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That's so interesting about the poses! If you have more thoughts about it please share! I've not seen anyone else bring it up. Zayn's race really colour peoples perception of him, like he's so often seen as the opposite of how he really comes off if you pay attention, but they only seem able to stereotype him as really masculine and hyper sexual, they're not able to see the emotions in his lyrics past a sexual reference.

okay so i wrote u a manifesto by accident on the second half of ur message so im linking u to it here instead because this answer would be a mile long otherwise lmao.

as for the poses it’s super interesting isn’t it?? i was looking at the other vogue male covers and yet again i was struck by how different zayn’s cover is!!

here’s zayn cover for reference:

the most striking thing to me was that gigi is looking straight at the camera and zayn’s turned completely to the side, eyes closed. in any women’s studies class you’ll learn that men are most often full face to the camera, eyes meeting the viewers. women are usually turned, whether completely like zayn is, or a little bit like in this cover:

amanda is mostly profile whereas justin is faced fully forward and demands the viewer’s attention first. women can also be fully profile, looking off to the distance like in this cover:

victoria is looking somewhere else, her face is cut in half, but david is looking straight to the camera and you can see his entire face. this isn’t an accident, and it occurs in a large variety of magazines and shoots and ads. women are also far more likely to have their eyes closed like zayn does, because it makes them look more fragile, more delicate, more in the man’s control that they’re with like in this cover:

the man having his eyes closed is not necessarily groundbreaking though, but the fact that it’s not counterbalanced with some implied violence or blatant control is, like in this cover:

but these are all white people, so lets look at a black man that made it onto a Vogue cover and see how the portrayals change with poc. lebron is obviously a famous, talented athlete and as is expected from a media that views black men as overly violence and dominating, and athletes as well, he is portrayed aggressively and he’s portrayed with stereotypical themes like strength, power and control in this cover:

he’s hypermasculine, he’s clearly in control and dominating gisele in both of them. he’s the picture of “masculine” physicality, behavior, talents, etc. do either of those photos look like zayn’s? for comparison i used the other interesting pose from the zigi shoot here:

gigi is looking at the camera in both of these, they’re on the exact same standing level which portrays them as a united team, zayn is being gentle and intimate with her in both rather than portraying traditional masculine stoicism or domination. zayn is leaning his face into hers and disconnecting from the camera entirely. gigi’s hand in that second one is holding him to her, taking control of the hold they’re in, where the man usually would do that. 

even in the photos where zayn does look at the camera directly he and gigi are still on the same standing level, he does nothing overly aggressive or stereotypically masculine and with gigi in masculine clothing (and zayn in feminine patterns and textures like the bedazzling(?) on the trims of his coat on the cover) they appear to be a team where traditional gender roles do not matter. which was the goal of the article and the shoot i think, to show that their fashion isn’t affected by gender norms, and neither is the relationship. “it’s not about gender. it’s about, like, shapes. and what feels good on you that day.” is what gigi said, and i think that applies to these photos too because they clearly portray intimacy and modeling without traditional stereotypes imposed by gender, it’s about the fashion and the artistry.

soulmate! Minghao

anon asked:  I love the soulmate series you guys are doing! They’re all so cute!!!! Can I ask for one with The8/Minghao? -Aries

a/n hiii anon aries, thank you so much! & of course!! i hope you enjoy!

in which you a am incomplete tattoo which completes itself once you meet your soulmate

