exactly how i feel tbh

someone come talk to me about an andreil prison au! i don’t have many ideas outside of andreil’s dynamic…

  • the foxes are in prison for various reasons (some may even have been framed? who knows? ya need some evidence)
  • some ravens are also in prison, but some are the guards too, which make for some pretty bad situations for our problematic faves
  • neil is newly imprisoned and thanks to his father, he probably has a lot of enemies.
    • plus, with that pretty face of his, he’s getting all sorts of threats and comments

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I think I broke Deacon. Uh. Bye…? (Tbh this is exactly how I feel about University Point as well.)


Deacon PLEASE. xD (He went on like this after the restart for a while but THANKFULLY has stopped now. xD )

I must need new boys to text, but thank god
for heath insurance. I haven’t brushed my hair in days and,
finally, I had to take the scissors to my hair, cut away
all the knots. I have this dirty habit of smiling at strange men
as they call to me from across the street,
make sure I leave them with the good strong image
of my hips swinging. Everything is a hangnail,
or a pile of laundry waiting to be done. I go to parties
and it feels like everyone glows in the dark.
It’s so weird because I curse in front of my mother
and she laughs and says finally and gives me 
money for rent, food, whatever. I don’t eat, 
just sit on the porch and smoke cigarettes 
and watch boys go to class and press my thighs together.
I look at prices for laser hair removal, bikini waxes,
organic manicures. The smell of silk makes me weep.
Walking alone at night is a lot like how being black feels.
But I put that away, I don’t talk about it, because shit.
Y'all got enough of our blood spilling into the street.
—  Kristina Haynes, “A Portrait of the Poet: Age 23″

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I feel like you will like this one. Dentist: "You need a crown." Patient: "Finally someone who understands me"

Hahahha I love it!! That’s exactly how I feel at the dentist tbh