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Headcanon: Seraphina was a year or two above him at Ilvermorny and never thought one of her best friends would be a short, serious first year in Wampus - but when he single-handedly takes down two third year bullies with the Jellylegs Curse (and bodily jumps on and drags down another), she is quickly reminded why he is.


Seraphina and Graves going way back as friends or maybe more is one of my fav headcanons. 

“I’m going to be President,” Seraphina says to him one day, matter of factly. They’re sitting outside, enjoying the warmth of the sun after a long period of exams. Graves raises his head from the book he is reading and looks up at her. 

“I know that.” 

“I want you to be by my side, Percy,” she insists. “When I’m up there. I need someone to rely on, and I need that person to be you.” 

Percival nods, a silent agreement. This isn’t the first time they’ve had this conversation. Silence falls, before Seraphina speaks again, smiling. 

“Don’t go get yourself kidnapped and impersonated by a dark wizard while in office. Imagine the paperwork!” 

He laughs and shakes his head. “What are the chances of that happening?” 

“Pretty slim. Who would want to wear your face anyway?” 

“Well, I am pretty.” 

“No you’re not.” 

“Sure as hell am. That’s why you love me.” 

She rolls her eyes and gets up. “Come on,” she says, lending him a hand. “We have to get to class.” 

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dr karaii, do you ever know any of those students who never study and do better than you on exams? how do you keep yourself from being frustrated and angry at yourself over things like that? sometimes i feel so horrible that i have to put in twice or three times the work studying only to come up short than someone who plays tetris during all their lectures.

Oh man, I feel you so hard.

In high school, I was like that. I could cruise by without studying and breeze with a 90. Now, though? I read from several textbooks and copy notes meticulously in class and watch videos and do everything and I still suck at test-taking. And there’s always the dudebros (and their lady equivalents) that sit back, play Candy Crush on their phone and somehow get fantastic scores.


There’s actually a “mafia” – that’s the word we use – at my school, that steals exams periodically, so I KNOW some of them are cheating their way through school. Drives me bonkers. But those people aside, there are some folks that just… have really good memory, and a really good foundation, and they can make connections faster and better and it sucks to not be one of those people, cause you have to work twice or thrice as hard to get half the rewards.

Don’t give up, though. In the end, medicine should not be a competition to see who has the biggest grade. It should be instead: how can we work together to save as many lives and raise the quality of life of as many people as possible. There will be times when you don’t know an answer, and a colleague will help you. There will be others when you know that obscure fact that cinches a case.

Try not to look at life comparing yourself to others. It’s hard – especially in a competitive field like this one – but it can be done. Focus on yourself.

Why are you not retaining information? Do you need to change the way you study the material? For example, I learned that I shy away from audio lectures because my brain doesn’t take in information as easily if I hear it, as opposed to if I see it. So I took to watching videos and it helped me tremendously to understand core subjects like Biochemistry.

It also helps to look at the tests your being given. Are they oral? Multiple choice? Short answer responses? Try to figure out what kind of questions they ask. If you were the teacher, what questions would you devise from your reading material? If you think like that, it can help you predict what sorts of things you’ll be tested on, no matter how arbitrary.

Finally, look at the real world. If someone gets sick, ask them what medicines they are taking so you can start making a mental bank of medicines. Learn to recognize the active ingredients so you can explain to them how it’s working in their bodies. Take everyone’s blood pressure. Practice on everyone that gives you a chance. Medicine is not always cerebral – a lot of times its knowing how to talk to a patient.

Play to your strengths. Keep your cool. In the end, what matters is how good of a resource you’ll be to your future patients and how capable you’ll be of problem solving a way to help them, not how fantastic of a grade you get as you’re learning the material :)


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5/100 days of productivity 

still stuck on a few physics questions that i’ve been working on for the whole day for two of my lab reports that are due tomorrow 😫 but aside from me stressing out, baNGTAN’S TOUR AND CHOREOS LOOK AMAZING AND IM SUPER BUMMED OuT that they would be heading to Sydney during my exam period??? i would’ve flown to sydney to see them but sjkbsksbowbs


An alternate reality in which Jane Shepard comes from a parallel universe because of a random wormhole.

Exam period tips: Motivation

1) make a goal mood board

2) bring good snacks for your study sessions

3) Step away from your study space during breaks. Removing your thoughts and body from your studies, makes for a better break

4) Write a positive motivation list every day, maybe try some of the printables I have on my tumblr. 

