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Okaayyyy, I need to know how the change of "cyan and yellow" to "cyan and red" exactly happened! And when did it start anyway? how? where? why? kill me! I admit I'm honestly having doubs, I'm confused and not even sure now whether it was red or yellow at first, I cannot think right now, (brain.exe stopped working xD). Guess it means you're doing your job p good


I’m in a feelsy mood and I’m home now so I can put this thought down.

So with ptsd comes a lot of problems but none causes Lance more problems then trying to cuddle with Shiro at night. Usually it’s the bad nights that are the worst of all. The nights that the nightmares happen. They’re so vivid for Shiro that he ends up moving a lot in his sleep and unfortunately for Lance it also means the more bruises he wakes up to.

Sometimes they’re just on his legs and small ones that he shakes off. Sometimes they’re on his arms and torso too. Most of the time after a hard night Lance wakes up when he’s hit especially hard and it leaves a massive bruise somewhere on his body.

When Shiro sees it in the morning he shuts down and avoids Lance for the majority of the day. Lance isn’t sure how to exactly comfort Shiro especially when a bruise means a trip to the healing pod.

However when it’s time for sleep Lance still finds Shiro and makes sure he sleeps. He tries to tell him that it’s ok and it’s not his fault. While it helps a little bit, what actually helps the most is Lance still willing to drape himself over Shiro for a good nights rest.

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SUGAMON IS LIFE💕💕 I'm double biased too and it's so hard because they both ruin you with their perfection!!


Like when I didnt know BTS, my friend show me a pic of the entire group and asked me “which one u prefer?” and I looked and said “o-o THIS ONE” 

it was Namjoon

THEEEN for some reason Yoongi became my bias and Namjoon was my bias wrecker because everyone told me that I can have only one bias so I was liek ok then

Then I stopped lying to myself and now Im double biased because I love Namjoon so much that I want to cry i swear

What happens when a Tweet goes viral

What happens when a Tweet goes viral? A truly viral Tweet will have a much longer lifespan than a typical Tweet; most Tweets come and go within a few minutes. Most of us – and this goes for both personal and brand accounts – will receive a majority of our retweets within the first hour or two of posting a new Tweet. But a viral Tweet will continue to earn retweets for hours, even days after posting. In fact, you know a Tweet has gone viral if the rate of retweets actually accelerates after a few hours, instead of slowing down or stopping completely.


What can we do to make something go viral on Twitter? Of course there’s no magic formula, but there are some things we can learn by investigating viral Tweets. Let’s take a look, using our brand new Tweet detail reporting to help us understand exactly what happens when a Tweet goes viral. Here’s a Tweet our CEO Hayes Davis posted a few months ago.

Link to tweet.

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A Very Simple Explanation for How Lightning Killed 323 Reindeer at Once
Here’s what most likely happened.

“But what exactly is happening when dozens, or hundreds, of animals are killed by lightning? Do multiple bolts strike in the same area, or does one bolt jump from animal to animal? Norway’s environmental agents are investigating the incident, so they’re still not 100 percent sure what happened, but looking at previous, similar mass animal lightning deaths gives us a likely answer.”

Shatter me, Part 2.

A/N: I must admit I’m excited with this story and I have a lot of ideas for it! I hope y’all like it as much as I do and remember. Correct me whatever you want, comments, anything! Requests are open and there is a prompt list here !

Ps: God, I want to thank Google and Pinterest for the types of fabrics and necklines. Really. For a non-native English speaker is hard to describe this things fluently.

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You woke up the following morning and stretched your body, feeling your bones cracking. You moved the blankets and took a shower, relaxing as the hot water cleaned your skin. You put the clothes you wore the day before on and took your belongings, going to the cafe.

The place was exactly as it was when you left. The same clients, sit on the same positions. Everything was the same, except for the weather. The sun’s rays came through the windows enlightening the whole place.

“Would you like to have breakfast, my dear?” Granny said and you nodded, paying her for the room but when you tried to pay the food, she shook her head. “Breakfast included”

You waited in your armchair and felt your stomach growling as the small of pancakes filled the air. God, they smelled as the ones your mother used to cook for you.

You remembered the conversation you had with her the night before and wrinkled your nose, wondering why she was like that and what she would tell you when you came back.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the door’s bell as a new client came inside the cafe. It was again that strange man who you had seen the night before. His eyes laid on your face and drilled down it, analysing you. The young girl brought your breakfast and the man sat down in his seat. You grabbed the waiter’s sleeve, called Ruby, and whispered.

“Who’s that man?”

“Him?” She said looking over her shoulder. The man was again reading that book. “It’s Jefferson”

Jefferson, you muttered, feeling the name on your lips as you pronounced it. His face was still familiar to you and you thought that maybe you were becoming mad. You shrugged and began to eat your breakfast, enjoying the views you had. When you’d finished, you said goodbye to anyone in particular and left the coffee.