  • you’ve always thought of yourself as a free spirit even when you were little
  • dreamed of going everywhere and having adventures 
  • you’d rather travel the world then live in one place 
  • and so with the incomplete mark of half a bird on your wrist 
  • it represented your desire to go where you wanted 
  • but it was incomplete 
  • even more than wanting to go on grand adventures 
  • you wanted someone to be there with you a
  • and have adventures with you 
  • your parents were supportive of you deciding to try to find your soulmate whoever they were 
  • but they knew the chances were slim 
  • so they let you take a break for a year from college 
  • o just travel the world exploring *
  • like you always wanted to
  • maybe on your travels, you’d meet someone 
  • and then your bird on your wrist might finally have a chance at soaring 
  • your first stop: England 
  • then France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan 
  • then home 
  • you knew you had to be very careful, the bird mark could complete itself once you met your soulmate but if you weren’t paying attention, they might be lost to the crowd 
  • you talked to many people in Europe, your multi-culture studies over the years paying off since you were such a polyglot 
  • so by the time you had set down in Seoul 
  • your hopes were down 
  • how ridiculous to think you could find your soulmate this easily 
  • might as well just enjoy the rest of your vacation without worrying about it 
  • and the number one priority no matter where you travel to
  • try all the food 
  • eat as much as possible 
  • so after buying some steaming fish cake on a stick 
  • you start strolling down the city street 
  • someone bumps into you and you drop your change 
  • “sorry" 
  • he says in Korean and bends down to pick up the change and hand it back to you with a small smile 
  • "it’s ok” you answer back a bit awkwardly in your basic Korean and return the smile 
  • he laughs gently and drops his board and starts pedaling away 
  • you look down at your watch to check the time when 
  • “wait." 
  • on your wrist is a completed mark of a soaring bird 
  • "WAIT!" 
  • you call louder trying to see if you can spot the guy on the skateboard amongst the crowd of people 
  • you start running 
  • maybe staying in shape should have been one of your goals, you think to yourself as you sprint 
  • this was not going to be literally "the one who got away" 
  • not because of you not running fast enough 
  • but then you see him 
  • he’s pedaling towards you as fast as he can on his board 
  • staring at disbelief at his wrist 
  • while people leap out of the way 
  • you both stop right in front of each other 
  • incredulous 
  • huge goofy grins on both your faces 
  • and without even saying anything 
  • he wraps his arms around your waist as he lifts you up into a hug 
  • whirling the both of you around much to a passerby’s staring 
  • and you both laugh amazed and incredibly happy 
  • and you both walk towards a near-by park to escape the crowds 
  • “my name’s Minghao." 
  • "I’m y/n." 
  • names are exchanged and you get to talk about stuff 
  • "I’ve never been on a skateboard before." 
  • "Really? Here let me show you! I love being on a board, I feel like I can go anywhere" 
  • you laugh that’s how you always wanted to feel 
  • he places both hands lightly on your waist as you stand on the skateboard all wobbly 
  • "Just try to keep your balance…” he says right as you feel yourself moving forward and slipping 
  • the board flies from under you rolling about ten feet away 
  • you however land 
  • in Minghao’s arms 
  • he laughs, his whole face lighting up 
  • both your faces inches away from the other's 
  • you laugh too and thank him as he helps you up 
  • “welp you fell for the first time, that’s progress. Necessary for the learning process. Should we go get something to eat?“ 
  • "I wanna buy a board first" 
  • you drag him into a skate shop near the park and buy yourself a similar board to Minghao's 
  • he bravely takes your hand when you’re walking out of the shop carrying your board 
  • one of his arms secured around his skateboard 
  • and his other hand in yours 
  • as he shows you some of his favorite places to skate and hang out and eat 
  • you learn that he’s in an idol group called seventeen 
  • "Wait you’re an idol?" 
  • "Yep" 
  • "So you sing and dance?" 
  • "And martial arts and skateboard yes" 
  • "Wow" 
  • "You’ve traveled the world though" 
  • "Sort of" 
  • you both laugh finding more things in common in your personalities 
  • Minghao was so sweet, cute, and good looking 
  • swooning, you couldn’t believe he was your soulmate 
  • multi-talented as he was, you felt boring in comparison 
  • "I’ve always wanted to see the world, since there’s so much to explore and so many possibilities. My stage name The8 means infinite possibilities. I think you’re incredible to have gone on adventures like that" 
  • you’re so surprised but happy to know he didn’t find you boring at all 
  • "Let’s go on adventures together in the future" 
  • “deal” you both smile at each other and round the final corner before reaching your goal 
  • a convenience store 
  • ramyeon is a must 
  • you both start to walk up to the store when the store doors open 
  • twelve guys walk out holding bags of snacks and munching happily 
  • “Oh no…” Minghao looks at them eyes widening 
  • “Who are they?" 
  • "My group members” he says right as they look up at you two 
  • “Isn’t that Minghao?" 
  • "Is that a girl with him?" 
  • “He’s gone for like two hours and gets himself a girl?" 
  • Minghao starts laughing and pulls your arm, putting down his board telling you to put your board down too
  • "Before they catch us hurry!" 
  • you hear the twelve boys start running after you and Minghao 
  • you drop your board 
  • "But I still don’t know how to ride!” \
  • “it’s ok you have me here nothing will happen to you” he smiles at you and takes your hand 
  • you both pedal on your boards away listening to his band mates throwing snacks at you both trying to get your attention 
  • “SHE’S MY SOULMATE” he yells back at them 
  • and then you’re both riding away 
  • side-by-side 
  • eventually you both come to a stop at a park 
  • sitting on the bench, hand in hand, you both stare up at the sky 
  • and maybe at each other 
  • “Can I get your number?” you say, after mustering up the courage 
  • and chuckles and you both exchange phones for a moment 
  • you notice his background is a picture of all his members holding a trophy 
  • “when was this?" 
  • "ah, that was when we won 1st place on a music show for the first time, i was very happy that day" 
  • your eyes scan each and every member, noticing some were a little puffy eyed 
  • but then your eyes settled on his face 
  • he showed the same exact bright smile as he had when he meet you 
  • it warmed your heart 
  • "so can I listen to a song?" 
  • and so you sat there, him explaining each and every song 
  • to the title songs, the performance team songs, to his own duet with his fellow Chinese member 
  • and then he let’s you listen to highlight, and you say to let you guess his parts 
  • when the song’s over you giggle
  • "i’m like a bird?" 
  • how fitting 
  • he laughs and wraps his arms around you happily, resting his head on your shoulder 
  • "we’ll fly”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

