Anyway @ all these posts about Yakov going bald bc his students are so Extra™️

Like??? Where??? Do you think???? They learned it from???

I’m sorry but like it’s way too much of a coincidence that Victor “I Flew Halfway Around the World to Coach a Boy Who Once Grinded On Me At a Party” Nikiforov, Yuri “I Performed an Erotic Strip Tease on Ice for a Boy I Met Two Days Go” Plisetsky, Mila “I Deadlift People Who Annoy Me” Babicheva and Georigi “I Dedicated an Entire Skating Season to the Memory of My Shitty Ex” Popovich all just HAPPENED to have the same skating coach who incidentally spends more time with them than anyone else

Like idk but? Hiring your ex wife to coach your new protege in a thinly veiled attempt to win her back? Moving in with said ex-wife and new protege at the slightest suggestion? Agreeing to coach a rival skater on a moment’s notice for the sake of True Love? 

These do not seem like things that someone not well-versed in the ways of melodrama and histrionics would do.

Also I’m 100% sure that Yakov proposed to Lilia after seeing her dance literally once ok like that definitely happened.

Anyways Yakov teaches more than figure skating, being extra is a lifestyle and he’s the true world champ, ty ty

Susan Pevenise Headcanon


• Listens to Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey
• Wears anything girly
• Owns many Mac lipsticks
• Is amazing at language arts and chemistry
• Always cuts her sandwiches on a diagonal
• Has amazing manners
• Owns many perfumes
(Ex: Dior, Chanel, Coach.. ect.)
• Is lowkey boy crazy
• She’s assertive as fuck
• #1 feminist
• Shops at Lush, Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works
• Hates junk food
• Has a score of 100,000 on Snapchat
• Watches nothing but makeup tutorials on YouTube
• Wants to go to Paris and Venice
• Loves flowers
• Doesn’t have too many friends
• Looks a 10/10 everyday

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Prompt: Whenever Viktor says/does something that Yuuri doesn't like (ex: goes overboard with coaching comments at the rink), Yuuri would purposefully press his index finger to that one spot and say "Oh Vitya, it really does seem to be getting thinner~". It never fails to get Viktor every time. (Viktor, who has melted into a despairing puddle: "Yuuuuuuuurrriiiiiiiiii :(((") ~ ISA (petty Yuuri is life + I just LOVE the idea of them getting so comfortable with each other?? Like?? Heck me upp)

“Looks like it’s getting thinner.”

“Yuuri,” Victor warns, but his smile betrays his serious demeanor, and Yuuri giggles, burying his face in Victor’s shoulder and wrapping both arms around his waist. “You’re a tease.”

“And you’re easy to tease,” he replies without missing a beat. Then, he gets up on his tippy toes and kisses the top of Victor’s head, which Victor bows to give him better access. “You know I love your hair. No matter how thin.”

Victor grabs at Yuuri’s sides and Yuuri squeals, ticklish. Victor brings him closer until their hips are touching. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Yuuri answers, smiling. He kisses Victor’s forehead. “And your forehead. No matter how big.”

“Yuuri,” Victor complains, and starts to sink. This time, though, his arms are still around Yuuri, who is slowly being pulled towards the ground. Yuuri tries to escape his grasp but eventually falls on top of him, locked in by Victor’s arms and mercilessly tickled until he takes back every playful insult he has ever so much as whispered.

Yuzuru Hanyu: Kenji’s Room cute moments

——“Yuzu: What is my favorite motto? “Try never to lose your initial enthusiasm.”

Kenji: Sounds good.

Yuzu: My ex-coach Nanami Abe told me this saying. When I landed a 3A for the first time, she bought me iPod. I found “AAA” engraved on it. It means “triple axel”. She gave me that words with iPod. “Try never to lose your initial enthusiasm.” I think the meaning is “You must keep on doing your best, even if you can land 3A or quads. Do not be satisfied with that. You must not be boastful.” I still treasure her words now. This words is always with me.”

——Yuzu was asked what the biggest blooper in his life was but he really didn’t answer the question. 

“Yuzu: What will I do 10 years from now? What will I do…

Kenji: You will be 30.

Yuzu: I will be enough old! I will be “OJISAN” (OJISAN means a middle-aged person)

Kenji: Hey! What did you say? The OJISAN is sitting next to you! It’s me!

Yuzu: Shoot! Haha. I made the biggest blooper in my life now.”

