exactly what you would expect

I need to tell you guys about the time I was almost swept off to another dimension on a ghost train or something

Because honestly it was… a really weird experience tbh

So a few years ago a friend and I were in Belfast, and it was getting towards evening time in the winter so it was already pitch black but still kind of crowded from the Christmas rush. We headed to the train station to get a train home and these trains were fairly regular, like about every thirty minutes or so which is pretty regular for that country, trust me. The trains varied from the newer, nicer ones to the ones that probably hadn’t been updated since the seventies, but they were all relatively decent and no cause for concern. 

Or so we thought. We caught our train at the usual platform, but no sooner had we got on did we realise something was kind of off. This train was old, and kind of shabby looking. We made a few jokes and sat down anyway, figuring it was one of the older trains that we’d just never seen before, and things passed relatively normally. The train pulled out of the station, and it was only as we were picking up speed that we realised we were the only ones in the carriage. This was highly unusual, because it was still peak time for people starting to head back, and it being so close to Christmas, the train should have been packed. We couldn’t have got on an out of service trains, because they wouldn’t go to a passenger platform if they weren’t taking passengers, and with all the other trains needing platforms there would be no room for them. They would go to a separate part of the tracks out of the way. We were completely stumped.

We put it down to just weird timing and figured the other carriages probably had people in them, and tried to relax. The train was sort of rickety and unusually loud, and it didn’t exactly sound like what you would expect from a train. I don’t know how to describe it, but there was a kind of odd, distorted quality to the sound of the wheels on the track; it was sort of muffled but also louder than usual at the same time? Kind of like when you have a dream and wake up still hearing the sound from it, and it sounds both quiet because it’s fading from your ears but loud at the same time because it’s in your head. That’s really the only way I can describe it.

We quickly noticed something else that was weird. Several minutes passed, and we didn’t stop at the usual stop. We didn’t even go past it. Several more minutes passed and we absolutely should have stopped at at least two stops. There was nothing, and there was no train guard to check tickets, either. By now, we’re really freaked out. We’re passing through places we recognise, proving we’re on the right route, but we’re not going through any of the right stops and the train isn’t slowing. This probably went on for a good six or seven minutes, even though we should have been out of Belfast by that time. Finally, the train started to slow, and pulled into the first station it should have stopped at, only minutes after leaving the original station. By this point we’re so freaked out that we know we’re getting off the train, so we stand and go and wait by the doors.

The train stops, and the platform outside is empty – again, very unusual for this time. The doors thankfully open and me and my friend hurry out onto the platform, and almost immediately after our feet touch the platform, the train pulls away. No one else got off the train, and as it passes, we see there’s absolutely no one else on the train. No passengers, no guards. The driver would have been at the front so we didn’t get to see if anyone was there or not, but the train was completely empty. We watched it go along the track a short distance, and then the lights simply vanished even though there was nothing there to obstruct them. No trains on other tracks, no tunnels, no curves. That part of the track has great visibility, but the lights just vanished into midair.

We look at one another, and then suddenly we realise we can hear noise, and the platform behind us is packed with people. We just jumped on the next train with a crowd of other people and tried not to think too much about what would have happened if we’d stayed on that first train.

The time I was burned as an adulterous witch at a medieval banquet

A long and inarticulate story from my teen years. Content warning for like, pretend swords and pretend death and so much vicarious shame that your face involuntarily lemon-puckers. Also for my use of one hundred “like”s. 

One time, in high school, I attended this. Medieval banquet fair LARP thing? It was produced and hosted by a local… theater troupe? My hesitation is not because I’m unsure in my recollection, it’s that I’m not sure who these people actually were. I love them I just don’t understand them.

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And they call it… The Pinking…

Dark does not like his new hair color, and he’s stuck with it until Mark’s natural color comes back. 