soulmate! Jun || soulmate! Vernon || soulmate! Vernon (part 2) || soulmate! Woozi || soulmate! Mingyu (carat version) || soulmate! Hoshi || soulmate! Jeonghan || soulmate! Seungcheol || soulmate! Joshua || soulmate! Joshua (part 2) || soulmate! Seungkwan || soulmate! Minghao || soulmate! Dino

Kill Zone - Prologue

Characters: Reader ( Special Agent Y/N Singer), Special Agent Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester, Cindy Stevenson (OC), Ella McKenzie (OC), Agent Samuel Campbell, Agent Crowley MacLeod,    

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Blood, violence, injuries, torture (not overly graphic), murder, character deaths  

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: This is a serial killer AU of sorts. Not the typical kind, but it has all the death and violence these kinda AU bring with it. It was sorta inspired by Criminal Minds, and that is why my agents are profilers.

This series will have deaths, violence, love, heartwarming moments and everything in between. I am hereby warning you for yet another rollercoaster ride led by me ;)

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.

Technical Terms: MO: An offender’s method of carrying out an offense


Cindy was running as if her life depended on it, because it did. The branches snapped under her bare feet. The sharp rocks dug into her skin like razors each time she fell, but every time she got back up. Blood was soaking through her shirt and jeans from the wounds where his knife had pierced her flesh. Her racing heart was pumping her blood faster through her veins, causing the blood to escape her body even faster, and making her head spin.

I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna die.

The words repeated themselves over and over again in her mind, like a chant, as she tried to get away from her kidnapper. Her kidnapper, who had set her free. Who had instructed her to run, before slowly walking off in the opposite direction, carrying his rifle over his shoulder.

She had cried and begged for her life, screaming till her throat was sore and hoarse, but he hadn’t turned around. He hadn’t worthied her a second glance, so she had done the only thing her exhausted and befuddled mind had let her. She had ran.

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New Life (Sam x Daughter!Reader)

thRequest by @omg-gilliankazoo-me

Could I request a Dad!Sam x Daughter!Reader fic- you’re 17 and you’ve finally found your long lost dad, plus a bonus Uncle too :)

Pairing: Sam x daughter!reader, (Dean x niece!reader)

It was the scariest moment of your entire life. You were finally going to meet your long lost father. The man that was always supposed to be there, but never was.

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Harry shirtless asleep on the couch with bug on his butterfly asleep too with baby cartoons on the tv

You’d have to take a picture, because it would be too adorable. She’d be in a little green onesie, curled up while he has one hand resting on her back. His other hand is tucked behind his head. Both of them have the exact same expression in their face: mouths open, eyebrows furrowed, bottom lip sticking out slightly. And you thank your lucky stars for moments like this.