——“Yuzu: What is the feast for me? Ummmm if I answer to this question frankly, I would be a bit embarrassed and some people say it’s not a kind of feast but I dare to say it’s my mother’s home cooking.

Kenji: Wow, I’m embarrassed to hear that!

Yuzu: But I really think so. I think for me the feast is not always an elaborate dish. For me, the feast is the food which she makes for me thinking much of my health. She always cooks for me thinking about the nutrition to get rid of everyday fatigue and stress. I love to eat such food. I’m not interested in eating so much. She really know that. She knows my favorite taste and how I feel easy to eat. So my mother’s cooking is the feast for me!”

——“Kenji: And I have another surprise. I heard you are a fan of “Hiroshima Carp” (Japanese baseball team). Look at this.

Yuzu: Wow! This is great!

Kenji: This is Kenta Maeda’s uniform with his autograph.

Yuzu: I wonder if you have another surprise? For example, Maeken-san (Kenta Maeda’s nick name) will enter this room?

Kenji: No…. sorry, someone who looked like him came here before. Haha. Try it on?

Yuzu: I’m super happy!”

——“Kenji: Looking back all, what is the most impressive competition for you?

Yuzu: People might imagine that must be the Olympics… but I say “No.”. Let me see…. In the good meaning, I think the first National Novice Championship was most impressive.

Kenji: Why?

Yuzu: I was so excited because it was the first time for me to compete in the National Novice Championship. I was not nervous at all. Just excited. I enjoyed competing in the competition. Really enjoyed. At that time, I trained a lot. I felt I didn’t make a goof at all. I was a 4th grade elementary student, but I thought I could definitely win. At that time the scoring system was 6.0 system. I remember the grade more than 5.00 was that of the senior skaters who competed in the World Championship. But a judge gave me 5.2 at that time. I was really happy.

Kenji: Yes, you were great at that age to get 5.2 points.

Yuzu: I was surprised at myself and thought I could compete with senior skaters at the World Championship. I was an elementary school student at that time.,, haha.”

Are ladies allowed to do quads in competition, or do they just not do them to prevent he risk of hurting themselves?

They are allowed to do quads in competition. Miki Ando is the only woman to have landed a ratified quad (salchow) in competition, and other skaters such as Surya Bonaly have attempted quads in competition. Attempts are very rare, though. A few ladies are practicing quads right now but it’s been many years since anyone has attempted one in competition. As quads are very difficult, and there’s really no precedent of any skater having a consistent quad in the ladies’ field, most ladies simply don’t want to spend time practicing such a risky element.

Do you know where there is a list of the skating order for the exhibition? Is this publicly available?


goodt: re: the question about johnny’s poker face ex. my coaches always referred to the thing he does as a johnny slide.

I think there’s no commonly-agreed-upon name for it? But many people do associate it with Johnny.

I feel like you’ve answered this before, but I can’t find it. So, I know skaters can get small deductions for inappropriate costumes (that are “overly garish” or something?)… If a lady were to wear black skates or a man wore white skates, could that be a reason for a deduction?

Highly unlikely. Costume deductions are usually applied when part of a costume falls off or if the costume gives the appearance of “excessive nudity”.

hi just wanted to ask if you knew if evgenia has any nicknames?? like ppl call yuzuru ‘yuzu’ etc etc but i think russian nicknames don’t work like that?

Many people call her Zhenya, which is the diminutive form of “Evgenia” in Russian.

Hi! I’ve noticed that ladie’s tights are usually darker than their actual skin color. Is this on purpose?

Many skaters’ skin tones are darker during the summer, when they get costumes made, and lighter during the winter, when they compete, so that’s often a reason for mismatched illusion mesh on costumes. Same thing applies to tights, though a lot of skaters don’t pay that much attention to the color of their tights anyway. And sometimes skaters just can’t find the right color mesh or can’t afford it.

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Why some people hate Cristiano? Yes, he is a very competitive player, but that is good mentality since football is a competition. He gives money to charity. People close to him love him and admire him. He treats his mom with respect and he is a good father. His teammates and coaches talk well of him, even ex coaches and ex teammates. He is not fake, and he is someone that shows easily his emotions, which is not a bad thing. So why people always try to bring him down? I just don't understand.

