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hurtful words (pt. 4)

summary; as Y/N gets to her last straw and begins to lose hope, she also is faced with choosing to let go of Shawn or to fight for their once relationship one last time.

p.s. i highly recommend reading the previous parts, particularly part three, before reading this! i promise you this part will be so much better for you if you do that ahha



The pain was beginning to overcome you, and you felt like you were drowning. Suffocating. You didn’t think there could be any feeling worse than heartbreak, but here you were again —  back in square one. All of the pain was still there, though this time, you weren’t just holding a heart torn in two. You now had the note Shawn wrote for you, thoughts of guilt, and the voucher laying on the edge of your bed. The walls you built around your heart had become so high, that when they were knocked down by the letter and finding out that you were too late, you took the hardest fall yet.

Part of you wanted to redeem the voucher and go to the show that Shawn was having in your hometown in four weeks, but the other part was telling you that the universe was working against you and that you should just give up on the boy. You were unsure of which side of your conscience to listen to, but you knew that you had to choose quick. You were done and tired with everything. Tired of crying yourself to sleep every night, tired of blaming yourself, tired of running in circles, and exhausted of your heart getting smashed to millions of pieces every time you tried to pick up the segments to your messy life. Heartbreak changed you, but for the worse. It felt like everything in your life was flipped upside down, but one thing remained the same: you wanted Shawn back.

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I think what's fascinating about OC is that he feels guilty and terrible for what happened to RC, wishing that he could have survived instead, but at the same time he's devoted to his selfish pursuit of revenge despite the sacrifice. What will he do now?

Yes! I love this ask this is exactly how I feel too, you’ve summarized it all so perfectly. There are so many aspects of OC that contradict each other and it makes him really fascinating, it seems to be the main thing that interests Sebastian too and I am inclined to agree!

I could spend all day thinking about OC (and I probably do) but even so I find it hard to truly wrap my head around him. He’s simultaneously arrogant:

Yet also aware of his own faults, he is under no illusions about the reality of his existence and it makes it easier to understand him.

Recently I was asked what my opinion was on OC’s self-esteem, and honestly it took me hours to write a sufficient reply because he is so conflicting!

OC will say that he doesn’t want forgiveness, that’s he’s the “extra” unimportant sibling, that he does not deserve to be protected… but then he’ll act with such conviction in his actions, with a confidence in himself and in his place in this world that leaves you wondering how he truly feels. I suppose the answer is somewhere in the middle.

I don’t know what OC is going to do next, but my instinct is to believe that the strength which has driven forwards is one that will not falter easily. He has a strong determination to succeed even if it means pushing others down, so I expect we may see him acting in this way once again.

Though before that, I presume OC may have a bit of a breakdown. He really needs to face the situation before him properly before he can deal with it - he’s only human after-all and his weaknesses are currently overwhelming him.

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Sian I've missed your Richonne meta. After sdcc & the lack of Richonne goodness, your positivity lifted my spirits. You have a way with words & expressions & what you said about our otp is exactly how I feel. Thank you.

You’re more than welcome!

I just adore Rick and Michonne so much. Thinking about how far they’ve come makes me so effing happy. I’m keen to see what’s in store for them in S8.


gays: they’re literally beating and killing us

some straight dude inevitably: oh man, i know exactly how you feel, one time i refused to make a cake for one of u homos and everyone stopped shopping at my bakery :(

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i'm scared to ask this but what happened in chile today?

I usually don’t discuss drama openly on this blog and will typically ask you guys to personally message me off anon, but this is way too important.

So apparently “fans” were bothering BTS at their hotel (i.e. screaming for them, making lots of noise) and they couldn’t even rest. Then when they left the hotel to try to relax and eat at a restaurant, the fans followed them there… They were again being loud and disturbing the boys. According to @we-breathe-bangtan-sonyeondan, there were videos of someone explaining to these “fans” that “the boys were tired and needed to eat and then to rest for the concert. However, a group of 20-30 people were arguing that they just wanted to see them or greet them. They even said that BTS were artists and that they owed(?) the fans some sort of greeting or recognition. The person tried to explain that there were fans screaming and disturbing BTS all day and that they just wanted to rest, but the “fans” kept demanding some sort of recognition.”

I really cannot stress how ridiculous this situation is. Yes, not all fans are like this, but these fans are the fans BTS were first greeted with upon their arrival to Chile. Imagine how stunned BTS is right now. So called “fans” are not even letting them eat or sleep? Are BTS not humans like us? 