Pairing: Taron x Reader

Requested: Yup!

Pronouns: She/Her

GIF: No clue

Warnings: None. Unless you are triggered by adorableness.

Reading time: 7 Min.

Notes: I’m trying to write a little faster so I did this in just a few hours as opposed to my others which took me up to a week. So I apologize if it sucks. Ha!

Summary: You’ve been away a few weeks and are returning home to Taron at Christmas time.


“Babe, what’s all this?”

Y/N’s eyes widened as she edged through the doorway into the flat they shared. The weight of the suitcases in her hands forced her to turn sideways but she could see he had decorated for the holiday. Taron grabbed a bag from her as he held the door open.

“Merry Christmas love.” He said. Her chest brushed against his and he puckered his lips. She placed a tiny kiss on them and set her bags down in the entryway.

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May I request a matchup if that is okay? Personality wise I've been told I'm really joyful, is always smiling, really curious, expresses my feelings really quickly (my face expression shows everything), kind, can be super girly sometimes, can be stubborn. Addicted to candy and nutella. Loves to play video games and can very overprotective like a mother. I have medium sized ash blonde hair with side bangs, hazel eyes with almond shaped eyes and fair skin with a heart shaped face. I'm 5'2" 1/2

you are….adorable, love (っ◕‿◕)っ absolutely adorable💛 hope you like this!

also sorry for that confusion earlier ^^;;;

I match you with…Zen!

  • absolutely loves all your facial expressions because he does the exact same thing 
  • is in love with your smile and has at least 200 pictures of you in his phone
  • he just thinks you’re really cute, what can i say 
  • both of you are stubborn jfc please compromise sometimes
  • you found zen’s weak spot: nutella 
  • candy, he’ll let you have as much as you want because he needs to keep his Look, but….
  • please share nutella with him
  • I can’t believe you got zen into video games
  • as a side hobby, of course, he can’t be addicted 
  • he’s actually very competitive and yells while he plays 
  • rip neighbors 
  • loves your overprotective side because he’s still insecure and you make him feel special 
  • absolutely traces your face with hearts, try not to blush too much 
  • gets you really cute clips for when you want your bangs out of your face 
  • also gives you a ton of forehead kisses 

YOOO SO APPARENTLY it’s Magic Week with something in the Check Please fandom? What?!? I was not informed. Because I don’t pay attention. This is my fault. But as I will be gone the rest of the week with no Internet I wanted to write something quick regarding @midnitedancer​ and mine’s shitty Monster AU so here it is. Written during breaks at work on loose pieces of paper and unedited, the first actual writing done for MONSTER HAUS. Featuring terrible Kitchen Witch Bitty and his Jötunn boyfriend, Jack. 

Edit: HUGE shoutout to @gayforlardo for telling me all these Magic AUs are coming from @omgcp-tropechallenge!

Read on AO3. 

“Should we tell him?”

“I don’t know…”

“Like, I would wanna know.”

“I mean, for sure, but he’s totally gonna bug out.”

“Yeah, but it’s gonna happen sooner or later.”

“Yeah, but he’s like, so adorable sleeping like that.”

“I was sleeping.” 

When Bitty had first heard the voices, floating from somewhere above his head, he had assumed he was dreaming. Or maybe he had fallen asleep somewhere other than his own bed. It had taken a minute to place the unfamiliar accent, the breezy female tones, but he eventually got there. There were really only two people it could have possibly been anyway, given that he was, in fact, still in his own bed. Or two former people, really. 

Giving up any attempts at ignoring them, Bitty cracked open one eye, just enough to glare up at the two semi-transparent girls currently waving down at him. It wasn’t every day that the Haus ghosts made their presence known, it wasn’t even every week that he heard from them. Something was up. 

Or maybe the afterlife was just horribly boring and they liked to mess with him. That was Ransom’s theory anyway. 

Bitty reached over for his phone, slapping at the space for a moment before he found it. He groaned. 

It was 7 AM on a Saturday and two dead girls from the 90’s were trying to talk to him. 