Your car was there, waiting for you to drive your grandmother’s home. The town was completely different now that you were seeing it with the morning lights. It seemed like the typical beautiful American village. You stared at the letter and looked for the adress until you found it. You parked in front of the house and got off the car.

It was a huge house. The wooden walls were painted with a dim blue and the roof was made of slate. It had a garage with a white door and the whole was was surrounded by an iron fence, as the ones used in the Victorian times. The garden was filled with beautiful flowers and the grass needed to be cut. You took your suitcase and walked over the stone pavement that led to the house, taking the key the lawyer had given to you when you visited her.

“Hello?” You jumped and the key fell on the wooden floor of the porch, clinking. You turned and saw a boy staring at you. “Who are you?”

“Oh, uhm…I’m Y/N”

“What are you doing here?”

“I came here because this belonged to my grandmother. She died” You said as you picked up the key. You felt the boy’seyes fixed on you and that made you uncomfortable as if you were an intruder.

And you were, technically.

“Mrs. Liddle was your grandmother?” The boy said and frowned, smiling after a few minutes. “You look like her”

“Really? I never met her, so…”


“I…I don’t know honestly” He nodded and showed you his little hand.

“I’m Henry. Nice to meet you, Y/N”

“Pleasure is mine” You answered smiling at him and shaking his hand.

“I have to go. Will you stay here?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll see the house and I’ll probably sell it”

Henry opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but instead he ran away, leaving the house. You shrugged, thinking about that boy and who could be his parents. It seemed he knew everything about the town. Maybe, you thought, it would be a good ide asking him.

You introduced the key inside the lock, leaning your whole weight against the old door, who opened slowly with a cracking sound. It was like the one used in terror films.

Your hands touched the walls several times until you reached the switch, turning the lights on and closing the door. Your mouth fell open as you saw the living room of that house.

It was like if you had travelled to Wonderland, that land from your favourite book, Alice in Wonderland. You stared at everything around you, looking at a ball of yarn. It seemed Mrs. Liddle had been knitting something. You went to the rest of the rooms, finding that there were three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a door that was locked, which made you frowned. Mrs. Rogers, the lawyer, didn’t give you more keys.

You decided it wasn’t important at the moment and chose a bedroom, leaving your suitcase there. It seemed that was once used by a young girl. The bed had soft chiffon drapery that fell around it and an iron headboard painted in white. The wardrobe was made in wood and when you opened it, you found clothes that seemed to belong to another era. You took one of them, watching yourself in the mirror as you put it in front of your body.

It was cream white, with several silk parts mixed with the chiffon. It had a queen Anne neckline and you were astonished of its beauty. You put it inside the wardrobe again and sighed, taking your own clothes and your toiletry bag, placing it on the dresser.

When everything was done, you went to the kitchen just to find the fridge was empty. Of course. You sighed and took your purse and the keys, going outside the house.

The streets were empty and you were surprised of it, taking into account it was a working day in the morning. You wished Henry could help you as your feet lead to see the whole town, looking for a grocery’s store. Luckily, you found one and you bought everything you might need for the following days. Some neighbours of the town were there and you felt their eyes fixed on you.

It wasn’t until you were in the house again when you felt relief.

You called you mother using the hands-free device as you were ordering the food on the several cupboards made of wood. Her voice seemed worried and you sighed.

“I don’t understand anything, to be honest” You said placing your hand on the kitchen island. “Actually, the house is much bigger than anything I’d seen before. We could live here as it belongs to us”

“No, Y/N. I’m not coming back to Storybrooke again”

“Again?!” Your voice rose and your mother shut up, the phone being silent. “Listen, I love you, mom, but you have to trust me and telling me what’s happening”

“I’ll do. I swear. But please come back as soon as you can”

“Yeah, okay. I’ll call you tomorrow”

You hung up and sighed, rubbing your eyes with your fingers. You hated when people kept secrets from you. Moreover, secrets that were related to you and your own family. You took a glass filled with juice and moved to the living room, observing all the books kept in the bookshelves. There were plenty of them, covering the walls. On the fireplace’s there were several photos put in frames. Your hands began to shake and the glass fell on the floor, shattering.

“What the hell is that?” You took one of the photographs there and stared at it. It was an old one and it seemed to be done in England. A young lady was there and you recognised the dress as one of which were kept in the wardrobe. She was smiling at the photographer and your whole body shivered as you saw her face. It was the same as yours. You saw the photo by its side and froze as you saw the two people in it. Below it, there was something written with a ballpoint pen.

Alice Liddle and her daughter, England.

The older woman seemed to be your grandmother. The other, a little girl of around six years old, was your own mother.