Well you know…some people simply can’t deal with so much honesty and openness. They would like to see him be more fake or hypocritical or “humble”, just to convey a certain image. But that’s simply not what Cristiano is about. He’s self-confident and he has no problem in admitting that. He knows what he’s capable of and what his talents are and he’s proud of that. He is the way he is and shows exactly that to people whether they like ot or not and certain people simply can’t handle so much sincerity, so they’re just mad at him or continously talking shit about him… What really makes me love him even more in all of this though, is the fact that he doesn’t even care about those people and just continues to be his sincere and badass self despite everything! 😎✋

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Have you seen the article about the former Quinnipiac whcky coach? It's awful that even when reported, nothing happened until another team and parents saw what was happening.

I didn’t actually hear anything about this and I looked it up…yikes. All of it is so awful. 

I found an article about it. Here are some of the most notable parts, although I’d recommend reading all of it. Warning for abuse, both verbal and physical. 

Former Clarkson players accuse ex-Quinnipiac coach Rick Seeley of abuse

“There was times where he would take a helmet and throw it in the locker room, punch the chalkboard, slam the door screaming in your face,” Courtney Bills said.

“I remember one time, I lifted my leg when a slap shot was coming at me,” she said. “And I got to the bench and he grabbed me by the jersey…and said ‘If you do that one more time, I’m going to f—ing cut your legs off.’”

Jillian Nolan-Staley, then known as Jillian Nolan, said Seeley would skate the players until they “puked” before or after games.

Nolan-Staley said many brought their concerns to their assistants, but little came from it.

David Bills was made aware of the alleged incidents by his daughter midway through the 2003-2004 season. In 2005, he penned a seven-page letter to another parent with a daughter on the team. The letter contains handwritten accusations from a year and a half prior of verbal, physical and mental abuse gathered after speaking with “at least” eight Clarkson players, including his daughter, Nolan-Staley and O’Hara. He said he took the notes directly to President Anthony G. Collins and other administrators.

The notes also detail the mental abuse Seeley allegedly inflicted on the players. One mentions they were afraid he would hit them, while another claims she was afraid to fall asleep without another girl on the team physically in bed with her so she could close her eyes. Another said Seeley made her want to “drink to forget” all the bad times.

They also say Seeley informed his players not to tell their parents what went on in the locker room, because he said it was none of their business. The women who spoke up were then isolated from the rest of the team.“It was definitely swept under the rug and not really dealt with,” she said. “We were definitely made examples of after that, because he knew we had come forward about him to the school, so he was not happy.”

After some time had passed, David contacted Clarkson administration in February of 2004 once more to find out what sort of discipline had been taken on Seeley. He received a letter from Collins two weeks later, confirming the university would review the situation. He noted “appropriate actions” had been taken, and wished to move forward from the incident. Collins also promised to notify David of the outcome of the review.

Eleven years later, David said neither Collins nor the university have contacted him. David said he had heard Seeley was ordered to anger management, which gave him temporary peace of mind, though said little changed with the coach’s demeanor during the remainder of his daughter’s tenure at the school.

Courtney believes it was fear of consequences that prevented many of the former players from speaking up at the time. “When we tried to do something about it, everyone was so scared. When you’re just 18, 19 years old, you just shut your mouth,” she said.

So basically nothing was done. At all, both at Quinnipiac and Clarkson. Keep in mind these are people who are as young as 18/19. I’m beyond words right now.

Today, I feel something like a mad rage inside me. Because we were cheated on.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

It is unbearable to what extent the impartial referees, who can not access repetition, slow-down and even mathematical calculations, are publicly put in the pillory. This can and should be prevented in the future.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge after the DFB Cup Finale 2014 

The referee kicked us out. Real had no chance. Everyone who understands something about football has seen it.

Arturo Vidal

It is justified that they are upset, but I am no longer interested in this at all. 

Thomas Müller after Ribéry’s eye-poke in the Cup Finale 2016 

External elements you all know have eliminated us


Even an experienced player like me had that tingling in the belly. Worthy of discussion, but okay. 

Thomas Müller on a wrongly given penalty against Augsburg

You can lose, you can win. But when a game is decided by wrong decisions by a referee, that’s madness in my view.

Arjen Robben

I have seen clearer situations in my life than these. But the assistant has informed the referee. I do not like to win with this situation. But sometimes something like this happens …

Ex Bayern coach Pep Guardiola on a wrongly given penalty against Augsburg 

This can happen sometimes in football, but not a series of mistakes. It can not be that such mistakes decide a Champions League quarter-finals.

Carlo Ancelotti

With the decision, the referee was wrong, unfortunately. We are not known for blatant dives. This is not necessarily what FC Bayern wants. I think you should not overstrain the topic. 