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Tell me your favorite memory we have of something funny (like when we text or something) 😊💗

Okay, so, funny story. Yesterday I was going through our texts and locking the ones I really enjoyed so that I could save them for as long as I can (because I really enjoy our conversations), and I love way too many of them, so I’m just going to list my top 25 with no context whatsoever:

1. Jarbert
2. Hhhhh you so much funny
3. *zooms in on every single face on a picture*
4. Diugh
5. Rebakah
6. Josh Dun lookin ass
9. *both send the exact same picture at the same time*
10. Y E E H A W
13. *over-exaggerated girly voice* I won’t hesitate, bitch
14. Chupabragagarrara
16. I’m calling the police
17. Justin Timberlake hair
18. *sends picture* hey remember this
19. One word: Bear
21. ………wISE MAAN
22. Themes
23. Jared Paramedic
24. *cringe pic*
25. *bunny pic*

sleepover saturday

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What's the story/meaning behind your url? Your icon? Your banner pic?

Hello, stranger! Unless you know me personally, you have no idea how much I love asks, so thank you so much for shooting me one!

My URL: A girlfriend from a very long time and I had this running joke that I can’t remember the beginnings of, but every night, I would say “goodnight, fair maiden” and she would respond “goodnight, gentlemam.” She shortly thereafter convinced me to get a tumblr, and I decided to make that my URL. We have loooooooooooong since separate, but I’m both too lazy and too uninspired to change it (although I’ll happily take suggestions).

My icon: Okay so I only have two standard types of pictures I actually genuinely like seeing of myself, and each of these two types has the exact same angle and face. There’s the selfie:

Aaaaand then there’s whatever “candid” bullshit this is:

I didn’t have a recent version of Standard Picture Number Two so when I came home for winter break this past year, my sister ( @pretty-out-of-place ) and I did a photoshoot and I made sure at least one of Stand Picture Number Two came out of it.

My banner pic: When I went to D.C. in my junior year of high school, my friends and I walked by this sign that said “photo enforced” so I decided to take a picture of it because, you know, a photo was required. Har dee har har. It still makes me laugh when I see it, though, so I probably won’t remove it for a while.

“Hurry up (Y/N)!” Dylan shouted up the stairs.

It was prom night and it was the first one that you were going to as a couple. Before you and Dylan had always gone together, but only to make sure you weren’t both left out in the slow dances and you both usually spent the night messing around.

You checked your hair one last time in the mirror before grabbing your bag and leaving your room. In true prom style your parents made you walk down the stairs as they took pictures. As you carefully walked downwards you could see Dylan watching you, staring in awe.

“You look beautiful,” he said as you reached him, kissing you gently on the cheek.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” you said , admiring his suit (picture) and winking at him.

Your parents took a few more pictures before your friends and limo arrived. You piled in, waving goodbye to your parents. The limo then sped off to the school hall.

There was already a lot of people at the prom when your limo arrived, girls all dressed immaculately with perfect hair and make up. As Dylan helped you out of the limo your strapless dress caught in the wind. You luckily managed to push it down just in time before it revealed anything more than a bit of your leg. You hit Dylan as he stood next to you, laughing a little too loudly at your near embarrassing experience.

“Shall we?” he said after composing himself and offering you his arm.

You took it and you both entered the hall, glad to be out of the cheeky wind.

Despite being a couple now you still spent prom night the exact same way as you usually did, playing silly games like “who can get food into the most drinks” and pulling the stupidest faces in your professional photos.The only difference was that the night included a few kisses and being the true gentleman he is, Dylan presented you with a heart shaped locket necklace, with a small picture of the both of you inside. 

Yes, This is Normal

Title: Yes, This is Normal

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians + Heroes of Olympus


Summary: In which Percy gets injured from a monster-related incident and goes to Annabeth’s dorm room several floors high for help – a scenario which, is totally normal for the couple but not for Annabeth’s roommates.    Fluff :3

A/N: I wrote this a really long time ago, maybe a year or so ago, I’m guessing before I even went to college. I wrote this on my phone, and I completely forgot about it. I save it on my computer and let it lie around for a while more before I decided to actually post it on ff.net and tumblr.

