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Born in the year 1995 (and thus called 95z / 구오즈), since Jimin and V are the same age it goes without saying that they are best friends who even share the same bag between the two of them when travelling abroad, that’s how well they get along. They’re also in charge of making fun of their cute maknae. What more, people say that when Jimin tenderly looks at V when he’s being happy and lively / playing around, he looks like a boyfriend that wants to protect his girlfriend. (orig)

johnny said jaehyun is rly bad at taking in compliments and flush in embarrassment so he always teases jaehyun by praising him a lot. he said its cute to see jaehyun like that and jaehyun’s ears always turns red when he’s shy

BTS 꿀 Fm🍯✨

JK is thankful for JM because;
“지미니형 과거 영상을 볼 때 제가 감동을 먹어씁니다. 아~ 무럭 무럭 자라나 줬구나. 용 돼꾸나!!”
—When I see Jiminie hyung past videos, I felt impressed/touched. Ah~ you grew up well. You’ve become a dragon!!

170412 - Arina Tanemura Twitter Update

Arina sensei wants to remind you that LaLaDX’s May Issue with the final part of Iori and Riku’s novel story’s manga adaptation “Wish Upon a Shooting Star” originally written by Bunta Tsushimi is on sale now! She thanks you for your support, and has shared with us a glimpse of Iori and Riku backstage in gratitude!

One-drink Shiro is cute and flushed and fun. He laughs a lot and tells jokes and smiles more easily than they’d ever seen him. He can easily be talked into dancing, although he’s still a little shy about it and keeps his eyes on his feet. He’s good at making friends one drink in, and if they’re in public will happily chat up any friendly-looking biped he sees.

Two-drink Shiro is loud. He isn’t entirely aware of how loud he can be, but his voice just naturally rises in volume once he’s at that point. He talks loud and he laughs loud and he will happily, loudly proclaim how much he loves his Paladins. The Paladins will giggle and hush him, and he’ll be quiet for about a minute before rising in volume again.

Three-drink Shiro is, admittedly, a bit of a slut. He’ll flirt back with Lance until Lance has to go sit down somewhere, because Shiro is upsettingly good at flirting. He’ll flirt with Allura if she’s around, and she’s almost always game to flirt back and tease him about it later. She’s shockingly good at flirting, and the other Paladins have sat there before in stunned silence while she slowly, methodically reduces Shiro to a blushing mess before leaving to go attend to Princess-y duties.

Four-drink Shiro is a sap. He’ll still proclaim how he loves his Paladins, but he’s quieter and he waxes poetic about all their fantastic qualities, how he’s so proud of them, how he’s so grateful that he has them around him. He’ll pull them into hugs and plant kisses on their heads and assure them that he’ll go to the ends of the Universe for them, that he’ll get them home no matter what.

Five-drink Shiro is closer to passing out and closer to his Lion. He still loves on his Paladins, but in different ways— he’s less verbal. Instead, he rubs his face against their hair, and he’ll somehow manage to purr. He’s more physical with them. If one of them wanders off, he has no qualms against grabbing them by the collar and yanking them close. He gets fiercely protective, and has been known to growl if Keith and Lance get in a spat.

Six-drink Shiro is sad. He’s usually barely conscious at this point, and he gets quiet and weepy. He won’t cry, but he’ll apologize profusely, grabbing for the other Paladins and slurring and telling them that he’s sorry, he’s sorry, he’s so fucking sorry that he took them all the way out here. He’s sorry that they miss home. He’s sorry that they’re in a war, that they’re far too young to be in a war. He tells them he’d go back to the Galra a million times over if it would keep them safe. He tries to apologize to Pidge for what happened to her family (his fault), but Hunk will never let him.

Shiro doesn’t try to get drunk often. But it’s an unfortunate reality of their situation that alien alcohol doesn’t have exact translations for human dosages, and a significant amount of alien races involve alcohol as part of their diplomacy rituals. So he does his best to limit himself, and when he accidentally has a bit too much, the Paladins are always there— joking, and teasing him, but giving him water and getting him into bed and making sure that he’s safe and comfortable and warm. And even if he is a little obnoxious when he’s drunk, at the end of the day they still love him.

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Hi, I'm struggling with Simple Prepositions, I din't pass my exam because I got wrong all the prepositions. Do you have any advices? Thank you so so much. Waiting for your kindly reply , Best Regards.


I thought a lot about your question, and I wish there was a magic rule to get all prepositions right, but unfortunately this is not the case. :(

But I really want to help you so here are some resources and tips. :)

Be flexible

First of all, prepositions don’t have exact translations in English (or other languages), so don’t try to fit a preposition into just 1 or 2-3 translations, or into just one category, because you’ll find surprises that won’t fit in any of those, and you’ll just get more confused and frustrated.
Also, prepositions are not placed everywhere around randomly, so try to see the patterns, the similarities, the differences, make lists, diagrams, drawings, anything that helps you to figure them out better.

