lack of trying. 

I heard Chris knock at the door and groaned in response.

“Honey?” he called as he opened the door, “I made dinner and I set out your Celexa. Do you think you could join me at the table tonight?

“I guess,” I answered quietly.

I threw the covers off of me and cringed.

God. I seriously need a shower.

Chris must not have noticed. He came over and helped me stand up, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my head.

“It will be okay, baby. I promise.”

Two Months Later

Come on, please be pink. Please be pink.

I was sitting on the bathroom counter, holding another one of those stupid, evil plastic sticks in my hands. After spending thousands of dollars on treatments, Chris and I had decided to try again two weeks ago. This was my last chance to give him what the both of us craved so badly.


I hit the off button on my phone alarm and glanced down to see what the test said.

Of course not.

Six Months Later

“Get away from me!” I screamed at my husband, who was currently trying to calm me down.

“Babe, stop it! What’s going on?” he pleaded.

“I’m leaving you, that’s what’s going on!”

“What? Why? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t touch me! I don’t want to be with you anymore!” I cried, pushing him away from me yet again.

“What did I do? Tell me what I did!”

“I don’t love you anymore! That’s it! You didn’t do anything!”

“Well obviously I did something, Elizabeth! I had to have fucked up somehow! Now tell me!” he demanded, backing me into a wall.

“Leave me alone! Please!”


I froze at the forcefulness of his voice. He never yelled at me like that.

“I don’t love you,” I answered shakily.

“Bullshit,” he spat. “Tell me the truth.”

His face was a combination of such hurt and sadness that I broke.

“Alright! I’m a disaster! I can’t take care of myself anymore. I’ve gained weight because I do nothing but lay in bed. I need anti-depressants and anxiety medication to even function anymore. And I can’t give you the children that you want! Don’t you understand? You’re this perfect, handsome, desirable superstar and you should have everything you want. You’re perfect and I’m broken! Broken.”

The last word came out in a whisper as I covered my face with my hands and started to sob. After what seemed like forever, Chris reached up and uncovered my face, tilting my chin so I would look up at him.

“My God, Elizabeth. Is that what you think?” he asked with tears in his eyes.

I didn’t answer. After a moment of silently staring at me, he grabbed my arms and pressed me against the wall before putting his lips on mine. I tried to wriggle out of his grip and get him off of me, but he was too strong. My God he was strong. And he smelled so good.

God I missed him.

I wrapped my arms around him and ran my fingers through his hair, letting my stony exterior fall to the ground. Just as things were getting heated, he pulled away from me and took my face in his hands.

“You listen to me, Elizabeth Evans. You are perfect. You are my wife and I love you with all my heart. Don’t ever talk about yourself that way again. And if you still think you’re broken, then just know that I will forever be your glue.”

I looked into his eyes and felt my own fill with tears again as I leaned in and kissed him. He picked me up and carried me over to the bed, laying me down gently as he hovered over me.

“I love you, Elizabeth.”

“I love you, too.”

I got the feeling that we were about to do something we hadn’t done in a long time. As he slowly started to slide his fingers up my shirt, I smiled for the first time in months.

One Year Later

“Come on, sweetheart. We’re going to be late for lunch with my mom,” Chris called from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Just a minute, babe,” I answered, keeping an eye on my phone. 

I needed to turn of the timer before it beeped so he wouldn’t know what I was up to.

Three…two…one… *SMACK*

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

He’s your glue. He’s your glue. Here we go.

I looked down at the plastic stick and froze.

“Oh my God.”


For @flightofthestorm, sorry it took so long, but enjoy!

The young Sith was fuming with rage. His gaze burned through the glass that showed his love sitting on a hospital bed, being examined. His hands were clenched tight to the point of turning his knuckles white. As if sensing his anger, Y/N turned her gaze to the window. She offered a smile that almost immediately faltered into a frown.

Kylo Ren burst into the room a moment later. Y/N gave the nervous medic a small nod. That was all he needed before fleeing to the safety outside of the room. She faced the angry man knowing what he was going to ask.

“They wanted information,” she began, “and when I didn’t give them any, they…they tried to ‘persuade’ me. Not the tactics of your ability, I might add.”
“Who…Who specifically?” he growled.
She shrugged. “Lower level people. They never gave me any names.”

The woman raised a small cup to her mouth before spitting blood into it. Kylo Ren’s eyes widened at the sight. Y/N rolled her eyes.

“Relax. It’s been happening since I was with the Resistance.”
“How is that supposed to make me feel better?” he yelled, “You’re still hurt!”

She held back a yipe as she jumped to her feet. Her hands gripped Kylo Ren’s arms tightly. She looked him dead in the eyes, well mask.

“I’m alive, Ren, and they didn’t get anything from me,” she spoke harshly, “Please, stop thinking on how it could’ve turned out.”

