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  • [How the butt-touching scene actually happened in my head]
  • Christophe: *touches Yuuri's booty* Yuuri, why didn't you invite me?
  • Yuuri, inwardly panicking: C-Chris...
  • Christophe: Looks like you got into shape. *flashes mature eros smile* Guess your master's giving you very thorough training.
  • Viktor: *appears to save his boyfriend* Chris!
  • Viktor: *hastily mutters in a low low low voice* Who-and-where-the-fuck-do-you-think-you're-touching?
  • Viktor: *reverts to his normal tone of voice* How's it going? *points his finger at the two*

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Never take love for granted, only a fool does that, and when love is taken for granted the fool always realizes what they had they won’t get back.
—  “To my first love, she was the sweetest” By: Ryan L. 

Headcanon;; Being a young parent was awfully tough for George. Working only brought so much income in and schooling costed more. He tried his hardest to make ends meet and feed his family- even if it came to not eating himself. At one time his mother in-law stepped in to take his three year old son, Agnes was beginning to find the idea reasonable, she was not well at the time. George refused to allow it, actually voiced his opinion on it, and pawned off any valuables to assure the well being of the three. Even seeking a loan from a friend when he could feel that he was going to loose his child.  He had even picked up another job in the process. With only a couple more years of schooling left to become a lawyer. His early 20′s was completely dreadful 

Deus Ex TF29 Headcanons

-On April Fool’s Day MacReady meticulously empties out all of Adam’s cereal boxes and replaces the contents with healthy, sugar free variants.

-Miller’s hair started turning gray in his early twenties. He has no idea why.

-MacReady owns multiple versions of every James Bond film ever made.

-Adam has never actually seen a James Bond movie in his life. When Mac finds out he forces Adam to marathon them with him on sheer principle alone.

-Eventually Adam has eaten enough cereal to create a box fort. Aria is the only other person allowed in it. There’s a sign outside the fort that reads: AUGS ONLY.

-Adam watches livestreams of puppies on his lunch breaks. Chang thinks he’s doing it to cover something up.

-Aria rivals Miller for best marksman in TF29. It’s why Miller thought her being left working the armory was a waste of her clear talent.

-Adam gives Aria his neuropzyne prescriptions so she always has enough. He lies and tells her that he gets some through Sarif so she doesn’t worry.

-There’s an unofficial competition to get the high score in the latest version of Pac-Man. Miller is currently at the top of the leader board. He doggedly defends the title. This is also true with Call of Duty and the new Splatoon. The latter he only ever loses to his daughter.

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dirty confession: my ex and i always fooled around in the basement and one time we were in the middle of cleaning up after ourselves and his younger brother came down and saw me half naked and i just sunk down to my knees really quick so he didn't see me but of course he came up to me and ask me what was wrong and i just wanted to shoot myself after that encounter,,,,,,,, mind u i had cum on my shirt and he thought i threw up on myself :-)

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Headcanon;; George is terrified of silence. In order to sleep he has to leave the radio on constantly or play a record or two. Which is ultimately fine while his wife sleeps across the hall, undisturbed. (She insisted upon separate rooms three years into their marriage.) The sound gives him a sense of comfort. In his late twenties his son used to crawl in bed with him which helped him to sleep without the guidance of a radio. The child had nightmares and rambled on about some man who looked like a rabbit. 

VIXX reaction -  running into you ex who tries to fool them you were with him yesterday(…)

Second part~

N: “You’re annoying..”

Leo: “Whatever.” *to good for this to care*

Ken: “First, she wouldn’t do that. Second, she was with me. Third, please shut up.”

Ravi: “Umm no? I know who was in my bed for the whole day, so step back.”

Hongbin: “Who do you think you are to say things like that about my girlfriend?”

Hyuk: “You’re pathetic man. I almost feel bad for you.”

  EXO version


Either Bernie wins or this country enters:

a.) 2nd Great Depression (hillary)

b.) WW3 (trump)

EXO reaction - running into your ex who tries to fool them you were with him yesterday(...)

That one is complicated but I think I know what you mean, so leggo~

Sehun: “Bish, who do you think you’re talking to?”

Kai: *laughs at him* “You better step back, dude.”

D.O.: “ Well.. interesting. She was with me.” *death stare*

Chanyeol: ‘Well I’m pretty sure she was with me in my bed.. if you know what I mean.”

Chen: “Yeah sure… but do you wanna kiss my fist BETCH?!”

Baekhyun: *listens to his bullshit* “I’ll stab a bitch.”

Lay: “Excuse me, I’m pretty sure it was just a dream. Also please don’t you ever dream about my girlfriend.”

Suho: im sorrybut i had to

Xiumin: “I’m sorry, who do you think you are?”

Tao: “You have five seconds before I kick your ass to the moon.”

Kris: “You sure? I think you need to think again about what you just said.”

Luhan: “What is this bullshit.”

VIXX version

To be honest George is a pretty successful Lawyer. He will spent days understanding and learning about his clients. When it comes to the courtroom he shows a lot of passion for his case and has a fine way of delivery his speeches. A majority of his trails were won over the past few years. 

Things Your Character Absolutely Cannot Stand

BOLD = your character DOES NOT enjoy this

Italic = Your character is begrudgingly okay with this, used to it or will at least look the other way

Strikethrough = Your character displays this trait, approves of or engages in this behaviour (or item)

Swearing/Profanity | Being petted | Certain colours | Nail-biting | Quiet environments or people | Loud environments or people | Slang usage | Mumbling | Tapping | Knocking | Rocking back and forth | Humming | Twiddling their thumbs | Nails on a chalkboard|Hedonism | Offkey singing | Obnoxiousness | Overconfidence or cockiness | Crying |Shyness | Scratching | Proper grammar/formal speech | Not chewing with their mouth closed | Belching | Unshaven/unkempt people | Poor hygiene | Yelling | Certain smells |Religious people | Non-religious people | Zealots | Hypocrisy | Arrogance | Ignorance|Defiance | Racism | Prejudice | Assumptions being made about them | Rumours | Arguing|Infidelity or cheating | Backstabbing | Routines | Gluttony | Laziness | Procrastination

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