english is a good language but brazilian portuguese has some indispensable terms such as ‘lei do ex’ which roughly translates to 'your club’s ex players and coaches will fuck u up the next time they play u’ and i think that’s beautiful

// Decided to doodle up Kenny’s parents, Melanie and Nina! Don’t be fooled by their looks, Mel is 48 and Nina is pushing 50! Both are completely human as well, though Mel’s mother was indeed a witch (That’s where Kenny got his dreams of being a witch from!)

Kenny’s mom (Mel) is a supermodel who runs her own modeling agency, while Mama (Nina) is an EX-MMA champion who coaches aspiring MMA fighters for the big-league. Despite being busy, they always try to make time for their precious boy, Kendle!

These two were high school sweethearts and got married pretty much straight after college. At the moment the two are on a second honey-moon traveling Europe!

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i know about Irina Viner abused her gymnasts but what about Irina Deriugina and the other ex-Soviet countries coaches?

I don’t know about any abuse stories involving Deriugina, but there is her judging scandal in 2000 where she, along with other judges, basically screwed up one of her top gymnasts (Vitrichenko) and was eventually suspended…

There has been many stories, in Bulgaria, in Israel (even if it’s not a former soviet country), Mariana Vasileva who is from Bulgaria but is now the head coach of the azeri federation is a very sketchy person and has rumors of abusive behaviour surrounding her..

But this is not limited to former soviet states or eastern Europe, we mention them the most because they are the stronger nations in rhythmics..

Truth is, this is a very harsh sport involving a very strict diet and a strong discipline and sadly, it’s common in such sports to see cases of abuse.

I know of abuses cases in all the gymnastics disciplins (artistic, rhythmic, acrobatic..), you sadly have many abusive coaches and not just in eastern europe, but basically everywhere (as USAG has shown us lately..)