I just have this massive headcanon of Enjolras falling in love with Grantaire during a Karaoke night.

R is singing “What’s up” from the 4 non Blondes and he sees Enjolras whispering the song under his breath and when he begins to sing the lines “and I try, oh my god do I try I try all the time, in this institution” he approaches to Enjolras and then he sings the next part right in front of his face

And I pray, oh my god do I pray
I pray every single day

and then he puts the microphone right in front of Enjolras’ mouth and the blond actually screams “For a revolution!” and Grantaire is grinning like a fool and there’s a lot of eye contact and little smiles while R keeps singing and Enjolras cheeks might be a little rosy but no one says a thing.

Some men seem to be born to be the opposite, the reverse, the counterpart. They can live only on condition of leaning on someone else; their name is a sequel and can only be written preceded by the conjunction and; their existence is not their own; it is the other side of a destiny that is not theirs.
- Les Misérables, part three, on Grantaire and Enjolras

When love has melted and blended two beings in an angelic and sacred unity, the secret of life is upon them; they are nothing more than the two sides of a single destiny; they are nothing more than the two sides of a single spirit. Love, soar!
- Les Misérables, part four, on Marius and Cosette

I’m not entirely sure if I should cry more about the similarities or the differences here.

Robin Hood, Enjolras look-alikes, A/B/O, stuck in a car, imagine your OTP…

did you say robIN HOOD AU by ark 

Grantaire stares, eyes wide and blue as the oceans far from here. “Was that meant to lend me courage?”

“You have that already,” says Enjolras, unslinging his bow and notching up an arrow. “Call it motivation to return intact.”

“You give me wings and righteous wrath,” says Grantaire, “I wear your sandals, Hermes, God of Thieves,” and before Enjolras can say another word he vanishes into the treeline, sword at the ready and radiating from his arm like another limb.

spin me round, set me down (23k) by @myrmidryad 

He hadn’t felt the need to incite Enjolras’ annoyance recently, he realised as they walked downstairs behind the others, both of them slowing their pace to put a little distance between them and the rest of the group. Why?

Enjolras shot a quick look at him as they walked out of the front door, and Grantaire swallowed, looking down and pulling his gloves out of his pocket.

That was why. He’d still been getting sparks – just not openly negative ones. He hadn’t even noticed.

oistros (42k) by arriviste

“Why would I tell everyone you were my lover if I was angry about that?”

“Um,” Grantaire says, going still. The wind ruffles through his dark and untidy hair; he swallows, and for some reason Enjolras is reminded of the blank look on his face when he told Grantaire that he trusted him, heat-drunk and desperate to push him over the line and not entirely certain he was telling the truth when he said it. “You – told everyone I was your lover?”

“He did,” Bossuet confirms over the earpiece, because he’s never been able to leave a moment alone without interjection. “It was excruciatingly embarrassing for everyone. Who says ‘lover’ these days?”

Note: says not complete but part 2 is an epilogue so the story completes

Play along and catch a cold (5k) by noelia_g / @realitycheckbounced

“Shouldn’t be more than an hour to get there,” Grantaire says and that’s exactly when the engine stutters and coughs and Grantaire frowns and guides them into the side of the road before they come to a stop with a few more worrying sounds from the car. “Fuck, I jinxed us, didn’t I.”

“You can’t honestly believe in jinxes,” Enjolras mutters and Grantaire ignores him, running his hand over the dashboard and practically cooing at the car, sweet-talking and pleading for it to work.

It’s… This shouldn’t be appealing, should it? Enjolras shakes his head at himself, because honestly, this is getting ridiculous and he remembers having some sanity left at least few hours ago, but there’s something about the slow, soothing movements of Grantaire’s hands, and the way his voice gets really low and soft and, well.

Imagine your otp reading fanfic of them (>1k) by Cait

“Right there. You’re a screamer, according to this author.”

Grantaire squeezes his eyes closed and prays for the ground to swallow him up as Courfeyrac and Enjolras finish reading the story. This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, he thinks, because it’s like these people have crawled inside his mind and put his thoughts into words, and out loud they sound so fucking pathetic and embarrassing. Because he’s actually thought about things like this; actually imagined them, what would happen, what Enjolras would sound like.