General uses of most common prepositions

  • a: objective, goal, indirect object
  • con: with (this is probably the easiest one)
  • de: origin, belonging, ingredient/material
  • desde: origin (focus on distance), from somewhere in place or time until here/now.
  • en: location, transportation, during
  • hasta: to, until (focus on distance), from here/now to somewhere in place or time.
  • hacia: towards, around
  • por: cause, reason, method, way
  • para: purpose, goal

Different prepositions + [place/time]


  • Voy México. - I go to Mexico.
  • Voy para México. - I’m on my way to Mexico.
  • Voy hacia México. - I’m going towards Mexico.
  • Voy hasta México. - I go to Mexico. (All the way from here to there)

  • Vengo de Bolivia. - I come from Bolivia.
  • Vengo desde Bolivia. - I come from Bolivia. (All the way from there to here)

  • Vivo en Chile. - I live in Chile.
  • Vivo por el parque. - I live close to the park. (The park is around my house)

*I made all these examples with hours, but you can use days, weeks, months, years, seasons, daytime, etc.

  • Trabajo a las 8:00 AM. - I work at 8:00 AM
  • Trabajo hasta las 8:00 PM - I work until 8:00 PM

  • Ella llegará por las 5:00. - She’ll arrive around 5:00.
  • Ella llegará para las 5:00. - She’ll arrive around 5:00.
  • Ella llegará hacia las 5:00. - She’ll arrive around 5:00.

    *In this case all these 3 sentences have the same meaning and most of the times can be interchangeable.

  • Practico de 5:00 a 7:00. - I practice from 5:00 to 7:00.
  • Practico desde las 5:00 hasta las 7:00. - I practice from 5:00 until 7:00.
  • Me levanto desde las 6:00. - I get up from 6:00.
  • Me duermo hasta las 11:00. - I go to bed until 11:00.

en + months, seasons, years (not days)

  • Tengo vacaciones en julio. - I’m on vacation in July.
  • Quiero ir en primavera. - I want ton go in the spring.
  • Voy a ir a Argentina en el 2020. - I’m going to Argentina in 2020.

**days: we use “el, los”:
Estoy libre el viernes. - I’m free on Friday.
Tomo clases de piano los miércoles. - I take piano classes on Wednesdays.

Common prepositions

I made a Google document with the most common prepositions and their most common uses, and I also made as many examples as I could so you can see how we use them.

Here’s the document: PREPOSITIONS

Por & Para

For por and para visit my Google document. ↑↑↑

Read a lot

To get used to prepositions you need to use them a lot, and one way to do this is reading. Try to read everything you can in Spanish, from advertising to novels or news, depending on your level. Pay attention to the prepositions, specially to the ones that you find more difficult. Look at the context, and the words before and after each preposition, it will make it easier.

I know it’s difficult to try to understand what you’re reading and try to study the prepositions at the same time, so that’s why I leave you here some webpages where you can read the same articles or stories in Spanish and English. So you don’t have to focus on what is being said, but how prepositions are used.

You can also go to Linguee to search for prepositions in context.

Drill exercises

Do as many exercises as you need to get prepositions right.
Here, I share with you all the preposition exercises I found.

Transitional Phrases

We use Transitional Words or Phrases to link words, sentences or phrases, as therefore, nevertheless and so on.

In Spanish, many of these transitional phrases have prepositions. If you try to translate them literally they probably won’t make sense, so try to learn them just as they are.

Here are some links where you can see these transitional phrases:

I hope this was useful. Remember, the more you use them the easier it will be. :)
¡Buena suerte! Good luck!

Yuri on Ice BD booklet translation (with Eiji Abiko & Junpei Tatenaka interview) - Volume 3

Had a busy weekend, but finally here is the full translation of the BD/DVD vol.3 booklet. The format is the same as usual. I wonder if Yuuri was ever able to enjoy a banquet (and remember it), lol.

EDIT: I changed the translation of the street food eaten by Guang-Hong in episode 6 after being notified that it’s actually the Chinese “jianbing”, which is a kind of crepe, and not “rice cracker” which is what “senbei” means in Japanese. Thank you very much @dragonaeve  for the input!! In Japanese it’s written 煎餅, with the same exact kanji of “senbei” (rice cracker), and though in the anime it totally didn’t look like a senbei to me I failed to notice that it was a false friend… (And to think I even researched all the other Chinese food listed in the topics section to be sure..)

