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And they call it… The Pinking…

Dark does not like his new hair color, and he’s stuck with it until Mark’s natural color comes back. 

((*insert my headcanon for my Dark that whenever Mark makes a change to himself, Dark undergoes that change too, whether he likes it or not. Dark’s  hair turned pink, it wasn’t dyed.))

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Vax shrouds himself in black, the only color his father gave him that he liked, the color of the sky when he slipped out of his window for the last time, his sister on his heels. It holds the shadows better, cuts him intimidating and hard to see, contrasts with the blade of his daggers and conceals them behind a facade of darkness.

Keyleth goes where the wind takes her, in blues and greens and oranges, flitting between them like the seasons pass, however she takes her fancy. She is fire but she is kind, a whirlwind of elements and shades in between, but she stays firm in what she knows.

If royalty is kind to a bard, Scanlan wears deep purples, flashy and opposite his crass behavior but exactly what you would expect. It is extravagant, this life he built from the ruins of his memories, this persona so deeply rooted in something dark–perception is everything to his profession and thus he keeps up appearances.

Grog is solid, a tarnished rock amidst the gleaming armor and weaponry, but he suits it just fine, a dull grey but when it glints, when it matters most, he is willing to compromise, to understand despite his rage. The dull leaves, wearing shiny instead of old, and he is security, the steadfast constant.

you can’t tell me that zoë kravitz with her blonde hair and a bare face isn’t exactly what you would expect an angel to look like. the girl is unreal

Decided to post a picture of my head canon for Tate’s kids. A while back there was a post that consisted of a screen grab of a random background teen that looked exactly like what you expect a young Mcgucket would, and since my head canon for Tate’s son was fourteen I figured I’d use it as the design for him

Anyways, this is Jed and Penny Whistle Mcgucket. They are Tate’s kids and of course Fiddleford’s grandkids. They mostly appear in the Mystery Dads au but I like to head canon them as existing in general. 

Penny Whistle is five years old in 2012, she’s very excitable and absolutely adores her Grandpa Fidds. (She likes Stan too but Fidds is definitely her favorite. Fidds and her sing folk and filk songs together a lot.) 

Jed is fourteen and is generally a really sweat and somewhat chill kid. He isn’t stoic like his dad, but he is just generally very pleasant. During the summer he generally works as a camp counselor, and he really loves working with kids. He wants to be a teacher when he’s older, like his mom. (who teaches science.) However he is more interest in english, art, and music than in teaching anything like Math and science.

Penny Whistle would like to be a postman at the moment, because she is five and changes what she’d like to be every couple of weeks or so.

Muse's Winter Homework
  • Umi: Finished her homework on the first day of break, is currently yelling at Honoka to focus while
  • Kotori: Makes snacks for Honoka and Umi, she's halfway done with her work and is trying to ignore-
  • Honoka: Who is begging Kotori to save her from Umi's wrath, it isn't working.
  • Maki: She completed her work and is enjoying a quiet night at home until-
  • Hanayo: Calls Maki with a loud "DAREKE TASUKETE!!" because despite her having the majority of her work done she's struggling with-
  • Rin: Who won't stop nyaing all over the place and just focus, but she does not want Maki to show up and scold her!
  • Eli: Is exactly what you would expect out of a Student Council President, finished and organized, she's doing her best to cheer on-
  • Nico: Who has nothing done but tells Eli she's going to turn in her winning smile instead! Eli is unconvinced, meanwhile-
  • Nozomi: Is hosting what has turned into a giant Muse homework party, she's making tea for everyone at the loud study session and is so happy that they all found each other, and that even though she lives alone her home is full of family and love.

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How much money would one have to pay you for you to give a talk for a college group?

I’m not sure what exactly you’re expecting in a talk from me. I would do it for free (if I were in the area), but you’d probably still be getting ripped off.

! Pocket Sized BTS Would Probably Be Like !

+ Getting mad at you for constantly calling them smol.

+“Noonaaaaaa I’m not a baby, stop calling me small” Jungkook would whine probably while you tuck him in
shushing him.

+ Namjoon: “ You think I’m small ? How about I show how biggg I am noonaa” he says cockily, You face palming him away from you.

+ Suga: “ What exactly did you expect ?” He would say sarcastically. You would continue teasing him and he would eventually just hide under you pillow Completely ignoring you.

+ Jimin: “I know Noona but you still love me right ?” You poking his cheek saying “of course my chimchim”, Him being all cheeky

+ J-Hope: This ball of sunshine would pout and say “But I can’t help it 😡😡 Noona” while crossing his arms. “I still love you” you would say and he would be grinning but still crossing his arms

+ Jin: “But I’m still your oopa” he remarks. “But whose taller ?” “True” he mumbles defensively.

