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slow burn, fake date, enemies to lovers: merlin, harry hart eggsy? :)

Fake Date would most definitely be Eggsy.
Eggsy is the person who would sit down at your table and pretend to be late to get someone else to buzz off or to make your ex jealous.
Enemies to Lovers would be Harry
Not really enemies, but more of Harry is a bit irritable and irrational and sometimes he drives me nuts. There is a fine line between love and hate you know.
and last but certainly not least
Slow Burn
Well who else could it be but Merlin? He’s the quiet one, mister never make a move, the “doubting Thomas” so speak that it would take so long for him to clue in that you may as well hire skywriters to spell it out for him. But when he did finally clue in? Hoo-boy that would be a magical day…

She was so absorbed by you,
by your thoughts and your ideas,
so full of you, full of your habits,
that she totally forgot about herself,
you were covering her soul with those clouds of yours,
all gloomy and heavy,
she did not know who she was anymore,
but when you left,
you took back all your clouds,
and then the sun came to her,
everything inside of her flourished,
her thoughts sang her favorite songs,
her mind laughed at her father’s jokes,
her heart danced and danced and danced,
her soul smiled, because she knew,
even the moon has clouds,
but it doesn’t stop her from lighting up the sky every night.


you go girl, you light up this world

If I ever go back to you, I would really call myself pathetic . It would be so idiotic and destroy everything I’ve become, everything I’ve created - since the day I left you. Since
that day I found my bravery to actually leave you behind.

I think in another life, we 
were unkind to each other. 
That’s why we met again,
to try and fix things. But
things didn’t work out 
again, and I hope we are
given another chance in
another life.

Your skin is naturally purple
and green, and those weren’t
bruises, no, it was just your
paint chipping, it was just who
I thought you were washing away. 

We never knew each other, 
we only talked in words with
many definitions because we
were afraid of meaning one
thing, we were afraid of
committing to love, a word
everyone knew except for 

—  Three theories I have about past lovers.