exactly the same pose


hoenstly i have no idea what my thought process for this was but i just wanted to draw emotionally vulnerable daniel with david  i guess???  i havent drank water in like 24+ hours


The Last Jedi teaser trailer (rey/kylo ren/reylo moments) 

              “light. darkness. the balance.”

                                                     "it’s time for the jedi to end.“


How to solve Civil War in corgi way

They are such poor babies ;-; (including Cap)
After re-watching CACW I just wanna draw some cute Bucky and Tony for the sake of my soul
*continue annoy all of you with my chibis*


oh and don’t take this comic too seriously guys, I just wanna draw cute stuff so they are definitely OOC -w-u

*Princess Zelda voice* “It appears the Sheikah Slate’s camera rune can be used to capture images of ourselves, called self-portraits… Link. Link, this is important. I shall dub these self-portraits as “selfies” and it is CRUCIAL that we take them all over Hyrule. For research, of course. Just research…. wait Link loOK AT THAT FROG WE MUST TAKE A SELFIE TOGETHER WITH THE FROG”


hi hello it’s your favourite poser
so i was tagged in the ‘then vs now’ selfie challenge (??? is that what it’s called) by @binsmoon, @kingdans, @minhwangs, @baejinie and @extraongdinary

i think this challenge revolves around a change in hairstyles, however my hair has been the same for about 5 years but there is a subtle change hairstyle in each photo if you squint. but anyway here are 3 photos from 3 different years, which are not in chronological order for aesthetic purposes
order: 2017 > 2015 > 2016

i’m going to tag: @kakaotaeks, @swaggybyeongari (girl istg if you dont post i will hack into your account and post for you), @swoojin, @memelordjisung, @ongdan, @dxnghyuns, @woojiniel, @minhyum, @park-woojin and @yisunq


Its not exactly the same pose, but still I tried :D Hope ya like it! 

The art is made by Jamie Hewlett 

The late champion. Oh boy, what a boss that is. So you enter the all so familiar arena, see this guy in exactly the same pose as before and think that you’re in for some easy fight. And then he shows you why you’re wrong. That thing is f***ng relentless. And after taking some hits you think that you can safely heal while he’s on the other side of the arena doing some combo? Hohohohohoh. And then when you think that that’s enough surprises for today, he got 3 more specially for you. One of them is that spinning charge, another is that ninja backkick to the face, and last, but not least is that nightmarish shoulder thrust which he does with a speed of sound and with almost no preparation. You can practically hear the sound of sound barrier breacking as you’re sent flying without a plane, thinking “what the hell just happened?” 2 tries. I noticed that he still does that attack that helped me defeat the 1st boss. Y'know, that jump attack that gives you an opening. So when this picture was almost complete, I noticed that I accidentally drew him exactly as on one of the references from google, but at that point I didn’t really want to change it completely, so… yeah


The Drifters ❤️

Inspiration from the famous “Draw ur OTP” post by @pigeoncheeks
(I don’t own the first image)

This post doesn’t even need commentary imho, and besides I made a similar one once already but…

Correct me if I am wrong, the first time we see Mary doing this pose is in Sherlock’s MP so how does it make any sense that she’s making exactly the same pose in real life too? Only AFTER appearing in Sherlock’s MP. And even if it was making some sense it doesn’t actually matter cause it’s the LIAR pose. Her evil pose.

Plus in the mirrored universe of s4, her hands are switched.


There’s two unused poses for Mirror Kirby’s new Illusion Ring attack. The “Mirror Kirbys” around him don’t change, so I included pictures without them to make it easier to see.

Oddly enough, the second pose looks very similar, if not exactly the same as one of Circus Kirby’s alternate poses for the ball.