exactly how i feel tbh

I think I broke Deacon. Uh. Bye…? (Tbh this is exactly how I feel about University Point as well.)


Deacon PLEASE. xD (He went on like this after the restart for a while but THANKFULLY has stopped now. xD )

someone come talk to me about an andreil prison au! i don’t have many ideas outside of andreil’s dynamic…

  • the foxes are in prison for various reasons (some may even have been framed? who knows? ya need some evidence)
  • some ravens are also in prison, but some are the guards too, which make for some pretty bad situations for our problematic faves
  • neil is newly imprisoned and thanks to his father, he probably has a lot of enemies.
    • plus, with that pretty face of his, he’s getting all sorts of threats and comments

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Rereading SAL and I was wondering if you had plans to bring back that shadow-fighting technology that Jack came up with to blast the darkness? Pitch says something like "they could have used him"/he would've been an asset back on his home planet, and now that you're writing TGA (yay!!) I think it'd be neat if Jack ended up creating something similar. (Jack's snow by itself is supposed to bring false comfort to soothe the citizens of lune, but infused with light it becomes a real beacon of hope!)

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, actually.

I’m pretty sure the Light-infused snow will be a thing. But I’m not sure the actual ideas that Jack had in SAL re: North’s engineering will make a return. That’s partly because I don’t really want to do exactly the same thing twice, but also because…in TGA, North is an Engineer who is surrounded by Warriors who can make the Light; machinery that can interact with it already exists to a point.

And also partly that while SAL inspired TGA, the mythology isn’t connected. Kozmotis Pitchiner in SAL came from a genuine golden age. He didn’t live in a totalitarian society and he loved the Tsar, and the Tsar was a good guy. That, alone, radically changes everyting about the society that Pitch Black in SAL came from. The Darkness was never as overwhelming or evil - it was entirely possible back then to capture all of it and put it in a single tower/box. That’s impossible in the TGA world. The Golden Warriors in TGA have been trying to think of different ways to make Light etc. for a long time now.

So like…yeah some things will appear, but some things won’t appear. Also there’s things coming up that will really impact Jack’s standing with the people of Lune. e.e *waves vaguely towards the storyline and mumbles something about spoilers*

I know I’m gonna get salty comments lmao but y'all would just be proving my point, so go ahead.

It’s really funny that all the shit excuses y'all use to hate reigns, you can use them for literally anyone you don’t like. (But if it were one of your faves, you’d be just fine. )

What’s really funny is that people can say Roman is being “shoved down your throat” all day long, but God forbid anyone say anything like that about Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Daniel Bryan, etc. (Pretty much anyone other than Reigns, tbh. ) Cause tbh, that’s exactly how I feel about the whole redemption thing with Seth, I feel like it’s a little forced, but you can’t say that. I feel like Braun’s “no selling” gimmick (cause that’s all it is) is completely forced & being shoved down our throats, but you can’t say that.

Js, like let’s be real. If Roman was on for one minute on Raw, y'all would be saying he was shoved down your throats.

Y'all are gonna keep talking no matter what, his name is still gonna be in your mouth whether you like him or not.

Feel free to REBLOG your thoughts, esp if you disagree & your opinion is salty af. That’s always welcome lmfao. But if you do have to share your opinion, be public. Don’t comment & shit, cause that’s not automatically public. Reblogging is automatically public, so REBLOG. Be public with your foolery.

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Man listening to this music and ur edits gives me the weirdest feeling... like nostalgia for living in an apartment and listening to my neighbors play really loud music and being able to connect because they're my fav songs but that's never happened to me so idk why listening to them feels so nostalgic to me but I love them so thanks


sorry i got excited but that’s exactly how it makes me feel!! tbh main reason i started this blog haha

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I get sick of this "charioce is sh*t. Azazel is too, but..." Like, no. Just no. Charioce is sh*t? That's ok, but stay of your opinion, they're both. Do not even try to look impartial if you actually are implying your favorite is different. This is why I can't take seriously this kind of posts: they seriously think we're so closed minded we don't realize who Charioce is, but I see no difference to the other side, honestly.

That’s exactly how I feel about them tbh. 

So far, I have not seen a post in which they do not try to destroy Charioce’s character and seek to excuse Azazel’s one, if you realize, it’s always the same thing. I can understand that they don’t like his character because that’s okay, we always have different tastes, but the problem comes when they want to “argue” about important parts of the story that we’re all seeing at the same time, and try to adulterate him.

Honestly, I have realized that many charinina fans have all different opinions about Charioce, the way they see him is not same, I can assure that to you. Some people just like him because of how attractive he is (aka he’s hot), others because of his charisma, others because it is different from other characters, others because it seems interesting and others just because they consider him as a sexual object for their fujoshi perversions. And at the end of the day all the reasons are valid even if I don’t support the last one.

In the case of people who do not like Charioce something similar happens. Some people hate him because they simply do not like him, others can’t empathize with his ideas, others think he’s cruel and a tyrant, others consider him the villain and he must die in the end, others hate him because he’s the opposite of Azazel, and coincidentally, the only times they like him is in some kind of fujoshi perversion, sexualizing his character.

I hope that over time that mentality will change, or at least improve, and if someday they want to open the debate without repeating over and over again in chorus “Charioce is bad”, I’ll be more than grateful to hear them. ;)

I must need new boys to text, but thank god
for heath insurance. I haven’t brushed my hair in days and,
finally, I had to take the scissors to my hair, cut away
all the knots. I have this dirty habit of smiling at strange men
as they call to me from across the street,
make sure I leave them with the good strong image
of my hips swinging. Everything is a hangnail,
or a pile of laundry waiting to be done. I go to parties
and it feels like everyone glows in the dark.
It’s so weird because I curse in front of my mother
and she laughs and says finally and gives me 
money for rent, food, whatever. I don’t eat, 
just sit on the porch and smoke cigarettes 
and watch boys go to class and press my thighs together.
I look at prices for laser hair removal, bikini waxes,
organic manicures. The smell of silk makes me weep.
Walking alone at night is a lot like how being black feels.
But I put that away, I don’t talk about it, because shit.
Y'all got enough of our blood spilling into the street.
—  Kristina Haynes, “A Portrait of the Poet: Age 23″

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@ other anon, if Vilde was playing Sara then why wouldn't she just? tell? Sana? the plan????? That said, I'm still holding out for a proper Vilde redemption otherwise it would be such a waste, but I can't figure out how it's gonna logically happen tbh :///

yeah exactly ! but i still feel like julie is playing us, there must be a reasoning behind vilde’s behaviour (other than the fact that she’s incredibly insecure and has an incredible lust for attention)

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Hi Cass, I've had a bad day and I keep on getting disappointed by my friends so I don't want to talk to them to cheer me up :( Could you just give me a cute gif or a fic rec to make me feel a bit better please? I admire you a lot because you are always cheerful and nice. Lots of love xxx

hello hunny… im sorry you’ve had a bad day.. i know exactly how you feel tbh.. i have been feeling a little :/ lately too and a little the same about some of my friends. but rest assured, there is always something to smile about… and i will definitely help you with that :)))

here’s some feel good fics:

Relief Next To Me

Fall Into Your Gravity

From Eight Until Late, I Think About You

In Dreams

May We Stay Lost On Our Way Home

And Then A Bit


The FInish Line (Is A Good Place For Us To Start)

The Stars Above You and the Streets Below

Into The Blue

Change My Needs

Want You More Than A

Two Halves of a Blue Sky

You’re My Favorite Bird

Here Comes The Sun (little darling)

Hold My Breath

and these will make you smile :) :