This is not exclusive to Chile, as we all know from Bon Voyage, this happened in Europe as well. Fans chased after BTS, forced them to give signatures, recorded them, followed them to hotels, and many more horrifying things. BTS has no obligation or reason to interact with fans during their “free-time” and that’s that. Imagine if you were on a plane for hours, were tired, jetlagged, hungry, exhausted, and were then greeted with screams, groups of people following you, acting like YOU owed them something. How would you feel? Frustrated? Mad? Irritated? That’s probably exactly what BTS is feeling right now.

I know not all of us are seeing BTS in concert even though they are visiting our countries or cities, but that gives you absolutely no right to treat them the way they were treated today. 

Furthermore, if you guys don’t want to treat BTS like human beings and respect them, don’t call yourself a fan or an ARMY. Also don’t expect BTS to come to your country again and don’t complain if they don’t return. 
- Kylie

Imagine there’s billion of people sitting around thinking that life shouldn’t happen this way. Holding their own worlds inside their minds. Creating an imagination of how good life must be.

And then there’s another billion walking throughout the day—working hard just to survive and sleep their exhaustion at night. People who did a cycle they love—and secretly hate at the same time.

But I know you’re thinking that there’s still another billion of people looking for love. Who never surrender on finding and hoping for a romantic relationship that would lasts. People who keep on pushing themselves up just to reach a dream they always wanted from the very start.

There’s also billion of people who are still wondering what they want in life. People who are still trying to figure out which way should they cross. And which place they are going to call home.

Billion of people are loving each other. Sharing moments and making memories they want to remember later on. People who already found someone who they can share their secrets forever.

You see, I am not sure what another billion of people is doing now. Maybe they are asleep and dreaming their hearts out. Maybe they are awake—wondering why happiness doesn’t come at their doors. Maybe they are out there, confused of what they should really do.

And so the last billion—the people who will tell you a lot of things about their experiences. People who can tell you what truly it feels to live, and to die even if you’re still breathing. People who never get tired of telling their stories even if other people think nobody are listening. People who will tell you the wrong things you shouldn’t do, and remind you of the right things you should do. Yet in the end they will end up telling you that you make your own story, so do whatever it is that feels right for you.

I don’t know exactly how many people are here. But I am sure that each— billion—has different stories—to tell , and has the same lessons for them—to share.

—  ma.c.a // I counted all the feelings, And it was not accurate

teary eyed baby’s reaction to daehwi’s mother coming

Imagine spending time abroad doing research for your next novel. You’re taking notes at your hotel restaurant in Dubai when you see Tom, your ex-husband, walking towards you. He looked so good it made you angry - his sleeves rolled up, his hand casually in his pocket. Regardless of what he was about to say, you had to stay angry to keep yourself from falling for him all over again.


Some #Zelda #BreathoftheWild cooking fanart! I couldn’t choose between Link’s Hylian Tunic or the Champion one…so I illustrated both!

I am LOVING this game, and I’m sure you know exactly how I feel. I’ve been incredibly busy with school and art things to play too much, but in my downtime at night I’ve been playing bits and pieces. I have about 50 shrines, 90 korok seeds, and have only defeated 1 Divine Beast! I’ve been having fun just wandering around and exploring all the areas before I really want to tackle the main quests. The only reason I completed the Zora area was because…I mean how could you say no to helping Prince Sidon? 

I know people talk about Aries moons like they’re explosive and angry children, but honestly I think they’re one of the most vulnerable moon signs. I think they are truly just sensitive and have trouble dealing with that sensitivity. I think what Aries moons need is someone to protect them a little. They will absolutely NEVER accept protection if you’re obvious about it and coddle them, but I think they do need a helping hand when it comes to dealing with the rawness of their emotions.

How the Venus signs tells/shows you they love you

Aries Venus: They’re passionate people and will usually tell you right away when they feel something. They bring fun to the relationship, spontaneity. They will tell you how much they love you always

Taurus Venus: They’re very protective of their things and they’ll show you they love you by sharing, they’ll give you things they wouldn’t let anyone touch. They’d want to make you comfortable as you could

Gemini Venus: They’d want to share everything with you and trust you with things they wouldn’t dream of saying to anyone else. They would want take you out and do so much with you 

Cancer Venus: They’re very protective people and usually show they love you by standing up to you or staying by you. They’d want to take care of you however they can and just would wanna make you happy.