((*insert my headcanon for my Dark that whenever Mark makes a change to himself, Dark undergoes that change too, whether he likes it or not. Dark’s  hair turned pink, it wasn’t dyed.))

addition to this @cinderfell

Vax shrouds himself in black, the only color his father gave him that he liked, the color of the sky when he slipped out of his window for the last time, his sister on his heels. It holds the shadows better, cuts him intimidating and hard to see, contrasts with the blade of his daggers and conceals them behind a facade of darkness.

Keyleth goes where the wind takes her, in blues and greens and oranges, flitting between them like the seasons pass, however she takes her fancy. She is fire but she is kind, a whirlwind of elements and shades in between, but she stays firm in what she knows.

If royalty is kind to a bard, Scanlan wears deep purples, flashy and opposite his crass behavior but exactly what you would expect. It is extravagant, this life he built from the ruins of his memories, this persona so deeply rooted in something dark–perception is everything to his profession and thus he keeps up appearances.

Grog is solid, a tarnished rock amidst the gleaming armor and weaponry, but he suits it just fine, a dull grey but when it glints, when it matters most, he is willing to compromise, to understand despite his rage. The dull leaves, wearing shiny instead of old, and he is security, the steadfast constant.

Complete Dolly thoughts

-I’m going to use the word showstopping a lot here but I’m only using it because the show was stopped more times than I can count. (And it wasn’t just me being me, the whole audience was losing it).

-Bette Midler is glorious. She’s pure star quality and her Dolly is funny, spritely, human, perfectly farcical and has the cutest little walk. Bette GETS who Dolly is, her character arc is very well thought out and meticulously crafted. She stops the show by eating dinner. She smiles and the entire world seems to light up. It’s a huge, good old fashioned star star turn. I was moved to tears during the oak leaf speech and when she appeared at the top of the staircase it was like looking into the sun directly. During the title song she skipped and bounced around the stage with comfort and ease and jokingly held onto the sides and worked the crowd like the pro she is. When she lowered the newspaper she beamed and the audience completely went nuts and she took it in grinning ear to ear. When watching this it was so plain that it was one of the great diva performances in modern times. Part of me wants to be more detailed but there isn’t much to say besides she is exactly what you would expect Bette Midler to be like in Dolly (I pretty much guessed her characterization exactly) and that for years to come anyone who sees her in this will be bragging that they did. This is what it looks like to see a great leading lady and a legend. (That said, 80% of her line deliveries in the dinner scene were directly lifted from Channing).

-David Hyde Pierce has reinvented Vandergelder. He is deadpan and HYSTERICAL. The newly added Penny in my Pocket, which he does in front of the curtain before act two, is hysterical, tuneful and adds a surprising depth to Vandergelder when seen in context. Gavin Creel and Kate Baldwin could not be more perfect. They are affecting and extremely funny in their parts. Gavin is easily a frontrunner for the Tony he was so much fun to watch. Kate Baldwin is a star and has one of the best belts on Broadway and is such a mesmerizing actress. Every time I see her in something I’m beside myself. Taylor Trensch has taken the usually grating character of Barnaby and made him funny and loveable. Benie Feldstein and Melanie Moore also do excellent work. Jennifer Simard fucking winded me she was so funny as Ernestina.

- Hello, Dolly! is a musical that perfectly manages a marriage between telling a story with a human core, maintaining humor and classical farce, and the creating an all out big broadway splashy event and so does this revival. It’s the Gower choreography and coneptualization for the most part, with some minute changes, and thank god. Seeing the chorus trot out along the runway in their sunday clothes with that Gower precision was perfect. Even the new stuff, like the waiter’s gallop, was showstopping. The train is massive. When the Harmonia Gardens was revealed (and the reveal is jaw dropping, James and I gasped) the audience cheered. They added some new lines and new material and it fits PERFECTLY. Everything added is funny or adds new depth and perspective to the characters. But more important than the lavish sets and costumes is that the show is HYSTERICAL, as it should be, and the musical has retained its beating heart. The speeches the characters have where they reflect on their problems and the nature of life were deeply moving and sincere. And all the while, Zaks maintained the tone of the show, which can be VERY DIFFICULT for most directors, perfectly. In short: it’s a perfect production of Dolly.

