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Tomorrow on Dec 3rd, 2016, Dave Strider is going to be turning 21 and if not fictional, would finally be able to go out and legally drink in the US. On the other hand, Dirk Strider is going to be turning negative 393 and therefore cannot drink. Poor Dirk isn’t technically born until the year 2409. Imagine trying to explain that to a bartender.

Scorpius knows exactly who Albus is when they meet in the train carriage. He’s known for years that Harry Potter had a son his age who would probably be in his class at school. He knows that that kid is called Al. He’s seen pictures of him in the paper, of course he has.

Scorpius doesn’t even dare to dream of becoming friends with Harry Potter’s son. He imagines going to Hogwarts and having friends like Harry did, but he doesn’t think for a second that Al would give him any attention. Al is a Potter, and Scorpius is a Malfoy. Gryffindor and Slytherin, most likely, they’ll never even interact.

And then Scorpius is on the Hogwarts express and he hears the carriage door open, and he sees that stunningly familiar Potter face. The green eyes and messy black hair, and his heart stops for a second and he doesn’t know what to do. And Al has no idea who he is, clearly, because he asks to come in. So Scorpius goes out of his way to give Al every opportunity to leave, but he doesn’t. He stays. And he stays. And he stays.

And Scorpius pretends he’s just any other person. Asks what he wants to be called (Albus), offers him sweets, talks to him about Rose. Albus says he’s staying for Scorpius’s sweets, not for him, but still Scorpius has never been happier, and then Albus laughs at the steam coming from his ears as he eats Pepper Imps, and by the end of the train ride they’ve become friends.

That night when they’re lying in beds next to each other in the Slytherin dorm Scorpius can still hardly comprehend it. He’s living in a dream. Not even a dream, because he didn’t dare dream this. This is pure and utter fantasy, the wildest possible reality, and it’s his reality.

Albus Severus Potter is his friend.

isak definitely wasn’t crying because he found out about even’s mental illness. isak was crying because he was so relieved that even was safe and he was so overwhelmed with the idea that he had lost even and because sonja was filling his head with a bunch of ableist shit that isak will realize is so damn stupid because he knows even loves him, or at least cares about him very deeply. there is no doubt in my mind that isak will be supportive of even and will help him the same way even helped isak understand and accept his sexuality. there is no doubt in my mind that that is exactly what even meant when he said that once he had saved isak, isak would save him back.

Olicity 1x03 Script Page

Marc released the script page from 1x03!!! Given the new intel on the 5x09 spoiler and this little golden nugget, I’m thinking we have some 1x03 goodness coming our way in 5x09!!!

I love the part where it reads, “But also smitten.” That’s exactly how I felt when I saw Emily Bett Rickards for the first time. I was smitten. 

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Readin your h.c & what if one of Jason's kids gets into Gotham Academy on a scholarship? They filled out the paper work with him as their legal guardian cuz they have no one else. Jason has no idea of course.

He only finds out when they ask him to come to a PTA meeting or smthg and he can’t find it in him to say no.The kid is in the same class as Dami/Tim bt he doesnt know that. His big reveal happens when he calls out a PTA mom and Bruce recognized him

ANON YOU’RE SO GOOD TO ME THANK YOU I LOVE YOU (i don’t know anything about applying to school when you’re homeless but i have A Lot of Thoughts about this)

okay okay so. jason and the kids and School. 

look, there are reasons some of these kids are homeless. sometimes their parents are dead. sometimes they’re escaping bad situations. sometimes their parents were the ones to throw them out.

that happened to mike. his parents threw him out because he wasn’t the daughter they’d wanted and they never forgave him for that. lucy is similar, though she left of her own will because her parents kept pushing and pushing her and she couldn’t take it anymore. it was either get out, or– 

she didn’t want the ‘or’. she would rather take the streets of gotham.

several of jason’s kids didn’t want to drop out of school, but they didn’t have a choice. once their parents died or they were kicked out or they ran away, there wasn’t really a choice to keep going to school. 

