exactly when

Things I would rather speculate about instead of that storyline that hasn’t even been confirmed yet:

  • The details of the second, legal Robron wedding. 
  • The liklihood of fluffy Aaron curls in the foreseeable future
  • Beard length:angst ratio theories
  • Will Robert ever return to long hair?
  • Where did Robert’s money go?
  • Has the shower gel lasted the whole time Aaron’s been inside? Did he use it sparingly to make it last or was he so desperate in the first week that he used too much and now is rapidly running out?
  • As above but with the cheap tat Robert’s now using.
  • Has Aaron worn Robert’s boxers every day?
  • Has Robert worn Aaron’s boxers every day?
  • Does Aaron’s hoodie still smell like Aaron? Or has it started to smell more like Robert now?
  • Has Liv still got Aaron’s phone? Has she seen the pictures of Robert he’s got stored on there in that private folder?
  • When exactly will they get a dog? What breed will it be? And who gets to name it? 
  • When will we be blessed with more Bartsy scenes?
  • When will we see Carriet start boning?

Happy to discuss any of the above at length for the foreseeable future. Not happy to waste breath on the other thing. At all.

How not to look at you Captain #083

More of Eleanor’s diary

@lady-eleanor-vane posted several auction pictures of several pages of Eleanor’s diary, with the request of help for people to decipher what is written.

God knows I came away not half as well pleased as when I arrived with an engagement I had little hope of shaking off. All being so ill used for want of a pleasant nature. Hither to I had no quarrel with him, not knowing of him personally tho’ stories of exploits had reached us one is not given to taking them rumours and tales to heart for that is what they be. Just exactly that. When all is said and done this is a man someone is going to have to dispose of sooner, rather than later. [10]3

Notorious Prisoner On Trial. Court reports on Eleanor Guthrie, trade boss of Nassau. ….. [? not sure on the last word]” (Courtesy also to  @betterhiddenbizarre who also figured this text out)

Not 100% sure who Eleanor wrote about here, but this is around the time of the trial. It seems to me this is about Woodes Rogers after her meeting with him on the Delicia and he almost put her on the Gloucestershire back to London. I can’t imagine Eleanor wrote this about Captain Hume or Mr. Underhill. The “engagement” Eleanor talks about within the given context is meant to be taken as “agreement”.

So, if written after the scene of Rogers wanting to put her on the Gloucestershire for “fucking Vane”, then we can conclude that Eleanor accepted to cooperate with him for her own survival, and had little hope of being able to wittle out of it, that she was more confident and pleased of her deal with him before arriving on the ship than she was after the meeting. She feels ill used by him for her bluntness. Until then she had no “quarrel” (no ill feelings towards him) because she did not know him, but she had heard of him and his “exploits” (explorations) along with some dark rumors and tales, which she still tends to reject. And at this point she thinks that either she or others (in Nassau) will have to get rid of him. The “Notorious Prisoner” seems more like a spiteful signature, signing off. 

LEFT PAGE “We need to be able to make money the way London makes money through collection - collecting not hunting which amounts to legitimacy. I need to challenge him, ask him, beg him to give up the girl in spite of how his men may feel [22]2″

This is about Charles Vane, before she goes to the Fort to ask him to give her Abigail.

RIGHT PAGE: “I failed, my evenfall (?) prepared speech. He spouted (?) his humans shall … about taking and keeping, and lording behind desks … …. or anything else. Very well. I shall follow his example and take her, and look him in the eye and give him every chance to deny me. That is also legitimate. [23]3″

Eleanor continues on the Abigail issue, comprizing Vane’s ideas, and she decides to just take Abigail, using his words about looking a man in his eyes and giving him a chance to deny him.

The numbers at the end of each write-up do not seem to be a date after all. There was not a month in between Eleanor begging him for the girl and taking her.