-I’m sure I left off a lot here, but you don’t want to read 5 pages of this. If you want to see what a great musical comedy is and what a great star vehicle and theatrical experience looks like, go see Hello, Dolly!. I loved everything about it. It is a perfect production of a fantastic show with a monumental star turn at the center of it. 

-And yeah it’s fucking cheesy and predictable but god DAMN it is so nice to have Dolly back where she belongs. This will run for years.

Decided to post a picture of my head canon for Tate’s kids. A while back there was a post that consisted of a screen grab of a random background teen that looked exactly like what you expect a young Mcgucket would, and since my head canon for Tate’s son was fourteen I figured I’d use it as the design for him

Anyways, this is Jed and Penny Whistle Mcgucket. They are Tate’s kids and of course Fiddleford’s grandkids. They mostly appear in the Mystery Dads au but I like to head canon them as existing in general. 

Penny Whistle is five years old in 2012, she’s very excitable and absolutely adores her Grandpa Fidds. (She likes Stan too but Fidds is definitely her favorite. Fidds and her sing folk and filk songs together a lot.) 

Jed is fourteen and is generally a really sweat and somewhat chill kid. He isn’t stoic like his dad, but he is just generally very pleasant. During the summer he generally works as a camp counselor, and he really loves working with kids. He wants to be a teacher when he’s older, like his mom. (who teaches science.) However he is more interest in english, art, and music than in teaching anything like Math and science.

Penny Whistle would like to be a postman at the moment, because she is five and changes what she’d like to be every couple of weeks or so.

you can’t tell me that zoë kravitz with her blonde hair and a bare face isn’t exactly what you would expect an angel to look like. the girl is unreal

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Muse's Winter Homework
  • Umi: Finished her homework on the first day of break, is currently yelling at Honoka to focus while
  • Kotori: Makes snacks for Honoka and Umi, she's halfway done with her work and is trying to ignore-
  • Honoka: Who is begging Kotori to save her from Umi's wrath, it isn't working.
  • Maki: She completed her work and is enjoying a quiet night at home until-
  • Hanayo: Calls Maki with a loud "DAREKE TASUKETE!!" because despite her having the majority of her work done she's struggling with-
  • Rin: Who won't stop nyaing all over the place and just focus, but she does not want Maki to show up and scold her!
  • Eli: Is exactly what you would expect out of a Student Council President, finished and organized, she's doing her best to cheer on-
  • Nico: Who has nothing done but tells Eli she's going to turn in her winning smile instead! Eli is unconvinced, meanwhile-
  • Nozomi: Is hosting what has turned into a giant Muse homework party, she's making tea for everyone at the loud study session and is so happy that they all found each other, and that even though she lives alone her home is full of family and love.

anonymous asked:

So Daddy came home for lunch and went to take some chicken out of the freezer and saw his ties. I put them in water like you told me to so they all froze perfectly. The bad news is that not only do I not get Netflix for the next month, but he decided that since I like to freeze things so much I will only be allowed to take cold showers until he says otherwise. I also got the belt and I have to apologize to you for being a bad girl and involving you in my "evil plans." This is so stupid. 😒


Now you see why being a good girl is the thing to do while daddy is gone, no matter what.

Your daddy did exactly as I expected he would, and you got what you deserved. Let it be a lesson to you.

Tell your daddy I said YOU’RE WELCOME.

Lesbian Book Recs

We are all sad right now so if anyone is interested in consuming lesbian romance novels until they forget about the world here are some potentially more obscure recs to enjoy. Some of these novels have dark themes or dark moments but I consider all of them optimistic novels at heart and all end happily. A warning for any kiddos, there is sex beware lol.