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so uh aki told me to ask you to tell the story of collector yatsaga, since it would best come from the creator's mouth. what kind of story have i been missing out on

okay. SO.

i don’t remember exactly WHEN it started but at some point derx started calling me yatsaga. this was the prelude.

for a long time in purple’s life cycle, there was a single trainer in the data that was just “Collector Yatsaga.” you could not reach this trainer in normal gameplay, you had to hack the game to battle them.

at some point in purple’s dev cycle, i cannibalized the lati@s island and mew’s island for an ironic self-insert event. i never referred to myself by name, it was always just an ambiguous statement. then, you got into a battle with collector yatsaga, and then a lot of bizarre events happened afterwards.

around the same time, I made this sprite comic for laughs. but it was not just a simple joke. i implemented the EV hack. the game became harder.

i also put the collector’s sprite over a pokemon and we now have “collector yatsaga would like to battle”

anyway go play purple sometime and go beat steven then talk to a npc in the frontier and you, too, can experience the collector

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Headcanon of all the tlc couples (minus Wolf & Scarlet) weddings and how they would turn out in your opinion?

cinder would hate having a big wedding, where she has to dress up and where it’s broadcasted to the entirety of both luna and earth. kai knows this, but what can he do? they manage to keep the engagement under wraps for all of 2 days, before people began to notice the gigantic ring on cinder’s finger - and that’s exactly when it’s blown out of the water. for the next 3 weeks, all anyone hears about on the news is the engagement. not only is cinder stressed about planning the wedding, but she is stressed about becoming empress and spends full hours of the time when she is not caught up with wedding plans researching commonwealth politics. all of this takes its toll on her, and the week before the wedding is she is exhausted. the night before the wedding, cinder and kai spend the night practicing their dancing and decide to forgo the tradition of not seeing each other on the day - they figure they already had their share of bad luck. 300 earthens and lunars are present at the wedding, but it’s nothing compared to the amount of people watching on their netscreens at home. cinder wears a simple gown and kai wears a simple tux. the best man is torin and the maid of honor is iko. thorne gives cinder away. cinder and kai stay for as long is required for the reception, before they escape to a secluded part of the garden and talk about all they’ve been through since their first meeting in the market.

thorne and cress live for extravagance and decide to have the biggest wedding possible - even though it’s pretty impossible to have a wedding bigger than cinder and kai’s. cress has a gigantic dress that almost swallows her whole form, but she glows like the sun the whole day. throne decides to not wear a tux, but insides wears a dress shirt with suspenders (everybody tries to stop him but he refuses to listen). the best part, however, is the honeymoon, where they travel to every single earthen capital and Artemisia

winter and jacin decide to elope on the spot in the earthen country (columbia, american republic) they happened to be in one day. it has no significance to them. the only witness is a  lady they met on the street in the short moments before they did the deed. they wore their casual everyday clothes, and the only picture they have of the event is a selfie of them, the witness, and the priest. they manage to keep it out of the press until after their honeymoon - which was two nights of bliss in a shabby hotel. cress and iko are outraged when they find out

So, I’ve been a fan of Lauren Jauregui for almost a year now and last night’s events made me want to share a bit of my heart.
There’s no need to say that I am madly in love with her, because it’s kinda obvious. The fact is that after falling in love with her, I became a happier person. In the first months I just couldn’t notice that this thing making me extremely happy was actually a person. I’ve always had a lot of celebrity crushes in my life so I never bothered much about it. But when I realized that this unexplainable happiness was beginning to change me, it kinda freaked me out.
I don’t know exactly when it happened. But the thing is that I noticed my stress decreasing and my sleeping problems becoming more bearable. I felt a huge desire to observe and appreciate the world, to pay more attention to things because I felt warm inside. I started to look up at the night sky and say “Oh my god, look at the moon! Everything is so beautiful.” Because of a person I didn’t know, I felt more alive.
What I’m trying to say is that despite all the darkness, when she is with a smile on her face my world lights up. And I love her for that.
I love her for being a real person and inspiring me in every possible way. I love her for being authentic and having a nice heart. I love her for having passion. I love her just for being herself.
I’m so proud and happy because of her. She changed me for better and I’ll never forget it. @ssweet-dispositionn

What did I do to lose you? Was it my clinginess? You know exactly how I feel when I’m alone. When you asked if I’d like to go to the mall with you and our friends, I said no because I knew you wanted space, so I slept until you came back. I just want you back so much but I think you won’t take me back because dad talked shit about you and for that I’m sorry. I’ll say it a thousand times: I’m sorry. Sorry for my clinginess. Sorry for not trusting you when you messaged an ex that is a bitch even though you said she was just testing me. Like what the actual fuck? I’m done. I just want to slit my wrists. I want to write a story kinda based on this but way better. Goodbye.