+ Taehyung: “ Okay but I still call the shots” he would say pouting. “Where?” You said looking at him “Here” he would mumble. “Oh really, well since you call shots don’t look for me when you can’t get off the bed. Since you call shots your grown enough to do these things on your “own” “ you say leaving him like this:😭😱 ” Noona noooo”


March 27th, 2017

I went to a well known place today. There’s a spiritist town called Cassadega in southwestern Volusia County, and it’s the closest thing to real life Second Life I’ve ever seen.

It’s quite a small place, and is exactly what you would expect- mostly elderly women, full of fairy trails and little parks, and of course a sort of silence was over the entire town. The collection of people who end up there are quite interesting, especially in contrast to the area around it. I think the best example of this was a pretty young black woman I saw sitting in the Fairy Park, drawing on some sketch pad in silence, being only a few miles away from the homes with Confederate flags and old pickup trucks. The whole area left me wondering about the people in the homes with Wolves and spirit drawings on their homes, literally surrounded by wind chimes and incense and little gardens. I wonder what channels of life they’ve found themselves in. I wonder how small or small their world is, and how many events surround them all.

The natural areas around it were extraordinarily beautiful, with that certain stillness that helped me forget the rest of the world existed, it was me and God alone, looking out at this parcel of land or surrounded by the forest, in a place that looks the same as it did 150 years ago, or further. I felt distinct from the time, and my own life, which was momentarily nice. When I was driving back I got a little lost (somewhat on purpose), but it was nice, and seeing the area around the place I live is a good way to contextualize my existence.

Trick or Treat

Daryl Dixon Imagine

You’re asking Daryl to bring some candy with him for Halloween since Glenn plans to go trick or treating with Maggie and their son. 

word count: 1542

approximated reading time: 8 minutes

“Daryl!”, I yelled as I heard Daryl walking down the stairs. I tried to get up looking like a beetle on her back, not exactly graceful or sexy, but it did the job and what would you expect!? That belly was stopping me from almost everything.
“What!?” Daryl peaked around the corner. “Ya don’t have to get up, ya know?!” He said with his eyebrows raised as he watched me struggling.
“Yeah!? Well, you know…”, I said panting as I fought the couch that was definitely trying to swallow me whole. “Maybe I wanna kiss my husband goodbye!?”
“Really?” Daryl grinned. “Where is he!?”
“Oh you!” With my last ounce of strength I pushed myself to my feet. “Don’t forget to bring chocolate or whatever candy you can find.”
“Why?!” Daryl looked me up and down as I waddled over to him.
“It’s Halloween”, I sighed sinking into his open arms. Welcomed by a soft kiss on my hair I forgot about my hurting back and swollen feet for a second. I was sure this was all going to be worth it, but damn, being pregnant was so exhausting.
“Ya think anyone’s gonna come trick or treatin’!? Judy’s out with Carl, Rick and Michonne, she ain’t gonna go trick or treatin’ this year…”
“I know… Jesus invited them over to Hilltop, right!?”
Daryl nodded. “They ain’t gonna be back too soon.”
“I know, but…”
“But what!?” I couldn’t see his face but I knew he had his eyebrows raised so high he should have been afraid of them becoming one with his hairline. I chuckled slightly.

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You have done it! You have accrued over 9,000 hitpoints, BOA followers, and do you know what that means? That’s right, it means that Space Prince Vegeta, Guest Mod, will…

…Bail out of town because he says tumblr is for nerds. But wait. 9999. That is an auspicious number for another reason… what has 9999 hit points… what final boss could we possibly be up against…

Wait, could it be? The great Kefka Palazzo, @ask-keffycakes himself, will now rise to defeat any askers who dare to intrude on our inbox? Yes, that is exactly right and is a logical scenario for when an occult advice blog hits 9999 followers. A videogame character ask blog will answer questions sent to our inbox. That is exactly what you would expect to happen and so it is exactly what WILL happen.

So send in your asks to BOA and have them answered by a certified occult and magic expert who is also a pyromaniacal clown! Until… Friday. That is exactly how long you would expect such an arrangement to last. All of this is perfectly logical and normal, especially when you look at all the perfectly logical and normal things that have happened in the rest of 2016.

We’ve gotten a ton of asks asking us about how our friends are doing so I figured I might as well answer them. They are all pretty much doing exactly what you would expect them to do. Nidai is still a team manager, Saionji still does traditional dance, Mahiru travels to different countries and takes photos of her trips, Sagishi gets hired to impersonate people for a living, Mikan is a full-time nurse, Ryouta has a small animation studio he runs from his apartment (which he shares with Sagishi and Mikan), Hanamura has a pretty big chain of restaurants in Azabu and Aoyama, Fuyuhiko and Peko are continuing the family business, Souda has a mechanic shop (and is a total bum), Ibuki is a pretty popular musician and goes on tours around the world, Akane does a lot of odd jobs for people, and Yukizome-sensei is still teaching at Hope’s Peak. As for Komaeda…I don’t really know what happened to him. No one’s seen or heard from him since we graduated.