It was a quiet night – at least, as quiet as New York could get, when Annabeth’s far-from-normal boyfriend banged on her dormitory room’s window, several floors above ground. The sound of Blackjack’s mighty wings beating against the wind drowned out the noise of a busy city righter. Annabeth dropped the righterty book she was doing two years worth of advanced reading on, and squinted her eyes to get a better look at the figure of the battered up teen hero in the darkness. When  she slid up the window to hear him talk, she observed that the injuries where worse than she thought. Blood dripped from a wound on Percy’s foredhead and mouth, and he was clutching his stomach below where his shirt got brutally ripped open. Annabeth sustained a gasp as she realized a few layers of flesh had been, too. And although they’d been used to seeing each other injured, the thought of one in the least bit of pain stung like fire licking at their insides.

Annabeth looked down to see the rattled street below – police and mediamen surrounded a huge imprint on the asphalt road she was certain was made by a monster. What could Percy have gotten into this time?

“Percy, seriously!” said an exasperated Annabeth as she helped Percy hoist himself from the righte to the windowsill, careful not to touch his injuries.

“Uhmm, nice to see you too, Annabeth,” Percy tried for a smile, a smile which Annabeth couldn’t decide was goofy or terrifying, since a steady stream of blood flowed from his temple. “Just a monster with a name so long I got too lazy to learn. I named him Bill instead. All taken care of.”

Annabeth shook her head – typical Percy personality, making fun and jokes at dire situations. Although, she thought, this isn’t as bad as much of the things they’ve gone through -  they’ve been to actual hell, so she knows. Percy flopped down the nearest bed to the window, which was conveniently Annabeth’s.

As a demigod, and a daughter of Athena at that, Annabeth kept a first aid kit in her drawer, filled with demigod essentials specifically meant for life-or-death moments. She grabbed a pair of scissors and started to cut off the already torn and bloody shirt. She found that Percy had a hard time moving his sword arm, and saw that it was swollen from the elbow to the shoulder and chest. “Bill’s tail really beat me up,” Percy chuckled, “no swordplay for me in a while, I guess.”

“Oh, Percy,” Annabeth sighed as she started cleaning up his stomach wound, which luckily wasn’t as bad as she thought. They were just really bad grazes, the torn shirt just made it more horrible than it actually was. Percy winced.

Still, even when beaten up Annabeth couldn’t help but notice how handsome Percy had become: how his muscles filled in and really defined his features, when he was so skinny and lanky when they’d first met. She noticed how angular his face got; how his eyes got sharper and cooler, yet gentle when he needed he to be, specially when he was staring lovingly at her. His tousled jet black gair was a perfect contrast to his light skin. Their gazes met when Annabeth began to wipe the blood off his face, and she let a few fingers touch his skin. The tingles she feels when their flesh touches had never worn away after all this time, after so many touches they had shared. And she never really wanted the lose the amazing sensation anyways.

Percy lifted his hand, though aching badly, to lead Annabeth’s hand to his face. He closed his eyes and sucked in her incredible warmth. He drew his face nearer and nearer to hers, despite every contraction of his muscles being very painful.

“Hey, Wise Girl,” he whispered unintentionally huskily as their noses touched. Annabeth sat at the bed beside him, never letting go of the position. Annabeth would probably never admit it to him but his voice at the moment, a bit hoarse and low, was really sexy. She smiled, and never let go. “You’re cute when you’re worried. Your eyebrows get all scrunched up,” Percy teased.

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C'mon, you must've known this one was coming... Baby Red's First Halloween: Baby Red - Pikachu (duh?), Beca - Ash, and Chloe - Nurse Joy. (Also, thanks for giving me a bit of a distraction. I'm totally awash in anxiety for the upcoming week, and the one who I couldn't stop thinking about some time ago totally blew me off again after a chance meeting. So. That's where I am with all of this.) - PHE

Beca balanced the baby on her hip, rocking it side to side as Chloe examined herself in the mirror. 

“No offense, Babe, but I’m kinda thinkin’ no one’s gonna have their eyes on you,” Beca said. The baby reached up, snatching the hat Beca had bought - and altered - in one swift motion. She groaned, flipping her to the other hip. 

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Locker room: Sterek vs Scott/Derek

In this week’s episode we got yet another tear-inducing Derek/Scott brotherly moment. What I found really interesting is that it took place in the locker room, and by now, I think we can all agree that the locker room is very significant when it comes to Derek. It’s his safe place. It’s his go-to in times of need or when he’s shown to have some kind of emotional dwelling. 

