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4x06 Meta

I was shocked to find some posts stating that 4x06 was overhyped. I was one of the people who was extremely excited for 4x06. These are some of the reasons why I believe that all of the “hype” was deserved.

(Warning: This meta was written by a proud member of the “Felicity Smoak Defense Squad!” I’ve thought about this stuff a lot, okay. I tried to argue my points objectively and reasonably, but of course there’s some subjectivity mixed in.)


Aside from her being my all-time favorite character, and it being a very Felicity-centric episode, this episode was essential to her character development.

Yes, the way she treated Oliver was cold. But when you really think about it, it’s not all that surprising. Ever since she first mentioned her father back in 2x13, we’ve known that she has abandonment issues. This was furthered in 3x05 when we learned about Cooper. All her life, Felicity has been left behind by men. Whether intentional (her father) or not (Cooper), she kept losing the men she loved.

And since she’s known Oliver, every night that he goes into the field, she has to worry about him not coming back. Then she thought he died when he didn’t come home from his duel with Ra’s. Then she thought his soul “died” when he pretended to be Al Sah-him. So although Oliver hasn’t abandoned her, he hasn’t exactly followed through on his “You’re not gonna lose me” promise, because she has lost him. He has come back every time, but it still damaged her already problematic trust issues.

Season 3 put her through the ringer. He told Felicity he loved her multiple times before she finally said it back in 3x20. This is because she refused to give up what little control she had by not saying it back, even though we all knew how she felt. It was a defense mechanism (however frustrating some of us may have found it). She was afraid to give Oliver that last little piece of herself when he was still refusing to be with her.

So her treatment toward Oliver in 4x06 was a long time coming, in my opinion. Frankly, I’m shocked she hadn’t had this episode sooner. It just speaks to the strength of her character that despite all of the times she’s been left behind, she is still willing to open her heart to love. And it scared her when she had a moment to breathe and think about it with waiting to rescue Ray.

TL, DR: I don’t believe any part of Felicity’s actions in 4x06 were out of character.


I know a lot of people are bothered by the launch of Legends through Arrow. And Ray isn’t exactly a fan favorite character, even now that he and Felicity are broken up and Olicity are together. I get why: Ray freaking stalked Felicity at the beginning of season 3, he was manipulative when he accused her in 3x17 (I believe?) of keeping Oliver’s secret from him when he “held nothing back from her” – which I won’t even get into the ridiculousness of that entire conversation, and his plotlines throughout season 3 consistently took away from the main character’s. So, yeah. I get it. Not my favorite character either. (Though I do like him, against my better judgment. *shrugs* I can acknowledge his flaws, at least!)

But aside from his crappy writing at the beginning of 3 in the showrunners’ eagerness to hopefully launch another spin-off, Ray and Felicity have history. And while she was never in love with him, Felicity needed to deal with this emotional trauma, too. She thought he died, and she didn’t properly grieve him. And now she finds out he’s alive – the second not-really-dead surprise she’s had in two weeks – and it turns out, he’s been trying to contact her for a while now. Ridiculous or not, of course she’s going to blame herself. And in the process, she resents leaving with Oliver. Because if she hadn’t, she would’ve been around to help Ray sooner.

She’s not blaming Oliver; she’s blaming herself for letting herself be happy. The city was slowly falling apart, and Ray was sending S.O.S. calls while she was off playing house. She believes her happiness was undeserved. (How perfect are her and Oliver for each other? Self-sacrificing dummies!)

TL, DR: Ray and Legends were not the backbone of the episode. I personally believe it was Felicity’s overdue abandonment issues (whether the writers intended it or not).

The Proposal:

If Oliver had gotten to propose in 4x01, I believe Felicity would’ve said no. I’ve had this headcanon for a while, and I’m so glad 4x06 basically confirmed it.

Felicity grew up without a father; without a successful marriage as a role model; without her mother in a happy, long-lasting, committed relationship. She must’ve been terrified of marriage.

Yes, her and Oliver are basically already married (and they have been for years, c’mon now). But actually getting married is a lot bigger of a deal than just living with the person you love. With a relationship, to end it you simply need to break up. (I say “simply” in a general way; I know how messy break-ups can be.) Marriage has a whole new beast: divorce. It’s expensive, more exhausting and painful, and permanent (most of the time). She’s seen first-hand how it goes. And again, all of her major relationships with men have been traumatizing.

Before 4x06, she hadn’t dealt with her commitment issues, nor had she (I believe) ever seriously considered marriage. Every comment people have made about her and Oliver getting married, she’s brushed aside: With their neighbors, it completely took her off guard, and she found it almost ridiculous; and with her mother (“Put a ring on that one”), she changed the subject ASAP. She was not emotionally ready for a “paper” marriage, despite practically being married already.

TL, DR: But now that they have cleared the air, Felicity’s gotten rid of her tension over marriage and dealt with both her abandonment issues and Ray,(SPOILER!) Felicity will be ready for his proposal come 4x09.

(And besides, Olicity needed to have at least one big fight that was about something normal before saying “I do.” Arguing over towels doesn’t count as “big.” Marriage is supposed to be lifelong, so they’re bound to have a few blow-out fights like this.)

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Put them here, or here if you wanna remain anonymous (I don’t bite!).

I’m losing followers at record spread, and for the first time since I started this blog, I genuinely don’t care. I used to say I didn’t care, but I did care if I’m being honest. However, I truly do not care anymore that people unfollow me. I’m happy, content, and working towards my goals in life, and they’re becoming more and more real every day. I love my blog, but it’s not real life, it’s a lovely escape. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to continue following my blog, it means the world to me, and I love you all for accepting me exactly as I am. 😘❤️