Blurred Lines by KD Williamson – Cheesy romance novel, A+ quality.
A brash hotshot detective gets shot and meets a cold doctor with no personal life. This is the best iteration of the most cliché lesbian romance novel plotline ever, and BOY is it a doozy. This book works so well because the two characters genuinely talk and get to know each other and help each other and their relationship is not forced or rushed. They have a lot of melodrama going on but the relationship between them doesn’t start until they are equal, until no one is hurt or is being pushed or off balance. An actual healthy relationship?????

Heiresses of Russ 2012 – Short story collection. Uneven but fun, worth 4$.
There is a story about a middle aged latina submarine captain who steals a ship and recruits a mermaid to help her escape american waters by promising to teach her how to pilot the ship. In return the mermaid is gonna destroy all the men they come across. The mermaid can’t use the pedals so has to sit in her lap. Like, all you need to know.

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M Wilson – A super fun solid quality w!w fantasy trilogy.
It is long, you need to read all three to complete the romance arc but the fantasy aspect is good. Smart plucky headstrong young woman comes to train as a warrior and is apprenticed to a quiet traumatized outsider who doesn’t think she has anything to give anyone. The outsider won’t train her and when she gets severely wounded MC saves her life out of sheer spite. It’s gold. Their relationship is beautiful, it develops slowly and lets both characters grow and heal and learn. It is about found families and how to be wise, and what we have to teach others and it’s a Good Novel.

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What is Looping, and Have I Mistyped Because of It?

In response to an anon I received a few days ago on how to determine what type you are if you are looping. More specifically, if they themselves were a looping INFJ or ISTP.

What is a Loop?

A loop, by cognitive definition, is when you skip over your auxiliary function, going directly from your dominant to your tertiary, without the auxiliary coming into play at all. 

For example, in, say, an INFP. A looping INFP would go from Fi to Si, skipping over Ne completely in the cognitive process to use Si and then Te.

This state of mind is very common, often happening due to stress, internal conflict, or simply because the situation calls for it.

Loops are usually completely normal, and very common. Everyone loops at some point, but it usually happens very briefly(a few minutes/hours). These loops are comfortable and can be even enjoyable for the subjected party, often coming into play for important decision.

However, sometimes, one may go into an extended loop, lasting several days or even months. These types of loops are very unhealthy for the subjected party, often resulting in poor mental health. 

When someone talks about loops, the latter(unhealthy) ones are generally what is being spoken of, and will be what I am discussing.

How Am I Looping?

Whether or not you are looping, at least in the sense of an extended and unhealthy loop, is generally pretty self evident if you know what it is.

If you already know your type/functions, either due to typing in a healthy state of mind or by deductive reasoning and knowledge of how the entire function stack works, then the lack/loss of your auxiliary function may come as a bit of a surprise, or as a massive source of confusion.

So, in reference to the original question(s), which is ‘How do I know if I’m a looping (insert Type here), or a looping (insert type here)?’

Four Ways to Determine Your Type while Looping

1. Make sure you are, indeed, looping.

This does seem rather counterproductive, but keep in mind that looping is not the only thing that can mess up your cognitive processes. You could be gripping, or you could have a toxic dominant function, or you could simply be using your functions in an unhealthy manner.

Or you could simply have mistaken one combination of cognitive functions for another, and may need to study cognitive processes and how they work together more.

Before determining your type based on a loop, make sure that there is, indeed, a function ‘missing’ as it were. Otherwise, you could very well mistype, and potentially mess with your cognitive processes by attempting to break out of a nonexistent loop.

2. Examine your dominant function

The obvious question to ask yourself, first, is exactly what you would expect it to be. Which function of the two you think are looping do you use first? 

No, not which is strongest. This is a common misconception in MBTI, that the strongest function is your dominant function. However, considering the environmental factors in determining one’s type, it is entirely possible that one may be forced to use certain functions more. (For example, a strong Fe type in an environment where expression of one’s emotions is forbidden/taboo may mistype due to Fe being suppressed.)

