Samsung's fast killer compact camera
  • Fast lens, checked!
  • Wi-fi, checked!
  • Swivel screen, checked!
  • Manual controls, checked!
  • RAW shooting capability, checked!

I would like to thank Samsung Singapore for this opportunity to try out the EX2F high end compact camera. Overall, Samsung has created a well-balanced high end compact camera that achieves image quality, versatility and portability and will be relevant for many years.

Colours are vibrant when shooting with a low ISO, made possible with a fast lens.

Fast lens. If you’re finding a fast camera, the EX2F is for you, with its f/1.4 lens , it is able to take clear images in low light situations (include most indoor situations). It also creates more bokeh than other compact cameras to bring out the photograph’s main subject. No more unsightly straight up fill flash. At the telephoto end, the aperture is at f/2.7 which is still decent.

The f/1.4 lens is able to create such bokeh.

With a fast lens, there’s no need to sacrifice image quality due to higher ISO setting.

Wi-fi. With Wi-fi enabled, sharing photos is a lot easier on the go! You are able to share your photos with your loved ones directly from the EX2F via Facebook or E-mail. Alternatively, you can transfer your images from the camera to your smartphone through Samsung’s MobileLink app, where you can do more editing before sharing your photos!

Swivel screen. Samsung has implemented its swivel screen really well. I’ve used it frequently with the NX210 and now the EX2F. It is great because it allows me to photograph from different perspectives easily. I’m able to shoot at a low angle and still able to check the composition.

The ND filter allowed me to take this photograph without overexposing it.

Manual controls and versatility. For more serious photographers, the EX2F offers the usual shooting modes (P,A,S,M) found in DSLRs for better creative control over your photos. In addition, the EX2F has an in-built ND filter that is able to cut light to slow down shutter speeds to a maximum of 30 seconds and to allow the camera to shoot wide open in the middle of the day. I personally found the ND filter useful because I can blur the background by shooting at f/1.4 in the middle of the day and not overexposing my shot.

A shot of the MRT tunnels, I was able to pull this off using a long shutter speed and shooting RAW for better post processing.

At 300g and with its small size, its a great walk-around camera.

RAW shooting capability. For the photographers that shoot RAW, the EX2F will come in handy when carrying the DSLR seems too heavy and cumbersome at times. It is great for a back-up and for travel because it weighs only about 300g.

Overall, a great, balanced camera that is suited for both the casual user and more serious photographers alike.