UNSPKN part 35

Where the dog turns out annoying again.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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The stage is set and the semifinals for the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League promises to be one for the ages. The luck of the draw—which took place at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland on Friday at 12:00 CET—paired FC Barcelona with FC Bayern Munich in the first semifinal. Luis Enrique’s squad will be going up against their ex-coach Pep Guardiola in a home-and-home knockout series that pits two teams with wide open attacking styles and should produce a pair of highly entertaining football matches, regardless of who comes out on top.

Real Madrid is seriously considering the possibility of bringing Mourinho in at the expense of Rafa Benítez, who has been unable to connect with the players or unite the squad. The club is rumoured to already have contacted the ex-Chelsea coach to sound out the possibility of a return to the club he managed from 2010 – 2013.

Ex-president Ramón Calderón Tweeted yesterday that the club blanco would have to be quick as there was already an offer on the table at Manchester United. Calderón claimed that the Madrid had asked Mourinho to hold off on a decision until January.

According to El Larguero, Florentino Pérez has arrived at the conclusion that the situation has become untenable and the dressing room ungovernable under the instruction of Rafa Benítez. The manager is not on speaking terms with Isco, has also cut communication with James and apparently does not have the backing of a single player in the first-team squad. SER also reported that Ronaldo threatened to leave the team in the changing room after the 10-2 victory over Rayo Vallecano.

Portents of doom are gathering for Rafa and it looks increasingly unlikely that he will be seated on the bench to face Real Sociedad on Dec 30.

The club is not convinced that Zidane is the solution, at least not yet, and despite Florentino’s insistence that “Rafa is not the problem”, the public discontent in the Bernabéu, the unconvincing performances and the state of the dressing-room may force his hand.”

- AS (December 23, 2015)


Carlo Ancelotti clarifies statements printed in the Daily Mail | November 12, 2015
- Tweets: {1} {2} {3} {4}

Carlo Ancelotti tweeted clarification to quotes attributed to him in a recent Daily Mail interview. In the interview, he spoke of a row between players and his ex-assistant coach Paul Clement. 

“I have had problems with players. I had players who told Paul Clement, my former assistant, to **** off but my response is to tell them they no longer play for me; that they need to ask the club to leave.” 

The quote has been misinterpreted by the press, and it was assumed that he was referring to Real Madrid players. However, that was not the case.

In a series of tweets, Ancelotti stated: “I want to clarify two things about my interview in the Daily Mail. 1 - Neither Paul Clement nor I had any problems with Real players.”

“What the interview refers to is an episode at another team, not at Real.”

“2 - I did not say that Barcelona are the best team in the world, but rather that they are Real’s most difficult rival.”

“I have always said Real Madrid are the best club in the world. Nothing more. Greetings to everyone.”

Edited to add: Matt Lawton, the interviewer, has also admitted to mishearing the quote about Barcelona.

Zidane could be Ancelotti’s replacement as first team manager | 10.02.2015

Former Real Madrid’s midfielder, and ex-Castilla coach, Míchel was also tipped as Real Madrid’s future coach, but he recently said that he thinks Zidane is the one to replace Ancelotti. 

“I don’t see myself as a perennial candidate. It’s not that I don’t aspire to it [coaching Real Madrid] - I do and I believe I’m up to the task - but it doesn’t depend on me or on results. I think the club is doing a lot more preparation for the next coach to be Zidane” - Míchel told the “Elite Sport” magazine

He also praised Real Madrid’s current coach, “Ancelotti is the ideal manager for Real Madrid. He gives more prominence to his players [rather than take accolades himself], and has worked with presidents like Berlusconi or Abramovic and knows what to do when they start to open the locker room door, along with what to ask for when he opens their door” (x)

Ancelotti also believes that Zidane is shaping up as a future coach of Real Madrid, “He’s doing very well in his first year in charge. He’s taken Castilla to first place and he needs to keep up the good work. It’s pretty clear to me he has all the qualities to coach a big team. And that includes Real Madrid.

Even though the loss sucks it shows that the US can no longer play by pure athleticism alone. And the timing couldn’t have been worse, but the silver lining is women’s game has progressed to where the team actually needs good coaching and strategy to win. Today they were totally out-coached. An ex-coach years removed from the program knew how they were going to play and how to defend it perfectly, and if that’s not a red flag for change I don’t know what is. 

Susan Pevenise Headcanon


• Listens to Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey
• Wears anything girly
• Owns many Mac lipsticks
• Is amazing at language arts and chemistry
• Always cuts her sandwiches on a diagonal
• Has amazing manners
• Owns many perfumes
(Ex: Dior, Chanel, Coach.. ect.)
• Is lowkey boy crazy
• She’s assertive as fuck
• #1 feminist
• Shops at Lush, Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works
• Hates junk food
• Has a score of 100,000 on Snapchat
• Watches nothing but makeup tutorials on YouTube
• Wants to go to Paris and Venice
• Loves flowers
• Doesn’t have too many friends
• Looks a 10/10 everyday

Take a look at some of the point totals that Kobe put up in a single stretch, starting with the Dallas game and ending with ours a month later: 62, 37, 45, 48, 50, 45, 41, 38, 37, 51, 37 … 81.


That’s one of the best months ever. Not just in basketball history — in sports history.

And listen: Guys were paying attention. Guys around the league were paying very close attention to Kobe that season. Any time you’d see someone, small-talk with someone, from inside the game — teammate, opponent, coach, ex-player, whatever — that was the conversation. How are you … How’s the family … Kobe, man. It was just on the list. And that’s what it was like that whole year — heavy chatter. Once a guy gets to a certain level, the whole league notices.

And so when people ask me if we knew how many points Kobe had during The Game — I just nod. Honestly, in ’06, it was almost as though they were two separate sports: 1. The NBA, and 2. How Many Points Kobe Got? And that’s what I tell people.

Yeah, we knew.

Everyone knew.” - Charlie Villanueva.

english is a good language but brazilian portuguese has some indispensable terms such as ‘lei do ex’ which roughly translates to 'your club’s ex players and coaches will fuck u up the next time they play u’ and i think that’s beautiful

[Trans] 2014-01-27 Boys Republic Facebook update (Dongwan)

Came to our ex-acting coach Teacher Sungil’s wedding and together with Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan sunbaenim!!! We are ~~~ Boys Republic!!! kekeke

One more!!!! Bo~nus! ^^

translation by malpabo.tumblr.com