So, that misinformation aside, which function do you go to first

 I’ll use the example of a looping INFJ vs. a looping ISTP. 

 In an ISTP, their primary function is Ti, or Introverted Thinking. When they process something, they do it via their internal logical processes, THEN it goes to Ni. 

 In an INFJ, their primary function is Ni, or Introverted Intuition. They process things by intuitively extrapolating a conclusion, and THEN it goes to Ti. 

This example given, examine yourself and try to think of whether or not you are more comfortable using one function more than another, and which one you use first. Once you’ve got your answer, therein lies your type.

3. Examine your inferior function

The Inferior Function is the fourth in your function stack. Now, normally it is fairly weak due to a lack of use. 

However, despite its weakness, it does still work, contrary to popular belief. Though it tends to still be weak when you use it, it serves a purpose. 

Now, out of the two functions that are not in the loop(Fe and Se in the previous case of the INFJ and ISTP), which one is weak, and which one is nonexistent? 

While looping, one skips over the auxiliary function, therefore it does not come into play whatsoever. It is virtually nonexistent due to the loop.

An Inferior function still works despite its placement, and is therefore stronger than the auxiliary function while looping. 

In the case of the INFJ vs. ISTP:

The INFJ would skip over Fe, making it nigh nonexistent, directly to Ti, then Se. Se would still come into play, weakly, but it would very much still be there.

The ISTP would skip over Se, making it nigh nonexistent, directly to Ni, then Fe. Fe would come into play, weakly, but more strongly than Se, because, obviously, Se isn’t there.

The one that is nonexistent is your auxiliary, the one that is weak would be your inferior. If you are unsure what a function looks like when it is nonexistent, I would suggest looking at PoLR descriptions of the two functions you are struggling with understanding. 

4. Read up on/examine your Shadow Functions

The Shadow Functions are the four functions not in your primary function stack. They come into play, just like the primary stack, but generally do so entirely unconsciously. 

They fall in the same order as your primary function stack, but with introversion and extroversion reversed.

Example: An ISTP would have the primary functions Ti-Se-Ni-Fe. Then, Shadow Functions Te-Si-Ne-Fi.

Put simply, The 5th(Opposing Personality) function works as an unconscious inferior function, or ‘argumentative’ function as it were.

The 6th(Critical Parent) function is actually quite strong, but used entirely unconsciously. 

The 7th(Trickster or Point of Least Resistance(PoLR)) function is very, very weak, to the point of nonexistence.

Now, with this knowledge, you can examine your PoLR function. In INFJs, it’s Te, in ISTPs, it’s Ne. Look up PoLR functions and how each function works in that place. You can potentially decide between the two types by determining your PoLR and Critical Parent function, if all else fails.

In addition, and on a final note, please keep in mind that some loops do stem from mental illness. If this lasts for too long or drastically decreases your quality of life, your ‘loop’ may indeed be something else entirely, and it may be in your best interests to seek out psychiatric help. However, as this is usually not the case, don’t stress about it.


((You all asked and you all shall receive part two of Gabriel finding his S/O and child. Requests are closed at the moment; help me come up with a name for this prompt which now will be a series. <3 Part one is here:  http://dreamingofoverwatch.tumblr.com/post/150141194113/how-would-reaper-react-to-finding-out-his-so))

 Gabriel had finally found you at long last; you lived in a small house with only two bedrooms, a half way decent kitchen, no living room, and the smallest bathroom he’d ever seen. The elderly land lady (who lived next to you) let you live there practically for nothing, and treated you like a daughter; she’d often watch Gabriel Jr. who seemed to utterly adore the woman. He watched you live your life for weeks… He didn’t know how to approach you or come back into your life. He knew you hadn’t moved on from your many late night chats with the elderly woman who understood your grief all too well, she had lost her husband many years ago from a terror attack. He was pleased you had at least someone beside your son who was too young to understand to talk to.