“do you want to go back to school?” jason asks his kids over dinner one night. 

the kids all trade glances. 

“i do,” lucy says quietly. she pokes at her chicken. “i had to drop out because my parents – they would have found me if i kept going to school. if i could go again…i’d really like to.”

“me, too,” mike says, and the other kids chime in quiet agreement. they range from ages eight to lucy’s near-sixteen. 

“okay,” jason says, and frowns. “okay, i’ll see what i can do.”

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Of course I’m going to miss Nico next season but, at the same time… I’m not sad? I don’t feel like it’s such a disaster? Unlike some drivers where you don’t quite understand everything that has gone on, the fact is Nico is retiring on his terms, exactly when he wants to. He has achieved his dream, he’s proven his doubters wrong, and now he can have all the free time with his young family. I’m just so happy for him that his life is turning out exactly how he wants right now and I hope it continues.

Yeah, of course its a sad day for us but I just want to focus on how happy Nico Rosberg is. So, from me to him, thank you. Thank you for 10 years of incredible driving and just being the most perfect gentleman in the paddock.

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This isn't Loki specific, per say, but you guys have given me good advice before so, here goes. This will be the first year I'm attempting to really celebrate Yule, and I see a lot of different ideas on when exactly to celebrate it (I've seen the Winter Solstice a lot). Is it just a preference thing, at this point, or is there a more specific date?

There’s a lot of variation because the word Yule is used for a few different holidays. People in Scandinavian countries call Christmas Yule. (Or, well, Jul.) Wiccans call their midwinter holiday Yule even though it has a different religious justification, And then, we have Norse pagans, which, given that you are writing to a Lokean blog, I assume you are.

There’s also the fact that even historical heathens had different traditions depending on where and when they lived. You know different countries today celebrate Christmas differently? Or how new traditions, like electric lights or Santa looking a specific way, have popped up over time? The same was true of Yule back in the day.

In some places, it actually was on the Winter Solstice. But in others, it was later, in Mid-January. The length of the festival varied as well.

This post goes into a lot more detail.

Because there was so much historical variation, there’s no single date all modern Heathens have settled on. But in the US, the Solstice and, for practical reasons, December 25th, are probably the most popular.

For more Yule stuff, check out our Yule tag, as well as the heathen yule tag on Tumblr.

- Mod E

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Not to spam you with hate but, a lot of people are saying Lucifer is being a drama queen and he should just be happy rotting in Hell, like?? XD How come Dean can cry about his daddy but Lucifer can't? Even Sam and Dean know Chuck is neglectful and selfish. The divided opinion over Lucifer has me laughing and cringing. What do you think?

Because people tend to throw a few dumb comments here and there and they’re angry bc Lucifer kills and tortures people and hurt our precious little Sammy when thats exactly what Crowley did with other people too. Just because he’s helping the Winchesters take down Lucifer doesn’t mean they’re fucking BFFs. If Lucifer can’t be forgiven for murdering people, then I don’t think anyone should be forgiven on the show for even stabbing a single human.

so i thought i was feeling better but apparently im not & i think im gonna take some days to just really take care of myself and get school work done actually. im not sure exactly when i’ll come back, i hope it won’t be after a few weeks but that depends on how i am. i love u guys more than anything & im getting emo just writing this but it’ll all really hard for me rn and i thi k it’ll be better for some if i go bc time heals everything,,i think.

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Just give all the Oscars and acting awards to Tarjei and Henrik. The way they're able to display so many emotions with their facial expressions is incredible. I couldn't understand a word, but I knew exactly when Isak starting putting 2 and 2 together with Even's behavior and feeling less and less comfortable. Henrik did a great job at showing Even at his "higher" points and then at his more serious points. To understand these characters' emotions at such a young age...just wow.

