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Hey everyone!

Here are some of my favourite Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2) Variations! Click on the links below to read the HOW-TO! :)

Original Variation

Bound Warrior

Humble Warrior 


Downward Warrior

Gomukasana Arms

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Do you have your own Virabhadrasana Variations!? I want to hear all about them! :) Message me HERE and I will try them out/post a few! :)

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Joy to the yogis merry xmas challenge Day 28: Exalted warrior

So i realised as I was uploading these that I did not do this pose so I did it real fast just now.  These jeans are nice and stretchy so no probs there.  However, I didn’t use my mat and my feet were sliding so I didn’t want to get too deep since I was afraid of sliding too far and pulling my groin muscle lol.  But here it is!  I love warrior positions :D

my personal headcanon is that your progenitors were dragons that were Exalts - great warriors or whatever they were for their clans (IE healers or mages), who went to serve their God. But they were either so awesome at what they did, or maybe they gave a great service to their Flight, that their God sent them back into the world to raise and lead the strongest Clans possible.

and just like the God in question predicted, your dragon progens found each other and started assembling a fucking army and help supply the dominance wars with more troops under the progen’s tutelage.

// #joytotheyogis day 28: exalted warrior

one of my favourite pose because it always looks so strong and graceful <: it is also a great side stretch, and a deceptively easy pose because there are a lot to look out for in terms of posture and alignment. so, practice this in front of the mirror if you can! <: