This game was just a weird one, let me tell you. It started with three Genjis as our oh-so-useful pickups, which is always a promising way to start a game. Our Mercy player that we’d adopted earlier in the night hung her head in despair as she saw them bouncing, flash-stepping, and vibrating around the spawn room.

Challenge fucking accepted, I think to myself. And then, somehow, we win. We win after seven minutes and twelve seconds on attack, on a ten minute map. To the utter bewilderment of everyone, on top of everything else the PotG is the enemy’s Hanzo attempting to punch our Zarya to death in a back room.


FAHC Dan is great

FAHC Dan being an honorary member of the actual FAHC is better

but FAHC Dan not giving A single shit about any of the other ones but Gavin and will only do shit with them at Gavin’s request or for Gavin’s sake is my aesthetic

That’s the shit i love man, gimme Dan the ex-soldier turned freelance merc, Dan the brawn and the guns behind SMG, England’s ‘assumed’ dead little mostly-cybergang. Dan, Gavin’s best Friend from back home with the skills to take a crew  (any crew) down and a bounty on his head that could buy the silence of every other gang in that town. Gimme Dan, THE Dan, suddenly appearing over in Los Santos, seemingly at the beck and call of one Mr. Geoff Ramsey and then horrifyingly enough Dan ‘The Man’ Gruchy letting the whole world now who really has the leash here. The Golden Boy, with Mogar, the Vagabond, Dooley, Ramsey himself and now fucking Dan ready and waiting to do whatever He asks. and the kicker is, Michael, Jeremy and Ryan will listen to Geoff, they have to, and Geoff can be reasoned with, Geoff can be merciful when it suits him. Geoff can call off his attack dogs.

But Gavin loves a bloodbath and Dan doesnt bow to anyone but Gavin

sometimes I start thinking “jesus christ, fandom, shut the fuck up about Bucky Barnes, I don’t care about Bucky Barnes, I care about Steve Rogers nobly getting punched in the face,” except that is not true

I give not one single fuck about shippy domestic curtainfic or Bucky Barnes the sad, helpless, traumatized woobie who must be cared for at all times and never leaves Steve’s apartment

I give a lot of fucks about Bucky Barnes, ex-Winter Soldier, freelance fucker-up of bad guys’ shit, semi-feral solitary paranoiac, trying to re-learn this whole “being a person” thing while in survival mode as a notorious international fugitive, haunted by the things he’s done and groping in the dark towards some kind of redemption

like, don’t get me wrong, the dude is traumatized to hell and back, but what I’m invested in is the version where his primal instinct after seventy years under Hydra’s thumb is: don’t depend on anybody, don’t let anybody control you, fight tooth and nail to be competent and self-sufficient and unassailable, figure it out on your own terms, and never ever let any son of a bitch manipulate you ever again

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On the rooftop scene from Dead Reckoning

@potcpoi : Because this got super long (again) and I thought maybe it’s a good idea to put it into a post. And I’m so happy you mentioned this scene. I’d love to know your opinion about it!

I love that scene so much??? (Actually the whole episode. Every time I re watched it I got so emotional.) I love how it was toned, from the moment Kara showed up, as John’s past catching up, but was later redefined by Harold on the rooftop. Basically what happened to John’s life when Harold showed up, replayed in a condensed, different visual form. Harold was there, out of nowhere, standing between John and his upcoming death, and stopped the counting. I love that John chose to pull a gun, tbh. Not that I’ll ever believe John would shoot Harold or even threatening him, I love that because it gave us a Past!John, since John considered all that bomb thing was what “he deserved” because of his past. That’s the Past!John in John’s mind eyes. That’s how he viewed himself. Calm, not afraid of death, for the greater good (he told Harold about the hard drive like leaving an instruction to teammates), “pulling a gun” on cared ones for the latter’s good, because he didn’t deserve them and their help (like how he pushed Jessica away,) believing that in the end no one would come to save him. He stood there holding a gun, like he was saying: Look, this is me. All these messes were my past. You said you knew everything about me, but did you really know? If you did, then you’ll know it’s time to cut me loose. (And oh, I always believe what Kara said to John, “Fond as I am of you, John, don’t make me remind you just how expendable you are,” really dragged him back to the old shadows, and convinced him even more that there wouldn’t be anyone to save him, thus influenced his actions to an extent.)(Really, I felt so mad when Kara said that. It took a lot for someone held as hostage to try to turn the table using their own life as leverage. And she laughed at that because for her that didn’t matter.)

