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Are their any benefits to wearing or using the flower of life symbol? What exactly does it mean and how can we incorporate into our lives ?

Definitely! This is a great question. So the Flower of Life is a universal, divine symbol found in ancient carvings in countless countries all over the world. It is a symbol of pure shape and proportion and contains all of the power of sacred geometry within it. See, the Flower of Life is life itself. The way it is made represents what life is, who we are. To understand this, you’d have to draw it, or see the way the vesica piscis, seed of life, fruit of life, and tree of life fit into the Flower of Life. All of this is sacred geometry and knowing it/being closer to it does raise your vibration. I suggest watching this video for a clear understanding of the progression and a demonstration of how it translates into life.

As for incorporating it into your life, you can do that once you understand the meaning. Watch the video I suggested. Once you watch that, and you’ve been exposed to what it means, you’ll know from there how to incorporate it into your life. I won’t have to tell you, no one will. Also, I highly suggest drawing it. A lot of people study sacred geometry but never attempt to draw it, which is counterproductive because it only allows you to understand it in theory and not in practice (and practice is needed for spiritual development). Here’s a video on how to draw the Flower of Life. Also, below I’m going to link to some videos that provide examples of very real, beneficial, and transformational ways you can use sacred geometry in your life: 

- Neutralizing the negative effects of electronics

- In meditation

- Clearing mental clutter

- In music (and here’s another more detailed video on sacred geometry & music)

One time Pacioretty was talking abt this coach he had in high school and he was like “He gave us this insane pep talk where he read us a bad review of our game then tore up the review while yelling and crying, it was the best moment of my life” that’s exactly what I would be like as a coach

Tips from my dad about buying a car

- Go in at the end of the month
- Buy the model of the year right before the model for the next year comes out (dealers get desperate to sell the old models)
- Refuse to put any money down. Say that if they ask you to put down money, you’ll leave
- Seriously. If they ask you to put down money say you need to go and walk out
- If there’s another dealership nearby, tell them that you’re walking there right after you leave
- If a deal seems unfair but you really like the car, tell them you’re going to another dealership and leave. Chances are, they’ll call back the next day with a better deal
- If possible, after the first call wait till the last few days of the month and they’ll likely call again with an even better deal
- Look around for family and friends that need a car. If you buy more than one car from the same dealership you’ll get a much better deal
- If a family member/friend is looking for a used car while you’re looking for a new car or vice versa, still get the used car from the same dealership
- If you decide to buy a new car after a few years, trade in the old car and buy a new one from the same dealership. Companies appreciate loyalty and will likely offer you a lower price

headcanon: there’s a becky g in the mmpr universe and it freaks trini out sometimes because she swears that she looks just like her, but every time she brings it up to the other rangers they squint at her like “really? i don’t see it.” and kimberly even goes on to say things like “you’re way cuter, actually” and trini is silently wondering if she’s losing her mind

i really want a novella or basically anything about azriel i want to know more about him his past about his skills i want to see the shadowsinger in action i want to see how he uses his shadows to spy i just want more of him give me a little insight on how he thinks how he lives his everyday life i want to see what exactly goes through his beautiful mind i want more azriel

Every single day there is a reason to smile. There is a reason to feel gratitude, a reason to feel peace. Acknowledge every good thing the universe offers to you, it knows exactly what you need. The greatest thing you can achieve in life is complete happiness, don’t pass up on the warmth of the sun and the peace of a empty park. Wake up, feel gratitude radiate from you.

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