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To my trans sisters in doubt...

Sometimes I really wish I had kept at least one picture of me from when I wasn’t even out to myself. So many of my MtF friends have so much doubt about themselves passing or looking cute during and after transition. I know exactly how that feels, but I can’t show them how far I’ve come since then because my before pictures are 100% gone and I looked sooooo masculine. I would love me from 3-4 years ago to see me now, it would have calmed a lot if my anxiety about starting transition. If you’re a trans girl thinking about transition, and you have doubt about whether you’ll be passable or pretty later down the line, know that you’re already a beautiful woman, and your gorgeous form will show itself in time. Just move forward as yourself, and do what you need to bring out your beauty. You can do this!!

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As someone who is closeted, I feel even worse knowing that people that I look up to made fun of something that gave me comfort. I honestly don't feel safe coming out now

As someone who has been where you are, I know exactly how you feel. However, I also want to say this: yesterday’s “joke” was in extremely poor taste. A simple google search of Jeremy proves that he has supported LGBT people in the past. However, he fucked up yesterday.

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t feel bad about it’s being who you are. Don’t let a few people who acted poorly make your life choices for you.



teary eyed baby’s reaction to daehwi’s mother coming

Imagine spending time abroad doing research for your next novel. You’re taking notes at your hotel restaurant in Dubai when you see Tom, your ex-husband, walking towards you. He looked so good it made you angry - his sleeves rolled up, his hand casually in his pocket. Regardless of what he was about to say, you had to stay angry to keep yourself from falling for him all over again.

I know people talk about Aries moons like they’re explosive and angry children, but honestly I think they’re one of the most vulnerable moon signs. I think they are truly just sensitive and have trouble dealing with that sensitivity. I think what Aries moons need is someone to protect them a little. They will absolutely NEVER accept protection if you’re obvious about it and coddle them, but I think they do need a helping hand when it comes to dealing with the rawness of their emotions.