The booklet has 3 parts:
1) Character introduction for Minami-kun, Georgi and Leo. 
2) “Topics”, in other words random curiosities. It includes an explanation of how Japanese qualification matches work.
3) Interview with the figure skating animators Eiji Abiko and Junpei Tatenaka. Some of the things they say might be a little difficult to understand if you don’t know a lot about how animation works, but if you google “inbetween animations” you will find more detailed information. The parts in round brackets are exactly like they are in the original text, it’s not something I added.

Translations of the audio commentary and choreography parts coming in the next few days… (As usual I still haven’t even been able to put the BD in the player despite having it since the 23rd, sigh)

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

The future protagonist of Japan’s figure skating world!

Kenjirou Minami
voiced by Ayumu Murase

Date of birth: August 18th, 17 years old
Height: 155 cm
Blood type: O
From Hakata, Fukuoka prefecture

Last season, all eyes were on him when in the Japan National Championships, in which he participated from the junior section, he became the center of attention and obtained the bronze medal at the young age of 16. This season, which marks his senior debut, he first succeeded in a quadruple jump at the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu Regional Tournament. Despite his small build, he brightens the hearts of the audience with his energetic skating and exhuberant dancing. The success rate of his quadruple jump and triple axel is still low, but he is the most promising young athlete that might become the future Japanese ace.
He admires Yuuri Katsuki, who is from Kyushu like him, and for this reason he chose “Lohengrin” as his short program in the current season. His parents are doctors and his older brother is also a medical student.

The late-blooming veteran becomes a witch.

Georgi Popovich
voiced by Wataru Hatano

Date of birth: December 26th, 27 years old
Height: 178 cm
Blood type: private

He is a veteran who can perform high jumps worthy of one of Yakov’s students, but always tended to be overshadowed by fellow student Nikiforov. In this season where Nikiforov is absent he chose 2 programs based on the theme of “heartbreak” to fight to become Russia’s top athlete. With his peculiar artistic sense, in the short program he plays an evil witch that puts a curse on the princess, and in the free the prince that will save her.
As also stated by Yakov, he practices hard and strictly follows his coach’s advices. He always entertains fans with his feminine costumes and in Japan is popularly called “pigeon”.

Because music was always with me.

Leo de la Iglesia
voiced by Shunichi Toki

Date of birth: August 2nd, 19 years old
Height: 167 cm
Blood type: O

A skater that knows how to show his charm and always performs programs brimming with originality, choreographed by himself. He doesn’t jump quadruples, but his Program Components are highly praised because of his performances that give importance to the music. This season he tried his hand at hip-hop in the short program and won the American tournament of the Grand Prix series, held in his country. He is riding on the wave.
In his everyday life he is a cheerful American of Mexican origin and is very sociable. He has many friends among fellow figure skaters and his fans are always looking forward to the private shots he uploads on the SNS. He respects Nikiforov, who also choreographs his own programs.


TOPIC 1: Greed to SNS** (Thirst for the SNS)
There are many skaters who share information with fans all over the world via the internet. Now that SNS are popular, skaters will upload a variety of contents, from their practice footage to their daily meals and private pictures of their holidays, some even being as open as to post romantic shots with their lovers. Fans can’t take their eyes off the social networks. In this regard, one of the hottest accounts is Thailand’s Phichit Chulanont’s. From pictures of his fainted teacher to candid shots of other skaters, he uploads any “juicy moment” he witnesses, in a way being the terror of the ones close to him. However, fans absolutely don’t want him to change his habits.
[**translator’s note: “Greed to SNS” is what is actually written in English in the booklet, the part in round brackets is a more exact translation of what the Japanese says. All titles of the topics are in both Japanese & English and I’m usually leaving the original English as it is unless it’s weird.]

*Yuuri’s “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite” was also spread to the world
*The results of matches and other news are always at hand
*Maybe Anya’s gaze was already turned to someone else here…?
(Phichit’s collection)
*Regular updates about his state
*He will never miss the chance to get a good shot
*Sometimes it’s important to have the courage to upload!

TOPIC 2: Personal Best Score
In figure skating, which is a technical sport, an athlete’s highest score up to the present is called “personal best” and the highest score of the season “season best”. Not only his ranking, but whether he managed to surpass his personal best is very important for a skater’s motivation. The season best is also important, because some big tournaments like the World Championships have a required minimum score to participate. ISU (International Skating Union) openly displays all skaters’ personal bests, but only the results obtained in competitions officially recognized by ISU are a target, therefore even if a skater achieves good results in the Japan National Championships or the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu Regional Tournament, unfortunately they will not be recognized.

