Whenever I read professional articles that criticize how Kylo’s face isn’t menacing enough and that he doesn’t look like “a Star Wars villain” I’m just baffled at how much they’ve missed the point. Adam Driver could be terrifying if he was asked or wanted to be. They could have let him grow his very masculine facial hair out and directed him to have vicious murder constantly brewing behind his eyes. Instead, they gave him a clean babyface and glistening eyes.

There’s a reason for all of it, and you literally just stated those reasons yourself.


The smell at the end of a payoff
Where season ends on the show
With it’s a cool but humid scene
Off goes the gangrene spreading

Out as the routine changes
For news’ incredulous opportunity
Spreading the waves of needed
Discontent to wake up early

As the worried bird drops the worm
When scatterbrained minstrels run
With the show in or out of mind
Conducting anachronisms of nonsense

Revealing the fish that’s too real to conceal
An outburst negating frank honors
Of runny water pipes concise

After a few drips that it declares as home
While canon fodder shock treatment
Was what came out of the drying machine
Sighing about nothing changing post-cleanliness.

thenightmarebyyourside asked:

'Alright' wasn't the best way to describe it. The feeling that made him want this closeness, this comforting warmth (that he didn't really deserve, he half wishes Kaito hadn't gotten him used to this). "I'm fine. Just- tired."

Pardon Kaito if he was far less than reassured by the response – ( somewhere closer to the exact o p p o s i t e , in fact ) – he didn’t pull back to glance at the illusionist directly, however, instead curling closer to the touch, as much as he could. “Tired of something?”

( He a l m o s t dreaded the answer. )

Traducción exacta o simplificada "Exact or Simplified translation"

Royalitaeten: ESPAÑOL
Hola. Guillermo II fue “Deutscher Kaiser / Emperador alemán” y “König von Preußen / Rey de Prusia”; pero no “Kaiser von Deutschland / Emperador de Alemania”. Saludos.

Royalitaeten: ENGLISH
Hello. Wilhelm II was “Deutscher Kaiser / German Emperor” and “König von Preußen / King of Prussia”; but not “Kaiser von Deutschland / Emperor of Germany”. Greetings.

Fuente / source:

Neoprusiano: ESPAÑOL
Eso es verdad. Sin embargo, por facilidades de traducción, lo hago de esa forma. Por ejemplo, Napoleón I no era “Emperador de Francia”, era “Emperador de los franceses”. Como se ve, son pequeños matices y detalles que dificultan los criterios de traducción masiva de todos los monarcas europeos. Otro ejemplo, Federico I no era “Rey de Prusia”, era “Rey en Prusia”. Conozco todos estos detalles y los simplifico para facilitar las traducciones. También, hay que tener en cuenta que prácticamente todos los monarcas tienen muchos más títulos que no incluyo. Todo esto se suma a que ambas traducciones son sinónimas y que en algunos idiomas no tienen sentido sus diferencias. Por lo tanto, uso la forma tradicional que está en casi todas las monarquías y que a veces no coincide con la forma oficial.

Utilizo el siguiente sistema de descripción y criterio de nomenclatura.
<Título principal> <Nombre> <Numeral> <Dominio> <&> <Otros títulos>

Neoprusiano: ENGLISH
That’s true. However, to facilitate translation, I do it that way. For example, Napoleon I. was not “Emperor of France”, he was “Emperor of the French”. As seen, these are small details that hinder mass translation criteria of all European monarchs. Another example, Frederick I. was not “King of Prussia”, he was “King in Prussia”. I know all these details and I simplified to facilitate translations. Also, we must consider that virtually all monarchs have many more titles that I do not include. All this adds that both translations are synonymous and in some languages are meaningless its differences. Therefore, I use the traditional form that it is in almost all monarchies and sometimes does not match the official form.

I use the following system description and naming criteria.
<Main title> <Name> <Numeral> <Realm or “Domain”> <&> <Other titles>


Emperador Guillermo II de Alemania y Rey de Prusia
Imperator Gulielmus II Germaniae et Rex Borussiae
Kaiser Wilhelm II. von Deutschland und König von Preußen
Emperor William II of Germany and King of Prussia
Empereur Guillaume II d'Allemagne et Roi de Prusse

Traducción exacta / Exact translation:
Emperador alemán y Rey de Prusia
Imperator Germanicus et Rex Borussiae
Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preußen
German Emperor and King of Prussia
Empereur allemand et Roi de Prusse

Traducción simplificada / Simplified Translation:
Emperador de Alemania y Rey de Prusia
Imperator Germaniae et Rex Borussiae
Kaiser von Deutschland und König von Preußen
Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia
Empereur d'Allemagne et Roi de Prusse

Emperador Napoleón I de Francia y Rey de Italia
Imperator Napoleo I Franciae et Rex Italiae
Kaiser Napoleon I. von Frankreich und König von Italien
Emperor Napoleon I of France and King of Italy
Empereur Napoléon I de France et Roi d'Italie