I know like I always say tarjei is fantastic and obviously all the other actors are a amazing I’ve said that plenty of times but HENRIK IN TONIGHT’S CLIP YALL god h fucking blew me away. I’m still in shock like I didn’t need a translation to understand what happened. Amazing amazing acting, writing and directing.

Guardian Angel || Thomas & Nita

Nita wasn’t at her office building when Thomas arrived. The pretty little receptionist girl he’d briefly met the last time wasn’t sure exactly when she would be in, or maybe she just didn’t want to tell him, but he wasn’t too worried about it. She was probably out interrogating sketchy people in alleys again. Or at lunch. Or still asleep. Who knew?

The receptionist didn’t seem to feel especially inclined to let him wait in Nita’s office for her, either, but that particular problem was remarkably easy to resolve. She was easily distracted by smooth words and a little magical persuasion, and it simply didn’t actually occur to him that he could just have made a mundane appointment or something.

And so Thomas found himself sitting in Nita’s office in a white fishnet shirt and leather pants, sprawled out in her own office chair, his feet resting up on her desk as he leaned as far back as the chair would allow, in the middle of what was undoubtedly an intense game of Flappy Bird on his phone. The game’s music played cheerfully through the phone’s little speaker while he waited patiently.


After postponing this for almost an entire year, I’m finally bringing my very first Pokemon cosplay, Brawly from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

Brawly is my favorite gym leader in the entire Pokemon series (Kiawe now shares the same spot, but he’s not exactly a gym leader). When he was introduced in the game trailers, I immediately fell in love with his outfit, and when the demo came out, I realized that we had so much in common (being training obsessed and such).

I was extremely haggard (only 3 hours of sleep) when I rushed to my favorite studio, and it was amazing how they managed to capture this sans the sleepiness and the stress.

Brawly is from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Cosplayed by yours truly

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Hello Kyotaku! This is gonna be my first time at 1 floor standing. Can you tell me how exactly does it go when there is no seat numbers? Are people creating the line?

We will be let in according to our ticket numbers. Fans will gather in front of the venue, people with lower numbers closer to the entrance.
First staff will call people in one by one, switching to by 2s, 5s and 10s. If you don’t know it learn how to say your number in Japanese.
Once inside don’t run, staff might stop you and make you walk anyway, you will lose more time that way.
Inside it’s up to you where you choose to stand, but don’t push trying to get closer.
There will be a general ‘big push’ when fans will rush closer, that’s time to try to get closer. It usually comes around first or second announcement. After everyone is squeezed you’re free to try to move where you want xD
Remember that in Japan you can bring a drink inside the venue, but try to choose small or softer bottle. I advice against big bags unless you stay in the back.
Also, there will be some horizontal and vertical barriers across the audience area.If you’re stuck behind one and there’s space in front of it you can try to ask fans in front of you if you can pass them going under the barrier.
And standing show advice - Shinkiba is usually pretty rough. This time it’s not sold out, but if you feel the crowd is too much it’s really not a bad thing to move back a bit. Sometimes even few rows back can change your situation a lot, but you still have good view.
Enjoy the show!

equagga  Just saw a video of Brian Barczyk antagonizing a…

I really wish I’d known more when I was a novice and bought my corn snake from him. :/ That’s part of why it’s shit he’s so popular - because until you’re deep enough into the hobby to find communities that explain why he and those like him are crap, they really do look like good businesses. Granted, I got Marshall before Mr. Smooth attracted more visible controversy to his collection, but…still.

Exactly, when I learned more about him I felt compelled to message those who I had previously recommended him to just to tell them NOT to buy from him, cause I felt awful that a brand new keeper might end up with one of his sick animals augh.  It’s so frustrating.

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Please be considerate when you commission artwork for characters with heavy/complex designs. Not every artist is capable of replicating all sorts of designs exactly. Especially be considerate when the design is going to be applied in the form of a chibi.