So, of course when I realized where the scene with Scott was going I started looking for parallels between this scene and the dream scene (you can pry this scene from my cold dead fingers). And indeed there is something that I think it’s worth mentioning.

Body language.

Firstly, the roles are reversed. This time around, Derek is the one who listens and Scott is the one confiding in him. Also, it’s funny that the scene takes place in the exact same spot, but it’s filmed from different angles. The positions are strikingly similar. Scott and Derek both have drooping shoulders and eyes cast down (not shown in the pictures below) which mean emotional burden and sadness/uneasiness.

Now. Stiles and Derek are both standing and then they end up sitting. This is where the differences start showing. Derek sits next to Scott, which is parallel posture, while Stiles sits in front of Derek, face-to-face posture.

Talking from the show’s viewing point (with its characters and the relationships between them), the parallel position implies understanding, equality, the ability to relate, collaboration, team work, basically dealing with the same things and being cooperative, which indeed, we know to be true. Brotherly bonding going on.

The sterek face-to-face, in this particular case where there isn’t an object (barrier) between them, alludes to isolated intimacy. I mention isolated because Stiles becomes a wall between Derek and the outer world (literally if you look at it out of the box). For one, he leans in, which also means that Derek has his full attention, he’s highly interested and involved in his problems. Then he brackets Derek. It’s hard to say because only their upper bodies are shown, but I’m pretty sure Stiles has an open stance (legs open, elbows rested on knees, facing Derek). Nothing to hide, trustworthy and listening.

Then there’s the mirroring. Which is a thing that family, couples and close friends tend to do (basically anyone who has a strong emotional connection). Stiles is the perfect mirror of Derek:

Which is even more interesting because this is all in Derek’s head. Derek is the one who perceives Stiles this way.

So where I’m going with all of this other than never missing a chance to talk about the dream scene is that the signs are everywhere. We just have to be patient.


So I was browsing through some of my MJ archives on my laptop and came across the pic of Mike at the Avram trial and then I realized that that expression on his face looked familiar. Being curious as I am, I searched through my J5 stuff and found the pic of Mike with almost the same exact look during the ‘Going Back to Indiana’ Special and aslghaglha. Lol! He looks completely through with the bs on both pictures.

Elounor "photoshopped" pictures

First off, I just want to say the only reason I’m doing this is that I’m so tired of seeing people say that certain Elounor pictures are photoshopped when in fact they are not. Here are some of the different “photoshoped” pictures and the proof that they are not fake.

1. Elounor swimsuit pic. Probably the picture most accused of being photoshopped.

This picture was accused of having so called “3 arms” and that Louis’ face was put on Justin Biebers body. Also they supposedly photoshopped her arm from a different Eleanor pic

Heres a pic of Eleanor in the same exact bikini in the same place so not photoshopped.

2. Dubai

Louis posted an instagram pic of his legs in Dubai but people were saying that it was fake because his leg hair had a purple tint.

This same group of girls took photos with the both of them and another girl took a pic of them lounging. Same backround and umbrellas.

3. Yorkshire Tea’s Orient Express

I don’t remember why this pic was accused of being photoshopped but it was. They were in fact on that train theres picture and video proof. This link to the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcakTLCr2OI. Eleanor starts talking around 1:10. Theres also pictures of Louis with fans and such.

4. Eleanors 21st birthday party

This is the pic that everyone said was photoshopped by management with the so called mistakes.

Well heres another pic of Eleanor at the same party with the same backround and tile.

There was another where you could also see Jay ( Louis’ mom ) sitting at the table but I coulndnt find it. If someone wants to add it in you can :)

5. This Is Us Photobooth pics.

I honestly think these were adorable but yet again they were accused of being photoshopped. Eleanor was at the premiere and the after party. There are a number of pictures/videos/gifs to prove that. Why would someone waste there time photoshopping pictures of Elounor in a photobooth, when there was one readily available to them? The other members of One Direction took pictures in the photobooth too?

They were both there and a photoboth WAS there so…….

Theres more supposed “photoshopped” pictures out there but these are probably the most popular. I don’t want to offend anyone but theres too many lies going around. Larry shippers are lovely for the most part and the same with Elounor shippers but please do not use false information to prove a point. Let the boys do what they want, its their lives not yours.  I hope you all had a wonderful new years :D