Traducción exacta / Exact translation:
Emperador de los franceses y Rey de Italia
Imperator Francorum et Rex Italiae
Kaiser der Franzosen und König von Italien
Emperor of the French and King of Italy
Empereur des Français et Roi d'Italie

Traducción simplificada / Simplified Translation:
Emperador de Francia y Rey de Italia
Imperator Franciae et Rex Italiae
Kaiser von Frankreich und König von Italien
Emperor of France and King of Italy
Empereur de France et Roi d'Italie

Rey Federico I de Prusia y Margrave Elector de Brandeburgo
Rex Fridericus I Borussiae et Marchio Elector Brandenburgi
König Friedrich I. von Preußen und Kurfürst von Brandenburg
King Frederick I of Prussia and Margrave Elector of Brandenburg
Roi Frédéric I de Prusse et Margrave Électeur de Brandebourg

Traducción exacta / Exact translation:
Rey en Prusia
Rex in Borussia
König in Preußen
King in Prussia
Roi en Prusse

Traducción simplificada / Simplified Translation:
Rey de Prusia
Rex Borussiae
König von Preußen
King of Prussia
Roi de Prusse

Subtle influence concerning Typic Pet Grooming for the Overall Upbeat of Your Dog

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The professional sweetie sitting care ensures that your search is getting his \ her share pertinent to grooming. Here it is unquestionably important to word of explanation that grooming is not indeed most looking good, but it is again about giving emphasis to maintain hygiene and nothing to hide. When you starting gate taking license relative to your dog’s ceaseless hygiene, your dog discipline live physically more active and trim. There are polymorphous advantages of availing the services of academic dog grooming from Fondling Sitting Las Vegas.

When you opt to hoard the efficient Pet Grooming Las Vegas, superego helps inner man maintain the good health of your pooch. Right grooming keeps the germs away exception taken of your white-haired and keeps him healthy. Also it encourages their immune system and makes them less prone to diseases. Regular aspergation and brushing make your dog let be comfortable. When we are unable to take acceptable serve, we lackey in order to feel very clumsy, the same happens with our pet proportionately well. Also rehearsal ensures that your dog feels less greedy. The professionals of Prized Sitting Las Vegas are appropriately trained to provide different kinds regarding services. They trim the nails of your pet, making it repository for ourselves to play with them for longer hours. Regulr trimming in relation with the fur is also required. They are well versed in cooperation with all the neoteric techniques that can help your dog pass through better, when you are away. You bump enjoy unmatched types of services here as well, including lakeland terrier boarding at all events you are busy by means of your office work.

When you take the professional Revered Grooming Henderson NV services, my humble self self-mastery get so that know about the potential threats that your frank is having. Pet forgathering Las Vegas practice fraud upon a bunch of professionals who are well trained in all the aspects of handling pets. Most often if the fleas are not eliminated from your pet’s body, you suffer exclusive of poles apart health issues in the lengthened sustain.

Exista momente cand urasti pe toata lumea, fara vre-un motiv, pur si simplu toti te enerveaza si ai vrea sa ii omori doar ca sa isi tina gura. Nu stii ce sa faci, esti singur, simti ca nu ai niciun rol aici, nu esti in filmul tau. Esti intr-o perioada cand nici muzica nu vrei sa o mai auzi, esti satul de toate zgomotele, vrei liniste. Esti obosit, dar nu din cauza ca dormi 5 ore pe noapte, esti obosit de viata ta si de rahaturile din ea, esti obosit sa lupti, sa te ridici si pur si simplu spui ca ii bagi picioarele in tot si nu mai faci nimic. Dar exista ceva, mai exact cineva, o persoana, in viata ta, care te poate face fericit cu un singur zambet, o simpla imbratisare sau un mesaj trimis cand esti pe punctul de a ceda, e acea persoana care te face sa te simti bine, chiar si in cele mai proaste faze ale vietii, si te lasa mereu zambind, e acea persoana pentru care ai risca orice, pentru care ti-ai da viata, pentru ca este singura persoana in care ai incredere. In viata fiecarui om exista cineva care il bucura doar cu prezenta sa sau cu atentia sa. Acea persoana ti-e un prieten adevarat, e persoana care trebuie sa ramana constant in sufletul tau si sa nu mai plece, acela e sufletul pereche si nu ma refer neaparat la iubire de cuplu, ci la o prietenie stransa, in care va iubiti, fara sa spuneti, fara sa va sarutati, doar va uitati in ochii celuilalt si stiti ce vreti unul de la celalalt, vreti sa ramaneti impreuna mereu pentru ca doar voi vorbiti fara cuvinte, doar voi va simtiti privirea, doar voi va intelegeti unul pe celalalt. Evident ati putea evolua de la prietenie la cuplu si asa mai departe, dar preferati sa stiti ca nu va pierdeti relatia si nu va certati din cacaturi.
Incearca sa pastrezi mereu in sufletul tau acea persoana, pentru ca nu stiu cand vei mai gasi un astfel de prieten.

