exam results

Do not listen to what the media has to say about your exam results.

If everyone did slightly better than last year then they will say “the tests are getting easier”. And we know that’s not true.

If everyone comes away with slightly worse scores than last year they will say “our education system is failing our children”. And that isn’t always true either.

Have pride knowing you’ve done your best. If you feel disappointed by the results then that’s fine too. But just know that I’m proud of you still.

Please do not read what the papers have to say. They churn out the same crap year on year. It is not a reflection of how hard you’ve worked or how much you’ve had to struggle and stress.

It’s entirely political on their part and has nothing to do with you.

I knew this was coming, but its still hard to adjust to not being a top student. It’s inevitable, after all: you take the top students from high school, and you put them into college, and then you take the top students from college, and you put them in professional school. Everyone around me was at the top of their class twice. (I am using top of their class loosely here. But the point stands. I’m surrounded by really smart people.)

So I knew, logically, that I couldn’t expect myself to be top of this class. I knew that average is actually a pretty good place to be. And below average, so long as its above passing, is alright too. They set a high bar in medical school, and if you’re getting over that bar, it doesn’t really matter if there are other people getting over with more clearance. 

But goodness, it is hard to look at the averages and see that I’m on the lower side of the bell curve. 

Well kids, 18 years of compulsory education are over.
18 years of being told to sit down and shut up.
18 years of being told to speak when you’re spoken to.

18 years of being intellectually measured and placing your value and self-worth on a series of arbitrary and meaningless tests.

18 years of government ideologies being implemented through textbooks and subliminal curriculum changes; I bet you can tell me how many apples Kumar Rajesh The Third bought, but I bet
you can’t tell me who Mary Seacole was. Without Googling her.

18 years of conformity, take off the suit or the shit school jumper
or the blouse or the knee-length skirt, ain’t no pervy teacher
gonna get all offended; even though it’s their lack of self-control
and inability to control their sexual desires and the bullshit belief
that the victims are the ones responsible for all sex crimes performed on them. (Here’s something they don’t teach you at school: there are no excuses for raping someone. None. Zero. Nada. Don’t fucking do it. No means no means no means no means no.)

18 years of useless bullshit, goodbye Golgi Apparatus, hello money!
Time for loans and jobs and bills and I bet they never taught you
about exchange rates and how to get the most out of changing
your money. At least you can work out a Triangle’s hypotenuse…

18 years, trying to get you to behave, get you in a nice little line
so you’ll be a dutiful employee, a simpleton, normal, the same,
a cardboard cut-out of everyone else, a follower of the status quo.

Well kids, after all of that, all 18 years, I hope you’re still you.
I hope you’ve found joy in your own company and the company of others. I hope you have a dream, a vision, a belief, something to stand for. I hope you’re happy; well, happy enough after being mentally tortured for 18 years by the most flawed institution ever created.

I also hope you know just how goddamn beautiful you are, and I fucking mean it. I hope you realize there’s more to life than fly-by-night popularity and that crushes are little more than dust in the wind and that you are not defined by any of the tests that you take.

18 years now, wipe the slate. Start over. This is not the end, failure is not fatal and success is not final. This is only the beginning. It’s a big beautiful world out there. Trust me, I didn’t believe in it either.

Well kids, that’s the bell; your 18 years of hell are now finally over. Breathe in. Relax. And remember; this is only Chapter 1…


You Are Not Defined By Exam Results (Spoken Word)

By Ryan Havers

(If you want to read this and record it and post it, do. And also please send it to me or direct me to it!)

this week I get all my finals results.

and i just want to say not only to you but also as a reminder for myself -

a number on a paper or on a computer screen won’t define you. ever.

so please, please, whatever results you get this week, semester, this schoolyear, be glad you’re you. bc you’re still amazing no matter how shitty school may make you feel.

keep going on, close that door behind you, and continue living your studyblr worthy, picture-perfect life. look how far you’ve come already :) you’re gonna be okay, okay? okay.

So. Today was the big reveal- exam results for semester 2 2016 came out. I am absolutely beyond pleased to announce I received A+ for 3 of my papers and an A for the other! Absolutely over the moon. Can’t wait to celebrate! 🎉

personal rant/post (sorry)

(i felt like i should make a post about this, so here we go)

today (8th August 2017) is exam results day in Scotland 

i know like myself, teenagers across the country were terrified to receive their results this morning 😱

 you may be happy with what you got, or not so happy [i wasn’t so happy, i don’t want to go into it but i failed an exam i really needed] but regardless of what it says on the paper, or in the email, or on the text… and this applies to all those who are sitting/have sat/will sit exams… you are worth more than a grade

a letter on a paper or a screen does not define who you are as a person - so it’s going to be okay, you’re survived, and what’s done is done - you worked to the best of your ability, and that’s all you can do.

don’t beat yourself up about it, and hey, there’s always next year 😊