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on Arturo Vidal’s dive against BVB in the DFB Cup Finale 2016

1 year of hard work. Thank you, bravoooo

Franck Ribéry on instagram

What is outrageous in our view are the statements of Mr. Verbeek. You don’t discredit Arjen Robben like that as an opposing coach - also attacking him as a person. This is a matter of style.

Ex FCB sports manager Matthias Sammer after a dive from Robben in the DFB Cup against Bochum

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I had an idea today for a Zombies Run type app but themed around Sonic. Where instead of missions you complete "acts" for each of your runs. And as you run you pick up rings and items to take care of your Chao after the run. The acts follow the main series progression of games and with each game completed you unlock a corresponding character to be your running coach (ex Tails is unlocked with Sonic 2 and Amy with Sonic CD and so on). I think it would be a fun motivator for people who want to run


That would be so adorable. I can see the app being able to motivate so many people as well. 

~Mod Nerd

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Sousuke + soulmate AU?

i got you, bro *crying*

Everyone had a soulmate. Everyone had that one or maybe more specific person(s) that they were destined to be with. Something decided from birth, and quite possibly beyond. You know who it is when you turn eighteen, just the right age to be an adult, and the right age to make a decision-like a second turn of puberty, at least one that didn’t come with annoying changes. 

Sousuke Yamazaki, now eighteen, exhales, and pauses to massage his shoulder. He remembers a time where high school and swimming was all he had to worry about, but now with university close by, those days were but a distant memory. He doesn’t know why he still insists on rehabilitating his shoulder. It’s been months, with no progress being made. 

He wonders idly what his best friend was up to, no doubt in Australia constantly getting to hit the pool and just swim. He misses it, and quite frankly, he’s jealous of Rin. Sousuke’s therapists had him on intense watch from swimming. Under their eyes, he’d been unwilling to rebel. 

“Yamazaki-san.” Someone calls his name, and he looks beyond the rehabilitation center where his usual therapist, a stout ex-coach of a national basketball team, is being followed by another unknown person. “We have a change in plans.” 

“Oh, yeah?” Sousuke relinquishes his grip on the dumbbell used for therapy, and approaches them with his hands in his pocket. His eyes assess the new person, watching as the grip on their clipboard tightens. 

“This is ___-san, your new physical therapist as of today.” His now ex-therapist says, gesturing for the two of them to introduce themselves. 

He makes the first move, extending his healthy arm, “Sousuke Yamazaki.” Something about their name reminded him of something, but he isn’t sure what. 

For a moment, the person in front of him is baffled, their eyes expressing no sign of processing what he’d said, until they abruptly push their sleeve away from their arm and look down at a name imprinted in their flesh. “U-Um…” 

A shiver of shock runs down his spine, and he carefully looks down at his own hand, calloused all the way down to his wrist from his nonstop therapy, and spots the clear imprint of a name that had just been uttered. 

The coach, quite clearly understanding what was happening excuses himself, leaving the two young people staring at each other in unadulterated surprise. When Sousuke realizes something was lifting itself off his shoulders, this tedious search for a soulmate, the smile is hard to fight away. His gaze flickers down to his awaiting hand, When they finally touch, the current running across his back is even stronger than the first. “Hey.” He says, and offers up a more genuine smile. 

YOI Ep. 6-7: Internet vs. Skating Fans (via GoldenSkate Forums)
  • Internet: omg they kiseed!
  • GS: but how did Yuri lose 20 point advantage over Pitchit when he had 3 quads?
  • Internet: Phichit's such a troll
  • GS: why Thailand if he was based on Michael Christian Martinez?
  • Internet: Giacometti's a$$ got all the animation budget
  • GS: but how was he fifth with that content?
  • Internet: cool music
  • GS: the presentation wasn't so different, what were the PCS?
  • Internet: they slept in one bed, so cute
  • GS: they had an Audi like in the real CoC!
  • Internet: Georgi's so emo Evanescence should Wake Him Up, also Elsa
  • GS: but how did he drop to fourth???
  • Internet: Is Yuri's ex-coach kind of a villain now?
  • GS: Is Yuri's ex-coach Camerlengo?
  • Internet: we want Yurio back
  • GS: *GP math* they both should get into the GPF
  • Internet: Young Victor is the most beautiful anime character ever
  • GS: Johnny Weir!
  • Internet: pretty!
  • GS: I think that was 3A-1lo-3F combo
  • Internet: lolz
  • GS: http://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?58994-Figure-Skating-Anime&p=1549360&viewfull=1#post1549360