This game was just a weird one, let me tell you. It started with three Genjis as our oh-so-useful pickups, which is always a promising way to start a game. Our Mercy player that we’d adopted earlier in the night hung her head in despair as she saw them bouncing, flash-stepping, and vibrating around the spawn room.

Challenge fucking accepted, I think to myself. And then, somehow, we win. We win after seven minutes and twelve seconds on attack, on a ten minute map. To the utter bewilderment of everyone, on top of everything else the PotG is the enemy’s Hanzo attempting to punch our Zarya to death in a back room.


okay but Bucky just basking in comfort once he comes home to Avenger Tower. And I mean basking. He doesn’t go anywhere without a comfy sweater or super soft blanket wrapped around his shoulder like a cape. He wears slippers. He covers his and Steve’s bed with throw pillows and the most luxurious duvet he can con SHIELD into buying for him. Natasha knits him an arm cozy for when the sight of his bionic arm sets off his PTSD, and he ends up just wearing it all the time because after decades of TAC gear, he deserves to feel soft and cuddly goddammit.

It goes so far that Bucky will even wear sweaters on missions, and there is nothing more terrifying as seeing an ex-assassin super soldier walking towards you in a fuzzy sweater covered matted with blood. Most bad guys just toss their weapons away and run because you do not fuck with a man and his winter-wear. After the missions, Bucky always complains when his sweaters get ruined, and Steve always shakes his head, and reminds him that “I told you not to bring the Charlie Brown one to the Ukraine, Bucky.” Bucky argues that it’s not the same kicking bad-guy ass without the Charlie Brown sweater, stains be damned. The rest of the Avengers just let them fight it out, half-amused, half-concerned.

Except for Clint, who’s just jealous that he’s not allowed to wear sweaters on missions.

Israel is about to unleash hell on the civilians of Gaza again, as if the last few weeks weren’t enough, or since the creation of the state of Israel. They killed 1,400 Palestinians in their last ground invasion of the besieged coastal enclave - between December 2008 to January 2009 - 300 of whom were children.

They bombed schools, used white phosphorus which is banned and shot at people waving white flags.

Make no mistake, Israel’s aim is to cleanse neighbourhoods - those are the words of an ex-Israeli soldier who took part in the assault. They went in and shot anything and everything that moved and they’re going to do it again.


Love Live! SIF - How Most People Play Beat in Angel EX

A common response to the Soldier Game video was “This is nothing compared to Beat in Angel EX!” Now that this much-anticipated song has made its debut on the English server, I can finally illustrate the true face of terror in LLSIF… Hold onto your butts.


LLSIF - How Most People Play Soldier Game EX

A slightly more realistic look at how the average player tends to perform at this infamous song.

How could I have forgotten to show you this man? Luckily @cullenaddict has refreshed my memory with this amazing Spartan Cullen! (thank you my dear!).

So, this is my Patreon reward for July, obviously done by the talentedl @feylen ♥ (Patreon | Tumblr).

He’s my moder!au Cullen from my fan fiction Whenever you are, wearing one of the Alistair’s army t-shirts (you can see Alibear here).

After a night of drinking, Cullen wakes up naked in Alistair’s place. He doesn’t know where his clothes are, so he decides to look in the drawers and that shirt is one of the first things he finds.