*The score display for regional tournaments is simple
*The electric scoreboard of the GP’s China tournament (showing the PB mark too)
*The TV live broadcast shows the PB mark too

TOPIC 3: National Competitions
For Japanese skaters to be able to represent the nation in the World Championships or the Olympics, they need to first win the regional block tournaments and then rank high in the Japan National Championships in December. There are 6 block tournaments, including the “Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu Regional Tournament” in which Yuuri participated, and if you rank high in these you qualify for the Eastern Japan or Western Japan Championships. And if you rank high in those you can proceed to the National Championships (the ones who ranked among the highest the previous year and the ones who have to attend overseas tournaments close to the date of the national competition will be exempted from the qualifiers). By the way, regarding the Grand Prix Series, participants are chosen based on the results obtained in international tournaments the previous year and other elements.

*4 senior athletes are participating in the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu Regional Tournament
*The skating order is chosen by drawing lots the day before
*Official practice takes place 2 times, in the morning of the day of the SP and FS
*It’s not rare for tournaments to be held in rinks without viewer stands
*The skating order and raking are printed on paper
*The award ceremony is often done outside of the rink and not on the ice

TOPIC 4: Chinese Gourmet
This year’s China tournament of the Grand Prix was held in Beijing. While other athletes are preparing for the match, Victor and Yuuri went to enjoy the traditional Chinese “hotpot”. Various kinds of food, like mutton, are dipped in a pot that has two compartments, one with mild hot water soup and the other with spicy Mala soup. “Duck blood” is also a classic dish that goes with hotpot. The Chinese representant Guang-Hong Ji, who isn’t a fan of hotpot, likes the jianbing (crepes) sold at food stalls. Before the matches Yuuri was paying attention to what he ate not to compromise his physical condition, but at the banquet he had to look after a drunken Victor and it doesn’t seem that he could really have a taste of the Chinese delicacies.

*Winter is the season of Chinese mitten crab. The same as the skating season!
*”Drunken shrimp” consists of live shrimps soaked in alcohol
*”Duck blood” has a high nutritional value
*People dip their favorite ingredients in the hotpot
*Rice crackers are affordable snacks that can be purchased from food stalls

Figure skating animation
Eiji Abiko & Junpei Tatenaka interview

Tatenaka-san’s Victor is so elegant. (Abiko)
Abiko-san’s spins are amazing! (Tatenaka)

Abiko: I also took part in the production of director Yamamoto’s previous work “ENDLESS NIGHT”, but I’ve always liked drawing looking at real life pictures, therefore when I was offered this job I thought that I had the necessary technical skills to do it. In the previous work there were some points I believed could have been done a different way, and I felt that in this new project we could try it out.
Tatenaka: Before starting the job, I was suggested to try figure skating myself since the work was going to be about it, so I went to a skating class. Though it was just 4 days. The last time I skated was in elementary school, but (when I actually tried this time) I realized that I was going to draw something I knew nothing about. I could understand on which part of the blade you shift your weight when skating forward or backward, and that was really helpful later on. (When I watched the real life footage) after knowing that, I noticed that skaters really land on those points after a jump. They can land on the exact point even after spinning around at that speed! When I see videos where you can see them stress the landing to adjust the position so that they don’t miss the point I have goosebumps.

-Ideas to make performances look beautiful.-

T: What I realized when we started working is that scenes were very long, in the beginning.
A: The director wanted to recreate a figure skating program and was determined to show the full sequence without shortening it. This means that all movements need to be connected, which takes a lot of work.
T: Especially in the first part of the show, there were many sequences over 10 seconds long. You draw and draw and it never ends (LOL).
A: To make skating performances look beautiful, I guess it was important to add a fair amount of inbetween animations (pictures added between key animations to supplement them). We gradually understood that using many key animations during slow movements wouldn’t make them look better unless they are very accurate.
T: I had the idea to show the poses on screen for a longer time. (I was among the ones who went to Miyamoto-sensei’s choreography sessions, and) even poses that were really impressive when I saw them live only lasted an instant in the recorded footage, and it shifted to the next pose right away. If we recreated that in the anime, poses that were supposed to look impressive wouldn’t last, therefore I decided to use 2 extra key animations for some parts, so that the beautiful silhouette would stay in the viewers’ eyes. I like to draw “impressions”, and I always work thinking about what I want to show and communicate to the viewers. With figure skating I felt this all the more important.
A: There are many things I found amazing about the scenes created by Tatenaka-san. Like Victor’s elegance in episode 1, isn’t that wonderful? When I watched it I was like “jeez, I need to get better too”, and he also has lots of ideas. Like JJ’s spin. I was determined to absolutely learn something from all that.
T: Thank you. I like how Abiko-san draws all the characters properly. Yuuri always has an expression that fits his personality and the situation. And the spins are amazing! I couldn’t draw them satisfactorily and had to redraw them many times… I admit I was envious of Abiko-san’s soft touch that makes movements connect so smoothly.
A: My favorite character is Otabek. I like how he is tough and cool.
T: I like Giacometti. And JJ and Minami-kun. I think they are the ones I could figure out the best when drawing them.
A: When the anime actually aired we had a huge response. Fans would write to me on Twitter, and every time I uploaded a picture I would get a lot of reactions.
T: It was the first time that I had such a response, I was really surprised. I’m a fan of the baseball team Carp, and when I went to drink with my friends everyone knew “Yuri on Ice”. One person told me “a girl in my company watches it, she was praising it a lot”. It never happened to me so far!

