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When you click your heels together and repeat “There’s no place like home” where do you go? What do you see? For me it’s the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I live. And my latest violin cover of the classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is a tribute to the place I call home!

anonymous asked:

question for the Henry Saves Everyone AU: what was his reaction to how some of them were saved? does he ever feel bad that he couldn't do better, considering some of them still got the short end of the stick a bit, or is he at peace with it?

Oh no, Henry feels guilty about a number of things, especially with how things turned out with the studio and Joey. He’s grateful he was able to save what he could and let what he couldn’t Rest In Peace, like Susie Campbell, but he’s left with this complicated situation.

He can give Sammy his music, but not his humanity.

He can share company with Wally and let him have a peaceful place to live, but the guy can never see his real family again.

He can grant the Toons safety and security, a place where they can belong and not be persecuted, seen as abominations, or taken advantage of, but he can’t protect them forever. Especially Bendy, who wants so desperately to perform and be America’s Animated Sweetheart again. He can’t force the Toons to trust him.

And most of all… he can save Joey’s life, but the two old goats will never have the friendship they once had. They just can’t.

It’s a lot of heavy stuff that weighs on Henry daily, especially what happened to Joey. But there are more happy moments than bad. Listening to Sammy’s music, joking with Wally, and seeing the Toons happy always helps lessen the guilt. They all got the short end of the stick, but it’s a stick one the less. It’s something.