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Screen-Capture(s) of the Week:

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen #01.
(”Small Beginnings”)


okay but where I am it’s actually still 11:15 pm -ish so technically I’m still updating on schedule

guys I told you sansby was coming…

moooorrre mistletoe arc 😎!!!

the next arc of ex aid will be dan the game man and emu going though a lenghty and expensive court proceeding as dan the game man brings suit against emu for copyright infringement over mighty brothers xx. kitaoka from ryuki will come back as emu’s lawyer and the judge will be tsukasa from decade

This cover is fantastic!

I love looking at all the little details… you can find for example Izumo holding a dragon(amazing) giving you a fuck-you (in tone with the story arc)

Or Mephisto dressed as a chef crying(his exprecion is hilarious)

But then that got me thinking… Did Mephisto actually try cooking something for Rin but it ended up so badly he prefered serving him noodles?

  • Chino, while planning Castiel's arc: Well, this is a game for a young demographic. Let's play it safe and do an evil ex/betrayal arc :)
  • Chino, while planning Nathaniel's arc: You know, I think it's time to introduce some darker elements into the game. Abuse does happen in real life, after all. I'm sure the fans can handle it.
  • Chino, while planning Lysander's arc: lol let's hit this fuckboi with a car bet the fans won't see that shit coming
Superman/Batman Team Up Tropes That Need to Be In the DCEU
  • one of them needs to try to needlessly sacrifice themselves, and the other needs to save him (ex Public Enemies arc, Starcrossed on JL:TAS)
  • contradictions in the narrative (ie one of them saying it’s one way and the other saying it’s another via “This is a love story./This is a detective story.”)
  • other people calling Supes “Kal” and Bruce refusing to call him anything but “Clark”
  • Supes calling Bruce/Batman “B”
  • Supes and Bats arguing about how to do something/which plan is better while Wonder Woman rolls her eyes in the background and makes the choice for them
  • a Robin meeting Supes for the first time and being completely awed while Bruce rolls his eyes in the background with fond annoyance
  • Clark giving Bruce a piece of kryptonite, because he’s the only one he trusts with it
  • Bruce being a paranoid bastard and chastising Clark for using the wrong name in the field
  • them just being dumb giant babies and looking at each other with such fondness it’s like they’re the only ones on the whole planet

Not who I intended on drawing but I had an idea and went with it. That dress is made entirely out of rhinestones and glitter. The boa is coated in glitter too.

Don’t breath around Mettaton you will die of glitter inhalation.  

Mettaton is still a dude but he can wear whatever he wants and still look fabulous. Even if he turned his Platinum record award into a hat.

Hmm, I don’t get how people can say “Mob doesn’t feel anything most of the time.” Like, setting aside the emotion he experiences when he reaches 100%, he is very clearly shown expressing anxiety and fear (ex. mogami arc, claw arc), happiness (ex. talking with Ritsu, seeing Tsubomi), being uncomfortable (ex. having to wear the girl’s uniform, being pressured into exorcising that ghost family), embarrassment (ex. being outrun by an old lady), ect.
Sure he doesn’t express his emotions on the same level as everyone else, but he’s not an emotionless robot either