-The biggest miracle is that all this staff could come together.-

A: Tatenaka-san also took part in the production of “ENDLESS NIGHT”, but this is the first time that we worked in the same space. I was really glad that he was there working in the same position as me. I can grumble about work (LOL), and he can understand me.
T: It’s really like that. Watching Abiko-san I realized that Yuuri must be difficult to animate because he changes a lot, and when I was working on long sequences he would leave me alone. And he would talk to me when I finished. Things like that.
A: I didn’t really do all that on purpose (LOL). But you really feel relieved (when there is someone else in your same position). There were also many other people around 40 years old, like the chief animation director Shishido-san, so we had things in common to talk about.
T: It’s really a miracle that all this staff could come together. I think it was a difficult job for everyone, from the colors to the backgrounds to all the rest, not just us. But they were all people who would do whatever they could. Everyone would always find something to do.
A: It would have been a problem if even one of them were missing. In difficult workplaces it happens that some people will get sick or leave, but this time it didn’t happen.
T: The production staff, who probably had the hardest time, was outstanding and did their best. They were all young, but when they brought you things to fix saying “I want to make this better” you couldn’t refuse.
A: Everyone got along well and even when they complained it was always jokingly. It was a really nice group.

Baekhyun’s EX’ACT Interview, « Monster » ver.

- Baekhyun -

Keywords: mischief, consistent, clarity

Q. What’s your earliest memory?

B. I think I was holding a baby milk bottle. (Laughs.) It was at my mother’s friend’s place. I think they had a baby there. I was maybe about 4. I remember my mom’s friend was doing the dishes, and I was holding an empty milk bottle. It was around sunset. They had an entryway right next to the living room, and there were three rooms total. It was a brownish-feeling house.

Q. Do you ever feel like you’re all grown up?

B. Grown up? I can’t believe I’m already 25. Oh, I do feel that way when I do something nice for my parents.

Q. Do you think you’re a consistent person?

B. I’m not really a consistent person. I act more according to how I feel. Spontaneous, I’d say. (Laughs.) I’m quite fascinated by people who are consistent. Like D.O.

Q. Do you think people change more because of internal factors, or because of external factors?

B. The external factor is big. If people around you say you’re doing well, then you seem to yourself like you’re doing well, and if they say you’re bad, you feel like you aren’t. I’d say the internal factor is not so relevant. Because people can’t be totally objective about themselves anyway, and because we give ourselves too much credit. So I don’t think internal factors are enough to propel someone to really change.

Q. What would you say is a fundamental element of you that does not change even when the environment changes?

B. My goofiness, my bright personality.

Q. When do you feel most yourself?

B. When I’m goofing off with the members in the offstage waiting rooms. But then, I don’t really change that much or act differently in front of different people. I’m the same on stage and off. It’s just a matter of degree.

Q. Are you ever burdened by other people’s expectations? When do you feel that you become free of them?

B. Always. What if I can’t sing well, what if I can’t dance well, those are the things I’m most worried about after becoming an entertainer. To get away from the burden, the thing to do is practice, work out, building yourself up. Then you feel the burden a bit less, as you solve issues one by one.

Q. What’s the thing you’re most afraid of?

B. Dying. Dying from a severe disease, not being able to live long. I want to live a long life without falling sick, peacefully. Because I’m a pacifist.

Q. Which do you believe in more, coincidence or fate?

B. I’d say fate. You know how they say, “that other thing happened because it was meant to lead to this.” I believe that kind of thing. I feel like this is all fate. Being cast for this company at the beginning was also like that. Debuting as EXO was also fate, it seems.

Q. Do you like things to be clear or ambiguous?

B. I prefer clarity. Even when I’m discussing our schedules, I like things to be exact. Either it’s yes or it’s no, I don’t enjoy it when someone goes, “Oh, I don’t know.” Either you like it, or you don’t. Saying “I don’t know” seems to be something you do when you’re not comfortable saying something, or for some other such reason.

Q. What’s something that you think is valuable, that can’t be seen by the eye?

B. The affection between people. You don’t see it, but it’s the most amazing thing, right. You meet a lot of people one by one but you can’t have the same size of affection for each of them. Your heart just goes out more to certain people, and that’s really fascinating.

Q. If one thing in life could last forever, what would you want it to be?

B. If it could last forever, EXO. I’d like it if the name EXO could stand forever, maybe as a role model for lots of musicians, to be remembered and missed in people’s memories, like Michael Jackson. It would be lovely if EXO could last for a long time in people’s memories, proving that we made an important mark in our field.