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What's supposed to be an issue with high-waisted shorts? They look absolutely amazing. oO

My thoughts exactly, anon.  Especially when they’re paired with crop tops.  I haven’t seen a single lady look bad in that style.  That look even makes my insecure self feel more confident.

Just more proof that men don’t know/don’t care what women want, IMO

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Do you probably know when 'Idol Star Athletics Championships Recording' is gonna air? Cuz i'm so excited to see GOT7.. + pls update when it's gonna air :)) thank you!~

Maybe next month? I’m not sure exactly when, but maybe a follower knows and will comment on this reply? :)

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⚓ Are there any small details you tend to like in roleplays?

                    my absolute favourite thing is when writers can use a wide range of vocabulary in the right rhythm of a sentence.  it feels exactly right when that happens, and completely natural / everyday, while being elegant.  so much finesse, guys.  it becomes so sophisticated and i fall over and i want to do that in my own writing.  it’s like that girl on the street you see that’s only wearing two colours and one metal of jewellery and you’re like damn gurl how did you manage to get past matching your socks at 6am ??

i also love matching icon & theme aesthetic.  fuck.  the running thread is probably that i love order in style.  also a random thing that makes me weak is when a headcanon’d tic comes up in threads and is consistently integrated.  it tells me that that person seriously thinks about their headcanons and they aren’t stickers on their skin.

accepting:  hella sweet munday meme.  /  @boltstruck

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80s Manfred Von Karma vs Gregory Edgeworth and Misty Fey By the way, I officially ship Mistory, thanks to you. Also I hope this blog won't die.

i was going to make a young!manfred but i realized that he looks exactly the same when he’s 49 to when he’s like 68 so i think he’s always been an old piece of satan shit 

anyway, thank you 

i guess I’m a Mistory conversion blog now •v•

as for the health of this blog… i guess people like you keep it alive


I’ve been getting so many questions about everything and just things in general. So here goes nothing.

“Is The Performance Still Happening? Where and When Exactly? And with who?”

Ok. The performance is definitely still happening. Where? Can’t give specifics other than it will be in Western Michigan somewhere. It’s going to be for a Michigan wide known thing so once I give some specifics it’ll make sense as to why people from all over Michigan and the country will travel long ways to come. Maybe near a police station? My moms friend is working in there for those two months so it’d be nice to do that but I don’t know. When? Don’t know other than late September mid- October. With who?

That’s the hard one.

Here’s everyone I’ve been asked about.

Ladaysha? More than likely yes.
Me? Duh. Yeah.
Cashel? She’ll drop by but I doubt I’ll be able to talk her into performing by then
Wesli? Still working out the specifics but it’s a real possibility.
Ellie? No. She won’t be there
Kate? She might be like talking to people as they walk by for us or something. Not sure.

I hope that at least cleared that up.

Anyways next question(s)

“Do you have a confirmed song list? Can you tell us all the bands and or songs on it? If not how soon will you?”

No and yes? We have a confirmed song list, but that’s only 17 songs. We have a POSSIBLY song list of upwards of 60.

Major (as in take part in most/some of our music) bands I have already mentioned:
The Beatles, Jim Croce, Simon and Garfunkel, America, The Eagles, Genesis, Buddy Holly, etc.

We will be doing at least four originals and UP TO possibly 12?

We will know all songs for sure in 2-3 weeks.

“Who is working on it mostly?”

Me probably.

I made the song list(s), wrote the music, turned them into duets/trios, I found the possible places to perform, I found the guitar music, I have been working nearly non stop on this.

I am terribly afraid of missing a deadline to perform and having to wait a whole year because I didn’t work hard enough.

So yeah, I’m working very hard on this I promise.

More on it very VERY soon!

Daniel Radcliffe discussing how he has racist friends but won’t end a friendship over their racist beliefs is exactly why we have a hard time trusting white “allies” and why we’re sick and tired of hearing white “allies” talk about how THEY aren’t racist.

Radcliffe’s exact quote is: “And I’m still friends with them because I don’t think that friendship should be drawn along those lines.”

And like… This is exactly what we mean when we talk about how being an ally means you have to actively help dismantle racism, especially within your communities and with other white people. If you’ve ever said “But I’M not racist so what do you want me to do??????” then this shit right here is what the fuck you’re supposed to do.

Pretending like your white friends holding racist beliefs is just some minor thing you disagree with like what toppings go best on pizza or if Coke is better than Pepsi is, to be quite honest, fucking disgusting.

And if you think that severing a friendship over racism is going too far then you perhaps need to re-evaluate how much of an ally you actually are.

It’s a huge goddamn privilege for racism to just be a minor inconvenience to a friendship and I can guarantee that your friends of color are wondering how you can be an ally when you sit there and allow your other friends to actively dehumanize them