Leo Venus: They’d tell you they loved you right away, they want to make you feel like you’re on top of the world and they want to make you feel that way because it’s exactly how they feel. They can surely be overwhelming sometimes

Virgo Venus: They aren’t the most affectionate people in the world but they will tell you how much you mean to them. It can take time for them to tell them they love you but you can tell just by their attentiveness 

Libra Venus: They want to impress the person they love, they want to be seen in the best light by the person they love. They’re such romantics and would dream about your future together and plan romantic dates

Scorpio Venus: They’ll seemingly know everything about you and they want to protect you but usually won’t say they love you first. They won’t leave you even if you ask or try and pry them off, they just get better at hiding it

Sagittarius Venus: They want to show you things and take you places, they want to make you laugh, smile and they want to grow with you. They’ll give you space and freedom because it’s what they need too

Capricorn Venus: They’re people you can count on and if they love you, they can even push you because they only want to make you the best you can be. They can seem like cold people but they show their love by their actions

Aquarius Venus: They’re people who will never leave your side when they choose you, when they love you. They’ll protect you and talk you through tough situations. Take you into their arms and share all your experiences together

Pisces Venus: They’re sensitive people, sensitive to what you say and do because they want to help. When they love you, they want the dream and will probably write love letters or say the sweetest things

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Sometimes I feel like dc writers are so into Joker b/c they don't have to know any backstory or characterization to write him, they just have to be 'crazy' (chaotic evil, really). His characterizations flip-flops all over, so they literally can't go wrong. When you write Joker, you can be a lazy writer. The other villains actually require some effort to get right. (Which is why they are better characters)


A Slytherin/Hufflepuff friendship would include...

• Standing up for each other no matter what
• “Mess with them, mess with me.“
• Sitting on each other’s tables in the Great Hall
• At first you received some strange looks, but now everyone is used to it
• Swapping ties sometimes to confuse people
• Hanging out in the dungeons
• Hanging out in the kitchens
• Knowing all the passwords for your common rooms
• Occasionally telling the wrong password for a joke, and watching as they get locked out of your common room
• "Need some help there?”
• Being the closest of friends ever
• Having people be so jealous of you both
• Being literal friend goals
• Teaching each other the fundamentals of being in your respective houses
• "You’re like a cinnamon roll, how in Merlin’s name.“
• "And you.. well you’re… I mean, you’re nice too… sometimes… when you want to be…”
• Bickering now and then
• But only because you love each other
• Missing each other so much when you’re in lessons
• Watching the clock and willing time to go faster
• "I thought I’d never see you again!“
• "You saw me like an hour ago.”
• Being like iconic duos on tv shows
• You’re so different but compliment each other so well
• Having other friends in your own houses
• But preferring each other’s company to anyone else’s
• Getting each other’s opinions before doing literally a n y t h i n g
• Just always being there for one another
• No matter what
• Through the good times and bad
• Because you’re the best of friends
• Singing dramatic duets in your common rooms, to the amusement of others
• Always laughing
• Or smiling
• Whenever one of you is feeling down, the other knows exactly how to make things better
• Whether that be a long talk, food or cuddles
• Being the most important person in each other’s lives
• Meeting at King Cross Station every year
• Sitting with each other on the Hogwarts Express, though people sometimes stare
• Teaching first years the importance of inter-house friendships
• And showing that Slytherins and Hufflepuffs can be friends
• Because despite their differences
• Ultimately they’re better together

“Kissing Booth”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (College AU)

Summary: After Nat volunteers your services at the kissing booth, you find yourself sitting across from you is none other than your best friend.

a/n: i swear this is my last unedited 7-minute one-shot. but today i was reminded of a personal experience and quickly jotted it down in story format. 

You feel sick to your stomach as you clutch your water bottle to chest. Alarms ring in your head as you take in the long line snaking around the booth. “I hate you.”

Natasha smirks and gently pats your shoulder. “You’re doing great, sweetheart. Just a few more minutes,” she coos, her tone so saccharine that it almost betrayed the sharp sarcasm underneath.

Grimacing at the redhead, you chug down the remaining contents of your water bottle. “Who’s brilliant idea was it to have a kissing booth? And I’m not even a part of this sorority! Why am I here?!”

“Because you owe me. I’m not a fan of the kissing booth, but we might as well commit since we’re here. And we’re bringing in some major cash for charity, so look pretty and keep going!”

You grumble under your breath and slump back onto your stool. If past-you hadn’t asked Natasha to look over and edit three major papers on Russian literature for you, you could be eating cotton candy or riding the ferris wheel. But no, here you are working off the last few minutes of your shift at the dreaded kissing booth.

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