Today was the day he finally decided to confront you, Gabriel could not stay away, and his heart ached to be with you and to be a father. He didn’t know how he was going to justify who he has become to you, how you’d react, or if you would even let him meet his son. He watched as you brought your son to preschool, kissing him softly on the cheek and handing him his homemade lunch; briefly you chatted with the teacher before saying your goodbyes a bit reluctantly as always. You sighed softly, going food shopping was always so boring without your son who seemed to make everything more bright and fun; he was your sunshine and you’d do anything for your baby boy.

You shivered briefly, rubbing your arms; you wanted to believe that it was the crisp autumn weather but you knew otherwise. Since you left the preschool you had been followed, you might not be an agent any longer but you never completely adjusted to life as a civilian. It was hard to, besides who knows if one of those Talon creeps were around. You knew what they did to former Overwatch agents, and well you were a skilled Captain; they’d be happy to put a bullet in your head and a knife in your back. It was obvious your stalker wasn’t a civilian; they were too professional and knew exactly what they were doing. You knew this day would come, you didn’t expect it to happen so soon but you were prepared.

You took a deep breath, deciding to confront your stalker. You acted oblivious and went down an alleyway; you knew that otherwise you’d risk innocent lives. You reached slowly into your purse, as the stalker got closer you threw a leg up and kicked the stranger into the wall. As you held your gun, you closed the distance. “Stay down. If you think you can take my son from me or hurt him you have another thing coming! I will not be killed easily, nor will he. “You yelled out, getting ready to pull the trigger.

The man slowly moved his hand, you warned him not to move. The mask was taken off his face as he dodged a bullet skillfully. You looked closer at him and realized the man wasn’t a stranger at all, your gun hit the dirty concrete and you fell to your knees, your eyes filling with tears. “W-who the hell are you, and why do you look like my Gabriel? What kind of sick and twisted game are you playing?”

He looked at you, biting his lip as he sat next to you. “You haven’t aged a day, (Y/N). Motherhood suits you.  I would’ve been there; I was told your body was never found. Yet here you are, alive and with our son.” He wrapped an arm around your stiff and shaking body, wondering if this was a mistake; perhaps your heart couldn’t handle something like this. Your hand connected to his cheek, making a loud noise as you began to squeezed him tightly. (E/C) eyes studied his face, looking at the monster he’d become yet you looked at him with such sadness, longing, and love.

“They told me you died too… they all lied to me. I can’t believe you kept me waiting all these years, I mourned you every night. Our son doesn’t understand why his Papa isn’t with us, he looks at your picture everyday and asks all these questions about you. He admires you so much; he wants to be just like you… I’m so scared, Gabriel. I don’t want to lose him. Maybe if I found out sooner, before all that happened everything might’ve been different.” You sobbed softly as you touched Gabriel’s face, praying this was real and he wouldn’t disappear. Too many times you had dreamed of this moment where Gabriel walked in the front door like he never died, you woke up every time in tears. You always felt personally responsible for all that had happened to your beloved family.

“We’re going to be a family now, I promise. I know I haven’t been there, but I will be for you and for him. No one will ever hurt either of you, whether they’re from Talon or Overwatch. I want to make up for all this time I’ve been gone and the things I’ve done. I joined Talon; they probably told you of Reaper… but not that I am him.” He began to explain all that had happened from him from the moment his body was recovered, to him finding out you were alive, and everything in between. It was hard for you to come to terms with who Gabriel was working for, and not to mention the fact he was hunting down those who you thought were your friends. You accepted it; you understood his pain and well, you’d turn a blind eye to turning him in to any authorities or Overwatch. You didn’t condone what he or Talon does, but you wanted your Gabriel back in your life no matter what. Despite him not fully being the man you first fell for all those years ago he was still Gabriel and many bits of who he used to be still remained.

