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I’m vegetarian and my ex-boyfriend was always against it so when we broke up he’d always send me pictures of animals dying and being slaughtered.In revenge I used his email address to sign up to lots of vegan newsletters now he gets 23 weekly newsletters that he can’t stop because he can’t log in and cancel them. Also I created a Facebook and used his mobile number. With the account I followed loads of vegan pages and turned on notifications so that  he gets a text every time somebody posts on the page. Don’t mess with me

This whole “Never Trust an Ex-Vegan” shit pisses me off and I’ll tell you why.

God forbid a vegan has to stop being vegan because of health issues, or because they moved to an area where there’s little produce and what produce there is costs an astronomical amount, or because their financial situation changed, or various other respectable reasons why a vegan has to stop being vegan. It doesn’t mean they’re weak or stopped caring. Their circumstances changed. They may not be happy about it. They may feel guilty every time something that came from an animal touches their lips. So rather than bashing them, respect their decision (because it probably wasn’t an easy one) and leave them the fuck alone.

Hello, everyone!

I’m a black lesbian who’s recovering from depression, an eating disorder, and, of course, liberal feminism.

I’m trying really hard to learn how to accept myself as a female and a lesbian. I’ve identified as a trans/nonbinary person for a very long time too so I’m also trying really hard to get rid of all that as well. There’s a lot of shit that I have to shed away because of all the time I spent wallowing in liberal ideology, and I’m gonna mess up a lot, but I really wanna learn!

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Vegans seem to think that since they’re not eating animal products they don’t have to look at sustainability in their diet. They automatically think it’s sustainable. Here’s some questions vegans really need to be asking of themselves: 

1. Is my year round desire for fresh fruits and vegetables sustainable? Will a massive population looking to increase their year round desire for a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables be sustainable?

2. Can we grow plant based foods on the land that we currently use to farm livestock, or will more land need to be cleared to accommodate a massive population on a plant based diet?

3. Are the nut milks I consume sustainable? How do nut milks impact places in water crisis like California? How will the growing demand for nut milks impact the world? Should the vegan community discuss the comparative sustainability of plant milks more?

An old college friend posted a long post on Instagram a few days ago about how she is now an “ex-vegan” because she gained almost 100 lbs. when she transitioned to a plant-based diet and also claims that meeting her protein needs is impossible with a plant-based diet. 

I’m trying not to be judgmental, because I don’t live anyone else’s life and don’t know every detail of every situation.. but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t judging her pretty strongly – NOT for gaining weight, but for being able to just start eating meat, dairy, and eggs again with no apparent emotional reaction.

She’s also been tagging all of her food-related posts with #exvegan, which I think might be causing me to feel the most judgment. 

Personally, I can’t conceptualize any reason that I would not be able to follow a completely plant-based diet, and I also can’t imagine ever eating animals or animal products again, so I realize that my understanding and ability to empathize with this old friend is probably very, very limited.

I don’t know why I’m writing out these thoughts, but I feel like I should be more understanding and compassionate, but instead, I just feel angry and annoyed.

You know whats worse than a carnist?
An ex-vegan

Because suddenly they stop giving a damn about animals and worst of all they try to justify it by reblogging a bunch of shitty carnist arguments that have been disputed and dismissed a million times.

Its like they are trying to make themselves feel better about choosing there tastebuds over animals and the environment.

To my vegan friends who argue with equestrians about why horseback riding isn’t vegan/ethical,

It’s really important that you know what you are talking about. It’s really important that you use the correct phrasing. And it’s super important that you cite articles and papers, as opposed to giving just your opinion.

I seriously cringe when I see some of you all getting your ass handed to you by equestrians. Fact is that although you are right and I agree with you, they usually know horses better. That said, you can educate yourself  to the point where they start to take you seriously, or at the very least back off/respect your opinion. 

It is critical that we get equestrians to see our point of view. Berating them and giving out false information will not help us, and it most importantly will not help the horses. Telling equestrians that they don’t love their horses doesn’t help us get our point across. They will immediately be offended, and stop listening to you. And I know for a fact that most do love their horses…they just could do a better job at being a horse guardian. You can help them get there.

That said, some people will never stop riding. There is no way around this fact. But what these equestrians can do is adopt more humane methods, stop risking their horses in seriously dangerous sports (cross country, for example) and rescue instead of buying. If we can get some people to do this as well as stop riding altogether, we’ve made a difference. 

Some context: I’m a vegan ex-equestrian and I have a degree in equine science. I am always here if you want to learn more about horses or various disciplines. Send me an ask or shoot me a message. 

There is no such thing as an “ex vegan.” If you claim you were once a vegan and now you are not then you were never really vegan in the first place.

Veganism is an ethical stance. Its a dedication and a lifestyle to be a voice for the voiceless. You can not simply call yourself a vegan if you would ever think about living a life that promotes animal exploitation and cruelty. This is a life to help those who can not help themselves, not some fad diet.

I have had many partners who went vegan while we were in a relationship together, not because of me pressuring them or telling them they have to if they want to date me or anything like that, but because they said they actually got it and wanted to make that change and live more ethically themselves. 

But you  know what really pisses me off?

My last two partners went right back to consuming animals after we broke up. This indicates to me that they never actually cared about the impact their actions made on animals in the first place, and they just did it because they thought I would like them better if they did. It’s incredibly manipulative and disrespectful. 

People who give up on veganism were never really vegan in the first place. They have no right to say “I was a vegan once.” If you’re truly a VEGAN then you understand the HORROR behind the animal industry- and that can never be forgotten, excused, refuted or covered up. 
There is no such thing as an ex vegan. There is just someone who used to live off plants.