“According to Marcus he requested their attendance in … having been confound to bed following a doggy spell. His fever worsens. Somewhere in a previous entry I have a cure for fever. It may be more ?eacuous than Marcus dethoxing and bloodletting I suspect, why/may/way I know the pressure upon him to find and recover the Cache is what ails him. Our continued … have in Marcus/Maroons/Marines (?) and allies.

grand (?) plans … around the Cache (?). All … .. makes that his health … to the additional will (?) … I have sequestered him A…. to deal with me. … …. …. I am the … … …. between Rogers and his council. The Chamberlain I expected to take issue with this. I command him though …. conditioned my state of mending on that what I cannot forget. I can move forward, which fact I think he found reassuring. [1]2″

I am pretty sure that I may be reading a word here or there wrong. But the left page relates to Woodes having been taken ill, Dr. Marcus’s treatment, and how Eleanor thinks that Rogers’ worries over the cache is what worsens it all or lies at the foundation of hm becoming ill. The right page seems to be about her now being the go-between the council and Rogers, and her struggles with Chamberlain, insofar that it seems either Rogers or Chamberlain expressed worry but that she managed to reassure him o her ability to move forward, beyond what she cannot forget.

“From the protection of the Fort we observed the mayham as the Pirates sailed into Nassau Harbour utterly oblivious to the underwater blockade below the holds sank (?) four fo the hardest waters.

Utter confusion and Ct BR watching from above, re/uncovered (?) and empowered (?) as the cannons fired repeatedly at the struggling ships. Only a man once engaged in Navy and Maritime business could devize such a scheme. And I keep the Baby open(?) of false Digestion.


Best/beat Rheubarb, grated Orange Peel f..y p… Chimway (?) seeds, browned … 3 days … guart (?) … & take … some (?) glass .. is much as … I keep the Baby open … Say sanctuary haven to mother (?)

(Mrs. Hudson’s concept for Gout)”

Obviously the left page recounts the failed Pirate attack of 4x01 with the blocked bay and sunken ships. The right page is a recipe, given by Mrs; Hudson for gout, but Eleanor uses it to keep the Baby “open” or help with morning sickness I think. Eleanor thus was certain she was pregnant in 4x01 and trying some type of drink with rheubarb, orange peel and seeds, and what seems to be a prayer.

“He finally came out with the real story behind some of his uncharacteristic behavior and decision. Money.

His intent to end his marriage to Sarah had unanticipated consequences one of which entails the intervention by her family with his more significant debtors. They have persuaded these debtors to accelerate the repayments. This will have a waterfall (?) effect and would encourage lesser creditors to also call in these loans, and Woodes would have no choice but to default. He would be in breach of the Law a fugitive. This debt, unsubstantiated previous debt was assumed to bring Nassau to order.”

Eleanor recounts what she learned of Rogers’ debts at the end of 4x01.

Given that we do not see the full pages I can only read some phrases.

LEFT PAGE: “or two, a woman ………. is going to walk ….. threat gate… Is a longboat…. I have place….. Rogers’ ship …. that she’ll …. order to … to…. have “…

RIGHT PAGE: “breach the pledge. I will … command his breath without … And as does ….. jewels ….. ….. the ….. “

Eleanor drew a ship with dolphins jumping near through the waves, and clouds in the sky. Above the little paper it says, “Taking Our Departure from New Providence.” She’s not bad at drawing, adding perspective and shadows to the sails.

Obviously we can make out enough to tell that these pages are about what we saw at the start of 4x05 with Hudson having to walk out of the fort and go out in a longboat to tell Woodes her plan. And she drew her departure as a type of wish-dream.

LEFT PAGE: “I have heard it said that a good dose of /seas…(?) …. beneficial. I fail to see how, unless of course … banting, but even … must be a better …. devesting oneself of no …. pounds than by an… …rge [16]7

Miserable day and still no news [17]8″

RIGHT PAGE PARTIALLY: “…. the “Lamb” … …. a work of art it …. …. me far … (?) I … Lock and Yeast.  … may be, even break  … me p..t… where some of …. ….. of human nature …. accept (?) with a hand which is …. while at …. [18]2

Not sure what the left page is about. Might be about some folk remedy. The miserale day mention and how near to the end of the journal this is written indicates this was written when Eleanor was in the fort waiting for news about the arrival of cache. The right page mentions a Lamb and human nature, and seem more philosophical. It may have to do with a sermon she heard or one of Lambrick’s words to other women. 