جب نیند بھری ہو آنکھوں میں
When sleep fills the eyes
جب رات گۓ بیلا مہکے
When jasmine breathes its nightly fragrance
اور چار طرف ہو سناٹا
When silence rules in all directions 
چپ چاپ گزرتی ہوں لمحے
And time treads by soundlessly
ایسے میں ہوا کا جھونکا بھی پتوں میں جو آہٹ کرتا ہے
A light breeze comes stirring in the leaves 
مجھ کوتو گماں یہ ہوتا ہے
And sets me thinking:
جیسے وہ ہنسا آہستہ سے
It’s him, somewhere, his soft laughter.

Fahmida Riaz 

translated by Patricia L. Sharpe 

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Could you explain a little bit more on why you think the JP fandom is focusing on the "look at me~" part of the drama instead of Chihoko stuff (what you mentioned in your ask abt the event). I'm just wondering what you mean about that, or if you could explain that part a bit better than it seems it was in the snippets we got from Twitter? Thank you for all you do :>

Hello! I think it’s a matter of wording… Like, some lines sound more impressive in Japanese. There are some parts I remember very clearly and some where I had forgotten the exact wording, but yesterday I could find a very complete and accurate Japanese report of the drama (to be honest I find it hard to believe that someone could have written such a perfect report by just taking notes on paper, but.. yeah…).

My impression is based on the fanarts/fancomics I’ve seen. Of course, I cannot possibly have seen each and every single fanart about the event, but for example let’s say that I’ve seen about 300 Japanese fanarts and 50 foreign fanarts (numbers are not exact but they are close to what I’ve seen so far). Out of all the Japanese ones, none of them used the line that in English has been translated by some as “I could search all over the world~”, while I’ve seen at least 5-7 foreign fanarts about it. That’s quite a difference. The reason is that this line doesn’t sound as “deep” in Japanese at all, so Japanese people don’t give it so much importance, it’s just Yuuri trying to convince Victor to get down.

Details and partial translations under the cut.

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This scene still breaks my heart.

Matteo: Luna, I want to know the truth. I want you to look me into the eyes and say what you feel for me.

Luna: Matteo, listen… I think that nothing can happen between us.

Matteo: Do you really think that ?

Luna: Matteo… Listen. It’s better that we stay friends like we are now.

Matteo: No.

jimissi said: Okay i need to scream about something. I want to scream about how kook i jimin don’t have moments on camera very very often, but off camera… it’s completely different story. I want to scream about them being pretty much inseparable. How they orbit around each other.

We’re kind of blessed since KM have a nice mixture of on-stage and off-stage moments.

But I agree, they’re nearly inseparable. Whether they’re at work or on break, fans either keep bumping into them on the streets or notice them spending time together elsewhere. Even in these past few days, there have been a lot of fan accounts of them joking and interacting together during rehearsals.

Some examples (summaries, not exact translations):

^ Jimin tapped Jungkook’s chin before recording.

^ When the vocal line started singing Spring Day and teasing/moving into Jimin, he started laughing and said he wasn’t going to do vlives with Jungkook and Jin anymore (the Fake Maknae Line seem super close these days.).

There’s obviously more (like JK got frustrated with the hyungs not getting into formation, and he got all authoritative and went straight into maknae on top mode. The exact same thing happened with Jimin a couple of months ago, but instead of getting salty with himㅋ JK was all like, “don’t worry about it, I’ll accommodate you.” ..He doesn’t hide his bias, I swear.), but like you said, these moments are much more subtle and not exactly on camera.

So I wanted to dissect a certain scene in Lady Wifi between Marinette and Tikki where they’re briefly discussing the secret identity situation, and just to cover my bases I went to check the translation from the original french since netflix just gives the subtitles from the English dub. 

Getting to that in a moment.

The whole point of this post was not to just touch on Chat Noir and Ladybug’s secret identities being withheld from each other because it’s smart, as I make a post about this at least once a week. I wanted to mostly point out an interesting piece of dialogue exchange between Tikki and Marinette suggesting that while Marinette decided to listen to her head and be smart about her identity in the end, her heart was telling her something different.

This is the english dub, by the way. We can only guess how their conversation went before this scene opened, but it’s clear that they’re discussing Chat Noir. My whole post was suppose to just center around this moment, about how here Marinette is revealing that her heart wants her to just go ahead and tell Chat Noir who she was, the only thing stopping her being her sense of caution. Just, you know, an affirmation that Marinette keeping her identity a secret from Chat Noir has nothing to do with not wanting to know him, or being afraid of him knowing her. It’s a secret because it’s smart, but don’t ever doubt how much she actually cares about Chat Noir.