I tried to submit this but I guess it didn’t work. The “Who The F*ck is Bart Cubbins?” top seems to have been inspired by this “Who the Fuck is Mick Jagger” shirt worn by Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones in 1975. Has JL ever spoken about the inspiration? 


Whooooooooooa… What the hell, JL?!?


First SL rips that BF shirt from Harley Davidson and now we find out JL´s BC shirt is actually from the Stones?!

Are there no original ideas left anywhere in this world?!?!

Now I really want to know how this shirt came to be - is anyone aware of interviews or VV´s or any instance where he has spoken of this shirt?!

go-away-home asked:

Mă gândesc la cineva și îmi face capu' vraiște gândindu-mă la el,încerc să mă împac cu ideea că nu mai vrea să mă vadă și când îi dau mesaj,seen,seen și seen...

Oh.. îmi pare foarte rău :( 

exact aceleasi situație o am si eu. 


Southern Elle Style Shop Share: The Uncommon Green
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The Uncommon Green Dallas Rocks Glass | Balcones Whiskey | J. Crew Shirt (exact s/o, similar here and here) | American Eagle Khaki Pants | Clarks Desert Boots | Levi’s Brown Belt | Daniel Wellington Watch | Imperial Pomade | Imperial Beard Oil

Grab a drink and take a seat, because the weekend is practically here! Today on Southern Elle Style Shop Share, I am talking about a company called The Uncommon Green. I stumbled upon them, when searching for an anniversary gift for my fiance -we celebrated 2 years of dating, January 24th! Since we met and fell in love in Dallas, I wanted to get him Dallas themed items. One of the items I got him were two of these Dallas Rocks Glasses. They have a map of Dallas etched into them. Needless to say, they are super cool!

Not only do they have more cities than Dallas, but they also have different product offerings. For Dallas, they only had the rocks glasses and pint glasses, but they also stock wine glasses, stemless wineglasses, mugs, growlers, carafes, mason jars, and even slates. If kitchenware isn’t your thing, they also have prints and phone cases.  Oh and if that wasn’t enough, they also offer custom design services and personalized products,

I’m not trying to brag, but if gift giving was an Olympic sport, I’m pretty sure I would medal. Finding unique products that are also personal, are like white tigers…practically extinct. In today’s day and age, everything is made quickly, usually over seas, and without much dignity. The Uncommon Green is all about pride, keeping jobs in the United States of America, and craftsmanship. I mean, could they get any better? Also, if you sign up for their newsletter, when it prompts you, you receive a 15% off code, to use immediately!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, any of their products make for perfect gifts! Pick the city you live in or a city where you share a special memory. In the gift guide below, I actually listed one of their Constitution Rocks glass, as they offer other glassware, besides cities. The map cuff links are also their’s and are customize-able! 

Speaking of the gift guide, everything in it is Nick approved! With the exception of these specific cuff links and the antelope head, I have purchased everything else and he loves them all. Links to all the items are under the collage.

External image

The Uncommon Green Rocks Glass (available in other major cities!) | Jackson Vaughn Society Dallas Candle (comes in other major Texas cities, too!)  | Daniel Wellington Watch | Wine Globe | J. Crew Vest | Brother’s Leather Overnight Bag | Antelope Head | Custom Map Cufflinks

So, have you gotten a v-day gift for your loved ones yet? Even if they don’t drink alcohol, Uncommon Green has some amazing products that could just be used as water glasses, or even things that don’t involve liquids at all! Oh, and remember, you can get anyone a v-day present - from your dad, to your girlfriends, everyone deserves some love! (If you need help with some DIY V-Day ideas, check out this post)

Learn more about The Uncommon Green via their Website. Keep up with their company via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

As always, if you know a brand that fits my style or are a company that would like to work with me, contact me here! If you want to catch up on the previous weeks’ features, check out my Southern Elle Style Shop Share Pinterest Board here, with direct links to the posts.

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Very Highly Sexually Frustrated.....

It’s been a longtime peeps, 22.75 months (ever since the 20th of March back in 2014) to be exact. O what a freakn’ joy I tell you. This dry drought I’m telling you. Smfh.

6th Mothers Day

MUM Mothers PERSONALISED Green Peas-in-a-Pod Family Handmade Pendant on 18" chain

Mum Heart, Love tag and you chose the amount of peas and initials you would like :-) - £14.50

Each of these is Handmade to order so they may vary in look ever so slightly but I will do my best to get as exact as possible :o)



anonymous asked:

✕┊ meet NATHAN GIBBS, degrassi’s one and only CONNARD. people say the EIGHTEEN year old is an exact replica of DYLAN O'BRIEN, but the SENIOR doesn’t agree. they’d rather talk about MUSIC or TV SHOWS. did you hear about how HE apparently WAS BEATEN UP A LOT WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER though? they swear it’s not true, but here at degrassi, we know better than to believe everything we hear. [ n / cet / she/her ]

i can’t believe you thought dylan o’brien was an actual student at degrassi – that’s just nathan gibbs ! & i heard that if they don’t send in their account within six hours, their role will be reopened.