You kissed his lips gently, which surprised him greatly. “What? I am not allowed to kiss my handsome love?” You laughed lightly as you wiped your tears away from your puffy red eyes.

“I thought you’d be repulsed by my face.”The Latino replied simply.

“Never. You look just as good as you always have, in fact you’re like wine. You just keep getting better with age, Gabriel Reyes.”

Gabriel smiled slightly, helping you onto your feet. “Only you would say that. Can I meet him?”

You quirked a brow at him, “Do you even have to ask? Come shopping with me, we have a lot of catching up to do.”

Shrugging, Gabriel was wearing civilian clothes anyways. He let you lead him around much like you used to; he couldn’t help but think about leaving Talon soon somehow to be with his family full-time. Perhaps it was time to leave his pain behind, and start a new future. To settle his revenge and problems without Talon’s aid, it would be hard to let go but you and Gabriel Jr. were worth it.

(( A big shout-out to the anon who helped give me an idea for the prompt. Thank you. Send them love, because they helped me get inspired. <3))


don’t act like an asshole, you dickhead! - a blurb request that turned into a 4k one shot. 

It was the third time that week that this guy came into the café, ordered a glass of water and then sipped on said glass of water for like three to four hours while typing away on his laptop.

He didn’t get up once, not even to go and have a wee. He never ordered anything else. He was just sitting there, typing and claiming the best table in the café as his own. He would occasionally look up from his screen to glare at anyone who dared to try and sit down on the unoccupied couch opposite him but once he hit them with his death glare they scrambled back to their feet and found some place else to sit.

He wasn’t necessarily impolite to the staff, no, but he merely grumbled and mumbled out his order, most of the time he didn’t even say please and thank you and if he just muttered it under his breath without even looking the person in the eye. His eyes were always glued to the screen of his laptop or his phone.

What an asshole, you thought.

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In case you are wondering about whether you should watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix (because say, you are a fan of the books and you don’t want to get burned the way you did with the movie), I have only watched the first two episodes and can assure that this is quality shit:

  • It starts out with a dedication to Beatrice
  • Lemony Snicket is a character, narrating onscreen, which is good because a) in hindsight, how was that movie franchise planning on doing that when it became important? it’s much better to do it from the beginning and b) it means some of the best literary devices can be easily reproduced
  • There is a good amount of subtle references to future events and certain initials
  • They really doubled down on the whole mixed-up time period thing to hilarious effect, including a self-referential Netflix joke that I had to pause after because I was laughing so hard
  • Same with every single time Count Olaf says “theatre” or “actor” NPH is a great Count Olaf
  • He has a musical number and it is awful in the best way
  • The Beaudelaires are perfectly cast and also the perfect mixture of charmingly tragic and cleverly witty
  • Especially Sunny she is a GIFT
  • There is stuff that isn’t in the books, not in a “deviating from the plot” sense but in an “adding vital information about what was going on elsewhere that I am VERY FREAKING DANG EXCITED ABOUT” sense

In conclusion this is exactly what you would expect given that Daniel Handler played a major role in it, it’s everything I wanted it to be, please watch.


@blueoctavo tagged to post what i’ve been listening to lately! sorry this list is probably exactly what those of you who know me well would have expected, my music taste isn’t very diverse.

in no particular order except for #1 which is my absolute favorite record that i’ve been listening to even more than usual lately: 1) is survived by - touche amore 2) the life of the world to come - the mountain goats 3) promise everything - basement 4) peach - culture abuse 5) peripheral vision - turnover 6) rooms of the house - la dispute 7) waiting - thursday 8) stage four - touche amore 9) nightmare logic - power trip

@judasjace @always-oranges @gothlorien @thebluepeninsula @funeral-wave @wordperson @6to8 @eightiesmom @goghbi-wan @crhiscornell ? also everyone whose name i couldnt figure out off the top of my head? i love seeing yalls playlists, everyone do this