This was suppose to be the end of the post, but then I read the translation of the french version for accuracy’s sake. The difference was actually pretty amazing.

Tikki: I know it’s hard to keep things from your best friend, but no one must know that you’re Ladybug!

Marinette: You’re right, TIkki. All of my loved ones will be safe as long as my secret stays in here. *Points to her head*

Well first off, let me get out of the way how annoyed I am that the ‘a superhero listens to her head’ quote wasn’t the exact translation. Second, Tikki is a lot more firm about her stance on Marinette’s identity and even is urging her to not tell anyone, unlike the english version where it seems like she’s just trying to understand Marinette’s thoughts on the matter. She also seems to be talking about Alya in this situation, which threw the BIGGEST wrench in this post, but I suppose the sentiment is the same no matter who Tikki is talking about. 

Truthfully, I’m unsure which translation to take more seriously. Normally I would say always go with the french version, but I know english is also taken into consideration very seriously even when animating the show. It also seems very purposeful that we have Marinette staying firm in listening to her head despite what her heart’s telling her, and having this scene take place almost right after Adrien having his own moment of saying he was just following his heart.

I suppose it doesn’t matter in the end because the sentiment is the same, even if it isn’t word for word the same between translations. Marinette doesn’t want keep secrets from her friends, but she does so because it’s smart and safer for everyone. It doesn’t really matter if Tikki was talking about Chat Noir or Alya in the end, either, because they’re both very important to Marinette and there’s no reason why it would be hard to keep this secret from Alya but not her own partner. The scene where Ladybug tells Chat Noir ‘no one can know, not even us’ is said while she looks so upset, yet resigned, it seems so obvious to me that she wouldn’t mind him knowing who she was, if there wasn’t the danger present. 

anonymous asked:

un-biased analysis on that jikook vlive in osaka of them possibly doing bro things while naked in the dark pLEASE

First of all, you asked for this

Second of all, I’m just gonna point out a few things because the whole video was just…weird and try not to shove jikook down your throats cause that’s not fun (and also because there’s no actual evidence of Jimin being in the room in the first place)

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The thing I fear most about the singularity is the loss of nuance and mystery. The eradication of the unexplainable deliciousness of awe.

I went to a Buddhist temple once. I didn’t care much about Buddhism anymore, but the building and the landscaping were like a magnet. There was this sweet old monk sitting on a little-raised platform in front of maybe 100 people, reading from a big book. His words were like music. But he could never get more than a few words out before he was interrupted by some young guy who wanted to parse out the exact meaning and translation of one or two terms. Then little arguments and discussions would ensue for 5, 10,  sometimes 15 minutes. The old monk would nod and sit quietly while everyone hashed it all out.

Eventually, one of the other monks would quash the whole debate and the old, mostly toothless, Buddha would clear his throat and read a few more magic words. Of course, someone would interrupt and so on…

It was like seeing a beautiful woman loosen the belt on her silken robe only to be interrupted by having to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Suddenly, I realized this was life. Right here in front of me in it’s simplest form. Inexplicable beauty butchered by shitheads. I began to chuckle. Then I began to laugh and then I couldn’t stop. Everyone was silent except for me cackling. I still couldn’t stop. It was like some kind of well of laughter had opened up inside of me. I apologized and began to excuse myself, but the old monk slammed the book shut. “HA!” he yelled and leaped to his feet. Startled, I was silent. The old monk put his hands together as if moving in slo-motion and bowed to me with this booming look of love and I just burst into tears. Again, I couldn’t stop. Then after sobbing a bit, I started laughing again. Then sobbing - then laughing again. Finally, not wanting to be a nuisance I made my way over to the door and a couple skinny old monks took me through a side door out into the large garden. They led me over to a bench by a pine tree. The old monk was already sitting there! He must have ducked out when I was carrying on.

I sat down opposite of him and he nodded at me. We sat for a bit in silence. After a while, he turned his head towards the tree. I followed his gaze and saw a mockingbird on the lowest branch closest to us. The bird began to sing and it was startling. Perhaps it was the silence but the song pierced right through me. The bird went through its rounds of several different calls. And I’ll never be able to explain it, but then it was like I was everything. And it wasn’t weird at all. It was obvious and simple. Then the bird stopped singing and flew away. I stood up and bowed to the old man and he nodded and sparkled in some inexplicable magical way and off I went. I had a wonderful evening. I wandered around as the summer day came to an end, watching the people and the trees and the birds.

I went to a  Chinese restaurant and had hot tea and the best hot-n-sour soup I’d ever had in my life. I contemplated becoming a homeless beggar there and just living off that soup and maybe sweeping the sidewalk of the Buddhist temple and garden. Of course, I’d gone down the road before. It was a good and nourishing road, but it was time to set off for new lands.