Yet, Harold on that rooftop changed everything. His words made John lowered his gun in seconds. John accepted his help. John became all unsettled, afraid, and breakable. I think if Harold weren’t there, John wouldn’t be that afraid. It’s hard to have loved ones watching you die. And, of course, John was afraid for Harold. John would trust Harold on almost everything, but did that include Harold’s own life? He was afraid Harold being the collateral damage when he was paying his debt. But Harold disapproved his view. “But this moment does (concern me.)” God, I love that line so much. Harold not only aware of John’s past, and accepted it. He even considered it was, due to their relationship and the fact that they shared every present with each other now, John’s past also concerned him. I think, to John, it’s more than unconditional acceptance, especially he was so convinced no one would love him once they knew what he had done (like his parallel in Foe.)

Also OMG Harold Finch. I love that I never know how far he would go. He went to the fire line to warn his newly hired agent, who hadn’t proved he’s trustworthy. He rushed to the parking lot when John told him to cut him loose. He climbed to the rooftop, an almost certain death, for a chance to save John from his past, again. He didn’t even disarm a bomb vest before! What he had were basic principles, and he might also have some trauma about bombs.

I love that in their probably last moments, John referred to what Harold said when they first met. Harold thought John meant his death, and told John that he preferred later. Harold thought he was the one eventually put John into this situation, since the whole job might cause CIA’s attention. But he didn’t know John wasn’t talking about his death, but about why he was alive. Harold Finch was the reason why John Reese was still alive. And the lines followed were Harold’s “It’s hard to say,” and John’s “Not really.” (My aesthetic of lines!!) Harold gave a rational answer, since it’s probability, and yet John gave his interpretation emotionally. There was no way that John would stand on this very spot without Harold Finch’s existence. And that’s not because Harold dragged him into the number saving mission, but because John was still alive, because Harold saved him. And that’s why he asked Harold to pick a winner. Death or alive, he didn’t even care, as long as Harold called it, even it’s his gut feeling. And Harold was terrified. The weight of this man’s life, and his absolute trust. Also, JC’s acting here was terrific. John was so “not-John,” and he was drowning in emotions. He couldn’t take his eyes away from Harold like otherwise he couldn’t breathe. After the bomb had been disarmed, he stared at Harold like the latter was the one who went back from death and he felt so grateful… to fate, destiny, or gods? Or whatever it might be called. For him the answer was always the same: Harold Finch. Harold picked the winner and saved them both.


ive not seen any posts about it but im having a great time watching One Day At A Time on Netflix
It’s a comedy with an almost entirely latinx cast, in which they celebrate their Cuban culture, speak in both English and Spanish, and it’s centred on a single mum raising her 2 kids with the help of her mum. She’s also an ex soldier and now a nurse and im only on episode 2 but so far each episode has dealt with serious issues like mental health stigma, gender roles, misogyny, casual sexism and sexism in the workplace.
so this is just me suggesting you give it a try bc it’s genuinely hilarious and feel good and also woke as hell

Read an Excerpt From YA Fantasy Novel Starring a Gender-Fluid Assassin
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When Sal Leon steals a poster from a royal scribe advertising open auditions for The Left Hand, a powerful collection of the Queen’s personal assassins named for the rings she wears—Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, and Opal—their world changes. They know it’s a chance for a new life.

Except the audition is a fight to the death filled with shrewd circus acrobats, lethal apothecaries, and vicious ex-soldiers. A childhood as a common criminal hardly prepared Sal for the trials. But Sal must survive to put their real reason for auditioning into play: revenge.

Go forth and check it out!

  • <p> <b>Supernatural:</b> we have an angel and two brothers that die every season<p/><b>Teen wolf:</b> we have a bunch of teenage wolves<p/><b>Marvel:</b> we have people who have powers and shit, plus the hulk<p/><b>Doctor who:</b> we have this blue box that's really big on the inside<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> we have a emotional drug junkie detective and an ex-army soldier who are secretly in love with each other<p/></p>
  • Harry potter: we have a kid who was destined to destroy this weird bald thing with no nose. Oh he's a wizard
Love and Honor

Preview: You had served drinks and sang at your mom’s bar most of your life. It is close to a base, so you have seen soldiers come and go. You have seen them go from cocky young soldiers going off to war to broken men when they returned. You have been hit on more times that you can remember, but you promised yourself long long ago never to fall for a soldier. A promise a green eyed Captain made you break the second your eyes met.

A/N: This is about the fear and heartache of loving someone that feels a calling bigger than ourselves. I don’t know a lot about the US military since I am danish. I will try and get this right but there can be mistakes.

My ex boyfriend is a soldier and has been deployed so the feelings I am familiar with. If loss and war triggers you don’t read this. Read the warnings on each chapter.

Status: On Going

Part 1: Lost in Love

Part 2: Untill he is Home

Part 3: Honorable Man