A few moments later, Kylo Ren let out a sigh. He nodded slowly, causing her to give a small smile and loosen her grip. It tightened again as she began to feel dizzy. Kylo Ren tried to steady her. He began to speak in a much calmer tone.

“You should lay back down, take time to heal.”

Y/N complied with his request, rolling back onto the bed. Simultaneously, Kylo Ren removed his mask. The man held her hand and brought it to his lips. He kissed it gently before lowering his hand again. Her eyes began to slide closed as the exhaustion caught up with her. She squeezed Kylo Ren’s hand as she prepared for the nightmares she expected to formulate beneath her sleeping lids.

Want to Request?

When it rains, I want to disappear off somewhere.

Game: When it rains, I want to disappear off somewhere. (あめがふるとどこかへきえたくなるの。)

Developer: うめぇめぇとろくでなし (Umeemee to roku de nashi)

Program: WOLF RPG Editor

English Translation by Tosiaki7:

Walkthrough by Natsukage >>>>>> below

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Where is my demon!Hux/priest!Kylo fic?

Where are the priest!kink stories with Kylo as the priest.

The sweet nervous Ben Solo, who followed his uncle into the priesthood but feels so conflicted. He hears voices and he prays and meditates just like his uncle has told him too but there is something dark in his heart that worries him. This pull he doesn’t know how to deal with. Who goes back to his room one night to find an impeccably dressed red headed man lounging on his bed examining his nails. Who smiles at Ben with a sharp beautiful smile and whispers to him about how great he could be. 

If he just gave in not to the darkness inside him but to that pull of feelings, those powerful passionate feelings. 

It would be so so right.

He would be at peace.

This red headed man who he’s positive he must have imagined because what creature could be that perfect and passionate and cold all at once.

He doesn’t tell a soul and this man, this beautiful angel of a man Hux, keeps visiting him.

Whispering sweet things and promises of power as they lay in his bed and just lace their fingers together because what could be wrong with something as pure as love?

Nights of visitations and days of sneaking out of seminary to just watch Hux lean against the lamp post across the street and smoke and smile at him like they have a secret.

and they do.

they are in love.

Hux is sure that this is love, he whispers it to Ben as they fall asleep together wrapped in each others arms.

Slowly Hux fills his head with the most beautiful things, ideas of power and passion and a new name.

Kylo Ren

They will break off from his Uncle’s sect, they will start their own order with Kylo Ren at it’s head and they will be powerful and his life will be filled with passion and copper hair.

They finally have sex, awkwardly on his uncomfortably twin bed, in a cold room with nothing but candle light to light the way and the light in Hux’s eyes. It’s awkward and a little painful but with Hux’s mouth on his skin it feels like heaven. Everything outside of Hux’s pale freckled skin sacrilege.

He’ll pack his bags in the morning. They will leave this place hand in hand.

But he wakes up alone, his body sore and bruised. Feeling abandoned he attempts prayer but something is wrong. He can’t feel that presence any more. When he tries to go into the chapel a pain shoots through him.

His uncle uses one word when he looks at Ben who can’t manage to cross the threshold.


He can’t stay here any more. His Uncle looks at him like he’s committed the greatest crime.

How can what he and Hux did be a crime when nothing in his life had felt as right as that?

His room is empty, packed and when he tries to find where they put his bag he finds Hux outside with his suitcase and a sharp smile.

“My darling.” He smirks and opens the door to a town car for him, “My sweet Kylo Ren. We have many things to do.”

“You were never an angel…” Kylo whispers harshly.

“I wouldn’t say never.” The smile on the man’s face is sharp and awful, demonic and painfully beauitful.

Kylo get’s in the car.


My first recipe! :D FFXIV Inn Biscuits! These biscuits were a food item in FFXIV Online V.1.22. You obtained them by examining your bed within an Inn Room after logging in. I’m pretty sure you can’t get them in  V.2.0+ But I could be incorrect! Maybe through a retainer venture? Let me know! Thanks!

These cookies (or biscuits) never had an official recipe in game to my knowledge. (correct me if I am wrong) However, they still sounded really tasty! I just had to come up with my own recipe and give it a try!

The in game description according to ffxivdb.com:

“A complimentary acorn treat baked by the Mizzenmast/Roost/Hourglass Inn. May contain nuts.”

Although they are called Mizzenmast Biscuit, Roost Biscuit, and Hourglass Biscuit respectively, they appear to be the the same cookies. That being said I would love to modify my recipe to make each one unique to it’s area in a culinary/cultural sense!

Everything you need is listed above in the photos but I will relist ingredients below. Happy baking! :)


2 cups of all purpose flour (also be sure to have enough to dust your countertop!)
½ teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
½ cup of sugar
½ cup of butter (
or one stick) softened
1 egg (
¼ cup of sliced almonds
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
4 tablespoons of maple syrup