Unrequited (3k) by @thestarsjustblinkforus: E & R

He sways once and stumbles back with a hand rising to his head like he’s trying to keep it from falling off, and again, before Enjolras can stop himself, he reaches out, he catches him by the t-shirt to keep him upright. Grantaire falls against him, utterly boneless, and his whole body lights up at the sudden contact, very aware of the fact that they are touching because they don’t do that, they haven’t done that ever. He doesn’t do that. Ever.

(And now he’s thinking about touching, he’s thinking about touching Grantaire’s bare skin, being granted free reign over it and he can’t seem to help but begin to unbutton his own shirt now, still disheveled from Grantaire’s insistent fingers…)

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anonymous asked:

Enjoltaire n R cuddling in the morning tho like how cute is that fu ck

Don’t get me started!

Grantaire waking up first and seeing Enjolras, and almost not believing that it’s really him and Enjolras likes him and how is that possible?!

Enjolras, still being half asleep, nestles closer to R with a contented little smile and Grantaire’s face just lights up.

And R decides that he doesn’t want the moment to end, ever.

I also think Enjolras would start out being self conscious and kind of awkward when it comes to romance, and then finally realising that he doesn’t have to be perfect and that Grantaire loves him the the way he is.

little exR things no one asked for

  • unlike Enjolras, Grantaire’s not very fond of having his hair played with and it annoyes him when people ruffle or tug at his curls. but Enjolras is also the exception to this matter (of course he is) he’s about the only person R wouldn’t mind letting touch his hair, and it has a surprisingly relaxing effect on him. He always offers to brush or stroke Enjolras’s hair in return. 
  •  Enjolras constantly keeps losing his hair bands and proceeds to huff and complain about it the whole day so at some point Grantaire starts keeping them on his wrist, bc well it’s practical, and then starts buying Enjolras bands himself and it quickly escalates from obscenly bright colours to hair bands with bows and butterflies and cartoon figures that Enjolras glowers at for long moments but keeps them all anyway.
  • there’s this phase where Grantaire decides to ‘educate’ Enjolras on proper music and introduces him to new artists and bands each week. and Enjolras starts texting him during various hours of the day, asking him to turn on the radio bc he’s recognized a song that’s been playing, and it’s always dry messages like: ‘Shirley and Co’s shaming people unable to dance, again.’ or ‘Your saltmate Morrissey’s singing about what a good lay, good lay it was. Have you eaten today?Xx’
  • Grantaire’s hands are always cold (Jehan would have a thing or two to say about people with warm hearts and cold hands) no matter how warm it is so whenever they go outside, Enjolras immediately takes one of his hands and puts it in the pocket of his own coat, while rubbing warmth onto R’s other hand. they get cold all too soon after that, but Grantaire’s enjoying himself too much to even care. 

So, yesterday the Fiction Fest happened in Rome, and George Blagden was there for the screening of the first episode of Versailles. We waited for him outside the theatre to take pictures and get autographs. When it was my turn, I showed him the Aaron Tveit’s autograph I got when I went to see Assassins, telling him I am a musical theatre geek, and asked him to sign on the page beside.

First, he looked a little bit stunned, then he smiled and started caressing the page (I. SWEAR. I got witnesses.) and asked if he could sign below it. I was happy by then, but he had to go on and kill me : he drew a shaky heart and wrote Enjolras and Grantaire initials inside it. I swear I didn’t even mention the ship or the characters, he did it all by himself. And for that, I love him even more than before.

I’m so glad he’s such a nice person, so open with his fans, he took pictures with literally everyone, telling his agent he wanted to stay a little bit longer with us. We got him presents and letters and he was so pleased, constantly smiling and thanking everyone.

P.s. Captain Blagden, still going strong after three years.

ExR Interview with George Blagden

George very kindly exchanged e-mails with me while I was working on my dissertation, which focused on Enjolras and Grantaire’s relationship in Les Misérables. I basically wanted to see if it was viable to view their interactions as being indicative of something more intimate than friendship, and extended that to examine the reception of their relationship in online fandom, which is where George comes in! He asked to share this interview on Twitter - his answers are great at exploring an actor’s process, as well as being a really fantastic and valuable contribution to what I was writing about; I’m super excited about sharing his thoughts and I hope you all enjoy reading them!

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