If you have corrections or additional words that you can make out, just put them in the comments and I’ll update this post.

ETA: it is possible that Starz may release the diary commercially in print after the S4 finale.

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101 Kinks: 41 - BuckyNat

Prompt: gun/sword/knife play [from this list]
1,469 words; Bucky and Natasha decide to incorporate their extensive weapons arsenal into their sex life. (18+, smut; guns, knife play, rope restraints, abduction? I dunno, man, this is pretty dark, gif for reasons, rest of the story under the cut)

Originally posted by silentlyloudthoughts

One of the more interesting aspects of dating a fellow former assassin was coming up with new and inventive ways to use their extensive collection of weaponry for more than just its intended purpose. Which is exactly what Natasha suggested when she found Bucky’s unsettlingly large hoard of knives. Bucky was all too happy to oblige.

Of course, given their thrill-seeking nature, their plan to adopt knives into their sexual repertoire wasn’t for the faint of heart.

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Today London was a victim of a terrorist attack. I will never understand how some humans are able to do things like that. In this photo, I took exactly 50 days ago when I was in London, you can see the neighbourhood of Westmister there where the attack took place. Exactly where it happened I spend most of my days with my  British friends during my trip. With this attacks, they want us to stop living by having fear. We don’t have to let them win. They won’t stop me from travelling and from going out in places that are crowded and neither should you give them the power to influence you and to restrict your life. With this post, I want to take a stand against Terrorism and I want people to remember that terrorism has no religion! 


I’m sorry but I’m not buying it. As if we’re blind… when exactly did they dated on and off? when they used to call Each other sisters? lmao because laucy started being a “THING” When they started hanging out back in the summer reflection ( out of nowhere may I add) they hadn’t been seen together before that, or maybe I’m wrong? (let me know if I am) like I know they used to be best friend before the xfactor but that’s it, so when did they dated on and off? we would’ve known, we are like the FBI!! and Lucy was literally a nobody before the reflection tour, only mentioned a few times, but that’s it. so I need somebody to enlighten me. because I’m feeling lost right now. BTW, CAMREN WAS AND IS STILL THE SHIT. god bless y'all and your friend Carmen. (This was supposed to be an ask but it was too long) btw I love your blog so much💕

PS: people like to think that we made those camren moments in our heads, but they’re blind or simply just in denial. the whole “they’ve dated on-off throught the years” doesn’t add up at all. Lauren has always have *heart eyes* for Camila. So Lucy was okay with her “girlfriend” looking at somebody else that way? nobody would ever be okay with that. and yeah, Lucy appeared out of nowhere, when did they dated on and off? and we never noticed it? come on! thus was actually the perfect plan to kill camren. it was all so “coincidental” lmao it funny now that I think about it. it was also rushed at the end of the year since C was going solo and everything, the kiss, the coming out, C leaving, and laucy supposedly “broke up” in January. it was all so fast. I want to see what they’ll come out with now… probably a “boyfriend” for Camila… you know, for her “straight” image Credit: @black-n-white-dreamers

‘Harry, whom Lord Voldemort has already attempted to kill on a number of occasions, is in even greater danger now than the day when I left him upon your doorstep fifteen years ago, with a letter explaining about his parents’ murder and expressing the hope that you would care for him as though he were your own.’

Dumbledore paused, and although his voice remained light and calm, and he gave no obvious sign of anger, Harry felt a kind of chill emanating from him and noticed that the Dursleys drew very slightly closer together.

You did not do as I asked. You have never treated Harry as a son. He has known nothing but neglect and often cruelty at your hands. The best that can be said is that he has at least escaped the appalling damage you have inflicted upon the unfortunate boy sitting between you.’

— Dumbledore, Chapter 3 (Will and Won’t), Half Blood Prince

We don’t know exactly when Dumbledore learned how the Dursleys had treated Harry. This was the first time he’d been to Privet Drive since he dropped Harry off as a baby. He’s clearly disgusted by the Dursleys and their behaviour.

It’s canon that Dumbledore hoped Harry would be treated well, though. That he expressly requested that the Dursleys raise Harry as if he were their own.

