exactly why varys is one of my favorite characters in both the books and tv show

My Advice and Tips On Fanfic Writing

So I’ve had some people asking or encouraging me to share my advice on writing. A lot of this is based on years of experience and trial-and-error as a writer for both fanfics and original stories. I am by no means a perfect writer. Nor do I claim to be high, mighty, famous and that everyone should follow this like the law. I just thought this would be fun for me and (hopefully) beneficial for you. So…here are some of my tips on how to write better fics in the crazy, wonderful world of fanfiction.

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Q&A with James Dashner and Krista Marino [FULL]

The Q&A with James Dashner and Krista Marino is already over. Here is everything. It contains spoilers.

If you were Thomas, what would you be doing in the sanctuary right now?

James: [SPOILER] I’ll answer this first one to make sure everything is working. Wow, you must be honored to have the top question! If I was Thomas, in that place that’s a spoiler for some, I’d be dutifully working to gather seeds and start a garden. Oh, who am I kidding. I’d be eating fruit and lounging on the beach with Minho.

In your Maze Runner Triology, and one prequel, i find the character of Teresa the most mysterious, and as a fan, I LOVE her charachter. Are you planning to write more about Thomas and her in the sequel of your book? Possibly bring her back?

James: Many people love Teresa, and some hate her. I think that’s what’s so great about books. If the same situation can pull out varied emotions, then it’s like real life, right? I’m not exactly sure what’s in store for future Maze Runner books, but they would most likely be prequels if it happened.

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