Family Vocabulary 

Note : I have added the literal meaning to help you link the words together and understand the relations between them

-(the) Family : العائلة (Al-aaila)

-(the) Father : ، الأب (Al-Ab)

-(the) Mother : الأم(Al-Um)

-(the) Parents: الوالدان (Al-Walidan)

-(the) Parent (male) : الوالد (Al-Walid) (polite way to refer to someone’s father)

-(the) Parent (female): الوالدة (Al-Walida) (polite way to refer to someone’s mother)

-(the) Brother : الأخ (Al-Akh)

-(the) Sister : الأخت (Al-Ukht)

-(the) Sibling : الشقيق - الشقيقة(male : Ash-Shaqeeq, female Ash-shaqeeqa)

Note : this word is only used for someone who is your brother/sister from both parent’s sides.

-(the) Son : ابن (Ibn) more commonly used, or ولد (walad, literally : boy)

-(the)Daughter : ابنة (Ibna) more commonly used , or بنت (bint, literally : girl)

-(the) Husband : الزوج (azjawj)

Note: in old Standard Arabic, the word زوج (jawj) can also be used to refer to the spouse in general regardless of their gender, it literally means pair.

-(the) Wife : الزوجة (az-zawja)

-Step family 

- (the) Step-brother : الأخ غير الشقيق (Al-Akh Ghair Ash-shaqeeq, litterally : the brother who is not a sibling)

- (the) Step-sister : الأخت غير الشقيقة (Al-Ukht Ghair Ash-Shaqeeqa, litterally : the sister who is not a sibling)

- (the) Step-mother : زوجة الأب (Zawjat Al-Abb, literally, the father’s wife)

- (the) Step-father : زوج الأم (Zawj Al-Umm, literally, the mother’s husband)

- (the) Ex-husband : الزوج السابق (az-zjawj as-sabeq, literally the previous husband) or الطليق (at-taleeq, literally means the divorcee) 

- (the) Ex-wife :الزوجة السابقة (az-zjawja as-sabiqa, literally the previous wife) or الطليقة (at-taleeqa, literally means the divorcee)

-Relatives : الأقارب (Al-Aqarib)

Don’t be discouraged by the many words for “cousin”! It’s not difficult to memorize because it’s the literal meaning of the word.

-  (the) Uncle (father’s brother) : العم (Al-Amm)

-Cousin (the son of your father’s brother) : ابن العم (Ibn Al-amm)

Cousin (the daughter of your father’s brother) : ابنة العم (Ibnat Al-Amm)

- (the) Aunt (father’s sister) : العمة (Al-Amma)

-Cousin (the daughter of your father’s sister) ابنة العمة (Ibnat Al-Amma)

-Cousin (the son of your father’s sister) ابن العمة (Ibn Al-Amma)

- (the) Uncle (mother’s brother) : الخال (Al-Khal)

-Cousin (the daughter of your mother’s brother) : ابنة الخال (Inbat Al-Khal)

-Cousin (the son of your mother’s brother ) : ابن الخال (Ibn Al-Khal)

- (the) Aunt (mother’s sister) : الخالة (Al-Khala)

-Cousin (the daughter of your mother’s sister): ابنة الخالة (Ibnat Al-Khala)

-Cousin (the son of your mother’s sister) : ابن الخالة (Ibn Al-Khala)

- (the) Grandfather : الجد (Al-Jadd)

- (the) Grandmother : الجدة (Al-Jadda)

- (the) Granddaughter : الحفيدة (Al-Hafeeda)

- (the) Grandson : الحفيد (Al-Hafeed)

- (the) Niece (daughter of the sister) : ابنة الأخت (Ibnat Al-Ukht)

- (the) Nephew (son of the sister) : ابن الأخت (Ibn Al-Ukht)

- Niece (daughter of the brother) : ابنة الأخ (Ibnat Al-Akh)

-Nephew (son of the brother) : ابن الأخ (Ibn Al-Akh)

The in-laws :  (عائلة الزوج aa’ilat az-jawj/عائلة الزوجةaa’ilat az-zajwa)

Literally : the husband’s family, the wife’s family

-Father-in-law : الحمو (al-hamu) 

-Mother-in-law : الحماة (al-hama)

-Brother-in-law : السلف (as-silf)

-Sister-in-law : السلفة (as-silfa)

-Daughter-in-law : الكنة (al-Kinna)

-Son-in-law: زوج الابنة (zawj-al ibna, literally the husband of the daughter), or الختن (khatan), but it’s really old Arabic and isn’t used now.

-Note : the Arabic translation is the one with “Al” which is the equivalent to “the” in English, my aim to to help you tell the difference between the two types of Lam (Shamsiya or Qamariya). To remove “the” just remove ال from the beginning of the word.