5) Spend 5 minutes each day tidying your room and desk.

6) Watch motivational videos on youtube in the morning.

7) Study with a friend: mak a study date and suffer together :P

8) Create a “this have I done today”- list, and write down eeeverything you do. Every task done, page read/written, amount of flashcards made. A physical list proof of all the things you have done that day.

9) Listen to motivational audiobooks while you are on the go.

  • Uterus: oh is it exam week?
  • Me: yeah it's actually really stressful so if you could just chill
  • Uterus: it would be a shame if something were to-
  • Me: hoe don't do it
  • Uterus: happen
  • Me: oh my god
Take me baby, or leave me!

Les amis are spending time at the shopping centre. Coming out from a shop, Enjolras is stopped by a shop assistant. Grantaire notices them and comes back to take his boyfriend.

Grantaire: “What were you doing?” *he passes an arm around Enj’s shoulders

Enjolras: “We were just talking…”

Grantaire: “Were you talking the way you talked to that girl who tried to kiss you?”

Enjolras: *he stares at Grantaire for some seconds* “What’s wrong?”

Grantaire: “Nothing…”

Enjolras: “R…” *they stop walking* “You don’t need to be jealous!”

Grantaire: *he stares at Enj* “i’m just tired seeing people flirting with you!”

Enjolras: “There will always be people who flirt with me! Give me a break!”

Singing   “Eyery single day, I walk down the street,”

               “I hear people say “Baaaaaby so sweet!”

               “Eyer since puuberty eeeverybody staares at me”

               “Girl, BOYS, I can’t help it baaaaaby!”

               “So be kind, and don’t loseyour miiiind” *he takes R’s hand

               “Just remembeeer that I’m your baaaby!”  *he caresses his own cheek with R’s hand, but R goes away, so he follows him

               “Take me for what I aaaaam”

                “Who I was meant to beeeee!”

                “Aaaaand if youuu give a daaamn”

                “Take me, babyyyyy, or leeeeave meeeee!”

                “Take me, babyyyyy, or leeeeave meeeee!”

Grantaire:“A tiger in a cage can never see the sun!” *he pretends to be Enjolras and goes up on a table

              “This diva need her stage!* he points the finger on Enjolras, that gets angry and goes away.

              “Baaaby let’s have fun!” *he runs behind Enjolras and takes him by his arm.

Enjolras: “You are the one I choooose!”

Grantaire:“And folks would kill to fill my shoes!” *he looks at Enj’s body smiling

               “I love the limelight too, baaabyyyyy!”

               “But be wiiiise!?Cause this boy satisfiiiiide!” *he lifts Enjolras and puts him on a table and then he slowly lies down on him.

              “You’ve got the prize, but don’t comprimise!”

              “You’re one lucky babyyyyyyy!”

              “Take me foooor what I aaaaaaaam!”

Enjolras: “You try to control me!” *he pushes R away

Grantaire:“Whooo I was meant to beeeeee!”

Enjolras: “I can’t do it any single time!”

Grantaire:“And if you give a daaaaaaamn”

Enjolras: “You know that it can’t work in this way!”

Grantaire:“Take me, babyyyyy, or leeeeave meeeee!”

Enjolras: “No waaaay can I be what I’m not!”

              “But, hey! Don’t you want your boy hot?!” *he faces R with his eyes

Grantaire:“Don’t fiiiiight. Dooon’t loooose your heeeeaaad!” *he tryes to embraces Enj

Enjolras: “But every night who’s in yoooour beeeeeeeed?!” *he pushes R away again

Both:       “Take me for what I aaaaaaam!”

Grantaire:“Who IIIIIIIII was meant to beee!”

Enjolras: “Who I was meant to be!”

               “And if youuuuu give a daaaamn!”

Grantaire:“Take me babyyyyyy, or leave meeeee!”

Enjolras: “Take me! Take me ooooor leeeeave me!”

Both:      “Take me, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” *they come closer, so close that they are almost embraced

               “Or leeeeave meeeee!”

              “I guess I’m leaving!”

              “I’m gone!” *they go on their way, but first R hits Enj’s back twice

Bossuet: “Don’t look so nervous guys: I give them two hours to make peace!”