The idea that Dumbledore wanted Harry to be abused so he’d be more malleable is utter nonsense.

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(Hey, Andy here, um, could you not delete that last angst thing- the two parter- I'm actually very proud of it but I don't remember exactly what it said. When you start doing angst again, can you post it? Or send it to my account? @andy-the-anon I really liked my wording.)

i haven’t received any two-part asks i’m sorry ??? i rarely delete asks unless they make me uncomfy or they’re repeating what a lot of people have sent me i’m sorry tumblr must’ve eaten it 

Demon Approved (Or...not)

Readerdreamer5625 on chapter 34 – Haha! I’d like to see a chapter about Richard signing up a small contract with Dipper to attempt and destroy Twin Souls once and for all… and then they find out, apparently when demonic things happen around the actor playing as the aforementioned demon, people start to think that said demon actually agrees and supports the movie.


The filming had been going…okay, ever since Alcor had agreed to stop messing with it so they could just finish the damn thing.

The bi-weekly drink and bitch fests with Alcor (Richard had needed to cut them back, as that amount of drinking once a week was just a bit much for him and his liver at this point) helped more than Richard liked to admit.

At least someone felt the same way he did about these movies.

Richard didn’t remember exactly when, but during one of those drink and bitch sessions, he and Alcor began to lament the existence of the series as a whole, and of the fandom in general.

The rants they both went on tended to end up on familiar lines when they got to that point, comparing the fans who wanted to be ravished by the Dreambender to the fans of the movie that continuously bothered Richard.

That seemed like a very bad idea to Richard on a multitude of levels.

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i just want to message you to say that youre absolutely right and i was so wishful when i said that i love you CAN CONVEY LOVE no it cant you were sooo right about everything but i also like understoof what you were saying from when i was 6 years old but you have to keep speaking lol i think its a duality this is happening and inside me s nothing and pleas dont answer for ur followers to see my stupid shit but i confessed love to someone who doesnt love me at all in any way also i invented it

you said not to publish but i have to because this is like exactly how i write when im on acid going crazy with realization over the duality of language and youre not alone .

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I feel like dan doesnt know himself when he started watching phil and it really was 2009, not literally 2007, when phil had 100 subs

We know Dan had a youtube account as early as 2006. By early 2008, Phil had over 5,000 subscribers. Since we don’t know exactly when in 2007 Dan is saying he subscribed, and we don’t have accurate sub counts for 2007 we’ll just say that he had somewhere between those two numbers, yeah? 

But even 100 subs in 2007 was a lot more impressive given that there weren’t actually that many people regularly making videos on the website at all. Dan said he was buying Smosh merch when he was sixteen. He was watching Bryony and Nat Tran and Shane Dawson. He was clearly invested in youtube, so yeah. My tl;dr answer is that it’s not unreasonable to me to think Dan started watching Phil in 2007.

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You know that moment when the bottom of your stomach falls out and you know you're In For It in the best possible way? Yeah, that's exactly how I felt when I finished reading that most recent Nyx piece XD. I love, LOVE how it went from Super Sweet to Spicy Hot in like no time flat, and the fact that it's NYX just makes it ten times better XD. Awesome work as always Nif!

Whew. That is the power of Nyx Ulric ;) Thank you!

today I realized that even though I started voice acting on this blog in mid-February last year, by first boom of popularity (for lack of a better word) came in March, with new audio posts coming out pretty well every day right around the time of university finals…a dark part of the year that has come once again. I also realized how incredibly lucky I was that that early success came when it did, because it allowed -and now continues to allow- me an incredibly euphoric release for being bogged down by end-of-class stress. it’s exactly what I need when the threat of looming deadlines and the approach of exams starts to bear down on me.

this isn’t the first time I’m writing this, but thank you so very much to every single person who has liked and reblogged my stuff, followed me for more (roughly 1000 follower growth in a year, which is insane!) and sent me incredible content for me to put my own spin on. I know I’m not the most well-known wannabe voice actor on this website, but seeing how much you all enjoy one of my greatest passions makes me feel like I’m doing this for real. you all mean the world to me.

and with that, I’m off to record the most recent request. stay tuned!