We were playing a game that involved us finding and destroying body parts of dead saints that were tainted with evil, so, for the hell of it, our GM let us pick the five body parts and he’d fit it in.

We were pretty reasonable! A hand, a tongue, a set of eyeballs, an entire head, and then…

exactly what you expected would happen. Someone picked a dick, so now we have an evil penis somewhere in the world we have to hunt down, and let me tell you, any conversation talking about that is either hilarious or uncomfortable.

“Where was the last place you saw the… member?”
“Which Saint did the… genitals.. come from?”
Everyone avoided the word until the confused, elven druid who did not understand social cues or expectation finally just-

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So this is an ad campaign currently running on British TV to and it’s too good not to post.

This Girl Can celebrates the women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get. They’re here to inspire us to wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome.

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i have a vine account and it is exactly what you would expect

Sardonyx Is Fantastic and I’m Here To Tell You Why

note: I’m specifically talking about her concept, design, and premise, particularly as it existed prior to the end of the episode

People have apparently been bashing Sardonyx’s design/persona, which is absolutely ludicrous and I will not be having any of it. So let’s discuss, shall we?

First and foremost, her design is freaking magician based.
Who in heaven is disappointed by this?? Who is saying that this doesn’t suit Pearl and Garnet’s personalities? Are yinz even paying attention to the dang show!?

Sardonyx’s showmanship and elegant, practiced theatrics is exactly what you would expect from Pearl and Garnet’s amalgam.
You’re taking Pearl’s love of (fairly ostentatious) precision + form and combining that with Garnet’s confidence and cleverness.
How could anything else be more perfect than a magician?

Perhaps most importantly, though:


Honestly, this is not even covering the delivery of Garnet’s line or the fact that Pearl literally BUSRT INTO TEARS FROM HAPPINESS.

It’s clear they deeply love and enjoy being fused. Which is really the whole point, anyway.

But let’s consider this further for a moment!
Pearl is remarkably grandiose in basically every intentional action she takes and more than a little highfaluting. But she’s also been shown to have some kind of fairly severe inferiority complex.
Garnet, by contrast, is (by her own words) ‘made of love’ and has been repeatedly shown to be proud of who she is. She’s confident and full of love for others and love for herself.

Can you imagine what fusing with Garnet must feel like for Pearl?
As a queer mentally ill feminine nonbinary kid with an inferiority complex, it’s probably safe to say I identify with Pearl a bit.
I’d probably burst into tears as well at the chance to fuse the core of my being with someone who has such love and respect for themself. To feel that, even if just for a little while, and to do it with someone I respect, love, and trust.

And as for Garnet? Golly, we are all fairly well aware of Garnet’s feelings on fusion, I think?
It’s a chance for her to experience unity and oneness with the people she loves.
She’s perfectly eager and willing to fuse with Amethyst despite their fusion being shown to be unstable (even dangerous), because she loves Amethyst and enjoys the experience of fusing with her.
And it is so so clear that she loves Pearl. Whether or not folks are keen to consider them romantically inclined towards one-another or not, they’ve demonstrated a very high level of physical comfort with each other, more so than they are with others (often linking arms, Pearl tends to lean on her absently, ect.). So the fact that they have an extremely close bond is undeniable, whether you conceptualize it as romantic or platonic in nature.
So you can only imagine how much she must love fusing with Pearl, considering the above. How much fun it must be for her to experience that flashy and airish nature of her’s.

It is so vividly clear that they have a ton of fun being Sardonyx.
Hells, their fusion ends with them whipping open a curtain that explodes into little light dragonflies or sth like that is not something you throw into a fusion you’re not overly fond of.

Fusion is, first and foremost, about love and unity. It is, by Pearl’s description, “the ultimate connection between gems”
and the crewniverse did a fantastic job of showcasing how much they love and enjoy their incarnation of that bond

To be honest, this is probably part of why Garnet reacts so viscerally to the fact that Pearl was the one who repaired the tower.
She feels as though she’s been fusing with Pearl under false pretenses, and she was. For as important as fusion is to Garnet, and given how much she seems to love being Sardonyx, that is a huge deal.

Basically my heart is wounded over these two + this fusion please send help and PLEASE BRING THE MOMS BACK TOGETHER I’M IN PHYSICAL PAIN.