Lmfao this just stinks of management. Epic isn’t even doing a good job of covering it up. Is this really what the rest of the girls of the group wants to be known for? Corporate shills who are willing to be controlled by a corporate management team? At this point they might as well be robots since they’re pretty much letting their management team speak for them.

Just look at the caption that Lauren , Dinah and Ally posted while linking their instagram posts of the same exact pic that’s on 5h’s official account.

And as most people expected it they’re calling it for what it is. Pure bull shit from from maverick and epic.

They don’t even let the rest of the group control their own social media accounts. Someone should really tell Lauren Ally Normani and Dinah to grow a pair of balls.

Because right now they look like fucking cowards for letting suits run their own social media accounts.

Team Fortress 2. American Hard Hat

Me and my twin were checking out Engie hard hats (for cosplay purposes) when we found that one with the American Flag and I just had to do this.♥


This year’s ramadhan felt more meaningful for me alhamdulillah and that made Eid all the more special this year. I’m so blessed to celebrate it again with my family. I know I’ve said like 2 times before but Eid Mubarak from my family to you! I pray that we will see ramadhan again next year insyaAllah. 


so @ashleyrguillory​ did the meme where you combine your oldest and newest fandoms! see her one here!! so i thought i’d try it out too

my oldest fandom is sailor moon! combined with one direction ot5, and bonus james corden because he’s MVP


⭐Ignore my first submission⭐ so, I made these three boards with like the exact same theme, the pics are just different. I hope you like it😅😅

‘Chanyeol’s Flame VS Minseok’s Frost’ Moodboards (based on ‘The Chosen One’)

Submitted by: @nemogirl02

This is such art, I swear!!! Thank you so much for your efforts, THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL OML. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MOODBOARDS, AND AGAIN THANK YOU ENDLESSLY xxx

anonymous asked:

hello! first of all- i really love your art, you are awesome! secondly, can you please do after&before meme with some of your really old art? it's always really motivating to see improvement (woah, just x years? i need to work hard too!) Thank you so much! Greetings from czech republic! ♥

hi!!! thank u sm ur too sweet !! yes ofc! i did this on twitter once too w these exact same pics lol heres an embarrassing one from Dec 2012

and this from Nov 2015